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Blue Monday 2014: Beat, Defeat & Succeed on the most miserable day!

Blue Monday is the most miserable day of the year. This year it is on 20 January 2014.
Check our tips to be successful with your resolutions and to 'Get the most out of Life'!
Beat, Defeat & Succeed on this day!

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Blue Monday 2014: Beat, Defeat & Succeed on the most miserable day!

  1. 1. Blue Monday Everywhere you turn today, you will come across posts like: Feeling a bit down about heading back for the first full work week after the holidays? Feeling the sting of the cold that swept on Monday a little more than usual? You’re not alone! Struggling to pull yourself out of holiday debt?
  2. 2. According to “Blue Monday” researchers, the most miserable day of the year is the third Monday of January: 20 January 2014!
  3. 3. Inevitably, this time of year we tend to embrace the tough reality as we think about the year that has just passed, the lessons it provided us and what have we learned from it. Indeed, in the beginning of each year many of us realize that we (yet again) did not pursue our New Year's Resolutions…
  4. 4. Priorities like: 1. Losing weight… 2. Getting organized… 3. Staying fit and healthy… …easily stay behind in our very busy and hectic life.
  5. 5. Familiar feelings regarding your resolutions?
  6. 6. Work can be demanding, placing pressure on you to the point that you neglect yourself and what is important to you. You are choosing to accept “what is” and not “what could be”.
  7. 7. I still haven’t achieved that goal I always wanted… … is a recurring thought that can keep you up at night
  8. 8. Is this helpful at all for your productivity and achievements?
  9. 9. The time has come to face the facts and get a grip! According to a recent research only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolutions… Isn’t that a pity?
  10. 10. Popular resolutions What are your resolutions and how successful are you so far?
  11. 11. We should see the New Year as a tremendous opportunity to make that needed change in our life! Let go of old vices, and make positive changes that will allow you to be happy and fulfilled!
  12. 12. To help you to be more successful with your resolutions this year, PrioTime offers you tips (blog and an iPhone app to Get more out of Life!
  13. 13. It’s all about YOU, YOUR dreams, YOUR resolutions Don’t do it for someone else if it’s not something you believe in!
  14. 14. A list of some of our Blog Articles which will help you to Get the most out of Life! Break Bad Habits and Become More Fit! 7 Personal Development Tips for Self-Growth New Year’s Resolutions: 7 Tips for Successful Goal Setting New Year’s Resolutions: Why Taking Time for Yourself is Important Improve Your Leisure Time by Finding a Hobby You Love
  15. 15. A list of some of our Blog Articles which will help you to Get the most out of Life! Friends: Special People Deserve Your Special Time! How to Use Meditation to Reduce Stress Living a Mindful Life Positive Psychology: Focus on Positivity and Inner Strength Achieve Wealth with any Income Level How to Be Successful in Fulfilling Your Dreams?
  16. 16. Our mission is to help people to focus upon achieving the things that really matter in life. PrioTime helps you to identify your priorities, define your goals and activities, and to get into 'action mode'. Our motto is: Get the most out of Life!