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Project contract interna world

  2. 2. INTERNA CONTRACT SPAHEADQUARTERSVia G. Galilei 9/A,33010 Tavagnacco(Ud) - Italywww.interna.itinterna@interna.itPh: +39 0432 643211Fax: +39 0432 574131INTERNA CONTRACT SPAWORLDWIDEArgentina, Belgium, Brazil,China, France, Germany, Greece,Giordan, Malta, Morocco, Qatar,Russia, Spain, Switzerland,The Netherlands, Ukraina, Usa
  3. 3. THE COMPENDIUMcontentSForeword Passion for ProjectsInterna DivisionsProjects Gallery Passion for DesignersNew Directions in Contract Design Reference List The compendium is dedicated to all our clientsand to all the designers with whom we have beencooperating since we started to work; to our highlyskilled staff and to our loyal suppliers.Their support and trust have been invaluablein enabling us to achieve this important goal.462234352356362
  4. 4. 7It gives me great pleasure to introduce our organisation,work and some of the most important projects fromInterna Contract’s first two decades. Our exceptionalsuccess has been made possible through the hard workand dedication of our staff, the reliability and loyaltyof our suppliers, and above all the trust placedin us by our many prestigious clients. We are enormouslyproud of our achievement in gaining internationalrecognition for the beauty and quality of our exclusiveproducts, all “Made in Italy”. Our company has alwaysbelieved that firms should be guided by principlesof social responsibility and so all our productsare manufactured in full respect of human rightsand international labour laws while also safeguardingthe environment. Diego TravanPresident of Interna Holding spa.Interna Contract was founded in 1989 with the visionof creating an industrial group specialised in supplyinghigh-quality décor for luxury public buildings.In each of the extraordinary projects we have beeninvolved with over the years, we have always placedthe utmost emphasis on quality. As a result InternaContract has now become world-renownedforthe design and production of prestigious interiorsfor key international clients. Having achieved this tar-get we will continue with our commitment to invest inhuman resources, technology and innovative produc-tivity, so that we can guarantee ever greater improve-ments in our products and servicesand so that Interna Contract remains for many yearsto come synonymous with quality. Derna Del StabileManaging Director of Interna Contract spa.
  5. 5. Interna ContractPassionfor Projects
  6. 6. 10 Interna Contract Interna Contract 11Founded in 1989, Interna Contract, along with Interna Collectionand Logica, is part of the Italian company Interna Group, which specializesin the design and production of luxury furnishing for the hospitalityand contract industry. Interna Contract deals with the complex activityof contracting furnishing projects for the niche luxury market, producingexclusive furniture, furnishings and decoration on a turnkey basis.Interna Contract began working in the hospitality sector and has,over the years, constantly fine-tuned its technical know-howand managerial skills. It has built extremely strong working relationshipswith the world’s most important hotel brands, interior designersandpurchasinggroups,tocreateandexecutedozensofinternationalprojects,which have been unique in their design, historical and artistic value.As a result of these many years of experience, Interna Contract has nowearned a position of excellence which extends well beyond the hotel sec-tor to encompass an extremely wide variety of projects: designer stores,restaurants, bars and pubs, banks, offices, casinos, private clinics, yachts,health and fitness centres, museums and private residences. These projects,together with the company’s ever-growing international client portfolio,are the true ambassadors of Interna Contract all over the world.
  7. 7. Interna Contract 1312 Interna ContractInterna Contract places a real value on its team of over 40 experts who arespecialists in dealing with extremely challenging projects. They ensurenot only high-quality products but also high-quality service by taking careof every single aspect of every project: from planning to after-salesassistance and in full respect of pressing deadlines and of agreed budgets.This is the basis for Interna Contract’s indisputable Passion for Projects.
  8. 8. 16 Interna Contract Interna Contract 17
  9. 9. INSTALLATIONInterna Contract’s specialised personnel carry outand ensure the correct installation and fittingof all joinery works, carpets, marble, ceramics,plasterboard and iron. Interna Contract site managersguarantee the perfect installation of the contractedwork and coordination between their workand other companies on site.AFTER-SALES ASSISTANCEInterna Contract gives a warranty for the productssupplied for a period which is contractually agreedfor each project. Interna Contract is also ableto offer post-sales assistance for each project, wellafter the warranty period has expired, thus grantingthe client the most competitive price and conditions.This service includes the maintenance, refurbishmentand/or replacement of “custom-made” obsolete products.Interna Contract offers its clients a very innovative servicewhich allows its users to check on-line the progress of everyorder placed. Once an order has been finalized, clients areassigned a username and password to access the private areaon Interna Contract’s website.The opening page of this area displays a list of all the tasksand activities planned for the completion of the project, alongwith the production deadlines for each product. Interna Contractaims to provide its clients with an “open” system basedon maximum transparency, and where information is updatedin real time.Clients are able to track the exact production statusof their orders as if they were actually watching the productionprocess: they can see if a certain product is being varnished,is ready for despatch, or has already been shipped.Interna Contract works on a turnkey basis. This means thatthe company takes total responsibility for its clients’ projects,from initial ideas to their actual completion. Interna Contract’swork ranges from arranging financing to producing the finaldesigns, from production to logistics, and from installationto testing and after-sales assistance - with the guarantee of strictadherence to quality standards, and the price and delivery termsagreed with clients. The main phases for each project are as follows:FINANCINGThe contract industry involves extremely large and complexinvestments. For Interna Contract, it is crucial to be able to offerits support to clients in the form of both medium and long-termproject financing. Over the years, Interna Contract FinancialDepartment has acquired a significant amount of experience,which means that they are able to provide clients with differentfinancing drawingsThe Interna Contract design team, made up of experiencedarchitects, designers and technicians, workson the outline project and carefully draws up the designsfor each individual piece of furniture.Key design criteria always focus on functionality, qualityof materials, sturdiness, aesthetics, cost engineering,and comply with national and international standards.PROJECT MANAGEMENTProject managers at Interna Contract are the clients’ main pointof contact throughout the execution of the project. They planand monitor every stage of the order, coordinate the company’svarious activities and make sure that for each project the threefundamental objectives are achieved: agreed product detailsand standards are complied with, delivery terms are kept to,and budgets are respected.LOGISTICSInterna Contract Logistics Department is able to select the bestcarriers and the most appropriate means of transport to optimizedelivery times and costs and to meet clients’ deadlines.All transportation conforms to international security and sanitaryrules and procedures for the carriage of wooden materialsand products, as well as highly important protection proceduresagainst moisture, high humidity, or excessive dryness.PRODUCTION AND QUALITY CONTROLThrough its many years of experience, Interna Contract has builtup a solid, productive know-how, and can now guarantee flawlessquality at highly competitive prices. This applies to both largescale production, made with cutting-edge technology and machine-ry, as well as small-scale or even one off custom-made items,characterized by non-standard shapes and sizes, hand-paintedor engraved details, and special finishes. During productionrigorous quality controls are carried out by Interna Contractspecialists to ensure that each final piece is crafted to perfection.On-line work-in-progresstracking FOR PROJECTSTURN KEY SERVICEFOR PROJECTS18 Interna Contract Interna Contract 19
  10. 10. 20 Interna Contract Interna Contract 21
  11. 11. Interna Contract works with discerning clients who are lookingto create something really exclusive for their projects.All items produced are unique and made exclusively for thesespecific projects from tailor-made designs.Thanks to significant and constant investments in know-howand technology, Interna Contract is able to create the mostsophisticated solutions in furniture and furnishing, howeverrecherché the style and technical requirements, using manydifferent materials - from wood to metals and from plasticto glass. The result is an almost infinite rangeof diverse products: chairs, armchairs and upholstery, doors,fixtures, fittings and other joinery work, usually for indoor use,and for outdoors, fixed and freestanding furniture, lampsand other accessories.ONE-OFF FURNISHING PRODUCTSFOR PROJECTSBespoke Interna Contract products are clearly not itemsto be ordered from a catalogue, but in response to widespreaddemand from the luxury contract sector for top qualityfurnishing, a sister company was launched in 2005. InternaCollection produces a vast range of furniture and furnishingswhich have been specially designed and engineered forthe contract sector. The collection offers three different lines,which include over 200 concepts designed by 7 world-famousdesigners, and is characterized by extreme flexibility,with over 1,000 options for personalization.22 Interna Contract Interna Contract 23CorinthiaSheratonWestinFour SeasonsHiltonRadissonIntercontinentalThe Ritz CarltonHyattMarriottPark PlazaDaimlerChryslerSiemensVolkswagenSete YachtsFerretti YachtsLe MeridienChanelBig turn-key projects haveamajorenvironmentalandsocial impact which meansthat manufacturers are calledupon to follow strict policesregarding the environmentand employment.Interna Contract has alwaysbeen sensitive to the issueof fair and sustainable growth.Through its integrated certifiedsystem Quality: ISO 9001:2000Environment: ISO 14.001Ethics: Sa 8000Interna Contract workshard to ensure that the processof globalisation is carried outin full recognition of humanrights, international labour lawsand environmental protection.QUALITY CERTIFICATIONSFOR PROJECTSINTERNA CONTRACTWORLWIDEThe high level of organization and the years of experiencebehind Interna Contract mean that we are extremely well-equippedto handle all types of commisions, however large or complexand wherever they may be located. Our high profile clientsportfolio which spans the globe, from Europe to Asia and fromAustralia to America, is a testament not only to our abilitiesbut also to the quality and popularity of our exclusive products.
