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Drytac Company Presentation

  1. 1. Experts in Finishing Solutions Introduction to Drytac
  2. 2. Histor y    Founded over 37 years ago in Canada Quickly grew to an international manufacturer and distributor of graphics finishing products and equipment Three divisions:    Drytac Corporation-U.S. and South and Central America Drytac Europe-Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa Drytac Canada
  3. 3. Dr ytac Corporation-U.S.  Offices and distribution centers in Richmond, VA (HQ); Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA.  Experienced sales and technical team  Excellence customer service
  4. 4. Dr ytac Canada  Founded in 1976 – Drytac’s first manufacturing location  Grown from initial team of 1 to over 22 staff members  Launch of Drytac Direct in 2003  Team of 4 dedicated Area Sales Managers  State-of-the-art, converting & slitting facilities pressure sensitive and heat reactive systems
  5. 5. Dr ytac USA  Founded in 1991 – Richmond, VA became the Drytac Corporate Headquarters  Grown from initial team of 2 to over 35 staff  Team of 6 dedicated Area Sales Managers  Export Sales selling to Central American, South America and Mexico  Four Regional Distribution locations (California, Virginia, Texas and Illinois
  6. 6. Dr ytac Europe Ltd.  Founded in 1998 – Drytac’s first manufacturing location  Grown from initial team of 5 to over 50 staff  Team of 7 dedicated Area Sales Managers  Export Sales selling to over 22 markets including New Zealand, Australia, Middle East, South Africa, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, France, Germany, and many more..  Two coating lines, State-of-the-art R&D, converting & slitting facilities for hotmelt, solvent, & aqueous based, pressure sensitive and heat reactive systems
  7. 7. Dr ytac Key Dates/Acquisitions 1976 - Drytac was incorporated and business began from a small office and warehouse located in a suburb of Toronto. 1998 - Drytac Europe was established and became Drytac's first manufacturing location. 2001 - Drytac acquires Interlam USA 2002 – Drytac acquires Interlam Canada 2003 – Drytac acquires Hot Press USA 2004 – Drytac acquires Hot Press Tulliss Russell (England) 2005 - ISO9001 Quality Certificate awarded to Drytac Europe Ltd 2008 - Drytac Corporation Acquires Advanced Finishing Solutions 2009 - Drytac acquires AMTI (Advanced Material Technology Inc.) 2011 – Drytac acquires Teneka GmBH 2013 – Drytac acquires Multi-Tac
  8. 8. Enhanced Custom Coating • Full range of adhesive technology – Hotmelt, Reverse Gravure, offering aqueous & solvent based, pressure sensitive & heat activated systems • Technical Team fully equipped to offer custom coating through testing to final manufacturing • In-house conversion & finishing • Drytac custom products include: medical tapes, adhesive coated papers, antibacterial films, window films, decorative vinyl, UV protective laminates and many more…..
  9. 9. Markets  On demand print shops  Exhibit and event companies  Wide format display and sign shops  Picture framers and art galleries  Commercial printers  Advertising agencies  In plant print shops
  10. 10. Traditional Product Lines       Mounting adhesives Overlaminating films Roller laminators Heated vacuum and hydraulic presses Trimmers and cutters Banner stands and portable displays
  11. 11. Emerging Product Lines • Liquid coating equipment and coatings • Print media • Display board edging systems • EarthSmartTM Eco-friendly products
  12. 12. Distribution Strategy North America—consumables spld direct to Large Format printers. Equipment sold through regional distribution. Central & South America—all products sold through distribution managed by PrintLat, David Pachon, President. Europe/Asia/Africa—sold through established Dealer
  13. 13. What our customers say "Price, service and new products are always a concern of mine- this is why I choose Drytac.“ " I can always count on them for exceptional, personal service and to get me what I need, when I need it.  In this challenging market it’s great to have such a team on my side!“ "Drytac leads the industry in quality products, and personal service. Our first purchase was 20 years ago, and we are still impressed by the quality . . . “
  14. 14. The Environment Reducing our environmental impact through responsible manufacturing & business practices • The ‘Green Umbrella Project’: a 5 year plan to reduce energy consumption & CO ² emissions Developed in conjunction with • Significant investment into plant, machinery & buildings to ensure production operation is as efficient & environmentallysound as possible e.g. Thermal oxidiser ensures exhaust gases are VOC & solvent free, future plans for combined heat & power plant •Recycling: all paper & cardboard waste, saving approx 6 skips/year from landfill •New product formulations – development of more environmentally friendly product range including new bamboo panda stand, Interlam Eco range of over-laminating films, and many more… •Expand on ESEclipse and Prem Bond
  15. 15. What is new in Liquids     Introducing the Giclee Coater New Liquid-Colorcapture New single use Giclee coater New Base model for AFC1600
  16. 16. Giclee Coater
  17. 17. GicleeCoater 44     Coats cut sheet canvas and fine art paper Prints can be easily coated mutiple times Each coat enhances finish and protection Please come by the booth for a demo.
