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Event Risk Management Case Study


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Event Risk Management Case Study

  4. 4. INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL Major delays in setup SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: The event was supposed to be from 12nn to 12mn but it started 2pm and ended at around 10pm. -Onsite situation, people are not properly informed -May cause crowding at the entrance due to waiting too long before they can come in -Unmet expectation: ticket was good for 12 hrs but the event was short of 2 hrs The organizers should’ve implemented and complied to a strict production schedule to avoid delays. They also should have surveyed if running a whole day event for 12hrs is feasible.
  5. 5. INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL Not enough staff for checking of personal belongings and ID SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: Having been part of the guest list as a media partner, we were told to approach the guest list registration booth and bring IDs for identification but no one checked our bags and IDs when we presented our tickets to them. - Despite the security, anyone can come in and out of the event -Risks of human threats are high -Minors can also come in the event, even if drinking isn’t allowed for them There should be ample staff to monitor and regulate the people coming in and out of the event.
  6. 6. INTERNAL AND EXTERNALStaff IDs are not visible SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: Organizers should have printed larger IDs fast identification in case of emergency and other similar situations. IDs are color-coded but their size and the print on them which indicates the designation of each staff are not visible to the audience. Only co-organizers understand the color scheme. - People do not know the right staff to approach in case an incident arises - A simple incident may turn to a big commotion considering the time spent to look for the person-in- charge
  7. 7. INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL Unidentified event organizer SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: During the event promotions and even on the event itself, the organizers were never revealed. As a media partner, we asked to interview the organizers, but our contact person deviates from the subject. In case anything untoward happens in the event, no one will know who would be accountable for it. The organizers should have identified themselves from the onset of the event’s marketing and promotions.
  8. 8. INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL Weather SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: Though it did not rain, the weather was very hot and windy. The setup was greatly affected by these weather conditions as tents and other temporary structures were not properly installed. -The installation of lights above where the tables and chairs are arranged under the tent visibly sway to the wind. -Tech people frequently go up the tents while the event is going on without proper attire as they were rushing to fix the setup. The organizers should have anticipated the weather’s effect in their setup and must have considered a longer load in/load out period.
  9. 9. INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL Competition - Wanderland SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: A week before the event, another event of almost the same concept was held. -Wanderland is an annual event now on its second year (2014) -Organizers were identified -Not just music and drinks, also had art festival -Had a wider scope of target market -Had only one ticket price -Had proper installation and setup - Space was wider DrinkUpPH organizers should have addressed this competition by adding more elements to their event and marketing it as bigger or better than other similar events. Also, they should have identified themselves.
  10. 10. NATURAL AND HUMAN THREATS Excess metal posts SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: Put barricades that has a signboard -limits or construction On- so that people may avoid the area. Excess metal posts should be cut and kept away from people going in and out of the place or area. They should be stored in a truck or a place with no access of people. Clear the area ASAP after installing the tent.
  11. 11. NATURAL AND HUMAN THREATS Exposed wiring SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: Use floor/wire cable cover or protector. Use junction boxes If the wiring is on a flat surface, duct tapes May be used to cover the wires Align wiring at one side and fix tangled wire and put them in a junction box if possible or use cable locks especially for long wires
  12. 12. NATURAL AND HUMAN THREATS Missing tent cover SEVERITY: MEDIUM RECOMMENDATION: Do not remove tent cover once it has been stored/installed especially when there are people already. Tent covers are used for protection for heat and rainy weather. Use tent locks so that when its windy, the cover wont get removed.
  13. 13. NATURAL AND HUMAN THREATS Proximity between tent posts and tables SEVERITY: MEDIUM RECOMMENDATION: Set a distance of at least 3 meters away between tables and chairs from tent posts. Do not congest the area with a lot of tables and chairs. Add them when necessary only but in another area where passage is still free of way. There should be a wide spacing from one table to another and from any other fixture.
  14. 14. NATURAL AND HUMAN THREATS Scattered materials in the area SEVERITY: MEDIUM RECOMMENDATION: Have a storage area or room where all equipment or materials needed or extra stuffs are placed and label them for easy identification. Assign a person-in-charge for all equipment and materials.