  12. 12. Interna ContractDivisionS
  13. 13. Interna Contract began its career in 1989 in the luxury hotel sector,and has since achieved a position of excellence which extends wellbeyond this sector. Interna now supplies exclusive furniture, furni-shings, and decorations on a turnkey basis for all sorts of projects inclu-ding designer stores, restaurants, bars and pubs, banks, offices, casinos,private clinics, yachts, health and fitness centres, museums and privateresidences. In the luxury sector every different building or project hasits own particular demands. Each project requires specialist know-howand technological equipment to manufacture singular pieces of furnitu-re, specially designed for the environment they are to furnish and to helpcreate a unique ambience. Hence the creation of Interna Contract’sspecialised Divisions. In Divisions our highly-skilled and experiencedproject managers team up with the most qualified specialists, technicians,and designers to ensure the perfect handling of each and every complexproject and to make the final result an absolute success.Interna Contract Hotels Division, started by Interna in 1989,has now established a truly unrivalled market position, and hascompleted more than 100 projects all over the world for the mostimportant luxury hotel chains: Hyatt, Marriot, Hilton, Westin,Radisson, Four Seasons and The Ritz-Carlton to name but a few.Hotels tend to reflect their surroundings and their culturaland historical inheritance, The Park Hyatt, Milan, with its spectacularlobby lounge La Cupola, and white travertine marble seems to haveabsorbed the sensations, sounds and even the colours of Milanand its people. Hotel interior design can sometimes mean restoringthe splendour of a historical building, and our Hotels Divisionexcels in the painstaking work which this type of undertaking demands,as the spectacular Villa Feltrinelli on Lake Garda and the HotelDes Indes in The Hague, The Netherlands can attest.Interna Contract Hotels DivisionInterna Contract 27
  14. 14. Over the last few years a renaissance in bar and restaurant culturehas given architects and designers the opportunity to pursuea whole new realm of ideas, to experiment with materials, withlight and colours to provide a dramatic backdrop to everyday life.Eating and drinking have become synonymous with funand escapism, and there are endless ways for interior spaces to achievethis effect. Interna Contract is proud to have created some trulymagnificent interiors for this exciting sector. For the world-famousCafé de la Paix in Paris, one of our Bars & Restaurants Division’smost recent projects, Interna created sumptuous furnishingsin mahogany with lacquered or gold-leaf inlays and superb bronzedecorations, to really evoke the spirit and glory of Napoleon III’sSecond Empire, when this historic place was first opened.The seductive and imperial red hues of the chairs, together withthe yellows and gold used in other decorative features, are trulyevocative of this fascinating period in European history.Interna Contract Bars & Restaurants DivisionThe Office Division at Interna Contract never supply standardoff-the-shelf projects, they respond to each client’s own personalrequirements for comfort, space, aesthetics and functionalityto create a working environment that allows users to determinetheir own levels of calm and concentration. Interna ContractOffice Division is able to carry out the most diverse turnkey officeprojects for executive meeting rooms, offices and workstationsthrough the supply of seating, dividing walls, executive tables,functional cabinets, and much more.Interna Contract Office Division28 Interna Contract Interna Contract 29
  15. 15. The purpose of any museum is to reveal past cultures and traditionsto its visitors and to narrate complex history through a seriesof individual fragments. The interior design of museums playsan intrinsic role in this narrative and presents its own very particularchallenges. Interna Contract Museum Division developed fromthe specialist production and maintenance of museum showcasesand has always worked closely with exhibition curators and museumdirectors to ensure the long-term conservation and protectionof exhibits, using microclimatic control, and to guarantee that safe-ty and security measures comply with international standards.Technical solutions that we have developed for our mostprestigious clients include the use of optically coated non-reflective extra-clear laminated security glass, high-temperatureepoxy-coated sheet steel, LED and fibre optic lighting,low formaldehyde panels and encoded or electronic multi-disclocking systems to interface with alarm systems.Interna Contract Museum DivisionInterna Contract Residential Division deals with unique personalitiesand emotions: a person’s home always reflects their aesthetic tastesas well as their individual ideas of comfort and lifestyle.Rules for the interior design in the hospitality industry do not applyto residential projects, these projects give the opportunity to reallymaximise personalisation especially in millwork, carpeting,draperies and lamps. Unique pieces of furniture are also giventhe greatest importance, eye-catching pieces to be admired for theirbeauty, luxury and quality of workmanship. Our manufacturingknow-how and skills really come into their own in these projects:special inlay work, hand-painted pieces, engraved sections, the mostdifficult finishes and unusual shapes are just some of the dailychallenges that our Retail Division tackle in creating the perfect livingspace for even the most demanding private clients and architects.Interna Contract Residential Division30 Interna Contract Interna Contract 31
  16. 16. Interna Contract Retail Division supplies retailers worldwidewith high quality furnishing solutions. We work with prestigiousclients who are looking either to create an individual and exclusi-ve store or to develop a more ‘brandable’ image, one that is easilyidentifiable and replicable at other outlets, but one that can alsobe readily adapted to different buildings. For prestigious clientsin the fashion sector, to whom we supply furnishings worldwide, wemanufacture, deliver and install extremely high-quality, custo-mized work, by combining our expertise and the latest technologyto create the most sophisticated furniture and furnishings. For theboutiques of an internationally renowned jeweller, refined designsand exceptionally stringent security measures are unitedto perfectly meet the demands of this prestigious client.Interna Contract Retail DivisionSpas and wellness centres are designed to promote and restorea balance between the mind, body and spirit. Interna Contractfurnishing solutions for these oases of calm are speciallydesigned to foster an atmosphere of absolute relaxation, to engageand pamper all the senses, and to create a place for rediscoveringthe inner-self free from the constraints of time.Interna Contract Spa & Wellness Division is able to supplya wide range of furnishings, both millwork and loose,with the ideal characteristics for such environments, for examplethrough the use of metals, woods, varnishes and finishes whichare damp and heat resistant.Interna Contract Spa & Wellness Division32 Interna Contract Interna Contract 33
  17. 17. The design and creation of any interior for large yachts has to takeinto consideration many aspects which are unique to the marineindustry and has to ensure that aesthetics are combined withfunctionality and safety. The work of Interna Contract MarineDivision not only complies with the specifications for each project,but also with a series of international regulations for the marinesector (e.g. Lloyd, MCA). A standard feature of these projectsis special requirements in the choice of materials used and specialinstallation procedures, in compliance with fire safety regulationsand anti-vibrations factors. Ecological aspects, particularlyin the choice of varnishes used, must be taken into accountand acoustics and lighting have to be carefully studied to guaranteemaximum comfort on board.Interna Contract Marine DivisionAs the competition for tourists grows more intense each year, resortand casino developers come up with a myriad of design strategiesto draw the crowds. The fantastically themed mega-resortsof Las Vegas now set the standard for similar places in the restof the world, and “stage set” style fantasy is generally the architecturaland interior design style of choice. Interna Contract Leisure Divisionis well aware of these trends, as is demonstrated by some of its latestprojects, such as the Crown Casino in Melbourne, the largest casinolocated outside the USA, for which we produced all furnishings.As you enter the casino, you are swallowed into the fabulous worldof A Thousand and One Nights. The effect of the furnishings, materialsand choice of colours is simultaneously sensual and stupefying.The visual and tactile is up-front and dazzingly audacious and showsthe outstanding quality of Interna Contract products, a very specialkind of “Made in Italy”.Interna Contract Leisure Division34 Interna Contract Interna Contract 35
  18. 18. BMW Welt, MunichcitizenM, AmsterdamQing Long Qiao Apart,BeijingHotel Marinagri,Marina di PolicoroThe Chedi MilanThe Westin, ParisFouquet’s Palace Hotel,ParisL’Hotel Rue Des Beaux Arts,ParisThe Dylan, AmsterdamPark Hyatt WashingtonNew York Palace,BudapestMaxime Restaurant,The HaguePark Hyatt PhiladelphiaHyatt Regency The Churchill,LondonLe Méridien Hotel des Indes,The HagueThe College Hotel,AmsterdamThe Ritz-CarltonLaguna Niguel Dana PointTurama Yacht, AthensPark Hyatt ZurichFour Seasons Resort Provenceat Terre BlancheCorinthia Lisboa Hotel,LisbonRadisson SAS HotelStansted Airport, LondonRadisson SAS Hotel, NiceThe Grove, HertfordshirePark Hyatt MilanSPA Spirit One GalawayRadisson SAS Hotel, IrelandHotel Royal D’Anfa,CasablancaLe Grand Hotel ParisIntercontinentalCafè de la Paix, ParisHilton AthensGrand Hyatt TokyoCorinthia Bab Africa Hotel,TripoliGrand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli,GargnanoThe Ritz-Carlton WolfsburgGrand Hyatt BerlinPark Hyatt HamburgPanamericano, Buenos AiresCrown Towers, MelbourneGrand Hyatt FukuokaHyatt Regency OsakaHyatt Regency La Manga,Murcia36545662648082869098102108112118124144160166170182186188190192198210212214224232236248252290306318326328336342348Interna Contractprojects galleryinterna contractselected projects 2007_1993
  19. 19. BMW WeltMunichGermanyInterior designer: FG stijlPeriod: 2007Client: Bmw Ag38 Interna Contract Interna Contract | Bmw Welt | Munich 39
  20. 20. 40 Interna Contract | Hotel CittàBMW Welt is one of the first constructions to represent a new generation of buildingspurpose-built for communication in the 21st century. As a place of meeting and change,BMW Welt is an ideal setting for BMW exhibitions as well as for other events in the fieldsof economics, politics, society and arts and culture. Here the company can communicatewith its customers, friends and visitors from all over the world.Interna Contract | Bmw Welt | Munich 4140 Interna Contract | BMW Welt | Munich
