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A Workshop On Creating High Quality Educational YouTube Videos


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Digital storytelling is the process of writing about a story, and adding the multimedia elements of voice, imagery, and music to create a visual story.

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A Workshop On Creating High Quality Educational YouTube Videos

  1. 1. MAKING IT PROA Workshop On Creating High QualityEducational YouTube VideosPart 1
  2. 2. I’mPrince, Wong Tsz-ho黃 紫BFA, in Filming & Television, HKAPAMBA, HKUFound YELLOW PURPLE PRODUCTION, 2000Filmography【新警察故事】, 2004【大城小事】, 2003【雙雄】, 2003【天有眼】, 2000【夏日的麼麼茶】, 2000【特警新人類】, 2000
  3. 3. MAKING IT PROThrough two real life examples:Well cover:Pre-production(Planning)Production (Filming)Post-production (Editing)
  4. 4. TO MAKE IT PRO
  5. 5. 2-Person TeamA B
  6. 6. A BIt’s Personal$1,000,000
  7. 7. $1,000,000對方站在你那方你便勝出
  8. 8. Ongoing …
  12. 12. 易地而處, 展同理心投入劇本角色,寫實地演繹角色換個角度看世界,悲觀可以變成樂觀
  13. 13. Film Production5Phases+5 Phases
  14. 14. Film Production: 5 PhasesThere are five phases of production common to most professionally producedmotion pictures. These are:1. Development2. Pre-production3. Production4. Postproduction5. Distribution`5+5
  16. 16. 5-1: Development StageThis stage involves making the ideas for the film and those includedare the producer, to oversee the plan, the writer, to come up withideas to further develop and the location scout, to find locationssuitable for different scenes of the film.VIDEOContains descriptionof visuals andproduction: cameraangles, action,scenery and stagedirectionsAUDIOLists spokencopy, soundeffects andmusic.
  17. 17. YOUR CASE5-2: Pre-production Planning StageIn this stage, the ideas have came together, and everyone starts to plan, the plot, thebudget, the schedule, everything. Those involved are the producer, again, to oversee, thewriter, to bring the ideas together, the script writers, to confirm the plot of the film,Accountants, to plan the financial angle of the film, the manager, to manage the work and thelocation scouts, to give their ideas of suitable locations.
  18. 18. 5-3: Production StageThere are many involved in this process, as it isone of the most important stages, some of themare, the camera man, to record their progress,Actor(ess)s, to perform the scenes forthe camera, the stunt crew, to perform andorchestrate the stunts, the producer, to over seethe work, the director, to tell the actors what todo, the sound man, to begin managing thesounds, the funder, to see that their money iswell spent and the graphic engineer, to startworking on the graphics.
  19. 19. 5-4: Post-Production StageAfter the production, the film is edited, sound and graphics are added, to improve the film.Those involved in this stage are mainly editors but, also the director, to overlook until the endresult.
  20. 20. 5-5: Distribution
  21. 21. Your Video Case
  22. 22. 再生能源
  23. 23. Film LanguageFilm language => Film + LanguageArticleParagraphSentenceNouns (+ adjective)Verbs (+ adverb)Story Sense Sentence Shots Transition 
  24. 24. 再生能源再生能源---太陽能
  25. 25. 再生能源
  26. 26. 再生能源
  27. 27. 再生能源
  28. 28. 再生能源
  29. 29. 再生能源
  30. 30. 再生能源
  31. 31. Shots
  32. 32. Wonderful question. Well, much inspires me!
  33. 33. MAKING IT PROA Workshop On Creating High QualityEducational YouTube VideosPart 2
  34. 34. Adam SmithHead of YouTube Asia Pacific
  35. 35. Adam SmithHead of YouTube Asia Pacific
  36. 36. Visual GrammarScene = Paragraph
  37. 37. What is a Scene?A combination of shots thatshows the action that takesplace in one location or setting
  38. 38. Visual GrammarScene = paragraphEstablishing shot = topic sentenceShot = sentencePans/zooms = run-on sentencesEffects, fades, etc. = transitions
  39. 39. Editing1. In filmmaking,Editing is the task of selecting and joining shots .Shots Shots Shots ShotsShots Shots Shots ShotsShots Shots Shots ShotsShots Shots Shots Shots
  40. 40. Editing2. In the finished film, theset of techniques thatgoverns the relationamong shots.180 Degree Rule
  41. 41. 180 Degree RuleShows two characters or other items, inthe same scene shouldalways be on the same side,if the camera passes over the line whichthe characters are on, connecting thetwo items or people, it is calledCrossing the Line.By swapping the side of the camera it isknown as reverse angle.
  42. 42. Things are easier to explain with picturesIn this scene:The man is always facing right• The woman is always facing leftNo matter which position or anglethe camera is shooting from, thecharacters will always be facing thesame direction throughout.
  43. 43. What happens when you break it?If you move the camera across theline, characters face the same wayas each other• THIS EQUALS CONFUSIONCamera ACamera BCamera B’
  44. 44. Dimensions of Film EditingGraphic relations between Shot A and Shot BRhythmic relations between Shot A and Shot BSpatial relations between Shot A and Shot BTemporal relations between Shot A and Shot B
  45. 45. Introduction to Lighting• These are the 4 types of lighting:• Key• Fill• Hair• Edge
  46. 46. In window lighting, concepts ofcontrast and light angles wereoften influenced by the lightcoming in a window.The north light window attemptto emulate a classic look.Window Lighting
  47. 47. Wonderful question. Well, much inspires me!
  48. 48. Digital storytelling is the process of writing about astory, and adding the multimedia elements ofvoice, imagery, and music to create a visual story.Digital storytelling
  49. 49. FilmingMACROGENRENARRATIVE(REPRESENTATION)MICRO –PROUDCTION PLANNINGCINEMATOGRAPHYSOUNDEDITINGMISE EN SCENESPECIAL EFFECTSDISTRIBUTIONThere are five phases of productioncommon to most professionallyproduced motion pictures. Theseare:1. Development2. Pre-production3. Production4. Postproduction5. Distribution`5 + 5
  50. 50. Tell me and I forgetTeach me and rememberInvolve me and I learn
  51. 51. Yellow Purple Productiona corporate video production service providerPrince Wong , 黃紫 66206121