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Interna china. Furnishing contractors


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Interna china. Furnishing contractors

  2. 2. INTERNA CHINAInterna China is an integral part of the Italian INTERNA GROUPfounded 1989 and specialised in high-quality décor for the top-end ofthe hospitality and contract market. Interna China and the five sistercompanies are 100% controlled by Interna Holding Spa, fully owned bythe Travan family.Diego Travan and Derna Del Stabile, President and CEO of Interna HoldingInterna China page 5Turn key page 6-7One-off furnishing products page 8Collections page 9Serving your needs page 10Projects gallery page 11Portfolio Interna China page 32Interna Group page 34
  3. 3. INTERNA CHINAInterna China coordinates the complex Interna’s activity of contractingfurnishing projects for the niche luxury market in Asia, working closelywith interior designers and international purchasing companies.We work, above all, in the following sectors: hotels, luxury residential,bars and restaurants; offices, designer stores and other retail outlets;health and fitness centres and recreational furniture; museums, yachtsand cruise liners.We provide turnkey solutions for furnishing, finishing and internaldecoration, taking on the contractual responsibilities towards our clientfor quality of products and services, pricing ,delivery times, , as well asthe responsibility for respecting particular national norms. We managedirectly financing, project management, design, production, shipment,installation, on-site testing and after-sales service.4 Interna China
  4. 4. 6 Interna China Interna China 7Production and QualityControlThrough Interna Group, Interna China has built upa solid, productive know-how, and can now guaran-tee flawless quality at highly competitive prices. Thisapplies to both large scale production, made with cut-ting-edge technology and machinery, as well as small-scale or even one off custom-made items, characteri-zed by non-standard shapes and sizes, hand-painted orengraved details, and special finishes. During produc-tion rigorous quality controls are carried out to ensurethat each final piece is crafted to perfection.InstallationWe carry out and ensure the correct installationand fitting of all joinery works, carpets, marble,ceramics, plasterboard and iron. Our site managersguarantee the perfect installation of the contractedwork and coordination between their work andother companies on site.After-sales assistanceWe give a warranty for the products supplied for aperiod which is contractually agreed for each project.Interna China is also able to offer post-sales assistan-ce for each project, well after the warranty period hasexpired, thus granting the client the most competitiveprice and conditions. This service includes the main-tenance, refurbishment and/or replacement of ourobsolete products.FinancingThe contract industry involves extremely large andcomplex investments. For Interna China it is crucialto be able to offer its support to clients in the form ofdifferent financing options.Shop drawingsThe Interna China design team, made up of experien-ced architects, designers and technicians, works on theoutline project and carefully draws up the designs foreach individual piece of furniture. Key design crite-ria always focus on functionality, quality of materials,sturdiness, aesthetics, cost engineering, andcomply with national and international standards.Project ManagementProject managers at Interna China are the clients’main point of contact throughout the execution ofthe project. They plan and monitor every stage of theorder, coordinate the company’s various activities andmake sure that for each project the three fundamentalobjectives are achieved: agreed product details andstandards are complied with; delivery terms are keptto; and budgets are respected.LogisticsInterna China Logistics Department is able to selectthe best carriers and the most appropriate means oftransport to optimize delivery times and costs and tomeet clients’ deadlines. All transportation conforms tointernational security and sanitary rules and procedu-res for the carriage of wooden materials and products(e.g. compulsory fumigation against wood parasites), aswell as highly important protection procedures againstmoisture, high humidity, or excessive dryness.TURN KEYInterna China works on a turnkey basis. This means that the company takes total responsibility for its clients’ projects,from arranging financing to producing the shop drawings, from production to logistics, and from installation to testingand after-sales assistance - with the guarantee of strict adherence to quality standards, and the price and delivery termsagreed with clients. The main phases for each project are as follows:
