Luxury sofa chair


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Luxury sofa chair

  1. 1. The laboratory of Tappezzeria Barghini comes from the expertise of Marco Barghini and shows the exquisitely Made in Italy taste. A Tuscan by birth, but Emilian of adoption, he represents the second generation of craftsmen in this sector who have skillfully been creating design objects and articles that incorporate the art uniqueness and refinement in the product for more than 40 years.B a r g h i n i : top quality handicraft
  2. 2. An art preciously handed down from father to son till today. The laboratory and the show-room are in Sassuolo and are characterized by a careful selection of leather and fabrics; the best materials available on the European markets, such as Tuscan leather, Italian, French and British fabrics. The manual ability of Marco Barghini comes from the knowledge learnt from the previous generation and by a steady technological innovation to allow him to offer to his demanding customers, including designers and architects, very accurate handicrafted products using both traditional and modern techniques.
  3. 3. MATERIALS A steady and continuous search for materials and colors, patterns and embroidery to let the customers find a wide range of proposals and ideas to match with the curtains and wall upholstery.
  4. 4. A highly expressive design process able tocommunicate the cultural background and roots of the customer, in a final result combining art and handicraft. Choosing among the best proposals on the European markets, such as Tuscan leather, Italian, French and British fabrics, makes every achievement the result of several manual processes, a perfect fusion of tradition and passion.
  5. 5. In an increasingly technological world, themastery of a craftsman who can create ortransform an object with his hands and hishearth is more and more appreciated bythose recognizing his quality andperceiving the passion and harmony ofwho deeply loves his craft.
  6. 6. DESIGNS The refined services are targeted at producing design objects and primarily articles tailored for the customer, created and designed for a specific setting: unique and exclusive. The background of always new projects and so much harmony consists in two points unchanged over the years: the art of skillful hands and the heart of who deeply loves his craft.
  7. 7. Every lounge furniture, armchair, chair, curtain, every geometric or sinuous shape perfectly aligns with the originaldesign, with the surrounding ambience and turns into a precious and refined object. The manufacturing follows the rules of top quality handicraft derived from a precious tradition, combined with a steady love for this craft able tomerge shapes and colors, materials and dimensions, in extremely harmonious creations.
  8. 8. A vital target for Barghini is matchingcarefully and precisely every single detail,involving the customer and trying tointerpret his taste. Plunging into a sea ofproposals thus becomes a source ofinspiration and creativeness.
  9. 9. Knowing Barghini means imaginarilygetting into a long love story. The samelove that Barghini progressively devotes tohis unique and original creations. Not onlyclassical, but also modern products with apeculiar design. Sometimes a little bitdeparting from the standard livingschemes. Anyway, the expression of adeep value: the meeting point between designing and manual ability.
  10. 10. SETTINGS The laboratory is well known in Italy and abroad and manufactures precious upholstering for institutional places, for private customers appreciating a refined finish and for all settings where classicism, dynamism and tradition are required but in combination with innovative and trendy materials, such as in the marine sector.
  11. 11. This expertise heritage makes Barghini be also a laboratory where new modern or classical - yet always innnovative - livingsolutions are tried, combining the old and the contemporary to strengthen the character of warmly and romantically glamorous settings.
  12. 12. Artistic upholsteryVia Fanti 541049 Sassuolo, (MO), ItalyTel./Fax VATno. 01483160477