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Mothernature vendor application


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Advertising for a friend.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Mothernature vendor application

  1. 1. 76200-40005000<br /><br />Vendor Application<br />We are taking applications for a nature and nutrition (only natural items) festival on July 10, 2010 starting at 8 a.m. at the Lum-Cumbest Park in Hurley, MS. <br />Name: __________________________________________________ Phone: ________________________________<br />Business: ________________________________________________Position:_______________________________<br />Address:_______________________________________________________________________________________<br />City:______________________________________________State:_________Zip:____________________________<br />Email:_________________________________________Company Website:_________________________________<br />Please check all that apply to your services: <br /><ul><li>Speaker
  2. 2. Food
  3. 3. Entertainment
  4. 4. Educational
  5. 5. Sponsor
  6. 6. Pickup Truck w/Produce</li></ul>We offer the following booths (please check the one you want):<br /><ul><li>No Electricity – 10x10 - $40 Qty._______
  7. 7. Electricity – 8x10 - $45 Qty._______
  8. 8. Electricity – 8x12 - $50 Qty._______
  9. 9. Electricity – 16x10 - $60
  10. 10. Electricity – 16x12 - $65</li></ul>Note: All electrical booths come with one outlet with 110 watts. <br />*Please note this is a family event and there is to be no adult products. By signing you agree we have the right ask you to leave in the event your material is inappropriate. Electricity is limited and will be granted on first come first serve basis. <br />**At this time we only accept checks or money orders. <br />I agree to put up a booth for the Mother Nature Festival:<br />___________________________________________ ______________<br />Company Representative/Owner Date<br />