  5. 5. 8 Interna ChinaIn response to widespread demand from the luxury contract sector for top quality furnishing to be produced and installed ina very short time and at competitive prices, Interna China can offer a vast range of furniture and furnishings with copyrightprotection which have been specially designed and engineered for the contract sector.The collection, produced in China with high standards of quality, offers six different lines, each one expression of differentstylistic trends:Traditional, inspired by the 19th and early 20th Centuries;Transitional, the classical seen through modern eyes;Contemporary, which harnesses the creative talents of five top contemporary designers: Uwe Fischer, Alfredo Häberli, IsaoHosoe, Franco Poli e Hannes Wettstein;Les Grands Classiques de Jacques Garcia;AngloDutchby FG stijl;Bedroom Stories, five new hotel room concepts ,created by 5 world renowned hospitality designers: Decoration JacquesGarcia, Paris, tonychi and associates, New York, FG stijl, Amsterdam, Hirsch Bedner Associates, Los Angeles and BilkeyLlinas Design, Hong Kong.The collections of Interna are characterized by extreme flexibility: all the items can be customized in terms of materials,finishes and dimensions as to meet the specific requirements of the hospitality and contract sector.CollectionsInterna China 9ONE-OFF FURNISHING PRODUCTSInterna China works with discerning clients who are looking to create something really exclusive for their projects. If reque-sted we produce unique items, exclusively made for these specific projects from tailor-made designs.Interna China is able to create the most sophisticated solutions in furniture and furnishing, however recherché the styleand technical requirements, using many different materials - from wood to metals and from plastic to glass. The result is analmost infinite range of diverse products: chairs, armchairs and upholstery, doors, fixtures, fittings and other joinery work,usually for indoor use; and for outdoors; fixed and freestanding furniture, lamps and other accessories.
  6. 6. Interna 11INTERNA CHINAPROJECTS GALLERY2007-2011Serving your needsInterna China works with key-player international investors who want theirvision of world-class prestigious décor hallmarked and made real. We place realvalue on the capability of our management to handle the often-complex natureof the projects: their out-of-the-ordinary particularities and non-standarddimensions, not to mention the ever-pressing deadlines our clients require. Ourteam is composed by a group of key professionals, all of whom have earned theirspurs with their many years in Italy with Interna Group. Those responsible forthe technical projects are specialised in engineering, architecture and interiordesign, while the part of the team responsible for project management havegained their expertise in law and economics. Our mission is to serve those clientsin Asia who require not only exceptional quality but also the support of a world-class technical service.10 Interna China
  7. 7. Kerry CenterHotelBeijingChinaInterior designer: LRFPeriod: 2011Client: Beijing Kerry Center Hotel Co., Ltd.Kerry Center is all along one of the most out standing 5* hotels in Beijing. Therenovation has given a new look to the building although the style, which identifiesthis important hotel Chain that includes Shangri-La and other important hotelChains making part of the same group, has been preserved. Special importancehas been given to the lobby, frenetic place where every day hundreds of people useto pop in, get to know each other or meet there to make business. White marblehas been used for flooring and wall coverings while wooden and brass decorativeelements exalt the overall luxury yet maintaining a warm and cosy atmosphere.Interna China has left its mark by supplying all the loose furniture in this preciouslobby area.Interna China | Kerry Center Hotel | Beijing 1312 Interna China