  18. 18. GC44 Features      Mister to keep the coating viscosity consistent Rear pull out table Disposable coating roller cover Filtered coating recirculation system Forced air dryer so prints come out ready to wrap or ship
  19. 19. New SmartCoater
  20. 20. Base Model vs Pro Model   Supply system: Base has no coating tank or pump.  It has a gravity feed system.  There is no Stainless steel soaking tank. No quick disconnects (there is no need).  One nozzle vs two nozzles on the PRO. Drying System:  No spare heating elements (PRO comes with 2).  One bank of drying fans have been eliminated.  There is no rear outlet for an auxiliary dryer.
  21. 21. Base Model vs Pro Model    Control System:  No pump sensor. No constant speed control.  No take up alarm.   The Base will use a regular rear idler roller, regular castors (no self-leveling), and the motor will be smaller. (90 Watts versus 400 watts in the PRO) The Base unit will be sold to smaller users, whereas the PRO will sell to those that have high volume.
  22. 22. Pro Model-What’s New      Stainless steel soaking tank added New Electronic Controls Smaller width (<36”) available 1st Qtr 2014 Speed control enhanced-encoder vs sensor New pump and mixing station
  23. 23. ColorCapture     Made for Water resistant canvas Very flexible and holds the inks and IRC layer together during stretching and gallery wraps Does not cause outgassing on the prints when processing Allows popping of bubbles that transfer during processing
  24. 24. Aqueous Coatings  2 Standard Transit-universal compatability  Intego-lowest cost   4 Specialty UltraFlex Gloss-car wraps  UltraMural-wallpaper  Fine Art-water resistant canvas  ColorCapture 
  25. 25. ENDURACoat Aqueous Coatings • • • • • • 30 to 35% solids – Acrylic and/or Urethane Blend Designed for multiple application platforms Highest quality, reasonably priced In-house bottling & fulfillment On-going testing Unique blend of LOW VOC components
  26. 26. ENDURACoat Transit Technological Advantages: • Polyurethane Acrylic Blend • High flexibility and elongation • Excellent U.V resistance (up to 5 years outdoors) • Excellent scratch and mar resistance • Highly chemical and detergent resistance • HP Latex 610 compatible (either applied manually or through AFC SC in dynamic mode) • Offers wide dynamic temperature range for processing • Offered in Gloss & Matte – Gloss (95+ units gloss) • Ideal for AFC SC or can be sprayed using HVLP or manually applied Applications: • Graphics having high exposure to water, dirt, salt, moisture. chemicals • Graphics that require multiple years of outdoor durability. • Graphics that require excellent dimensional stability or application over difficult curves (elongation and flexibility) • Graphics requiring maximum visceral exposure (maximum viewing exposure) • Suitable for Truck Curtains
  27. 27. ENDURACoat Intego Technological Advantages: Good Chemical Resistance Good Exterior Durability (3yr) Non-yellowing Good Plasticizer Migration Resistance Good Blocking Resistance VERY Low Odor, Low VOC’s (0.74 lb/gallon) Extremely Quick Drying        Applications: Protection of billboards, signage, POP where exterior durability is not critical Can be applied via Machine or Manually applied or sprayed using HVLP   Competitive vs. ENDURACoat Intego: Valspar AquaGuard™ 110, ClearStar ClearShield™ Original and LL, Triangle ClearFlex™ D304      Poor Chemical Resistance Properties Poor Plasticizer Migration Resistance Suspect Exterior Durability High VOC’s (>2.0 lbs/gallon) VOC’