  21. 21. The innovative architectural project (work of the renowned firm Coop Himmelb(l)au)makes great use of light, airiness and dynamism in an enormous wave-like, slightly concavestructure which resembles a cloudy sky. Supported on 11 individual pillars, it is a real challengeto the laws of statics. The interiors of the 3 restaurant areas were designed by FG stijland perfectly complement the architectural structure. The design is clean and contemporaryand makes use of an original mix of steel, glass and integrated lighting.Interna, after gaining a very tough international tender, focused its work on three different areas:the furnishing of the bistro on the first floor, the international restaurant and the balcony on thesecond floor and the vip restaurant club with the board room on the third floor.42 Interna Contract | BMW Welt | Munich Interna Contract | Bmw Welt | Munich 43
  22. 22. 44 Interna Contract | BMW Welt | Munich Interna Contract | Bmw Welt | Munich 45
  23. 23. Interna Contract | Hotel Città 47Interna Contract | Bmw Welt | Munich 4746 Interna Contract | BMW Welt | Munich
  24. 24. The extreme complexity of the furnishing project, in particular in relation with the architec-tural structure, the short period of time for the implementation and the very high quality levelrequired by the specialized furnishing, generated a great challenge for Interna, but a onethat has been met with success. The high number of companies taking part in it,required the use of a virtual platform containing thousands of drawings and constantly updatedby all the parties involved.48 Interna Contract | BMW Welt | Munich Interna Contract | Bmw Welt | Munich 49
  25. 25. Located near the Olympic Stadium, where BMW headquarters and museum were alreadysituated, BMW Welt offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the world of motorsand this most famous German brand. BMW clients can collect the cars they have ordereddirectly on site instead of waiting for them in dealerships and take advantage of other dedicatedservices. Visitors can explore the ‘leisure’ areas (exhibition hall, restaurants, shops, auditoriumand more) which are part of the same complex as the museum and the BMW factory, and whichare all linked by a series of suspension bridges.50 Interna Contract | BMW Welt | Munich Interna Contract | Bmw Welt | Munich 51
  26. 26. In the third-floor board room Interna was particularly involved in the panelling of the wallswith stone, leather and velvet. A great technological challenge was the installation of a “Media Wall”made of stone and incorporating a video projection system.52 Interna Contract | BMW Welt | Munich Interna Contract | Bmw Welt | Munich 53
  27. 27. The interior of the BMW Welt is just as remarkable as its architecture: offering visitorsdifferent room perspectives, easy orientation and maximum comfort and even the smallestdesign feature contributes to the building’s sense of uniqueness. Leitmotiv of the furnishingof all the areas is the table ‘TOTO’ by Hannes Wettstein of the Contemporary lineof Interna Collection in all its forms (coffee table, side table, lamp table) and customizedaccordingly with the specifications of the designers.Interna Contract | Bmw Welt | Munich 5554 Interna Contract | BMW Welt | Munich
  28. 28. Interna Contract created the interiors for the first citizenM hotel. Located in Amsterdam,near Schiphol Airport, the idea behind the hotel was to offer affordable luxury accommodation to“mobile citizens”: modern, independent travelers who appreciate contemporary designand user-friendly technology. The hotel, built using the “Industrial Flexible Demountable” sys-tem, consists of modular, container-like rooms (2.8x12 m). These rooms were inspiredby the minimal and efficient interiors of yachts and the cabins on private jets, and are equippedwith the best technology and amenities. Interna was commissioned by this new hotel chainto provide turnkey furnishings following the design created by Dutch firm Concrete.Interna was very much involved in each phase of the project, from concept and engineering,to the final finishing touches to the rooms, and all with the utmost care and attention, particu-larly in the choice of materials and finishes. Interna also supplied innovative room features likea square wall-to-wall bed, or showers, with LEDs that can be set accordingto personal preference. Customization was one of the main themes of this project: guests cancontrol the lights, music, and wake-up call tunes for their room. The hotel also offers a widechoice of books, magazines, films, and a 24 hour restaurant.citizenM HotelAmsterdamThe NetherlandsInterior designer: ConcreteArchitectural AssociatePeriod: 2007Client: One Star Is BornInterna Contract | citizenM | Amsterdam 5756 Interna Contract
  29. 29. Qing Long QiaoApart.ShowFlatsBeijingChinaInterior designer: Bilkey Llinas DesignPeriod: 2007Client: Greentown Real Estate Group Co.ltdContemporary and neo-classical furniture in the Blue Dragon Villas (Qing Cong Qiao), a luxuriousresidential development located in the north-west of Beijing City near the Summer Palace.The interiors of these majestic mansions were designed by Bilkey Llinas Design to meet the highdemand of wealthy new consumers in China for Italian elegance and the prestige of the Renaissanceperiod. Interna was chosen to be part of one of the most lavish residential projects in China todaybecause of the high quality and the perfect finish of our products.Interna Contract | Qing Long Qiao Apart. | Beijing 5958 Interna Contract
  30. 30. Interna Contract | Hotel Città 6160 Interna Contract | Hotel Città Interna Contract | Qing Long Qiao Apart. | Beijing 6160 Interna Contract | Qing Long Qiao Apart. | Beijing
  31. 31. 62 Interna Contract | Hotel Città62 Interna Contract | Qing Long Qiao Apart. | Beijing Interna Contract | Qing Long Qiao Apart. | Beijing 63
  32. 32. Hotel MarinagriMarinadi PolicoroItalyInterior designer: Interna ContractPeriod: 2007Client: Marinagri Resort SpaSurrounded by pine forests, wildlife reserves and the unique flora and fauna of the Mediterranean,the seaside resort of Marinagri lies on a unspoilt stretch of the Ionian coast in Policoro, Basilicata.Like all the buildings in the resort, the Hotel is ecologically constructed and endeavours to maintaina Mediterranean style, with offset roofs, numerous porticos and the predominant use of stone andwood. Inside the Hotel, turnkey furnished by Interna, there is a calm and relaxing atmosphere cre-ated by the use crisp, clean lines. The rooms, with their simple and elegant design and the coloursof the sand, evoke the nautical world and open upwards, with an unexpected relaxation area in aloft. The view of the sea is breathtaking, the water almost reaches the hotel and plays wonderfulreflections on the walls.Interna Contract | Hotel Marinagri | Marina di Policoro 6564 Interna Contract
  33. 33. The Chedi MilanMilanItalyInterior designer: Jaya & AssociatesPeriod: 2007Client: Elemata Gestion srl66 Interna Contract Interna Contract | The Chedi | Milan 67
  34. 34. “ Feeling in harmony with oneself is fundamental when travelling and so is the interiorwell-being that each place can transmit.  For this reason, I took inspiration from my landof origin, Indonesia, to imagine tranquil spaces, spacious and luminous, yet intimate and warm.Subtle and smooth colours, sand, brown, ochre and orange without forgetting the whiteof purity and inner calm, with precious yet primitive materials such as wood, bronze, stone, mosaicand textured ceramic. Lights which blend in with shapes. All combined with cutting edge Westerntechnology for feeling at home even when away from home.”Jaya Ibrahim Interior Designer GHM of “Jaya & Associates”, Jakarta, Indonesia.68 Interna Contract | The Chedi | Milan Interna Contract | The Chedi | Milan 69
  35. 35. 70 Interna Contract | The Chedi | Milan Interna Contract | The Chedi | Milan 71
  36. 36. Interna Group was commissioned by the prestigious international hotel chain GHM(General Hotel Management Ltd.) to provide the turnkey interiors for this hotel, their first hotelin Europe, located in the Italian capital of finance and fashion.72 Interna Contract | The Chedi | Milan Interna Contract | The Chedi | Milan 73
  37. 37. 74 Interna Contract | The Chedi | Milan Interna Contract | The Chedi | Milan 75
  38. 38. All Interna Group companies, Interna Contract, Interna Collection and Logica, joinedforces for the mammoth 12-month task of fully furnishing the hotel’s communal areas,its 250 guest rooms and its offices.76 Interna Contract | The Chedi | Milan Interna Contract | The Chedi | Milan 77
  39. 39. GHM hotels provide a very special in-room experience, offering an intimate and inviting luxuryspace designed in a traditional style. The style of service is more similar to that of a graciousresidence or exclusive private home than a hotel.Spacious and welcoming, the rooms have been created for total physical and spiritual well-being.Subtle, smooth colours are all used to produce a  tranquil atmosphere.78 Interna Contract | The Chedi | Milan Interna Contract | The Chedi | Milan 79
  40. 40. 80 Interna Contract | The Chedi | Milan Interna Contract | The Chedi | Milan 81
  41. 41. For this super-stylish hotel, Interna was chosen to completely refurbish the former“Restaurant 234 Rivoli” now called “The First” and worked closely with worldwide interior de-sign icon Jacques Garcia, to create neo-modern décor dressed in beautiful purple silksand velvets, and offering comfort at the highest standards of quality.The WestinParisFranceInterior designer: Jacques GarciaPeriod: 2006-2007Client: Hotel Dabicam Paris Sas82 Interna Contract Interna Contract | The Westin | Paris 83
  42. 42. Fouquet’sPalace HotelParisFranceInterior designer: Jacques GarciaPeriod: 2006Client: Ste D’exploitation Du RestaurantLe Fouquet’s84 Interna Contract Interna Contract | Fouquet’s Palace Hotel | France 85
  43. 43. Interna Contract | Fouquet’s Palace Hotel | France 87Located in the heart of Paris, this new epitome of a 21st century French palace with the latestcutting-age technology has been tailored to meet the tastes of discerning international guests whoare always looking for something new and distinctive. For this amazing project,pieces were selected from Interna’s collection “Les Grands Classiques de Jacques Garcia”, laun-ched in 2006, and based on a close partnership with the French designer. 86 Interna Contract | Fouquet’s Palace Hotel | France
  44. 44. 88 Interna Contract | Hotel CittàL’HotelRue Des BeauxArtsParisFranceInterior designer: Jacques GarciaPeriod: 2006Client: L’hotel88 Interna Contract Interna Contract | L’Hotel Rue Des Beaux Arts | Paris 89
  45. 45. Built in 1816 and originally part of the palace of La Reine Margot, L’Hotel truly expressesthe spirit of Paris. Located in Rue de Beaux Arts, near the intellectual heart of the city,its modest façade conceals the hotel’s refurbished interiors in the flamboyant style thatis so representative of Jacques Garcia. The French designer, like no other, knowshow to emphasise the traditional qualities of a property and to maintain those same featuresin modern, luxurious splendour. His individual style is well expressed through the pieces selectedfrom Interna’s collection “Les Grands Classiques de Jacques Garcia” which enhance, with theirvelvets and soft lines, the hotel’s atmosphere of comfort and cosiness.90 Interna Contract | L’Hotel Rue Des Beaux Arts | Paris Interna Contract | L’Hotel Rue Des Beaux Arts | Paris 91
  46. 46. The Dylan, housed in an exceptional 17th century landmark building, is located on oneof the city’s most beautiful canals and sits on the site of the first theatre in Amsterdam.In 2006 the ground floor of this stylish and intimate hotel was totally refurbished to a FG stijldesign which both respected the past and embraced the future.The DylanAmsterdamThe NetherlandsInterior designer: FG stijlPeriod: 2006Client: The Dylan Hotel AmsterdamInterna Contract | The Dylan | Amsterdam 9392 Interna Contract