  8. 8. Bund 18ShanghaiChinaInterior designer: Kokai StudiosPeriod: 2011Client: Sibilla Food and Beverage (Shanghai)Company LtdAt the center of the Bund, Bund18, a landmark in Shanghai. Historical Preservation Building thatwon the 2006 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award of Excellence for Culture Heritage Conserva-tion. This is now a luxury life style center with commercial, cultural and entertainment spaces desi-gned by Kokaistudios. The main lobby on the ground floor, surrounded by boutiques, is supplied byInterna China. A pearl in an elegant casket.Interna China | Bund18 | Shanghai 1514 Interna China
  9. 9. Miele HouseShanghaiChinaInterior designer: Kokai StudiosPeriod: 2011Client: MieleMiele House in Shanghai is the first exclusive Miele showroom in Mainland China. Beside thisMiele House is the real living space where not only Miele products are displayed. A space wherecooking events and presentations can express the real company philosophy. All this in an histo-rical 1920’s Shanghai house elegantly restored. Interna China is proud to be part of this uniqueproject.Interna China | Miele House | Shanghai 1716 Interna China
  10. 10. Interna China | Miele House | Shanghai 1918 Interna China
  11. 11. MacallanWhisky BarMacauChinaInterior designer: LRIPeriod: 2011Client: Galaxy Entertainment GroupA bar in the baronial style of a 17th century Scottish manor. It is the world’s first Macallan WhiskyBar is in the famous Galaxy Macau Resort. Macallan Whisky Bar is a prestigious environment witha relaxing Jacobean age atmosphere. Having one of Asia’s largest whisky collections, it becames afascinating form of living time.Interna China | Macallan Whisky Bar | Macau 2120 Interna China
  12. 12. Ducati CaffèBangkokThailandInterior designer: DucatiPeriod: 2011Client: Stile Ducatisti Co.,LtdFirst Ducati Caffè in Asia, the Ducati Caffè Bangkok is entirely performed by Interna. The designconcept for all the Ducati Caffes and shops worldwide has been developed by Interna in coopera-tion with the italian motor factory.Interna China | Ducati Caffè | Thailand 2322 Interna China
  13. 13. Bund HouseShanghaiChinaInterior designer: Bilkey Llinas DesignPeriod: 2011 - work in progressClient: Shanghai Huazhe Bund DevelopmentCo., LtdBund House is, at this time, the most important residential project on top ofBund in Shanghai. Seven luxury buildings will be erected all along the HuangPu Jiang river, all of them different from the existing ones not only in the shapebut most of all for the life style they will create. Interior and exterior spaces havebeen greatly wanted and created  to meet the demands of native people as well asthose of European people that choose to start their own business life in Shang-hai. Showflats have been designed by BLD Company and fitted out by Internain an European style to create the genuine emotion strongly wanted for thisproject.Interna China | Bund House | Shanghai 2524 Interna China
  14. 14. Qing Long QiaoApart.ShowFlatsBeijingChinaInterior designer: Bilkey Llinas DesignPeriod: 2007Client: Greentown Real Estate Group Co.ltdContemporary and neo-classical furniture in the Blue Dragon Villas (Qing Cong Qiao), a luxuriousresidential development located in the north-west of Beijing City near the Summer Palace.The interiors of these majestic mansions were designed by Bilkey Llinas Design to meet the highdemand of wealthy new consumers in China for Italian elegance and the prestige of the Renaissanceperiod. Interna was chosen to be part of one of the most lavish residential projects in China todaybecause of the high quality and the perfect finish of our products.Interna China | Qing Long Qiao Apart. | Beijing 2726 Interna China
  15. 15. Interna China | Qing Long Qiao Apart. | Beijing 2928 Interna China
  16. 16. 30 Interna China Interna China | Qing Long Qiao Apart. | Beijing 31
