Security in the Business Cloud


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Prialto uses a people-based strategy, alongside physical and electronic tools to make the cloud more secure.

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Security in the Business Cloud

  1. 1. Security in the Business Cloud
  2. 2. Security in an Era of Global Collaboration Privacy and security are top priorities and constant challenges for companies that leverage a globally distributed or remote workforce.
  3. 3. The SaaS Effect in the Cloud The Democratization of IT is enhancing productivity by decentralizing purchasing decisions and enabling frontline employees to adopt software that best suits their needs Advancements in SaaS applications, combined with declining connectivity costs, enable companies to hire talent to telecommute from anywhere Democratized IT also means that more corporate data than ever lives in the cloud – accessible to anyone with a valid mode of entry.
  4. 4. Prialto’s Security Platform As a manager of remote teams, Prialto takes a 3-pronged approach to security issues. This approach • PROVIDES protection to both Prialto and our clients; and • COMMUNICATES the protections through sales, marketing and training. Physical Electronic Human
  5. 5. Security Tactics
  6. 6. Monitoring the Human Element We focus our energy on training humans how to securely handle sensitive info
  7. 7. We set up procedures and convey clear security guidelines to our people Pairing Humans with Processes
  8. 8. Pairing Humans with Technology Prialto also uses technology tools to add to and monitor the human layer of security. These include: • Secure 3rd Party Applications • Secure Servers with Backup • Password Management Software
  9. 9. Additional Resources Click here to download our FREE ebook on Enterprise Password Security Still have questions? Check out Prialto Post for articles on • collaborating remotely • creating secure passwords • managing a freelancer and much more!