  47. 47. Interna supplied loose, custom-made furniture for all public areas: lobby, lounge, restaurantand private dining rooms. The materials used are glossy black leather, soft coloured fabrics,spring green wool and silk carpets.Interna Contract | The Dylan | Amsterdam 9594 Interna Contract | The Dylan | Amsterdam
  48. 48. Luxury is found in bespoke services and attention to detail. It is through the details that the world willbecome less uniform, and sustainability will be achieved through the use of quality materials. [FG stijl]96 Interna Contract | The Dylan | Amsterdam96 Interna Contract | The Dylan | Amsterdam Interna Contract | The Dylan | Amsterdam 97
  49. 49. Designed by designers, built for people. Someone’s choice of furniture says a lot about a person.Furniture gives atmosphere and character to a room; it can create feelings of elegance and intimacythat can be experienced either alone or with others. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, furnitureshould also be durable and comfortable. [FG stijl]98 Interna Contract | The Dylan | Amsterdam Interna Contract | The Dylan | Amsterdam 99
  50. 50. Interna Contract | Hotel Città 101Park HyattWashingtonUsaInterior designer: Toni ChiPeriod: 2005-2006Client: Hyatt Development Co.Boasting a coveted location close to the Smithsonian, Embassy Row, National Monumentsand other major attractions, this Toni Chi-designed luxury hotel will impress the most discri-minating guest with its elegant rooms, impeccable service, fine dining and world class ame-nities.The furnishings supplied by Interna range from the complete standard guest room andbathroom fittings (excluding sanitary ware) to the upholstery, tables and chairs which adornthe hotel’s public areas. Wood types such as canaletto walnut were chosen for tablesand chairs, while bleached oak with a customized colour and finish, was used in guestrooms.Bedsteads and armchairs are upholstered in custom-coloured fabrics.100 Interna Contract Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Washington 101
  51. 51. Interna Contract | Hotel Città 103102 Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Washington Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Washington 103
  52. 52. 104 Interna Contract | Hotel CittàNew York PalaceBudapestHungaryInterior designer: Adam ThianyPapiri StudioPeriod: 2005-2006Client: New York Palace KFTAcquired by the Boscolo Group in February 2001, The New York Palace reopened its doorsto the public following intensive restructuring work that returned one of the Hungarian capital’smost interesting cultural and artistic symbols to the spotlight.The Hotel has an unrestrained, quintessentially eclectic style, representing the work of the differentdesigners and manufacturers involved in the project.Interna Contract | New York Palace | Budapest 105104 Interna Contract
  53. 53. The NY Cafè, an intriguing and magical blend of past and future was furnished entirely by Interna.Brilliant designer Adam D. Tihany created dazzlingly modern backdrops of glass, steel and lightas a setting for delicious traditional Italian food and local dishes.106 Interna Contract | New York Palace | Budapest Interna Contract | New York Palace | Budapest 107
  54. 54. Interna also worked on the two royal suites which were designed by Papiri and are characterizedby furniture with clean cut, almost austere lines and ebony wood with silver inserts. The inlaidheadboards, bedside tables, minibars, wardrobes, TV units and doors were all custom made.108 Interna Contract | New York Palace | Budapest Interna Contract | New York Palace | Budapest 109
  55. 55. MaximeRestaurantThe HagueThe NetherlandsInterior designer: FG stijlPeriod: 2005-2006Client: Maxime Restaurant110 Interna Contract Interna Contract | Maxime Restaurant | The Hague 111
  56. 56. The Maxime restaurant is located in centre of The Hague, surrounded by antique shopson the Denneweg, it looks and feels as though a small piece of Paris, with all its charm, has beentransported to the Dutch administrative capital. Interna was responsible for the turnkey furni-shing of the restaurant’s interiors, following a project designed by FG stijl.The design incorporates original interiors within a cosy, narrow space and mixes eleganceand softness, using a combination of some rich detailing with more austere, structured pieces.The use of colour- yellow, gold and black- is consistent throughout: black walls, a gold sign,a period portal framed with lead and gilt glass decorated columns and the black tableswith their light-reflecting bronze edges which seem to float over the natural oak floor.112 Interna Contract | Maxime Restaurant | The Hague Interna Contract | Maxime Restaurant | The Hague 113
  57. 57. Park HyattPhiladelphiaUsaInterior designer: Marguerite Rodgers LtdPeriod: 2005Client: Hyatt Corporation114 Interna Contract Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Philadelphia 115
  58. 58. Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Philadelphia 117The famous Avenue of the Arts is home to the Park Hyatt Philadelphia, a stunning hotelwhich has been awarded a number of prizes including: “Best of Hospitality” at the 2007IIDA Awards in Philadelphia, the GE Edison Award of Merit and the renowned AAAFour-Diamond Award.116 Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Philadelphia
  59. 59. Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Philadelphia 119118 Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | PhiladelphiaForbeautifulhotel,Internasupplied loose furniture for the public areas including the restaurant ‘XIX’,conference and meeting rooms, library lounge, pre-function areas.The design was conceived by the outstanding design studio Marguerite Rodgers Ltd, wich choseitems from the Interna Collection catalogue.
  60. 60. 120 Interna Contract | Hotel CittàHyatt RegencyThe ChurchillLondonUnited KingdomUnited KingdomInterior designer: Wilsdon DesignAssociatesPeriod: 2005Client: Churchill Group LimitedThe Churchill is a luxury 5 star hotel ideally situated in central London’s West End, close to manyof London’s exclusive shopping areas, and within easy access of the City.This deluxe hotel conveys a very warm atmosphere, with its elegant decoration and an enphasison attention to detail. Its style is unique, with a subtle blend of tradition, and the very finestof modern facilities. The Montagu, one of the hotel’s two restaurants, was turnkey furnishedby Interna. Its modern decor with wooden furniture, neutral palette and wooden floors,the light, the views over Portman Square, its busy open kitchen and wonderful menu have madethis restaurant a fantastic place to lunch and dine.120 Interna Contract Interna Contract | Hyatt Regency The Churchill | London 121
  61. 61. Interna Contract | Hotel Città 123122 Interna Contract | Hyatt Regency The Churchill | London Interna Contract | Hyatt Regency The Churchill | London 123
  62. 62. 124 Interna Contract | Hyatt Regency The Churchill | London Interna Contract | Hyatt Regency The Churchill | London 125
  63. 63. Le MéridienHotel Des IndesThe HagueThe NetherlandsInterior designer: Jacques GarciaPeriod: 2004-2005Client: Owners of the Hotel Des Indes126 Interna Contract Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague 127
  64. 64. 128 Interna Contract | Hotel CittàAfter three years of renovations Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes spectacularly reopened its do-ors in 2005. The renowned interior designer Jacques Garcia was commissioned for this majorrefurbishment with the remit to maintain the hotel’s unique ambience and respect the building’sglorious history. Interna was chosen to realize his designs.128 Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague 129
  65. 65. Since 1881, when the majestic building became a hotel, it has accommodated many kings, empe-rors, heads of state, prominent politicians, artists, and a multitude of colourful guests.130 Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague 131
  66. 66. L’Hotel Des Indes offers an excellent “new luxury dining experience”. The restaurant, loungeand bar are separate areas, each with its own unique atmosphere, but contained within one largespace, unified and exalted by the special touch of Garcia and Interna’s refined furnishings.132 Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague 133
  67. 67. Interna Contract | Hotel Città 135Interna provided all turnkey furnishings for the 92 rooms and 13 suites as well as for the communalareas such as the lobby, lounge, bar, restaurant, meeting rooms and health club. Each tailor-madepiece was exclusively and attentively produced to give a final result of the absolute highest quality.134 Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague 135
  68. 68. 136 Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague 137
  69. 69. 138 Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague 139
  70. 70. Interna Contract | Hotel Città 141140 Interna Contract | Hotel Città140 Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague 141
  71. 71. Each room features a luxurious, spacious bathroom with sleek black marble floors,white marble basins and custom-made red Portuguese tiles. All the guest rooms and suitesare imbued with an old-world grandeurand elaborate elegance, a perfect combinationof opulence and contemporary chic with vaulted ceilings and refined draperies.142 Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague 143
  72. 72. Interna Contract | Hotel Città 145144 Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague Interna Contract | Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes | The Hague 145
  73. 73. Interna Contract | Hotel Città 147146 Interna Contract | Hotel CittàThe CollegeHotelAmsterdamThe NetherlandsInterior designer: FG stijlPeriod: 2004Client: College Hbv146 Interna Contract Interna Contract | The College Hotel | Amsterdam 147
  74. 74. The story behind this hotel is rather unique. The hotel, currently a listed buildingin Amsterdam, was originally built as a school and still functions as a schooltoday. The College Hotel was founded as a training hotel for outstanding studentsfrom the Amsterdam Hotel Management School, Bakery and Tourism.148 Interna Contract | The College Hotel | Amsterdam Interna Contract | The College Hotel | Amsterdam 149
  75. 75. In 2004 the design studio FG stijl was commissioned to refurbish the hotel, and to createsomewhere warm and modern in this original old school building.150 Interna Contract | The College Hotel | Amsterdam Interna Contract | The College Hotel | Amsterdam 151
  76. 76. Interna Contract | The College Hotel | Amsterdam 153152 Interna Contract | The College Hotel | Amsterdam
  77. 77. 154 Interna Contract | The College Hotel | AmsterdamInterna Contract | The College Hotel | Amsterdam 155All furnishings were manufactured by Interna Contract both for the public spaces(bar, reception, restaurant, lounge, lobby and bathrooms) and for all 40 luxuryrooms and suites, each with their own individual identity.All items are of exceptional quality and are enhanced by the use of unusualand luxury materials (for instance the use of mother of pearl on the reception deskand fish skin leather on the wardrobes).