  17. 17. PROJECT CITY NATION PERIOD DESIGNERWorld Trade Center Nanjing China 2012 Kokai StudiosYang Pu Aparments Shanghai China 2012 Hirsch Bedner AssociatesSuzhou Creek Shanghai China 2012 Kokai StudiosRichemont Office Shanghai China 2011 Kokai StudiosMacallan Whisky Bar Macau China 2011 LRIMiele House Shanghai China 2011 Kokai StudiosKerry Center Hotel Beijing China 2011 LRFBund 18 Shanghai China 2011 Kokai StudiosBund House Shanghai China 2011 Bilkey Llinas DesignDucati Caffè Bangkok Thailand 2011 DucatiHotel Pravo Shanghai China 2010 Yi Qing TongHonor Mansion Beijing China 2010 Wilson AssociatesVictoria Park Beijing China 2010 FDL AsiaQing Long Qiao Apartments Beijing China 2007 Bilkey Llinas DesignINTERNA CHINA Portfolio 2007-201232 Interna ChinaINTERNA GROUP
  18. 18. Founded in 1989, Interna Group is today made up of 5 commercial brand names operating at various levels of the hospi-tality and high-quality contract furnishing sector. Interna Contract spa started off by operating in the hotel industry, andthen widened their horizons to other contract segments, such as retail, marine, leisure and offices. In 2005, with the brandInterna Collection, the Group launched its first standard collection of furnishings for the hospitality sector, which wasthen followed by various catalogue-based proposals. In 2006 the Group acquired Logica, 2009 saw the founding of InternaChina ltd and in 2010 Interna Real Estate was born. Thanks to the experience matured over the years, the know-howacquired in production and management and the seriousness and commitment displayed towards their clients, InternaGroup has consolidated commercial relations at the highest of levels with prestigious investors from the world of interna-tional finance and the major hotel chains, and is today a reference point for key players in the exclusive international con-tract sector. The group has executed hundreds of international projects which are considered unique for their historicaland artistic context and for their contribution to architecture and design.Interna Group Some of Internaprestigious clientsCorinthiaSheratonWestinFour SeasonsHiltonIntercontinentalThe Ritz CarltonHyattMarriottPark PlazaDucatiSete YachtsFerretti YachtsLe MeridienRadissonMama ShelterDaimlerChryslerSiemensVolkswagenPradaLouis VuittonArmaniChanelCartierDucatiMandarin OrientalFincantieriShangri-laBmwInterna has always been sensitive to the issue of fairand sustainable growth. Through its integrated certified systemQuality:ISO9001:2000/Environment:ISO14.001/Ethics:Sa8000.Interna works hard to ensure that the process of globalisationis carried out in full recognition of human rights, internationallabour laws and environmental protection.Interna China 3534 Interna China
  19. 19. PASSION FOR PROJECTSOne-off furnishing products for unique turnkey projects coveringthe whole luxury market: hotels, bars& restaurants, museums, offi-ces, stores, homes, yachts, casinos, heal farms, private clinics, cruiseships and yachts.Complete package of services including financing,planning, production, project management, logistics, installation,after sale assistance.HOSPITALITY AND LIVING DESIGNAn innovative range of furniture and furnishings for the hospitalityand contract industry, involving over 300 concepts. Three differenthigh profile design lines, Traditional, Transitional and Contemporaryand three special monographs: Les Grands Classiques de JacquesGarcia, Anglodutch, Bedroom Stories, five new hotel room concepts.Extreme flexibility: all the items can be customized in terms ofmaterials, finishes and dimensions.Interna China 37®®OFFICE LIVINGOne-off furnishing solutions for the world of the office to satisfy anydesign requirements.Four different design collections for executive and operative officesin accordance with international regulations regarding materials andfunctional features.Especially HospitalityA complete package of services: -real estate brokerage, projectdevelopment; valuation & due diligence; financial engineering;master planning& space planning, operator selection, project mana-gement, real estate consulting- to conceive and successfully executeany real estate project, especially in the hotel sector.Holding company of the entire Interna Group; administrative,financial, purchasing, logistics, human resources services for allcompanies of the GroupITALIAN CHARME IN ASIAImplementation of INTERNA products and services on the AsianMarket. Turn key projects, one-off furnishing products, standardfurnishings, office furniture.
