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MME Factory video --- shooting script, by


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Hi! We are waiting for your questions to start a conversation on your project.

One of the most important production process of the producing a suitable factory video is to bring out the production standard and capacity of the company. For more insights, we are waiting for your questions to start a conversation on your project.

We are YPP, a corporate video production company based in Hong Kong. We work with companies to produce value added video to deliver effective corporate messages -- our specialty is in producing of corporate video, promotional video, marketing video, educational & training video, business presentations video and IPO presentation video, CSR video, property walkthrough video, event documentary video, product demo video, corporate anniversary video, conference video and web platform system demo video.

I work with my clients to attract more qualified leads, shorten their sales cycle, and increase their close ratio -- all while relying less on price to win.

You are welcome visit our website for more information or contact YPP by

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MME Factory video --- shooting script, by

  1. 1. VideographyShooting Broad Presented by 2005-12-12
  2. 2. Exterior/Building of MME
  3. 3. Silicone Engineering
  4. 4. Silicone Keypad
  5. 5. Silicone Keypad
  6. 6. Silicone Keypad
  7. 7. QC
  8. 8. P +R Engineering
  9. 9. P+R
  10. 10. Household product Engineering
  11. 11. Household Product
  12. 12. About MME