Duracopy presentation h1 2012


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Producto a base de polyester, termica y dimensionalmente estbale, usado hoy en amplitud de aplicaciones como placas de registracion vehicular temporales, merchandisingd e retail, tablas de buceo etc

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Duracopy presentation h1 2012

  1. 1. DuraCopy ™Opportunities for solutions sales David Pachón Presidente - Director Internacional PrintLAT - Arkwright
  2. 2. DuraCopy: What is it? •  Chewy Nougat •  Fudge Parfait •  Marshmallow Whip David Pachón •  Vanilla Crunch Presidente - Director Internacional PrintLAT - Arkwright
  3. 3. DuraCopy is generally referred to as a synthetic paper. In actuality, it s PET film that is coated two sides with a toner receptive coating.The coating assists the toner in adhering to the substrate while improving the print quality. Most importantly, the coating decreases blocking issues when used in production printer equipment.DuraCopy is sold in sheets, FG Rolls and Mill Rolls David Pachón Presidente - Director Internacional PrintLAT - Arkwright
  4. 4. DuraCopy 7.8 mil, 2 side coated, matte/matte finish, PET synthetic paper. Inst-etag program NADA members have 43,000 franchises in the US with over 17,000 Dealerships in FL Many with multiple locations It is reported that the State of Florida alone, generates over 2 million temporary tags per year. Recent legislation requires Car Dealerships in Florida to laser print all Temporary Tags. Duracopy is the approved media of choice. A Selling opportunity for Color Laser Printer Dealers & OEM s with down-line opportunities for consumables sales & service. David Pachón Presidente - Director Internacional PrintLAT - Arkwright
  5. 5. The Old Temp Tag above was printed in black on Plain Paperwith variable information being hand written on the Tag making itvery easy to counterfeit or alter and almost impossible to track bylaw enforcement and toll authorities. It was also difficult to readand subject to rapid deterioration from the elements.Duracopy, shown above, is a synthetic paper that is waterproofand abrasion, tear, fade, and chemical resistant.Combined with the State mandated software solution and a laserprinter, it is difficult to counterfeit and is immediately traceable bylaw enforcement. David Pachón Presidente - Director Internacional PrintLAT - Arkwright
  6. 6. 05/24/07 The way temporary tags will be printed and issued in Florida officially changed with the passage of Senate Bill 1134. Under the new law, all authorized issuers of temporary tags will be required to utilize a print on demand electronic tag registration (PODETR) system to distribute temporary tags. Governor Crist Signs Print on Demand Electronic Temp Tag Registration into LawINSTeTAGs system was used in the States PODETR pilot program. The pilot was monitored by leadersin Floridas Law Enforcement Community. Their appeals to require PODETR were answered with this newlegislation. Law Enforcement officials cited improved Officer Safety, Reduction in Crime and HomelandSecurity as the reasons to change the law. Toll Road agencies and Parking Authorities were also leadingadvocates of PODETR because of years of multi-million dollar losses caused by the outgoing method ofissuing temporary tags. SB1134 was unanimously passed by both the House and Senate and signed intolaw by Governor Crist today.All licensed dealers must convert to this new system by June 30, 2008. Floridas Department of HighwaySafety and Motor Vehicles is expected to release a statewide rollout plan in the next few weeks. This planwill clarify the official deadline dates for individual dealerships to comply with the new law.Is participation mandatory?Yes; effective July 1, 2008, ALL Florida dealers must issue electronic temporary registrationsfor vehicles they sell from their licensed location. ETR is mandatory for all department-authorized issuers of temporary license plates (i.e. dealers, tax collectors, etc.). It alsorequires that the temporary license plate be issued using a print-on-demand process. David Pachón Presidente - Director Internacional PrintLAT - Arkwright
  7. 7. ETR Program Model David Pachón Presidente - Director Internacional PrintLAT - Arkwright
  8. 8. Open DoorsEstablish Long-Term Relationships ARKWRIGHT (Manufacturer) ARKWRIGHT (Converting Partner) Media Distributor (Solutions Sales & Service) Auto Dealer (Buyer of media & printers) David Pachón Presidente - Director Internacional PrintLAT - Arkwright
  9. 9. David PachónPresidente - Director InternacionalPrintLAT - Arkwright
  10. 10. Electronic Temporary Registration (ETR) David Pachón Presidente - Director Internacional PrintLAT - Arkwright
