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Prialto For Online Media

  1. 1. n For Online Media prialto PERSONAL OUTSOURCING n lead gen n search marketing n ad networks Delegate to your own media-savvy personal assistant n Highly cost-efficient n blogging n social networks n performance tracking n publishing n affiliate networks
  2. 2. Prialto removes What do Prialto media assistants do? administrative nuisance When you become a Prialto member you are matched with an individual who acts as your media-savvy Productivity Assistant. These assistants know how to get your tasks Many online media executives get stuck on activities that done fast and right. You or your team may need a Productivity Assistant if you wish to: steal time from what really drives their business. Yes, these tasks must get done, but must they get done by you or by n Pull, audit, and format reports expensive people within your organization? n Build, manage, and analyze advertising campaigns Such expensive distractions should be delegated to Prialto. n Compile periodic marketing reports We do the tasks your online media company must do, but n Track and drive business development pipelines should not do in-house—at Media Productivity Assistant n Arrange sales calls rates starting as low as $1,200 per month. n Schedule meetings n Input CRM updates n Send client meeting follow-up notes n Research topics n Handle credit checks n Track NDA and other agreements Bert Landa (pictured), a Prialto media specialist, says that each week Prialto’s online media members delegate dozens of tasks to Prialto. Want more ideas? “And that is pulling reports, tracking agreements, managing CRMs, screening calls—all the nuts and bolts work.” Email Prialto Member Services at n 1.866.910.8440 /
  3. 3. Doing everything right! Six tasks you should delegate Many Prialto members report dramatic productivity gains within the first few weeks. in the next 30 days As members delegate more and more tasks, they see their operating costs go down. And as in-house personnel switch from tactical, task-oriented work to more 1. Pull, audit, and manage reports. Our assistants are value-driving strategic activities, employee morale and productivity jumps. well versed in all of the most common online interfaces. 2. Campaign building and management. We are Before Prialto After Prialto trained to help you with the mechanical aspects of Linktrust and other similar platforms. 3. Sales support, including CRM management, cold calling, research, lead generation, and list qualifying. We are trained in AdData Express. Delegate list qualification and other sales support activities to your Prialto assistant; freeing you to develop new business. 4. Manage my calendar please! This nuts-and-bolts activity helps media executives too. Your assistant Tactical work Tactical work will know your calendar and to-do list. He or she can Strategic work Strategic work reschedule meetings, get customers on the phone, and even set up conferences 5. Insertion Order (IO), NDA, and e-signature tracking. Delegate these and other tedious but time-consuming tasks to Prialto—a big time saver. “Much of my company’s routine work must get done by a thoughtful person, but not by the key people inside my company. Prialto makes it easy for us to delegate tasks. 6. Media Research, including market research, finding vendors, competitive research—all for My internal team now stays better focused on building the business.” the asking. We can even run credit checks and - Atul Patel, CEO of OneScreen, Los Angeles verify referrals. - Silvia Barillas, Prialto Productivity Assistant n 1.866.910.8440 /
  4. 4. Are you still processing What is Prialto? your own reports? Prialto is a personalized organization system Through the time management process, your managed on your behalf by the world’s brightest assistant also quickly spots those high-value 1. Resource allocation—the smart way offshore assistants. It is also a unique and tasks that must be done well, but should be Valuable internal resources contribute the most when they no-nonsense business process outsourcing delegated to Prialto. analyze and strategize, rather than slogging through data entry (BPO) service that lets even individual or report formatting. Give the tedious mechanical work to us. You are now personally better focused and professionals and the smallest companies your company is saving time and money. 2. Information frequency matters benefit from delegating high-value tasks. What once were weekly reports now process daily without Industry-focused Productivity Assistance: How do we work? taxing your internal resources. With daily reports many Prialto for Online Media New Prialto members looking for Prialto members discover revealing patterns they Prialto now serves a large number of online organizational help are matched with an never saw otherwise. media companies. Many C-level media individual assistant, a Prialto Time Manager. executives have successfully worked with us to 3. We learn and document changes to Your Time Manager organizes your business, save time, money, and productive energy for cumbersome reporting interfaces and your life, through a process inspired by them and their companies. Here are just a few of the interfaces we work such productivity systems as FranklinCovey, with daily—so you do not have to. Get Things Done, and Mission Control. Many online media executives may now see immediate results by tapping our industry- AdBright Blue Lithiam Right Media Your Time Manager keeps you focused and focused Productivity Assistant offerings Adify Burst Media ScanSout on-track by proactively organizing your to-do without ever needing to go through the AdRactor Casale Media Tremor lists, managing your calendar, scheduling your personal Time Management process. AdSense EuroClick Tribal Fusion appointments, and anticipating needs before Adtegrity Husky they arise. Azoogle MaxOnline “I find that processing reports for my members makes “The training and support Prialto provides to its people has enabled my assistant Eddie an immediate difference in their businesses.” and team to become a central part of how my office runs. They save us time and money by doing my scheduling, calendar management, lead tracking, and contact updating. – Jeannette Buckley, Prialto Productivity Assistant They absorb and apply my best-practices to make sure things work.” – Rob Leathern, CEO of CPM Advisors, San Francisco n 1.866.910.8440 /
  5. 5. YES! I want to grow my business by delegating these tasks (check all that apply) o Pull and format media reports o Calendar management and appointment scheduling o Campaign analysis o Media contract and e-signature tracking o Research o Credit checks and calling references o Track performance o Sales support o Social networking o Cold calling o CRM and contact management o Conference call scheduling o Note taking and letter dictation Yessica Miranda, Prialto Productivity Assistant For a free consultation with a Prialto Productivity Expert, call 1.866.910.8440