  20. 20. Interna China 39Interna performed projects 3938 Interna China
  21. 21. 40 Interna China Interna China 41The Chedi Milan Milan (Italy)New York Palace Budapest (Hungary)Park Hyatt Philadelphia Philadelphia (Usa)Hyatt Regency London - The Churchill London (Uk)Radisson Sas Hotelof London Stansted Airport Stansted (Uk)Park Hyatt Zurich Zurich (Switzerland)Residence Elysee Cannes (France)The Grove Hertfordshire (Uk)Grand Residences By Marriott Mayfair London (Uk)Grand Hyatt Tokyo Tokyo (Japan)Hotel Dorint Royal D’Anfa Casablanca (Morocco)Intercontinental Loipersdorf Loipersdorf (Austria)Schiller Hotel Lucerne (Switzerland)Park Plaza Victoria London London (Uk)The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg Wolfsburg (Germany)Hotel Villa Magna, a Park Hyatt Madrid (Spain)Westin Grand Berlin Berlin (Germany)Intercontinental Hamburg Hamburg (Germany)Park Plaza Hotel Utrecht Utrecht (The Netherlands)Park Hyatt Hamburg Hamburg (Germany)Regency Casino Thessaloniki Thessaloniki (Greece)Hyatt Regency Osaka Osaka (Japan)Haute Couture Boutiques More Than 200 WorldwideJeweller’s More Than 100 WorldwideFincantieri Azura P&O Cruise Monfalcone (Italy)Crn Yacht 30 Mt. Ancona (Italy)Fincantieri Carnival Dream Monfalcone (Italy)Turama Yacht 115 Mt Athens (Greece)Crn Yacht 54 Mt. Ancona (Italy)Carnevino Restaurantat The Palazzo Hotel Las Vegas (Usa)Maxime Restaurant Den Haag (The Netherlands)Champ De Bataille Le Neuborg (France)Chez Adriano Hamburg (Germany)Rafsika Restaurant Washington (Usa)Bouley (International Restaurant) New York (Usa)Restaurant Villa Romana St. Tropez (France)Vox Restaurant Berlin (Germany)New York Cafè Restaurant Budapest (Hungary)Wynn Design Restaurant Las Vegas (Usa)Cafè De La Paix Paris (France)QingLongQiaoApart.ShowFlatsBeijing(P.R.ofChina)Private Villa Santiago (Chile)Private Villa Paradise Island (Bahamas)Villa Les Girouettes Deauville (France)The Regent Grand Hotel Bordeaux (France)The Dominican Brussels Brussel (Belgium)Hotel La Mamounia Marrakesh (Morocco)Hotel Fouquet’s Paris (France)La Réserve Paris Paris (France)Hotel Danieli Venezia Venice (Italy)Westin Hotel Paris Paris (France)Tigre D’or Yacht Barcelona (Spain)Celebrity Solstice - S 675 Royal CaribbeanCosta Pacifica Carnival Cruise Lines Ship ImaginationRestaurant Champ De Bataille Le Neubourg (France)Restaurant La Paiva Paris (France)Postrio Las Vegas (Usa)Conference Room Hyatt LausanneLausanne (Switzerland)Bologna Airport G.Marconi Bologna (Italy)Rete Europa Mtv Productions Milano (Italy)Aereolinas Argentinas Buenos Aires(Argentina)Commission NacionalDe Energia Atomica Buenos Aires (Argentina)Senato Della Rep. Argentina Buenos Aires (Argentina)Sony Bruxelles (Belgium)O.C.V.V. Organisme Agricolede la Communauté Européenne AngersHyatt Regency International Booking OfficeMainz (Germany)Interna PortfolioChanel Boutique Champs Elysées Paris (France)Armani Hotel Milan (Italy)Radisson Blu Resort Bukovel (Ukraine)Louis Vuitton Boutique Montenapoleone, Milan (Italy)Hotel Le Club Courchevel 1850 FranceArmani Hotel at Burj Khalifa Dubai (Uae)Radisson Blue Dakar Dakar (Senegal)Shangri-La Hotel Paris (France)Kempinski