  78. 78. The black lacquered furniture was all hand-finished and polished and allthe metal components, including visible screws, were hand burnished to producea special bronze finish that was not commercially available.156 Interna Contract | The College Hotel | Amsterdam Interna Contract | The College Hotel | Amsterdam 157
  79. 79. FG Stijl won the Prix Villegiature Paris award in the category “Best Interior Designin Europe” and also the 2005 Award for “Best New Hotel Design Ne-therlands” for this project.Some of the pieces designed in 2005 for this hotel are now commercially availableas part of Interna’s “Anglodutch” Collection158 Interna Contract | The College Hotel | Amsterdam Interna Contract | The College Hotel | Amsterdam 159
  80. 80. 160 Interna Contract | The College Hotel | Amsterdam Interna Contract | The College Hotel | Amsterdam 161
  81. 81. Situated atop a 150-foot bluff, this peaceful sanctuary soars above the standard Laguna hotels withrefined elegance, a graceful atmosphere, and impeccable service.The Ritz-CarltonLaguna NiguelDana PointUsaInterior Designer: R.P.W. DesignPeriod: 2003-2004Investor: Strategic Hotel CapitalInterna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel | California 163162 Interna Contract
  82. 82. 164 Interna Contract | Hotel CittàLocated halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, this AAA Five Diamond luxury hotelin Laguna blends classic furnishings and modern-day conveniences with generous living space.Thanks to its world-class service, has catered to the world’s most discriminating guestsfor more than 20 years.164 Interna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel | California Interna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel | California 165
  83. 83. 167Interna Contract manufactured customized loose furniture for public areas and individually desi-gned guest rooms for this hotel in a class all of its own.The tasteful furnishings and the upholstery with its understated colours give the hotel a luxuriousyet refined tone, and combine nuances of the past with modern chic.166
  84. 84. Turama Yacht115 MTAthensGreeceInterior designer: Patterson Buxton/AMKPeriod: 2003-2004Client: Sete Yacht Kenora Cons.
  85. 85. The French philosopher Baudelaire defined the sea as a perfect balance of “harmony, beauty,luxury, calmness and voluptuousness”. The same words could have been written for this dazzling,futuristic 300-foot transatlantic yacht which is, without doubt, one of the projects we feel mostproud of. As you board, you are immediately drawn to explore the yacht further and savourits many exciting design features. Light is the most overwhelming element. The lobby wallsare luminous, bringing ancient Greek motifs to the fore; shining marble surfaces in the aptlynamed Long Bar reflect the light; the American Maple used throughout the library glows;and light cascades down the crystal-glass stairway which links all decks with the helicopter pad.From both a creative and technical point of view the yacht is an amazing achievementand the acoustic insulation is quite astounding. All outfitting was constructed to the exactingLloyds MCA marine safety standards. The overall effect on the senses makes this particularluxury yacht a prestigious tribute to our skill, ability and to our never-ending search for aestheticand technical perfection.170 Interna Contract | Turama Yatch 115 Mt | Athens Interna Contract | Turama Yatch 115 Mt | Athens 171
  86. 86. Park HyattZurichSwitzerlandInterior designer: Hirsch&Bedner AssociatesPeriod: 2003-2004Client: Zurich Escherwiese Hotel GMBH172 Interna Contract Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Zurich 173
  87. 87. 174 Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Zurich Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Zurich 175
  88. 88. 176 Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Zurich Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Zurich 177This hotel, located just a few minutes from the splendid old city, was the first Hyatt hotelto be opened in Switzerland and Interna Contract’s 26th project for this international chain.This is a modern and refined building and its rooms manage to combine ultra-modern architec-ture with high-tech, state of the art comforts. The interior design was created by HBA, Usa.
  89. 89. 178 Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Zurich Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Zurich 179
  90. 90. Interna Contract | Hotel Città 181180 Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Zurich Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Zurich 181Interna was commisioned to provide turn-key furnishigs for the 142 rooms (including 12 suitesand a Presidential suite) and for the public areas (including lobby, lobby lounge, bar, restaurants,private restaurant, wine bar, convention room). The project was completedin only 6 months. The furnishings highlight simple refined and elegant lines.A recurrent theme in the décor is the alternation of “warm” furniture in cherry wood, palisanderand “cold” complements in steel and glass.
  91. 91. 182 Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Zurich Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Zurich 183
  92. 92. Four SeasonsResort Provenceat Terre BlancheCôte d’AzurFranceInterior designer: Neumayer & PartnerPeriod: 2003-2004Client: Sarl Terre Blanche Management184 Interna Contract Interna Contract | Four Season Resort | Provence 185
  93. 93. Hidden in the hills of Provence, close to the glamour of the Côte d’Azur, this Four Seasons Resortoffers luxurious comfort with beautiful views of mountains, medieval villages and fragrantfields of thyme and lavender.Set in intimate buildings, the resort has a real Provençal spirit.Its warm interior design draws widely from local influences, creating a hotel that is at once tradi-tional and modern. In the Faventia restaurant (previous page), walls crafted in local stonework givean elegant backdrop to sculpture and artwork, while wood floors and sycamore tables provide acontemporary twist on the natural elements of Provence. Striped chairs in white and brownadd to this organic palette.Interna supplied customized furnishings for all the public areasin this beautiful resort as well as for its outdoor areas and its individually designed suites and villas.186 Interna Contract | Four Season Resort | Provence Interna Contract | Four Season Resort | Provence 187
  94. 94. CorinthiaLisboa HotelLisbonPortugalInterior designer: GA InternationalPeriod: 2003-2004Client: Alfa Investimentos Turisticos LdaInterna furnished turnkey this hotel, that lies in the heart of Lisbon, with furniture that givesthe rooms a comfortable blend of style and modernity, with smooth colours and elegant lines.188 Interna Contract Interna Contract | Corinthia Lisboa Hotel | Lisbon 189
  95. 95. Radisson SAS choose Interna for the furnishing of this hotel, with its colourful rooms that createa modern yet comfortable atmosphere, which blends so well with the lively spirit of the city.Interna Contract | Radisson SAS Hotel | London 191190 Interna ContractRadisson SasHotel LondonStansted AirportLondonUnited KingdomInterior Designer: Christian LundwallArkitektkontor AbPeriod: 2003-2004Client: Radisson Sas
  96. 96. The character of the French Riviera is reflected in the colours of the rooms created by Internafor the Radisson SAS in Nice, where the furnishings exude style and quality.Interna Contract | Radisson SAS Hotel | Nice 193192 Interna ContractRadisson SasHotel NiceNiceFranceInterior Designer: Christian LundwallArkitektkontor AbPeriod: 2003-2004Client: Radisson Sas
  97. 97. The GroveHertfordshireUnited KingdomInterior designer: Fox Linton AssociatesPeriod: 2003Client: The GroveInterna Contract | The Grove | Hertfordshire 195194
  98. 98. The Grove, located in the South of England, offers everything a guest would expect from a luxurycountry house hotel set in such grand surroundings - but with a difference. The welcomeand service provided is genuinely warm and friendly, and not in the least bit stuffy.The hotel’s unique style is a mix of traditional elegance and hip, contemporary design whichthey refer to as “groovy grand”. Interna supplied loose furniture for this singular and exceptional,chic country hotel’s public areas and for its many rooms and suites. An exclusive look was createdfor each different area in the hotel, following a tailor-made design. A wide range of materials,from wood to different metals, were used to create completely different items in varying styles.Interna Contract | The Grove | Hertfordshire 197196
  99. 99. The Grove’s 227 guest rooms and suites range from the luxurious to the truly palatial,but all have fabulous views of the formal gardens or golf course. Traditional country house ele-gance combined with 21st century high-tech design.Interna Contract | The Grove | Hertfordshire 199198
  100. 100. Park HyattMilanItalyInterior designer: Ed TuttlePeriod: 2003Client: Nepa SrlThe Park Hyatt in Milan was Interna’s twenty-fifth commission from the Hyatt group,it is a quintessentially Milanese hotel and blends perfectly with its immediate surroundings:the vibrant Piazza Duomo; Milan’s great travertine-marbled cathedral; the world-famousScala Opera House; and the belle Èpoque splendour of the Galleria, Milan’s prestigiousglass-domed shopping arcade.200 Interna Contract200 201
  101. 101. The Hyatt has absorbed the sensations, the sounds and, indeed, the colours of Milanand its people.In the photograph you can see the spectacular hotel lobby lounge, la Cupola, re-splended in travertine marble, a recurrent theme used throughout the hotel.202 203
  102. 102. Interna Contract | Hotel Città 205The marble dances in perfect harmony with the imperial yellow and aubergine silksthat cover the walnut-backed banquettes; and perfectly partners the gold and brownvelvet armchairs and the metal, walnut and glass coffee tables.204 Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Milan Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Milan 205
  103. 103. The design was created by American designer Ed Tuttle. Interna Contract provided the fixedand loose furniture and furnishings for the public areas, the guest rooms, the presidential suite,the diplomatic suite, the meeting rooms, the lobby, bar, restaurant and library.206 Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Milan 207
  104. 104. 209Here luxury is never flamboyant but like the city around it refined, with a understated eleganceand charm which instils peace and serenity.208 Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Milan
  105. 105. Interna Contract | Hotel Città 211210 Interna Contract | Hotel Città210 Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Milan Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Milan 211
  106. 106. 212 Interna ContractSPA Spirit OneGalwayRadisson SasHotelIrelandInterior Designer:The Syntax GroupPeriod: 2003Client: Radisson Sas213Interna furnished the Spirit One Spa by creating pieces of furniture whose textures and coloursenhance the relaxing atmosphere.
