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Contains information about the DB2 DSNZPARM that forms the DB2 configuration parameters. All about the different types of zPARMs. A way to update them dynamically.

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  2. 2. Agenda  What is DSNZPARM  The Macros  How do you change DSNZPARM  Dynamically reloading DSNZPARM  What’s meant by hidden, opaque and visible?  Some DSNZPARM keywords
  3. 3. DSNZPARM Dissected
  4. 4. What is DSNZPARM  Data only, subsystem parameter load module containing the DB2 execution-time parameters  Initially set at install time through the installation ISPF panels  Includes macros:  DSN6ARVP – Archive dataset parameters  DSN6ENV – DB2 environment settings (removed)  DSN6FAC – DDF  DSN6LOGP – Log stuff  DSN6SPRM – Initialization parameters for DBM1  DSN6SYSP – Miscellaneous system parameters  DSN6GRP – Group stuff for data sharing
  5. 5. Install DSNZPARM  Some DSNZPARMs are set outside the install panels  Hidden  Just what the word implies, they are buried within the macros and not intended to be modified by the general public  Opaque  Are not available for change using the panels  Visible  Changed using the install panels
  6. 6. Changing Your DSNZPARMs  Change DSNZPARM parameters and dynamically load LOAD module into storage  Dynamically change selected DSNZPARM values  Prior to Version 7, required recycle of DB2  Still requires the first steps of DSNTIJUZ to be executed  Change macro parameters  Assemble macros  Link  Now you should use the –SET SYSPARM command
  7. 7. Dynamic Changes to DSNZPARM  Load/Reload new DSNZPARM member  Either SYSOPR, SYSCTRL or SYSADM must be in privilege set of auth-id issuing command  Cannot change individual parameters  Not all parameters are eligible for change  Not all changes are immediate
  8. 8. -SET SYSPARM -SET SYSPARM LOAD ( <DSNZPARM Module name> ) -or- RELOAD -or- STARTUP  Remember, privilege set must include:  SYSADM, SYSOPR, SYSCTRL
  9. 9. Online Updateable List You would find the complete list of parameters in the Installation and Migration manual.
  10. 10. SDSNSAMP(DSNTIJUZ) Generally we may find the ZPARM member in DSNTIJUZ member of SDSNSAMP library.
  11. 11. SDSNSAMP(DSNTIJUZ) Generally we may find the ZPARM member in DSNTIJUZ member of SDSNSAMP library.
  12. 12. Some DSNZPARMs  Thread Stuff
  13. 13. Some DSNZPARMs  Storage
  14. 14. Some DSNZPARMs  Logging
  15. 15. Some DSNZPARMs  Locking
  16. 16. Some DSNZPARMs  Database Access Threads
  17. 17. References  A First Look: DB2 10 DSNZPARM Changes  The Good, the Bad and the Really Ugly: DB2’s DSNZPARM Module  Just the Good This Time: More DB2 DSNZPARM Keywords  DB2 10 Installation and Migration Guide (CG19-2974)