  11. 11. Electronic Temporary Registration SystemList of FL Approved Software Vendors/Providers AutoData Direct CVR 1379 Cross Creek Circle 477 SW 128th Terrace Tallahassee, FL 32301-3729 Tioga, FL Contact: Jim Taylor Contact: Scott Belcher (866) 923-3123 (352) 474-6128 Title Technologies, Inc. 14850 Montfort Drive Dealer Support Services, Inc. Suite 180 7217 Colonial Drive, Suite #214 Dallas, Texas 75254 Orlando, FL 32807 Contact: David Cerutti Toll Free : 800-848-8751 (866) 689-0578 Phone : (407) 563-2820 Fax : (407) 207-6343 INSTeTAG Contact: Ken Woods 427 N. Magnolia Avenue Orlando, FL 32801 AutoManager, Inc. Contact: Michael Hudson 12340 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 203 (407) 254-0806 X2 Los Angeles, CA 90025 Toll Free: 800-300-2808 Florida ETR Fax: (310) 820-2384 700 South Royal Poinciana Blvd Email: Sales@AutoManager.com Suite # 702 Contact: Sales Department Miami Springs , FL 33166 David Pachón Presidente - Director Internacional PrintLAT - Arkwright
  12. 12. Duracopy Portfolion  White, Satin or Matte Finish Film that provides excellent color saturation, print resolution, toner adhesion, and high quality output on a symmetrically 2-side coated 4.6, 5.6, 7.8 or 10.8 mil polyester film. Stock and custom size sheets and roll stockn  Duracopy is white opaque, heat stable, smooth, smudge, stain, fade, tear, oil and chemical resistant and waterproof. Odorless & tasteless; PET is used in many food applications. Can be used in hot and cold environments with or without high humidity. Impact resistance is 20% higher than standard PVC and considered more environmentally friendly. Bright white.n  Features: Designed for use with all digital copiers/printers, Duracopy can also be printed on flexo and offset equipment and works well with pencil an all weather pen. Images have improved sharpness and color vibrancy because of high black and color optical densities. The unique coating also helps to prevent blocking making it ideal for high volume printers. Containing no paper dust, it is appropriate for healthcare and clean-room environments. Opacity of 7 mil: 96% minimum. Brightness 90 minimum per TAPPI D985. Duracopy can be drilled, punched and perforated. Duracopy 4 mil is available in a 3-hole punched 8 ½ x 11 sheet. David Pachón Presidente - Director Internacional PrintLAT - Arkwright
  13. 13. Product Usesn  Manualsn  Wet or humid environmentsn  Tear resistance requiredn  Product Tagsn  Shelf strips / POP Tagsn  Plant Tagsn  Government & Militaryn  Wrist bandsn  Diving Charts David Pachón Presidente - Director Internacional PrintLAT - Arkwright
  14. 14. Usesn  Deli & Meat case signage: Resistant to cleaning chemicals & hot water. Appropriate for refrigeration and freezer environmentsn  Military/Tactical: field manuals & maps with tear and water resistancen  Government/GSA: archival use and in wet environments by Fish & Game, National Weather Service, Nuclear Plants, geological field books, fire and damage assessment, wetland delineation, forestry suppliers, trail signs, marine science, ecological assessments, surveying, oceanographyn  Grocery, Convenience Store: Shelf Strips including refrigerated areasn  Medical: wristband and printed tray linersn  Horticulture: Plant tags and stripsn  Food Service/restaurant: menus, recipe cards, cookbooks, and table top cards; a great alternative to laminating or page protectorsn  Security: Wristbands for events, tours, and theme parks; Temp Tagsn  Cards: gift & membership cards including direct mail applicationsn  NASA: dust free and tear resistance David Pachón Presidente - Director Internacional PrintLAT - Arkwright
  15. 15. n  Hobby/Pet Supply: Print your own Aquarium backgrounds and signage; Stencils; Scrapbookingn  Manuals: used for printing manuals subject to wet environments such as lawn tractors, boats, pool/hot tub maintenance. Archaeology field booksn  Signage: general wet environments and outdoor use: Realtors, cruse lines, water parks, marinasn  Labels: outdoor drums in the heat & cold and needing chemical & fade resistance. Outdoor equipment and machinery; capacity chartsn  Tags: for outdoor use requiring water resistance and toughness & fade resistance. Outdoor machinery.n  Cover Sheets: toner receptive, 2 side printable cover sheets for bound presentations. Tear & water resistant. Can be drilled or punched David Pachón Presidente - Director Internacional PrintLAT - Arkwright
  16. 16. n  Maps, Charts, and underwater surveys: where water resistance and tear resistance is requiredn  Stencil Material: DuraCopy makes an excellent stencil material that can be cut on most vinyl cutters when a carrier sheet is used. DuraCopy reusable stencils can be used for airbrushing, painting and more.n  Heavy Use: music sheets, employee handbooks, sales brochures/books, catalogs, job set-up sheets, training manuals; eliminates re-printingn  Construction Documents: Job site drawings, forms, job hazard signs; eliminates reprinting David Pachón Presidente - Director Internacional PrintLAT - Arkwright