  107. 107. Located in the heart of the city the Palace d’Anfa welcomes guests with 156 rooms and suites.Interna provided turnkey furnishing with simple, elegant lines and quite a minimal approach.The result is both classic and innovative, where dark woods and the choice of a beige palette blendwith traditional Moroccan touches.215HotelRoyal D’anfaCasablancaMoroccoInterior designer: Christine RoffiaenPeriod: 2002-2003Client: Berr Anass SA214 Interna Contract
  108. 108. Le Grand HotelIntercontinentalParisFranceInterior designer: P.I. RochonPeriod: 2002-2003Client: Societe Nouvelle Du Grand HotelThe Grand Hotel Paris, part of the prestigious Intercontinental chain, reopened its doorsto the public in April 2003 after 18 months of extensive restoration work. Located in a magnificentold building, just next to Garnier’s Opéra de Paris, the hotel is a spectacular example of late19th Century European luxury.216 Interna Contract 217
  109. 109. 218 Interna Contract | Le Grand Hotel | Paris 219
  110. 110. Interna Contract created special, custom-made loose furniture for the hotel’s more than 400rooms and suites as well as for all the public areas, following the designs of renowned Frenchinterior designer Pierre Ives Rochon.220 Interna Contract | Le Grand Hotel | Paris Interna Contract | Le Grand Hotel | Paris 221
  111. 111. 222 Interna Contract | Hotel CittàAll the furniture is in a French Empire style, matching the originals made in 1862,and is in mahogany veneer with decorative inlays or lacquered details embellished with gold leafand bronze decorations. Some pieces have precious marble tops, leathers and valuable mosaics,with every detail receiving Interna’s customary care and attention.222 Interna Contract | Le Grand Hotel | Paris Interna Contract | Le Grand Hotel | Paris 223
  112. 112. Interna Contract | Hotel Città 225Interna Contract | Le Grand Hotel | Paris 225224 Interna Contract | Le Grand Hotel | Paris
  113. 113. Café De La PaixParisFranceInterior designer: P.I. RochonPeriod: 2002-2003Client: Societe Nouvelle Du Grand Hotel‘Quite simply sensational’ is the experts opinion of the world renowned and refurbishedCafé de la Paix. Although actually part of the Le Grand Hotel, it is considered as a separate entityand a Parisian institution. It was perhaps the most representative cafè of the 19th century,a meeting point for outstanding people from all different walks of life, be they cultural, artistic,musical or political.227226 Interna Contract
  114. 114. Designed by Charles Garnier, the architect behind the Opera House with which the cafèshares many stylistic features, the Café de la Paix today, more than ever, plays a prominent role inelegant Parisian society. For this stunning setting Interna used mahogany with gold-leafor lacquered inlays, rich marble, fine leather and precious mosaics to create bespoke sumptuousfurnishings of the highest quality.Interna Contract | Café de la Paix | Paris 229228 Interna Contract | Café de la Paix | Paris
  115. 115. 230 Interna Contract | Café de la Paix | Paris Interna Contract | Café de la Paix | Paris 231
  116. 116. Interna Contract | Hotel Città 233Interna Contract | Café de la Paix | Paris 233232 Interna Contract | Café de la Paix | Paris
  117. 117. 234 Interna ContractHiltonAthensGreeceInterior designer: Bilkey Llinas DesignPeriod: 2002-2003Client: Jonian Hotel Enterprises SAInterna Contract | Hilton | Athens 235
  118. 118. Interna was very much involved inAthens’spreparationfortheOlympicGames,cooperatingonfourextremelyprestigious hospitality projects. These included the Hilton Athens, the officialhotel for the International Olympic Committee, which is located in the heart of the city nextto the Acropolis and the National Gallery of Art. Working with American firm Bilkey Llinas De-sign, Interna made the exclusive tailor-made furnishings and millworks in beech woodfor all the impressive public areas, the lobby, the numerous bars and restaurants, the conferenceand banquet halls, the exhibition area and the swimming pool area in the spa complex.Interna Contract | Hilton | Athens 237236 Interna Contract | Hilton | Athens
  119. 119. 239238 Interna ContractGrand HyattTokyoJapanInterior designer: Tony ChiPeriod: 2002-2003Client: Ilya Corporation
  120. 120. Interna Contract | Hotel Città 241The Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi Hills is Japan’s largest private urban redevelopment project.This luxury five star hotel was designed by two renowned interior design studios,Chhada Siembieda & Associates Ltd and Tony Chi & Associates. Interna supplied and installed allthe loose furniture for the public areas, including restaurants, bars and reception.The main challenge for Interna was to combine the two design styles. All features were chosenwith the utmost care, from wood types, with a predominance of natural oak and ebonized maho-gany, to fabrics, including precious velvets and leathers; the finishes too were createdby Interna, with exclusive customized colours. And the result is a simple and refinedyet luxurious atmosphere that welcomes the guest to this modern, stylish and charismatic hotel.Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Tokio 241240 Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Tokio
  121. 121. Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Tokio 243242
  122. 122. 245244
  123. 123. Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Tokio 247246
  124. 124. 249248248 Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Tokio 249Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Tokio 249248
  125. 125. CorinthiaBab Africa HotelTripoliLibyaInterior designer: George Butlin DesignPeriod: 2002-2003Client: Corinthia Palace Hotel Co. LtdInterna Contract supplied all the loose and fixed furniture for the public areas of this charming hotel,located in the centre of the Libyan capital, right next to the old walled “medina”.Interna Contract | Corinthia Bab Africa | Tripoli 251250 Interna Contract
  126. 126. 253252
  127. 127. 255254Grand Hotela Villa FeltrinelliGargnanoItalyInterior Designer: Babey MoultonJue & BoothPeriod: 2000-2001Client: Benaco Gestoni SRLInterna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano 255254 Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano
  128. 128. D.H. Lawrence wrote about it; Winston Churchill painted it…The beautiful village of Gargnano on majestic Lake Garda. Artists discoveredthis unexplored part of Italy centuries ago.I am thrilled at how Gargnano and its surroundings have escapedthe march of the modern world. I know that you will find the same poetry,peace and beauty that D.H., Winston and other artists have found.Bob BurnsInterna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano 257256 Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano
  129. 129. The exclusive Grand Hotel Villa Feltrinelli has opened its doors to the public, after an impressiverenovation, in which Interna supplied all the millwork and loose furniture for the interiorand outdoor areas, everything from draperies to carpeting and from lamps to accessories.Owing to its extreme complexity and for the number of custom-made items, the project presen-ted the Interna team with a real challenge. Interna supplied more than 2000 different items, allone-off and exclusively tailor-made for this project and among these Interna handleda number of rare antique pieces that required meticulous restoration. The design was developedby the famous American interior design studio Babey Moulton Jue & Booth of San Francisco, withwhom Interna’s technicians worked closely for the entire duration of the project.The whole of the company were fully employed on this massive project for 12 months.Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano 259258
  130. 130. Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano 261260
  131. 131. Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano 263262
  132. 132. The historic liberty-style Villa Feltrinelli, at various times home to Mussolini and Churchill,overlooks Lake Garda and has been aptly described by Herbert Ypma, the writer of manyHip Hotel books as being “an amazing, beautiful place, whose magic is not tangible or easily ex-plained - it’s the way it makes you feel” ( The Times May 2002 ). It’s all too true: immersedin a fairytale location, the villa has been restored to perfection. This style of refined luxury ele-gance is almost certainly unique in the world, and its internal décor is certainly the jewelin Interna’s crown.Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano 265264
  133. 133. 267266
  134. 134. Villa Feltrinelli is a historic country house property. The villa and its grand park, built in 1892by the prominent Feltrinelli Family, served as a summer retreat. It was designed by architect Al-berico Barbiano di Belgioioso in the Liberty style, and the family commissioned intricate boiseri-es, carved wood ceilings, panels, ornate stained glass windows and delicately painted ceilings. In1997, legendary hotelier and founder of ‘Regent International Hotels’,Bob Burns, bought the Villa, gave it new life and offers it today to demanding new travellersin search of beauty, graciousness and peace.269268 Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano
  135. 135. Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano 271270 Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano
  136. 136. Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano 273272
  137. 137. Many guestrooms in the main villa feature fresco ceilings hand painted in 1890 by the Lieti bro-thers. With a floor area of between 450 and 700 square metres, the accommodationsare the embodiment of grandeur and sophisticated charm.Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano 275274
  138. 138. Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano 277276 Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano
  139. 139. Interna’s restoration of the 70 pieces of antique furniture in the villa was supervised by the Sovrin-tendenza dei Beni Architettonici e Storici of Mantova. Each guestroom at Villa Feltrinelli embodies aunique personality, is painted in a distinct colour and contains antiques from the original family home.Personal details such as silver pictures frames filled with old black and white printsof Lake Garda and famous names and faces from the early 1900s can also be found in each room.Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano 279278
  140. 140. Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano 281280 Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano
  141. 141. 282 Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano 283The bathrooms exude antique elegance and modern comfort: the polished wood, the lustrousmarble of the heated floors, and the nickel-plated brass of the English taps adorningthe spacious bathtubs, come together to create a feeling of great luxury. The careful choiceof materials and the painstakingly detailed installation, carried out by Interna, create an alluringatmosphere where the guest can unwind and enjoy breathtaking views of the lake fromthe comfort of a relaxing bath.
  142. 142. Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano 285With 1.000 feet of lakefront, the villa has its own private beach as well as various docks and boats,making it easy for guests to swim, sail, cruise or merely enjoy the view.284 Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano
  143. 143. Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano 287286 Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano
  144. 144. The historical park with centuries’ old trees has been carefully restored to bring life backto the formal Italian gardens, as well as the olive grove and the terraced lemon garden.Tiled in green-grey granite, the pool fits into the landscape as a cool, inviting garden feature.Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano 289288 Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano
  145. 145. Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano 291290 Interna Contract | Villa Feltrinelli | Gargnano
  146. 146. The Ritz-CarltonWolfsburgGermanyInterior Designer: Andrée PutmannPeriod: 2000Client: Volkswagen AGDesigned by famed French interior designer Andrée Putman, the hotel offers guests an innovativeand relaxing stay and is the perfect “home from home”.292 Interna Contract Interna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton | Wolfsburg 293
  147. 147. The Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg is an integral part of the Autostadt (Car City) theme park, a forumfor mobility, built by Volkswagen, one of Europe’s largest car manufacturers.This centre of excellence is dedicated to the automobile in a rather unusual way by emphasizingdesign, art, architecture and science – rather than cars themselves. The entire hotel takesthe form of an open circle, embracing and warmly welcoming its guests.Interna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton | Wolfsburg 295294 Interna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton | Wolfsburg
  148. 148. Interna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton | Wolfsburg 297296 Interna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton | WolfsburgAndrée Putman concentrated on expressing a luxury which is both visible and invites touch,using the finest fabrics, unusual seating and semi-circular desks.
