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How to create an Internet Marketing Strategy


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Created from a decade of developing internet strategies for Irish Companies. What is an internet strategy and how do you define one? Covers Digital Strategy development to SEM and Social Media

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  • Slides 30-33 say it all about social media. Interactive mobile campaigns and augmented reality campaigns are the future, they grab people's attention and engage them with the Brand. Facebook pages with 15,000 plus 'followers' we all know are due to having a competition. After that most people will ignore that page
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How to create an Internet Marketing Strategy

  1. primaryposition.comdeveloping an internet strategy David Quaid Principal Consultant SEO
  2. Ireland’s internet revolution really took root in the 1990’s
  3. The worst analogy used during this revolution
  4. The worst analogy used during this revolution:Your website = your shop front
  5. And, well, itcouldn’t be more ....
  6. A shop has passing traffic which equals trade.
  7. A shop has passing traffic which equals trade.Because demand meets supply. And if you’re not there, you’re not there!
  8. The Shocking reality is that Websites rarely if, ever,have an automatic supply of traffic.
  9. Which creates a huge problem if you’re weren’t aware of this
  10. Many first time would-be web-preneurs believe that traffic will come from• An automatic right to free Google Traffic• A viral effect from the “big idea” or“award winning” design”• By building a network on Facebook andadvertising on twitter• By sharing it with friends and inadvertising
  11. * You can imagine the shock that people get when they hear €55Cost-per-click in some 2010 Dublin online PPC Markets!
  12. Let’s start again properly shall we?
  13. The internet is something new;It’s something completely different!
  14. It’s the greatest single empower;of consumers and every day people.
  15. It’s the greatest single empower;of consumers and every day people.Even plumbers.
  16. Connect. Inform. Share.
  17. Like Music?Got a problem?Need a plumber?Which Hi-Fi should you buy?Don’t know how something works?
  18. No problem!
  19. Users Identify their problem
  20. Users Identify their problemSearch
  21. Users Identify their problemSearchLearn
  22. Users Identify their problemSearchLearnShare
  23. Users Identify their problemSearchLearnShareResearch
  24. Users Identify their problemSearchLearnShareResearchAnd Shop.
  25. Whatever a brand says,We know what’s really behind it
  26. Even if they try to hide it...
  27. Main Traffic Drivers• Search – People looking for products – People looking for brands – People looking for locations – Ideas, Special offers, savings, exclusivity – Random Search
  28. In April and May 2011, we analysed 35 domains in our collection of Google Analytics Accounts.About 1 million Irish visitors pass through these in a given calendar month. Here’s what we found
  29. IB2B sites liketwitter and LinkedIndelivered as much as 3%
  30. Facebook, with somesites having over 15k fans, delivered just between2&5%
  31. , however, delivered a consistent80-88%
  32. A search for every body
  33. Put things in order Idea Digital Strategy Domain Website(s) Marketing acquisition design plan plan SEO Digital Marketing PPC Implementation Social Networking
  34. Try it, Measure it, Improve it!• Visits• Bounce Rate• Pages per visit• Search Keywords• Traffic from Search Engines – Branded and non-branded• Enquiries and Sales• Above By source
  35. Conversions – not traffic!• How many visits did we get?• How many came from – Google? – Newsletters? – Social? – Ads?• How many sales did they make• How much did that cost?
  36. If 100 people come from AdWords and 10spend €100 and it cost €1 per visit....
  37. If 100 people come from AdWords and 10spend €100 each and it cost €1 per visit....Then you made €1,000. The cost per sale was €10.
  38. You can repeat this process for every function and activityIf 10 purchases are made from 100,000newsletters and you make €1,000 and it cost €50, then you made a profit
  39. But if it costs €100 to make a sale and you only make €10 profitThen you’re going to need a new model!
  40. When you find things that work
  41. Repeat it. Improve it. Evolve it
  42. I’ve been working with online companiesfor 15 years. I’ve learnt a lot from working with over 500 companies in that period. I’ve built 5 of my own online companies and I’ve been self sufficient for over a decade using nothing else but working and marketing online. Here are the best things I want to share with you
  43. Basics• You’ll need basic business advice• If you don’t have an internet marketing background – bring it into the team• Marketing isn’t intuitive and internet marketing really isn’t• Traditional retail businesses have traffic. Websites DO NOT
  44. Build your team• Pick a business mentor• Pick a team of advisors and associates – Financial – Marketing – Internet and e-commerce – Branding – HR – SALES! – Technology
  45. Every business needs...• To understand the cost of sales• To know the cost of selling – How much marketing will be needed – Launches – PR – AdWords – SEO – Social Media
  46. You can’t won’t do it all• If web traffic was free, it wouldn’t cost so much• Beware of replicator models – they don’t work online• You need a unique selling point• Competing on price is rarely a good one!
  47. Beware...• Of being a replicator – beware of being easily replicated – Users don’t like multiple accounts to do the same thing• It takes a long time to build a community• You cannot advertise to visitors that don’t exist• Guarantees• Reliance on a single vendor
  48. Thank you. Primary Position SEO