  15. 15. NATURAL AND HUMAN THREATS Theft – missing gadgets SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: Put a sign board that would remind people to watch out with their belongings. Provide a storage/baggage area or room where people can have their belongings safe kept. Have a helpdesk booth or area where people may complain or surrender found items . Reminder from host to safeguard their belongings. VIDEO
  17. 17. SAFETY AND SECURITY Fencing not sturdy SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: Any barricades used at the event after dark must have flashing amber caution lights securely attached to them. Event organizers should use the standard material like “interlocking barricade or bike rack”. Additional roving personnel to secure the fences during the event.
  18. 18. SAFETY AND SECURITY Technician/staff – improper uniform/gear SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: Organizers must require all the technical staff to wear the proper/standard uniform during installation (e.g. Cover-All suits, hand gloves, harness, hard hat etc.) Installation must be done at least 6 hours before the event. (***These staff are still on set-up mode while there is already a performance happening in the stage, and the fair was officially opened.)
  19. 19. SAFETY AND SECURITY Just one ambulance / No Medical Staff SEVERITY: MEDIUM RECOMMENDATION: Though the event area is near in a known hospital in the city, but still it is recommended to provide two (2) or more ambulance. Because in this kind of event, you cannot foresee any unfavorable incidents that may occur (e.g. gang war, bombing, unruly crowd due to alcohol etc.) Organizers must provide an on-site medical staff to attend the needs of the guest in-case of emergency.
  20. 20. SAFETY AND SECURITY No Exit SEVERITY: LOW RECOMMENDATION: It is necessary in every event or gathering to orient first the guests before the opening of the program, to give the guests clear instructions regarding the fire exit or any safe way to go with, in case unfavorable incident will occur. To provide clear and noticeable safety signage in and outside of the event area.
  21. 21. SAFETY AND SECURITY No checking of Bags SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: Must provide security personnel a metal detector for checking the bags of guests who were getting in and out of the site. At least two (2) security personnel, a male security to accommodate male guests and a female security personnel for female guest, and staff must be in proper uniform.
  22. 22. SAFETY AND SECURITY No checking of IDs to verify age SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: It must be clear and printed in the ticket that guests must be in legal age. Security personnel should check or ask an identification card that indicates a birth date of the person. This may be done in checking of bags.
  23. 23. SAFETY AND SECURITY Food & Beverages are under the heat of the sun that may cause spoilage. SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: Additional shades must be provided for the concessionaires. To advise the concessionaires to avoid exposure of their materials under an open area or heat of the sun. It is also advisable that if you have an event that involves food and beverages booths must be set up in a close or at least a room temperature area.
  24. 24. SAFETY AND SECURITY Disorganized trash bins SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: Must provide enough trash bins in visible areas of the site. Better to have trash bins that are good enough to hold the trashes of the guests during the event.
  25. 25. SAFETY AND SECURITY Exposed staff personal belongings SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: Must orient the staff and concessionaires to secure their personal belongings, and in case of any loss or damage of their materials, organizers are not liable. Must provide a holding room for staff.
  26. 26. SAFETY AND SECURITY No stage security SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: Though the organizer uses the standard it is still necessary to assign enough security staff to oversee the area. As well for the safety of the performers also.
  27. 27. SAFETY AND SECURITY Easy entry to the venue through backstage entrance SEVERITY: HIGH RECOMMENDATION: Must close and secure all possible passages of the site, it must be a standard policy that all guest and staff must enter at the main gate to check the bags, IDs and tickets as well for security purposes. VIDEO
  30. 30. EVENT CRIMES AND ACTS OF VIOLENCE Serving of alcohol to minors SEVERITY: HIGH
  31. 31. EVENT CRIMES AND ACTS OF VIOLENCE Encouraging drinking and driving SEVERITY: HIGHVIDEO
  32. 32. CAPABILITY
  33. 33. CAPABILITY Weak marketing SEVERITY: HIGH
  34. 34. CAPABILITY No professional organizer SEVERITY: HIGH
  35. 35. CAPABILITY Disorganized programme. No host SEVERITY: HIGH
  36. 36. CAPABILITY Too many interruptions due to technical difficulties SEVERITY: HIGH
  38. 38. City Police, and many security/bouncer, ambulance, medical booth
  39. 39. Cash flow/tokens
  40. 40. Faster registration/electronic registration
  41. 41. Variety of beverages and food offered
  42. 42. Event space layout