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New School In Rolleston

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Clearview rolleston

  1. 1. ClearviewA New Primary School at Rolleston
  2. 2. Clearview School Site MapThis new years 1-8 school is in a fast growing township 20kms south ofChristchurch. It is on a flat site, with three pods of 17 classrooms around aplayground complex. Two further pods (centre left) will take its capacity to600.
  3. 3. Pods surround heart of the schoolJunior classes are in the pods to the left with the years 7-8 pod in thedistance. Each school level has its own adventure playground in thesunny and well landscaped heart.
  4. 4. Reception/Admin and Staff/LibraryThe library, principal’s and DP’s office (lower) all look out onto the heartof the school. Reception, administration and teaching resources arespaciously accommodated.
  5. 5. ReceptionThe light and friendly reception desk is supported by large back-officespaces. The principal’s and DP’s offices, plus a meeting room, are to rightand left.
  6. 6. ReceptionThe executive officer has a large office to the right of reception. The all-glass entry foyer is welcoming. The multi-purpose hall and its meetingrooms are seen on the other side of the entry to the school.
  7. 7. Principal’s officeFrom his desk and lounge-style office, principal James Petronelli can seeinto the heart of the school and all the classroom pods.
  8. 8. Staffroom and meeting roomThe staffroom is large, bright and sunny and opens into a formal meetingroom with board table on the right. The well-equipped staff kitchen candouble as a food technology space.
  9. 9. Resource production and storageNext to the staffroom is this area for teaching resource production (left)and storage in Lundia shelving (right).
  10. 10. LibraryBig windows, some at student height, and mobile and varied furnitureare features of the library.
  11. 11. Library student work roomThis adjunct to the library (“Discovery Zone”) provides floor and deskspace for students’ work, with a southern view into the heart of theschool.
  12. 12. Six room podA learning studio (commons space) of 155 sq ms gives entry to the six“homebases” (classrooms), all of which are 59 sq ms. Each pair of classroomsshares a “quiet room” of eight sq ms (green) and the six teachers have a 24 sqms office at top centre.
  13. 13. Five room podThe layout is the same as in the six room pod, but there is one fewer littlequiet rooms and the teachers’ office is slightly smaller. In both pods teachersand students have several choices of places for work, including rotundasoutside the back of the pod.
  14. 14. Indoor/outdoorEach pair of classrooms opens, at the rear, into one of these paved andsheltered rotundas for breakout groups of students.
  15. 15. Learning studiosAll the classrooms (left) open into a warm commons space. The teachers’office and toilets are on the right.
  16. 16. Learning studioThere is ample space and light in the learning studios for several groupsof students and teachers .
  17. 17. HomebaseAll the classrooms have purpose-designed interlocking tables for multipleconfigurations, interactive whiteboards and data projectors, plenty of displayspace, student storage lockers, and wireless and sound field systems.
  18. 18. HomebaseThe other side of the room includes the teacher’s work station, access tothe quiet room and outdoor rotunda at centre left, sliding whiteboardsand more storage lockers.
  19. 19. Homebase/learning studioBig sliding glass doors open into the learning studio and across to theteachers’ office and student toilets.
  20. 20. Teachers’ officeThere is plenty of space, equipment and storage….and a window backinto the learning studio and classrooms.
  21. 21. Teachers’ officeAt the other end there is space for music and sports equipment, and for acow of laptops.
  22. 22. VisionWhat drove the planning of theseteaching and learning pods was avision of Clearview year 8 graduatestudents being: “Skilled thinkers andcommunicators stepping out withconfidence”. As this representation ofthe school’s vision shows, the studentsare to be lifted by success in the keycompetencies and by an inquiryapproach to learning.The establishment board of trusteesand their architect therefore createdmultiple and flexible spaces in whichstudents and teachers could carry outinquiry learning, and the presentationof that learning.
  23. 23. Green and healthyThese garden plots, by the year 7-8 pod, indicate the green and healthypolicies of Clearview…as does the water recycling plant at the right.
  24. 24. An active schoolClearview students are encouraged to cycle and scooter to school, andbe physically active while they are there.
  25. 25. Multi-purpose hallThe community meeting room also encourages physical activity duringthe school day.
  26. 26. Multi-purpose hallThe hall, currently of about 470 sq ms but capable of extension, is usedfor assemblies, performing arts, physical education, and communitygatherings.