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The Dos & Don'ts of Company-Wide SaaS Deployments


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Corel CEO Tom Berquist has spent the last four years implementing nearly a dozen SaaS solutions across the company. In doing so, Corel has achieved increased efficiencies and saves at least $2 million a year. Here are Tom's tips for successful SaaS implementation.

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The Dos & Don'ts of Company-Wide SaaS Deployments

  1. 1. LEADING COREL TO THE CLOUD • CEO Tom Berquist joined Corel in 2009 and immediately began moving the 25-year old company’s infrastructure to the cloud • He will have deployed 10 new SaaS applications over 600+ workers by the end of 2014 • Today, Corel boasts a savings of at least $2 million per year as a direct result of its SaaS implementations
  2. 2. DO: GARNER ACTIVE MANAGEMENT SUPPORT • CEOs need to push for the change at all levels • SaaS should be discussed at senior management meeting • Don’t leave everything to your CIO
  3. 3. DON’T: TRY TO SIDESTEP YOUR IT TEAM • Consult with and engage IT from the initial stages • Focus your IT team on being project managers • IT will become your primary integration team as you roll out each new SaaS app
  4. 4. DO: GO WITH EVOLVED SAAS COMPANIES • Bigger companies tend to consolidate updates • The larger the company, the more expertise is available as a resource to you • Mainstream apps have more integrations with other programs
  5. 5. DON’T: START WITH EVERYONE • The broader the app’s touch, the longer it will take to rollout • Focus on a particular business team first (e.g. legal), and then build on your success • Look for apps that change the backend infrastructure of
  6. 6. DO: LAY OUT A REASONABLE TIMELINE • Create a rollout roadmap with key milestones • No rollout for a large company will take less 2 quarters • Aim for full adoption within a year at most
  7. 7. DON’T: DEFAULT TO ENDLESS TRAINING • Try to pick apps that require minimal training (e.g. Google) • Know when to say “Enough training, it’s time to adopt.” • Be supportive and understanding - but still firm - with your slow adopters
  8. 8. DO: THE MATH • Chart your tech costs before and after the deployment • Consider the value of having converted a fixed IT cost into a variable one • Include the decrease in hardware and support staff costs in your ROI calculations
  9. 9. DON’T: LOCK YOURSELF IN • The greatest benefits of SaaS lies in its inherent flexibility • Start with in-depth analysis of each business unit’s tech needs and usage; BUT • Don’t be afraid to decommission or move a product into
  10. 10. Want to learn more? SaaS Read about Tom’s experience introducing and deploying apps at Corel on Prialto Post [INSERT CTA/HYPERLINK TO ARTICLE]