  149. 149. Interna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton | Wolfsburg 299298 Interna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton | Wolfsburg
  150. 150. For this elegant hotel in technological Germany, Interna Contract supplied all the custom-madefurniture and complementary furnishings, including curtains, carpets, lamps and accessories, forthe 174 rooms, of which there are 19 suites, 2 presidential suites, as well as 34 club roomsand a VIP lobby lounge.The combination of natural fibres and soft colours harmonizes and provides a seamless transitionfrom the outside to the interior, while large windows present a contrasting view of the harbour basinand the power plant of Volkswagen, officially recognized as a historical industrial monument.Interna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton | Wolfsburg 301300 Interna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton | Wolfsburg
  151. 151. Interna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton | Wolfsburg 303302 Interna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton | Wolfsburg
  152. 152. Due to the complexity of the project, the rapid execution time and the high numberof custom-made items, all one-off and exclusively tailor-made for this hotel to the highest qualitystandards, the Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg posed a real challenge for the Interna team,but one which they met with great success.Interna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton | Wolfsburg 305304 Interna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton | Wolfsburg
  153. 153. The Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg embodies the individual spirit and culture of its location while re-flecting the Ritz-Carlton signature style of gracious elegance. Guests can count on superb serviceand luxurious accommodation with stunning bathrooms (all with bath and separate shower,heated marble floor and in some rooms a built-in TV screen) in an environmentwhere the international language of hospitality has been perfected.Interna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton | Wolfsburg 307306 Interna Contract | The Ritz-Carlton | Wolfsburg
  154. 154. Grand HyattBerlinGermanyInterior Designer: Hannes WettsteinPeriod: 1998Client: Daimler Crysler Ag The Grand Hyatt Berlin is situated in Marlene-Dietrich-Platz, an area of the city which underwentcomplete remodelling after the fall of the Berlin Wall following the designs of Renzo Piano.The architect Rafael Moneo designed the building, while designer Hannes Wettstein createdthe interiors. It is an art hotel, where the design of the interiors, turnkey furnished by Interna,were carefully planned to give prevalence to and enhance the art works exhibited.Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Berlin 309308 Interna Contract
  155. 155. The hotel restaurants and bars have a modern and inviting allure, with carefully chosenwoods and splendid use of colour. Guests find an atmosphere that is both relaxing and inspiring,where each detail has been created to combine comfort and style.Internafurnishedallthepublicareas,suchasrestaurants,lounge,bars,liftareasandmeetingrooms,and provided some of the loose furniture for the guest rooms. All items are simple and havean effortless elegance that blends well with the art on display.310 Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Berlin Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Berlin 311
  156. 156. Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Berlin 313312 Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Berlin
  157. 157. Interna Contract | Hotel Città 315The clean lines and homogeneity of the colour palette create the perfect frame for the exceptionalworks of art displayed on the hotel walls, including pieces from the artists Julio Rondoand Corsin Fontana(previous pages). In the Presidential Suite the furniture recalls the blackand white tones of the Gert Rappenecker photograph, while the simple, elegant panelling con-trasts with and enhances the modern and surprising blues of the Kurt Hofmann painting.314 Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Berlin Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Berlin 315
  158. 158. Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Berlin 317316 Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Berlin
  159. 159. The overriding design concept for this hotel was simplicity: the straight lines and perfect geomet-ry used follow this guiding principle but also evoke a feeling of splendour.The rooms, styled with the same linear simplicity to be found throughout the hotel, provideall the comfort and facilities of a true luxury hotel.318 Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Berlin Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Berlin 319
  160. 160. Park HyattHamburgGermanyInterior Designer: Hirsch Bedner AssociatesPeriod: 1997-1998Client: GBR LevantehausIt was Frederick Barbarossa who exempted Hamburg from customs duty and from that momenton the city developed around its port and became a major focus for international shipping.The Park Hyatt Hotel lies in the heart of the city, on the famous Mönckebergstraße, and is housedin the Levantehaus, an art deco building that dates back to the beginning of the last century. In-terna created all the furniture for the communal areas and all the 230 guest rooms, 20 suites and30 apartments, bringing together maritime tradition and a certain old-world charmwith state-of-the-art facilities and 21st-century interior design.320 Interna Contract Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Hamburg 321
  161. 161. Interna Contract | Hotel Città 323322 Interna Contract | Hotel Città322 Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Hamburg Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Hamburg 323
  162. 162. The onyx top, along with the steel structure that supports it, although eye-catching, blendsin well with the rest of the room, with the pale cherry-wood panelling and the variously shapedstools that complete the bar area.To create the panelling, tables, chairs and benches, Interna worked with different materials, fromcherry-wood to beech-wood and fireproof upholstery, to create a balanced whole that gives therestaurant a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere.324 Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Hamburg Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Hamburg 325
  163. 163. Spacious and luminous, the rooms offer guests a perfect mix of natural materials, warm coloursand all the comforts of modern technology. Cherry-wood is the material on which all the interiorsare based, and its various shades play their part in creating a modern but luxury setting.The simple luxury of the presidential suite makes the guests feel at ease and cared for.The elegance of the chosen materials and the gentle light from the outside create a comfortableand inspiring ambience.326 Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Hamburg Interna Contract | Park Hyatt | Hamburg 327
  164. 164. PanamericanoBuenos AiresArgentinaInterior designer: Alexandra ChampalimaudPeriod: 1997-1998Investor: Owner of the PanamericanoBuenos Aires Hotel & resortInterna brought “made in Italy” design to South America, by furnishing the superbCrowne Plaza Panamericano in Buenos Aires. A luxurious but elegant hotel with welcoming inte-riors in its guest rooms and suites that offer a spectacular view of the city.328 Interna Contract Interna Contract | Panamericano | Buenos Aires 329
  165. 165. 330 Interna ContractCrown TowersMelbourneAustraliaInterior Designer: Bilkey Llinas DesignPeriod: 1996/1997Investor: Crown LtdCovering over 510,000 square meters on the south bank of Melbourne’s Yarra river,Crown Casino is one of the most outstanding tourist attractions in Australia and the world’s lar-gest casino outside the United States. The hotel itself is one of the finest luxury international5 star hotels. The exclusive VIP suites occupy the top ten floors of Crown Towers and wereall furnished by Interna. The refined style of the furniture reflects the exclusivity of the setting.Great artists, famous tenors, political leaders and sporting heroes have all stayed here,and all had the chance to see and experience for themselves the quality of products carryingthe “Made in Italy” label, all courtesy of Interna.Interna Contract | Crown Towers | Melbourne 331
  166. 166. 332 Interna Contract | Crown Towers | Melbourne Interna Contract | Crown Towers | Melbourne 333
  167. 167. A unique and valuable piece, this custom-made console is inlaidby hand and decorated with gold-leaf. Its sumptuous materialsand decoration reflect the luxurious atmosphere of the whole hotel.334 Interna Contract | Crown Towers | Melbourne Interna Contract | Crown Towers | Melbourne 335
  168. 168. The superb view of the city skyline from each suite providesthe perfect backdrop to the stunning interiors.336 Interna Contract | Crown Towers | Melbourne Interna Contract | Crown Towers | Melbourne 337
  169. 169. 338Hotel | CittàGrand HyattFukuokaJapanInterior Designer: Bilkey Llinas DesignPeriod: 1995-1996Client: Fukuoka Japan Urban Design& Development Co.ltdIt is claimed that the Mongols landed at Hakata Bay in 1281, close to present day Fukuoka,but that the fleet was destroyed by a typhoon before they could deploy their forces.To the Japanese, the typhoon was the kamikaze, the “Divine wind”, rising up to protectthe land of the gods and over the centuries this incident created the belief that the countryis sacred and inviolate. The Grand Hyatt Fukuoka, next to the Canal City Hakata complexin Fukuoka, is a spectacular 400-room hotel where Interna provided all the loose furniturein the guest rooms and in the public areas.338 Interna Contract Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Fukuoka 339
  170. 170. The warm elegance of wood, along with the light of steel and the luxury of marble,creates an inspiring setting for the meeting rooms.The predominantly contemporary furniture is designed to carefully blend in withthe more typical elements of traditional Japanese design.340 Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Fukuoka Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Fukuoka 341
  171. 171. 342 Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Fukuoka Interna Contract | Grand Hyatt | Fukuoka 343
  172. 172. 344 Interna Contract Interna Contract | Hyatt Regency | Osaka 345Hyatt RegencyOsakaJapanInterior Designer: Wilson & AssociatesPeriod: 1994Client: Bauhaus Co. LTDJapan’s kitchen, as Osaka was known during the Edo period (1600-1868), was the entrêpotfor a variety of goods and food, especially rice. Today it is the country’s second most importantcity for finance, trade and industry. The Hyatt Regency Osaka’s 500 rooms impressivelytower over the bay and the city. Interna furnished all the public areas of this hotel, and revealedits full potential by satisfying the famously rigorous Japanese quality standards.
  173. 173. 346 Interna Contract | Hyatt Regency | Osaka Interna Contract | Hyatt Regency | Osaka 347The small armchairs, with their curved backs in beech wood and their soft lines, perfectly com-plement and enhance the elegant, minimalist architecture of the bar. The use of simple geometricforms, like the triangle of the tables, or the curves of the armchairs, interruptedonly by the plush cushions, reveal the essential elegance at the core of this hotel.The delightfully shaped furniture invites the guest to sit and relax while admiring the astonishingview of the city that can be enjoyed from the glass walls of the cocktail bar located on the 26th floor.Interna supplied these remarkable beech wood chairs which blend the contemporarywith a touch of the traditional.
  174. 174. 348 Interna Contract | Hyatt Regency | Osaka Interna Contract | Hyatt Regency | Osaka 349The design of the rooms, through the symmetry of the disposition and the soft coloursof the upholstery, is the perfect frame for the view that can be enjoyed from the windows.The suites are designed to make the guest feel perfectly at ease, offering comfort in the guiseof simply refined, elegant furniture. The sable tones chosen for these rooms are the perfectbackdrop for the delicate fantasies and basic textures of the fabrics and upholstery,which together create such a soothing atmosphere.
