Magazine evaluation question[1]


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Magazine evaluation question[1]

  1. 1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real mediaproducts?
  2. 2. Regarding my magazine, it is clear to see how it develops real mediaconventions concerning the layout and the theme of the my magazinecover. The theme of the film is a UK drama based in an urban area, butfinding a magazine that incorporates the same type of and that alsomanages to look respectable, was extremely difficult.
  3. 3. Usually a film of my theme would not incorporate the type of magazine I chose to create. Manyof the films that we looked for inspiration in the making of our film, did not have the budget tofeature in other magazines, which made it hard to find inspiration whilst making the film.However, the inspiration that I found was in fact very helpful and I did take aspects of it whilstmaking my magazine cover.To back my research I used Total Films as a guide. I tried to use theirmagazine to help me in the making of my own, there were someparticular things that appealed to me when seeing their magazines.One was the way they had the total in the middle of the film, that issomething I would like to put in the front cover of my magazine. Alsothey had one or some of the characters that were featuring in the filmin the cover of their magazine. I think using that would also besomething good to add in my magazine. They also make the picturerelate to the film in other ways such as the girl dressed as acheerleader has something to do with the film. The have colourthemes that help the magazine attract people, through the colours itis easy to read what kind of film it will be, this film is going to besomething more happy and joyful. I particularly like the magazinelayout because it makes the magazine presentable and doesnt ruinthe magazine theme.
  4. 4. This particular magazine is what I preferred because of howthe model is not in the centre of the front cover, but is on theside, but that does not take the focus from them, it makes themagazine more subtle and less extravagant and will stillattract people to it. The colour theme on the magazine givesaway what the film is about, the green shows that it is in anatural place, and I like the way the magazine is so mucheasier to read. Overall, I wanted to incorporate this type ofdesign and layout into my magazine,When the model is at the side of the magazine, I feel that itshows how powerful they are, it makes them the centre of themagazine, without them needing to be in the centre. It is alsomore convenient to place other things on the side.
  5. 5. The main UK film magazines were Empire and Studio. The common theme in thesemagazines were that they all had a main character featuring in the main as the coverof the magazine. This is a good marketing tool as it draws people to want to buy themagazine. Especially if it was a character that they recognised. So what I decided todo was to use the main character in my film and to put them as the front page of mymagazine. Just like in the total film magazine, the model looks strong. I wanted touse this feature to show how strong she was.
  6. 6. I wanted to present my character as beingsomeone that is so extremely glamorousand very known in the acting world. Justlike they did in Empire magazine andStudio magazine. To do this I dressed heradequately and fashionably because I knewthat is what would draw readers to want tobuy the magazine.Something else that I used in the making ofmy magazine, was the film title. One of themost common film magazines in the worldIs total film. I wanted to use this name formy magazine to make it more recognised,as the name of the magazine is a greatmarketing tool.
  7. 7. However, the ways in which I challenged real media was with the choice of clothing that mymodel wears o the front cover. There were not many examples to go by when looking for amagazine of my film genre, so I had to improvise. I wanted my model to look glamorous, so Ilooked at different glamorous models and actors. I wanted to incorporate something unique intomy magazine that speaks the message of the film. I researched various film actress photographyto see what unique things they do to their artists. I found a photograph which I extremely liked. Itshowed how glamorous and famous the actresses were just through what they were wearing. Thisidea was extremely appealing to me, and I used it in my making of the magazine
  8. 8. The pictures I found that stood out to me, were of women models and actors beingclothed in newspaper. This somehow denotes how famous they are. We wanted ourfilm magazine to be unique as possible and to stand out, so I made a piece of clothingfor my model out of newspaper. This demonstrates how we challenged real mediaconventions as it is unexpected that someone that features in the type of trailer wecreated would be clothed this way.
  9. 9. This was my final magazine cover, Iwas really pleased with theoutcome as a lot of the things werethought through like the use ofusing the image on the side thatwould advertise the film as well asattract people to go and see it, alsothe fact that my model was alsofeatured in the film made it betterbecause the inside of the magazinesupposedly would have aninterview from her. I made thepicture look glamorous because Iwanted it to be evident that shewas a rich famous holly woodactress, and she is coming to act inthe typical modern day film.Final Magazine