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Advantage of Letterpress Printing


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Letterpress is one of the oldest forms of printing. Learn about letterpress printing and the advantages they offer for you and your business. At Primo Press, we print a variety of letterpress products including letterpress business cards, wedding invitations, stationery, greeting cards and more.

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Advantage of Letterpress Printing

  1. 1. Letterpress Printing
  2. 2. What is letterpress printing? Well, it’s one of the oldest forms of printing. It’s raised, inked, reverse images that are pressed against paper stock which makes an impression displaying images or text. ! The raised images can be re-inked and used over and over to make multiple copies.There is a slight indention where the impression was applied to the paper. ! Letterpress is commonly used for business cards, wedding invitations, stationery, greeting cards, drink menus and more.
  3. 3. A great way to describe letterpress products may include words such as crisp and clean with bold images. Letterpress is known for displaying spectacular typography. A lot of time goes into this handcrafted work of art. By being handmade, increases the value of the product and are considered high end. Letterpress is printed on heavy and thick card stock which creates an indention with or without ink.
  4. 4. You can choose from the the following impressions: Embossing: It’s a raised image by pressing paper between two sided die. During this process, there is no ink transferred. Embossing will leave a “reverse” on the back of the paper. Debossing: It’s a depressed image that is done by pressing paper between a two sided die. No ink is transferred during this process.
  5. 5. When designing your letterpress product, they are available in any Pantone PMS color for letterpress (uncoated). Keep in mind when choosing your color, the color may change slightly depending on the color of the paper stock selected. At Primo Press, we do not offer CMYK or “process” colors for our letterpress printing.
  6. 6. At Primo Press, we offer Kurz foils, providing hundreds of finished and colors. If you are unable to access a swatch book by Kurz, Contact us and we will be happy to help you with the color selection process. We can easily send photos of our foils which can help you narrow your color selection. We’ll also send you a swatch before placing your order, so you’ll be able to see the exact color and make sure it’s what you would like.
  7. 7. We offer a variety of business cards. The Black Business Card generates an immediate response from customers while offering a distinctive look. You’ll select from our premium black paper stock; 30PT or a super thick 60PT. This card will be a crowd pleaser if you include metallic or matte foils, deboss or die cutting, all able to enhance the look of your business card. Inks used are semi-transparent, so we recommend that you do not use letterpress ink on black card stock.
  8. 8. We offer the Cotton Business Card. This letterpress business card is a true classic and is available with letterpress and foil applications offered in a variety of colors and paper stock. By choosing this paper stock, it creates the ideal bed for a deep letterpress or deboss. If you want to enhance the card, you’ll be able to incorporate edge tinting or even apply foil. You can always keep it simple making it a classic.
  9. 9. Along with the Black Business card and the Cotton Business Card, you can also select the Duplexed Business Card. Described as a high end business card, it offers the best of both worlds. It’s super thick and offers an amazing stock to receive letterpress on one side and include foils on the other side. It’s an elegant card that allows a unique appearance that will have customers and potential customers talking about you and your business. !
  10. 10. If you need letterpress products, please contact and and we’ll be happy to help you. Keep in mind, you can split quantities with different files for multiple cards or employees. If you feel letterpress isn’t for you, visit Primo Cards. They print a variety of business cards, brochures, flyers, EDDM postcards and more.