  175. 175. Hyatt RegencyLa MangaMurciaSpainInterior Designer: G.A. DesignInternationalPeriod: 1993Client: Inmogolf SAMurcia is the only place on earth that Adam would recognise if he returned, according to thenineteenth century writer Augustus Hare. And when you arrive at the Hyatt Regency La Manga,nestling in 1400 acres of luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation, it really is very hard not to thinkof heaven. Interna was at the forefront of the restoration of the hotel and supplied all the loosefurniture, crafted in a refined composite style to emphasize the underlying Moorish atmosphere,typical of the area. The prefect balance of different materials, such as wrought iron, woodand fabrics, create a warm and welcoming scene.350 Interna Contract Interna Contract | Hyatt Regency La Manga | Murcia 351
  176. 176. 352 Interna Contract | Hyatt Regency La Manga | Murcia Interna Contract | Hyatt Regency La Manga | Murcia 353
  177. 177. Interna Contract Passion for DesignersOver the last twenty years we have had the privilege of workingwith some of the most famous and respected international InteriorDesign studios in the world of hospitality. Together we have develo-ped a variety of different projects, some of great artisticor historic value, others of impressive technological innovation.We are continually amazed by these designers and their innateability to go to the very heart and soul of buildings or spaces, fortheir passion and creativity, for their unwavering attention to thosewho will use or inhabit these spaces, offering the luxury of comfortwithout compromising beauty and style. We are indeed fortunateto enjoy with them a wonderful relationship of mutual respectand trust and it is this which has led to our prestigious successesall around the world. We are extremely grateful to them all for theircontribution to our own development and wish to express to themour wholehearted commitment and great affection.
  178. 178. Interna Contract 357Anderson & Miller Birmingham, MI, USA Adam D. Tihany International Ltd.New York, NY, USA ADS Design Studio London,UK Andrè Putman Paris,France Archipel Marseille, France Babey Moulton Jue & BoothSan Francisco, CA, USA BLD – Bilkey Llinas Design Palm Beach Gardens,FL, USA Boris Podrecca Studio Wien, Austria Bruno Moinard Paris, FranceChristian Lundwall Design Gothenburg, Sweden Christine RoffiaenCasablanca, Morocco Coop Himmelb(l)au Wien, Austria ConcreteArchitectural Associates Amsterdam, The Netherlands C S R, ChhadaSiembieda Remedios Inc. Long Beach, CA, USA Darrell Schmitt DesignAssociates Los Angeles, CA, USA Decoracion Jacques Garcia Paris, FranceDe Brant, Joyce & Partners London,UK EAD International London,UKEd Tuttle Paris, France FG Stijl Amsterdam, The Netherlands Fox LintonAssociates London, UK G.A. Design International Ltd. London, UKGeorge Butlin Design London, UK Hannes Wettstein 9D Design Zurich,Switzerland HBA – Hirsch Bedner Associates Atlanta, GA, USAIlana Feingold London, UK Jaya and Associates Jakarta, IndonesiaJohnDavidEdison–InteriorDesignInc.Toronto,Canada K.C.A.InternationalDesignersLondon,UK MargueriteRodgersLtdPhiladelphia,USAMichael Graves Architect Princeton, NJ, USA Peter Marino ArchitectNew York, NY, USA Peter Rossbacher Wien, Austria Pierre Yves RochonParis, France Pringle Brandon Botschi London, UK Richmond DesignLondon, UK R.P.W. London, UK Texeira Inc. Los Angeles, CA, USAThe Syntax Group Maidenhead, UK Tonychi and Associates New York, NY, USAWDAWilsdonDesignAssociates London,UK Wilson&AssociatesDallas,TX,USAInterna Contract Passion for Designers
  179. 179. 358 Interna Contract Interna Contract 359Hospitality Redesigned. An ever increasing number of largeinternational hotel chains and hoteliers investorsare discovering the enormous value of architecturaland interior design. Design is a crucial component in creatingan individual identity for hotels and a way to make themstand out in an increasingly competitive market.Aesthetics have, of course, always been important butin this world of ever changing styles and tastes they are assumingnew significance. New trends in interior design have foundthe perfect expressive outlet in hotels because they providethe ideal backdrop for innovation and architectural experimenta-tion. The hotel sector has undergonea real transformation and is now one of the most excitingand dynamic areas in design, encompassing simplicityand sophistication, versatility and the avant-garde.A human heart. At the heart of every room or building dedicatedto hospitality is the guest, each with a different personalityand different needs. Philippe Starck, design guru and initiatorof so many tendencies and ideas, recognised this manyyears ago when he said that “the guest must be the actornot the spectator.” Fashions and trends may come and gobut one belief has remained unchanged in recent years:the importance of the individual. When this is appliedto hospitality, it means ensuring guests not just a comfortableNew Directions in Contract DesignThe BMW Welt in Munich, turnkey furnished by Interna,is a shining example of a new multifunctional areaopen to the city which surrounds it. It is a contemporaryurban landmark and a focal point of interest and taste.
  180. 180. Interna Contract 361360 Interna Contractstay but one that feels personalised, exclusive and unique.Hotels have begun to take on an increasingly domestic feel,where the guest/client is made to feel at home and is givena warm and personal welcome.The hotel has become an environment in which to experiencemoments of silence and well-being, a place for reflectionand rediscovery. This need for personalization is cateredfor in large hotels through the creation of small separate worldsin a varied typology of rooms and suites, with private diningand meeting rooms and a myriad of other services and facilitiesdesigned to engage, amaze and reassure the guests or stimulateand facilitate their work. Whether travelling for businessor pleasure, guests expect to have a pleasing and enjoyablestay in a environment which feels homely but is also beautifullydesigned, a place where every comfort is catered for butwithout unnecessary ostentation or frivolous services.True luxury has come to mean intimate interiors which shun pre-tension in favour of a subtle arousal of the senses.The richness of the surroundings and particularly the serviceson offer are increasingly designed around the target consumer.Such spaces involve the guest on a physical, emotionaland interactive level forcing designers to consider new and morecomplex aesthetic languages to express this new relationshipwe have with our surroundings. When thinking in termsof a complete project (the transformation of an empty spaceinto a fully-furnished entity) and the development and satisfactionof this complex relationship between individuals and their sur-roundings, sensory aspects, such as lighting,colour and sound, take on an increasingly important role as dothe hotel’s staff and the way services are presented.New hybrids. Finding a balance between building, functionThe citizenM Amsterdam ensures guests not justa comfortable stay, but one that feels personalised, exclusiveand unique. Whether travelling for business or pleasure,“mobile citizens” can expect to feel at home in a placewhere their every comfort is catered for, without unnecessaryostentation or frivolous services.
  181. 181. Interna Contract 363and aesthetics can be difficult but results in expressions of greatindividuality even when applied to new design contexts suchas the increasingly common, multi-functional area, withall the specific new demands which such areas entail. Just as modernsociety questions its values and traditions so are functionsand services now being called into question. Designers havethe opportunity to explore innovative ideas in the creation of newhybrid spaces which combine different functions and applications.Architectural projects and their interiors have become contempo-rary urban landmarks and the focus of interest and taste. This newway of seeing and designing communal areas in hotels,as in other buildings, gives each a very individual character, so muchso that they could stand alone, independent of their surroundings.It is in this context that we are seeing the ‘opening up’ of hotelsto the city beyond its doors as the setting for events and exhibitions.The traditional concept of the hotel entrance area has graduallygiven way to the idea of the lobby as a truly multifunctional space.This new concept has necessitated a revolution in the organisationof hotels, not just with regard to the services they offer but with howspaces are used and furnished. Aesthetic expression is, however,consistent: each interior space must be given its own identity.We can no longer talk about interior design as a single concept;it has become a fluid series of scenes intended to captivate the guest.Technology plays a vital role in these new scenes, both in the appli-cation of innovative materials and in the use of integratedor hidden systems to simplify our daily life or offer new designopportunities. Forget cold technicality, technology has been refinedto become an integral part of a more emotive modern stylethrough an approach which combines light and materials, shapesand colours, and customised furnishings.In the Chedi Milan, completely furnished by Interna,guests are made to feel at home and are given a warmand personal welcome. Small, separate worlds are createdusing different types of rooms and suites,private dining areas and lounges, and make the hotela place to rediscover moments of silence and well-being.362 Interna Contract
  182. 182. hotel PROJECTS Radisson SAS Hotel Dakar ***** Dakar SenegalSheraton Brussels Airport Hotel ***** Brussels BelgiumcitizenM Hotel ***** Amsterdam The NetherlandsMarinagriHotel ***** MarinadiPolicoro ItalyThe Chedi Milan ***** Milan ItalyGrand Hyatt Berlin ***** Berlin Germany(Renovation of Public Areas) The Dylan Amsterdam **** Amsterdam The NetherlandsNew York Palace ***** Budapest Hungary Grand Hyatt Cairo ***** Cairo EgyptHotel Mons Ljubljana **** Ljubljana Slovenia(Renovation of Suites and PA) Park Hyatt Philadelphia ***** Philadelphia USA Park Hyatt Washington ***** Washington D.C. USAIntercontinental London Park Lane ***** London UKHyatt Regency - The Churchill ***** London UK Intercontinental Geneva ***** Geneva SwitzerlandThe College Hotel **** Amsterdam The NetherlandsRadisson SAS Hotel London Stansted Airport **** Stansted UK Arion Hotel ***** Athens GreeceNafsika Hotel ***** Athens GreecePark Hyatt Zurich ***** Zurich Switzerland Le Méridien Hotel Des Indes ***** Den Haag The NetherlandsRadisson SAS Hotel Nice **** Nice FranceResidence Elysee **** Cannes FranceCorinthia Lisboa Hotel ***** Lisbon PortugalThe Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel ***** Dana Point - California USAThe Grove ***** Hertfordshire UKFour Seasons Resort Provence at Terre Blanche ***** Terre Blanche Côte d’Azur (France)Park Hyatt Milan ***** Milan ItalyGrand Residences by Marriott - Mayfair ***** Mayfair - London UK Paris Le Grand Hotel Intercontinental ***** Paris FranceHilton Athens ***** Athens GreeceGrand Hyatt Tokyo ***** Tokyo Japan Holiday Inn, Bologne **** Bologne ItalyHoliday Inn, Florence **** Florence ItalyHotel Royal d’Anfa ***** Casablanca Morocco Reference ListInterna Contract 365