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Providing an omni-channel self help experience with chatbots


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We discuss the need for and benefit of chatbots and the benefits and functions of the Atura chatbot.

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Providing an omni-channel self help experience with chatbots

  1. 1. Providing an omni-channel self help experience with chatbots
  2. 2. Why chatbots? Instant Messaging • IM is the fastest growing channel of communication globally – over 50% of the world’s population already engage with at least one IM channel. • Facebook, WhatsApp & Slack are ubiquitous. Artificial Intelligence • Chat Bots, according to Gartner, are forecast to handle 85% of all customer service queries by 2020. • Creating a bot can take minutes – training it requires knowledge & expertise. Customer Experience • Always-on consumer expects a personalised experience. • More than 60% of consumers believe that businesses should be available, contactable and responsive via IM Apps (Ubisend 2016).
  3. 3. Bot benefits - Improved customer experience - Smooths path to purchase - Speedy complaint resolution - Consistent messaging - Reduce cost pressure on call centres - Personalise customer service - New channel of engagement - Customers increasingly want self service
  4. 4. Why Atura? - Atura is flexible and customisable which allows your bot to assume your brand’s persona. - Atura’s ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems differentiates it from the majority of other bots. - Agent takeover – a critical feature of any chat bot – Atura has a very effective mechanism in place for the transition from bot to agent. - Secure user authentication - opens up a world of transactional capabilities.
  5. 5. Why Atura? - Atura has a powerful form engine – it accurately & consistently, collates then translates chat data into a useable & productionised form. - Atura’s sophisticated AI allows your bot to recall the thread of the initial conversation, which means no frustrating repetition for the client, whilst the bot is able to frame its response in context of the most recent comments.
  6. 6. Atura is: - Agnostic of multiple devices - widget can be accessed via mobile, tablet and PC. - Easy to engage with as requires no app installation. - Extremely secure— highest standards of encryption are implemented to meet exacting standards provided by Financial Services industry. - Seamless in agent handover - complete “chats” are transitioned from the bot to a contact centre agent the instant a customer requests it.
  7. 7. Read more on Atura or request a demo to see how Atura can improve your customer experience. Visit for more.