Hotel River Park Bratislava(SlovakRepublic)Mandarin Oriental Paris (France)The Burj Khalifa Tower Dubai (Uea)Queen Elizabeth Cruise Ship FincantieriMonfalcone GO (Italy)Costa Favolosa Cruise Ship FincantieriMarghera VE (Italy)Louis Vuitton Boutique Lugano (Switzerland)Hua Zhe Bund Showflats Shanghai (P.R. of China)RestaurantDurandDupondNeuillysurSeine(France)Four Season Hotel London (Uk)CitizenM Hotel Amsterdam City (The Netherlands)CitizenM Glasgow (Uk)Hotel Cheval Blanc Courchevel (France)Radisson Blue Hotel Zurich (Switzerland)City Center Las Vegas Bistro& Poker Las Vegas (Usa)CitizenM Hotel Schiphol Airport (The Netherlands)Grand Hyatt Berlin Berlin (Germany)Grand Hyatt Cairo Cairo (Egypt)Park Hyatt Washington D.C. Washington (Usa)Intercontinental Geneva Geneva (Switzerland)Arion Hotel Athens (Greece)LeMéridienHotelDesIndesDenHaag(TheNetherlands)Corinthia Lisboa Hotel Lisbon (Portugal)Four Seasons Resort Provenceat Terre Blanche Domaine Deterre BlancheCôte D’azur (France)Paris Le Grand Hotel Intercontinental Paris (France)Corinthia Bab Africa Hotel Tripoli (Libya)Marriott Hotel Cairo Mirage City, Cairo (Egypt)The Ritz-Carlton Doha Doha (Qatar)Grand Hotel Colon Costa Ballena Costa Ballena (Spain)Medical Park Dortmund Dortmund (Germany)Hyatt Regency Köln Cologne (Germany)Anassa Polis (Cyprus)Cartier Boutiques Worldwide (more then 300)Grand Hyatt Fukuoka Fukuoka (Japan)Hyatt Regency -Paris Charles De Gaulle Paris (France)Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel Brussels (Belgium)Hotel Marinagri Marina Di Policoro (Italy)The Dylan Amsterdam Amsterdam (The Netherlands)Hotel Mons Ljubljana Ljubljana (Slovenia)Intercontinental London Park Lane London (Uk)The College Hotel Amsterdam (The Netherlands)Nafsika Hotel Athens (Greece)Radisson Sas Hotel Nice Nice (France)The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel Dana Point, California (Usa)Park Hyatt Milan Milan (Italy)Hilton Athens Athens (Greece)Hyatt Regency Köln Cologne, (Germany) RenovationRadisson Sas Portman Hotel London (Uk)Intercontinental De La Ville Rome (Italy)Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli Gargnano (Italy)Radisson Sas Hotel, Hannover Hannover (Germany)Panamericano Buenos Aires Buenos Aires (Argentina)Astoria Lucerne (Switzerland)Grand Hyatt Berlin Berlin (Germany)Hyatt Regional Offices Mainz (Germany)Crown Towers Melbourne (Australia)Hotel Dei Mellini Rome (Italy)Hyatt Regency Belgrade Belgrade (Serbia)Hyatt Regency Mainz Fort Malakoff Mainz (Germany)Bmw Welt Munich (Germany)
  22. 22. INTERNA CHINA Co., Ltd.425 Yanping Lu, Continuity Building, Unit 308Jing An District 200042 Shanghai PR China425 308Matteo MenegottoGeneral Manager Interna ChinaMob +86 15021915442Phone +86 021 62712977 Fax +86 021 skype: www.interna.asiaINTERNA Headquarters9/A, via G.Galilei33010 Tavagnacco(Udine) ItalyPhone: +39 0432 643 211Fax: +39 0432 574 131interna@interna.itwww.interna.itINTERNA worldwideAustralia, Austria, China, Finland,France, Germany, New Zeland,Qatar, Spain, The Netherlands, USA© By Interna China Co., Ltd. - Italy 2012. All rights reserved®
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