Drupa 2012 - Magazine Day - Hewlett Packard


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Making Publications Personal Measurable and Interactive by Dr. Douglas Sexton

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Drupa 2012 - Magazine Day - Hewlett Packard

  1. 1. Making Publications Personal, Measurable and Interactive Dr. Douglas Sexton Publishing Market Development Inkjet High-speed Production Solutions Hewlett-Packard Company© Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.
  2. 2. Online AdvertisingAttractions & Myths Attractions • Measurable Web ads are frequently actively avoided or ignored • Targetable • Customizable • Enables a direct customer response Myths • That is it cheap. • Average cost-per-click is over $1.30 (USD) … and rising • Average Click-thru rate is 0.9%Source: Wordstream.com . “The Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords.” July 2011
  3. 3. Magazine Ads Are a More Positive Experience Many magazine are purchased for ads • Consumers frequently desire both editorial & ads • Many magazines like fashion or hobbies are bought for ads • Considered a more casual browsing experience • Web browsing is generally more purposeful
  4. 4. Consumers Trust Magazine PublishersWilling to share preferences, seek customization & web content If a magazine publisher requests Would you go online for more information if information regarding your preferences the advertising in your printed subscription and interests to help them send you magazine was customized? more customized and relevant information, would you supply it? 6% 37% 25% 63% 69% Yes Maybe No Yes NoSource: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, “The Impact of Relevance in Publishing and Advertising”, 2010.
  5. 5. Magazine Readers Want Cross-Media Publications Digital supplements print – It doesn’t replace it 75% of consumers feel that digital content 87% of those interested in reading complements print, yet 25% feel it replaces magazines on a digital device still want a print. printed copy. Source: Harrison Group/Zinio/ Source: CMO Council, 2010 MEMS Technologies, 2010 25% feel digital replaces print 75% feel digital complements print 87% want digital + print
  6. 6. Hearst Personalization Platform First demonstrated in Nov ’11 Popular Mechanics MagazineHelps Hearst deliver morevalue to advertisers through: − Targeting − Personalization − Measurement − Response actionsIncreases the monetary value of adsImproves Hearst magazines competitive profile
  7. 7. HP & Hearst – Popular Mechanics Magazine 300k Copies of November 2011 issue for 12 US Cities 2x 8 page regionalized onserts 4.8M+ pages Combined with offset pages & inserted in polyethylene bag 2 page personalized onsert 600K pages
  8. 8. What Was Customized?300k Copies of November 2011 issue for 12 US CitiesImage for each city (Regional)Name on mailboxGreeting above first paragraph on frontLocation of nearest store(Best Buy, Staples)Personal URLPersonalized QR code
  9. 9. High-speed Inkjet Web Press Makes It Possible Technologies Converging Image/Code Read High-speed inkjet web printing Mobile Computing What’s Happening: 1. Personalized content at high volume drives reader engagement/relevance 2. Image links (QR codes or image/text strings) drive to web/mobile platforms 3. Printed page becomes a portal to broader web content
  10. 10. HP & Hearst – Popular Mechanics Consumer Outstanding response rates! • 12,008 unique visitors • Over 4% response rate VISITOR CONVERSION − > 4x direct mail industry avg Entered Contest • 86% visitor-to-entry rate 86% Visitor Entry Rate Visited w/o Entry • 39% mobile participation rate • 1,427 QR clicks from associated insert content links to web content
  11. 11. Hearst’s Next Step: From Technology to Fashion• Harper’s Bazaar Magazine - March Issue – 300k copies Major fashion magazine• Neimen Marcus - Annual Fashion Week Sale High-end US fashion retailer• Personalized name and closest store location• On new glossy Appleton Utopia Inkjet media• Now planning 4 sequential campaigns
  12. 12. Some of Aurasma’s many magazines partnerships
  13. 13. Top Gear Magazine – Case Study• The Top Gear magazine franchise is produced in 30 countries• The UK edition has over 1.8 million readers monthly• The UK magazine approached Aurasma with the following challenges: – Strengthening the links between the Top Gear television series and its growing magazine franchise – Translating the high octane energy and dynamism of the television show into traditional print media – Maximising the value and reach of video content from the television show – Engaging a younger audience while continuing to appeal to the magazine’s traditional demographic• Top Gear UK began using Aurasma’s free platform to deliver video through its print to editions in December 2011
  14. 14. Top Gear Magazine – GoalsPartnering with Aurasma enabled the magazine editors to : • Make greater use of expensive video footage • Support print sales, mobile use and web hits • Boost magazine subscriptions and increase advertising revenue • Connect with smartphone owning demographic in an innovative way
  15. 15. Top Gear Magazine – ResultsAfter two months of using AurasmaTop Gear’s own market research showed that: • 50% of the readership owned a smartphone • 85% of the entire readership were aware of the Aurasma content in the magazine • 27% of the entire readership had used Aurasma in the magazine
  16. 16. Top Gear Magazine – Digital Future• Top Gear has now embedded Aurasma in its own app – TG Mag Extra• Rolling Aurasma out across the rest of their 30 country franchise• In February, Top Gear won the prestigious FIPP Digital Choice award for their use of Aurasma
  17. 17. Launched July 11 & already 4,000 Partners in 80 Countries Partners in every vertical: Newspapers Magazines Broadcasters Travel & Hospitality FMCG Museum guides Advertising Network operators Retail Fashion Games Online retail Clothing Film studios Consumer products Financial Services Sports Education Automotive UK • USA • Russia • China • Latin America • France • Italy • Spain • Japan
  18. 18. Summary• Publishers are creating new value for advertisers and consumers• Using personalization to make publications more relevant to consumers• High quality and productivity HP inkjet web presses enable mass customization on a scale never before possible
  19. 19. Thank you© Copyright 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.