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Business Cards Etiquette


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Business Cards are very important. Are there business card etiquette? Yes there is...understanding business card etiquette allows you to feel comfortable when handing out your card. Learn the importance of your business card.

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Business Cards Etiquette

  1. 1. Business Card Etiquette
  2. 2. Have Plenty of Business Cards on Hand It’s very important that you do not run our of business cards. Make sure that you bring a large amount of them wherever you go because yo uneven know who may run into or who you might meet.There is nothing worse than having to write down your contact information on a piece of paper. It doesn’t look professional and your information will more likely be tossed into the trash can.
  3. 3. Keep Your Information Updated Your contact information is very important and needs to be 100% accurate. If anything is changed; business title, company name, location, phone number or logo, it’ best to create a new business card. Also, keep the design of your card fresh and relevant to you and your business. Today, you can choose from a variety of cards including velvet laminated business cards, matte business cards, silk laminated business cards ( a popular choice), foil business cards and even plastic business cards.
  4. 4. Protect Your Business Card As we know, the business card is an extension of you and your business. NEVER hand out a card that’s been damaged.This includes being wrinkled, torn of shows signs of food particles from your lunch. By storing them in a protective case allows them to be in mint condition all the time.You don’t have to worry about handing out a damaged card that may make you look unprofessional.You always want to look your best and your business cards should be too.
  5. 5. Return the Favor When someone asks for your business card, make sure you ask for theirs in return. If you don’t think you’ll need their information, it’s always best to ask for their information.
  6. 6. Make a Comment Once you received their business card, make a comment about it.Tell them how much you like the look of their card.This can include the logo of their business, typography used, paper stock and more. being polite can go a long ways when introducing yourself. Compliments are always great and they can open up the line of communication.To read more about selecting the appropriate fonts, click here.
  7. 7. Make Sure You Follow Up When you receive a business card, it’s always best to follow up.This can be done with a phone call or email. Even if you don’t think you’ll need their business, it’s always a good idea to follow up.You never know when you may need their business and it’s a greta way to continue to grow a business relationship.
  8. 8. Purchase a Premium Business Card At Primo Print, we offer a variety of premium business cards with a large selection of printing options and finishes.You can view all our options here. All our business cards and other business materials are printed in the U.S.A. to ensure the best quality and quick turnaround. Call 1-888-822-5815 today to speak with a representative or complete our online form.