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No one likes to wait for a sluggish tablet to load a Web site, and no one likes to spend more than necessary. Choosing a tablet that has a powerful processor but remains affordable is a great way to get the most for your money when shopping for a tablet.

In our hands-on tests of three popular Android tablets, we found that the Intel Atom processor-powered Dell Venue 7 provided the best Web browsing experience for the price. It loaded pages quickly, delivered strong performance, and cost less than the other tablets we tested.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 cost more than the Intel Atom processor-based tablet, had half the storage space, and provided a markedly worse Web browsing experience. And while the Google Nexus 7 provided a similar Web browsing experience and the same amount of storage as the Intel Atom processor-based Dell Venue 7, it cost over 50 percent more.

With the dual-core Intel Atom processor-based Dell Venue 7, you can get a better Web browsing experience for your money than with the other tablets we tested.

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A better Android tablet experience for your money - Infographic

  1. 1. User experience score (MobileXPRT) Galaxy Tab 85.7 Nexus 98.3 16% BETTER COMPARABLE PERFORMANCE Venue 99.7 In real-life scenario testing, the Intel Atom processor-powered Dell Venue 7 provided the best user experience for the price. User experience Performance score (MobileXPRT) 62% BETTER COMPARABLE PERFORMANCE Galaxy Tab 84.3 Nexus 148.7 Venue 136.7 The Venue delivered responsiveness, visual quality, and functionality – keeping up with the quad-core Nexus and performing up to 62% better than the Galaxy Tab. Device performance Venue Galaxy Tab Nexus COMPARABLE PERFORMANCE 44% BETTER Handling common Web tasks (WebXPRT) 173.7 253.7251 We browsed news, sports, finance, and media sites. The Venue outperformed the Galaxy Tab and handled common Web tasks comparably to the pricier Nexus. Everyday Web browsing Venue $150 16GB vs Galaxy Tab (8GB) $170 vs Nexus (16GB) $230 $20 SAVE $80 SAVE Save $80 versus the Nexus or $20 versus the Galaxy Tab. Cost savings Get all the facts at http://facts.pt/1hchaDH Copyright 2014 Principled Technologies, Inc. Based on “A better Android tablet experience for your money,” a Principled Technologies Report, February 2014. Principled Technologies® is a registered trademark of Principled Technologies, Inc. All other product names are the trademarks of their respective owners. Principled Technologies® Quad-core, ARM-based Google® Nexus™ 7 Dual-core, ARM-based Samsung® Galaxy Tab® 3 7.0 vs AbetterAndroid ™ tablet experienceforyourmoney. The dual-core Intel®Atom™ processor-powered Dell™ Venue™7 delivered strong performance and cost less than competing ARM®-based tablets.