Confusing Accomplishment with Activity


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Confusing Accomplishment with Activity

  1. 1. HYPERLINK "" Confusing Activity with Accomplishment?<br />Filed under: Uncategorized — Lou Principe @ 6:46 am Edit ThisTags: Love your family, god, true character, glorious heaven, gods kingdom, those appointed, those called to do His Work.<br />Frequent reoccurrence to fundamentals is essential to eternal life. The things that matter the most should not be left up to things that matter the least. Did you work in building God’s kingdom today or your own? It’s a commandment, if you love me, love your fellow man.Be careful of false teachers: Jeremiah 23 v 1: Whom do you serve? A true leader must be a great servant. You will know those appointed in these last days by their works. Faith without works is dead. Are you giving lip service to God or are you working on your eternal salvation by serving others? Do you think that just giving at the office or house of worship is going to grant you into the glorious heaven? Can you measure your character? A man who lies to his wife having an affair is a liar. He has corrupted his character. We as human beings because of Satan’s craftiness can justify anything, even murder.God gave His Only Begotten Son so you can live eternally. You are going to die. It’s a statement of fact. How you live your life will determine where you are going in the next life.Most people are so caught up in power, earning money and keeping up with the Jones next door, that they forget their true mission in life. To treat each other as if we are four years old, to help each other to get back home to the God who created us. There is only one Supreme God. We all must be humble to be teachable.You are not going to take your fancy houses, cars, opulent lifestyle and money with you. The riches you receive in this earth life are the riches of doing the right thing. Love your neighbor. Life’s question is: What is inside your heart? I don’t know you, but I truly love you. I want to serve my brothers and sisters the rest of my life like an old pair of shoes, wearing out my soul doing the Lord’s work. I’m just a man like you who is following God’s commandments. Will you join me in loving and helping others? Who knows, I may be helping your son or daughter or you may be helping my children to get back to God. Isn’t it worth the time and effort? I never heard anyone say on his or her deathbed,” I’m sorry I didn’t spend more time at the office”.I spent too much time working and lost my family. I love them so much that I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made. What is most important? Your family or your work?<br />