  28. 28. ENDURACoat UltraFlex Technological Advantages:       High flexibility and elongation Excellent U.V resistance (up to 5 years outdoors) Good scratch and mar resistance Very good chemical and detergent resistance Offers wide dynamic temperature range for processing Offered in Gloss Only   Gloss (80 units gloss) Extremely Low VOC (0.74 lbs/gal) Applications:     Graphics having high exposure to water, dirt, salt, moisture. chemicals Graphics that require multiple years outdoor durability. Graphics that require excellent dimensional stability or application over difficult curves (elongation and flexibility) Graphics requiring maximum visceral exposure (maximum viewing exposure) Cons:  Not compatible with most UV printed and some Eco Sol Inks
  29. 29. ENDURACoat UltraMural Technological Advantages:        High flexibility and elongation Excellent U.V resistance (up to 5 years outdoors) Excellent Stain and Mold Resistance Excellent chemical and detergent resistance Good scratch and mar resistance Offers wide dynamic temperature range for processing Offered in Flat Matte Only  Gloss (>10 units gloss) Applications:    Graphics that require ultra matte appearance Graphics in high moisture areas Digital wall covering materials
  30. 30. ENDURACoat Fine Art Technological Advantages: • • • • • • • High flexibility and elongation especially for Gallery Wraps Excellent U.V resistance Non-Yellowing Excellent cleanability Good scratch and mar resistance Quick drying Offered in Gloss (85), Lustre (60), and Matte (25) Applications: • • Water Resistant Canvas Solvent and Aqueous inks
  31. 31. •Competitive Positioning • The Main Competition includes: – ClearStar (low cost/low quality) Now Maribu • Sell through distribution for most part – Neschen • GONE! No longer available. – Triangle Coatings (good product/fair prices) • Bulldog (solvent based coatings) – Valspar • Mfg/sells mainly direct to large users
  32. 32. Single Use Giclee Coater
  33. 33. SUG
  34. 34. SUG
  35. 35. SUG
  36. 36. Cleaning
  37. 37. SUG set up
  38. 38. SUG Set Up
  39. 39. Jetmounters    Market Position—heavy duty, long lasting, yet moderately priced. Two Widths: 55” and 63” Three trim levels: SHA-HA  Fuzion  Pro (63” only) 
  40. 40. Trim Levels-SHA-HA  top supply, top take-up, front unwind, heat assist
  41. 41. Trim Levels-Fuzion  Top supply and take up, bottom supply and take up, rear rewind, heat assist
  42. 42. Trim Levels-PRO  Same as Fuzion but with Full Heat
  43. 43. SHA-HA-New  front tray changed to brackets
  44. 44. Window Films Family     WindowTac: double-sided mounting adhesive ViziPrint: printable polyester-dry apply ViziPrint Impress: printable polyester with silicone adhesive Window FX: printable polyester-wet apply, optically clear
  45. 45. WindowTac       This is a Mounting adhesive—double sided Fastest growing products Used when printer has a specific media preference-turn any print into a window graphic Visually clear Unique air release allows for dry application Primary use if for retail window signage
  46. 46. ViziPrint      Printable 3 mil clear PET film Same adhesive as WindowTac Air Release equals dry apply Visually clear Two Versions UV compatible  Solvent compatible 
  47. 47. ViziPrint Impress      Printable polyester film Glass clear Proprietary adhesion technology No adhesive equals no residue 3 Versions Clear UV compatible  Clear SEL compatible  White SEL compatible 
  48. 48. WindowFX      2 mil PET film Optically clear-best quality Professional wet apply only UV compatible 2 versions Permanent adhesive  Removable adhesive 
  49. 49. Multi-Tac Aquisition    2 coating lines Located in Toronto, Canada Duplicate product lines Water based laminates  Mounting adhesives   Specialty Industrial coated/laminated products
  50. 50. •Exclusive Manufacturer Representative for Latin America •www.PrintLAT.com