We have a brand new address!


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We have a brand new address!

  1. 1. AFTERBEFORE Here at the Centre for Cosmetic Dermatology cosmetic filling agents are not new but in the last five years many developments have transpired. We are currently involved in the launch of the newest and most exciting products for facial lines, wrinkles and lip enhancement...we are only 1 of 3 practices in Canada to be offering our patients CosmoDerm and CosmoPlast and the results are nothing short of wonderful. CosmoDerm and CosmoPlast have been in development in California for 10 years and are now available to Canadians. Years worth of “character lines” can be eradicated in a matter of minutes. The notion of aging gracefully has taken a wonderful turn for the better with injectable fillers. We offer Botox, Collagen, Hylaform, Restylane, Perlane, Artecoll and Reviderm and are now pleased to offer CosmoPlast and CosmoDerm in our service menu. Above and below is visual documentation of our results. AFTER Volume 1 Issue 5 The Clinic Offers A Wide Array of Services Including: • CosmoDerm & CosmoPlast • Photo Rejuvenation • Botox Injections • Collagen Injections • Laser Resurfacing • Laser Hair Removal • Spider and Varicose Veins • Glycolic Peels • Acne Treatment • Hylaform Injections • Hair Transplantation • Restylane Injections • Full Esthetic Services • Reviderm Injections • Cosmetic Mole Removal Beauty 101 FACE VALUE— NEW INJECTABLES Inside this Issue: Face Value. New Injectables 1 Mini Me-Baring It All (Veins) 2 Treatment of Hyperhidrosis 2 Turkey neck?? Got Botox 3 Dr. Weksberg On The Move 3 Laser Hair Removal 3 CosmoDerm/ CosmoPlast testimonials 3 Spring and Summer tune up 4 New Articles by Dr. Weksberg 4 SPRING 2003 NEW We have a brand new address! Come visit us at www.drweksberg.com BEFORE
  2. 2. Excerpt from the article: Nov/Dec 2002 Issue MINI ME, BARING IT ALL Legs, Legs and More Legs. This Spring, fashion designers have decreed that we shorten our skirts!!!! Some of us more adventuresome girls may even opt for the return of the mini or at the very least, hope to show great gams in a bathing suit or golf shorts! The Toronto Vein Clinic remains at the forefront of sclerotherapy. We are always available to help you. We are masters in sclerotherapy and phlebology and continue to specialize in these successful treatments. Dr. Weksberg will be starting his clinical trial using the Polaris laser for leg vein treatment...so far the results are looking very promising. There is no longer any need to suffer with the discomfort or embarrassment of unsightly veins. Trust The Toronto Vein Clinic to restore your comfort and confidence all before the hottest weather arrives. TREATMENT OF HYPERHIDROSIS “Botox A has been used very successfully in The treatment of hyperhidrosis,” Dr. Fred Weksberg, director of the TorontoVein Clinic, and , and director for the Centre for Cosmetic Dermatology, Toronto, told the CHRONICLE OF SKIN & ALLERGY. “It’s a very simple procedure, where a series of injections approximately 1.5 cm apart is made in the armpit. The average person would get about 25 injections per side. When asked about side effects, Dr. Weksberg responded, “Botox is extremely safe, so side effects are extremely rare. I’ve never had a patient experience side effects with injections in the armpit or the palm.” “Sometimes with Botox, when we treat lines and wrinkles, we can space the treatments farther apart,” explained Dr. Weksberg. “If patients have had Botox for three years they don’t have to be treated as often. The effects of each particular treatment are more lasting.”
  3. 3. Dr. Weksberg On The Move WE STOLE THE SHOW: Toronto: January 2003 - “Breakfast TV” on City with Jennifer Valentine. In case you missed us please stop by and view our video clip on photorejuvenation for youthful skin, hylaform for lips lines, Botox for sweating and sclerotherapy for leg vein treatment. COMING UP: National: CTV’s newest health and wellness show “Balance”, with host, Dr. Marla Shapiro. Episodes on facial rejuvenation, hylaform and collagen injections, sclerotherapy for spider and varicose veins, cosmetic mole and skin tag removal and acne treatments. Toronto: Ongoing Spring 2003- “The Ultimate Makeover” on Prime TV. March 21-26: American Academy of Dermatology–Luminary/medical advisor for photorejuvenation laser therapy. March 21-23: “NewYou Show” Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Visit us at the Glytone and CosmoDerm/ CosmoPlast booths and chat about the latest developments with Dr. Weksberg’s highly experienced patient coordinators. May 23-25: Banff, Alberta. Conference for top Botox injectors in Canada. Gobble Gobble.. Say So Long to Turkey Neck Botox Cosmetic continues to work wonders! We’re already using Botox for forehead lines, crows feet, frown lines and hyperhidrosis. But of late we are getting fantastic results on unattractive neck bands as well. Neck bands, (horizontal or vertical lines around the neck), are caused by hyperactive muscles in the neck and by relaxing these muscles with Botox Cosmetic we can diminish and even in many cases eliminate the wrinkles and neck bands altogether. If you are constantly wrapping your lovely neck in scarves or turtlenecks, please come in for your consult. We look forward to helping you soon. Now that the snow has finally melted.. Don’t forget to start your Laser Hair Removal!! Time to get rid of the fuzzies, we have a new machine for darker skin tones. Call for your free consultation 416-494-4247 Our patients are ecstatic!! Testimonials re: CosmoDerm And CosmoPlast…. Annie says, ”This was by far the most comfortable injectable yet, not at all painful. No prior dental block or anesthetic and the results are truly amazing. Soft Natural And Smooth.” Sue had CosmoDerm and CosmoPlast for the lines from the corner of her nose to the corner of her mouth, she called to say, “it is an amazing product. There are no lumps, no ridges, and I look healthy and totally natural. My clients think I’ve been away, they don’t know I’ve done anything. I feel young and beautiful and I am so happy.” Mrs. H. remarked, ”Vanity knows no pain.” Call The Centre for Cosmetic Dermatology today, and book early!!! (416) 494-4247
  4. 4. DR. FRED WEKSBERG, MD., F.R.C.P.(C) & ASSOCIATES 1333 SHEPPARD AVENUE EAST SUITE 324 TORONTO, ONTARIO M2J 1V1 TELEPHONE: (416) 494•4247 COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY TORONTOTORONTO VEIVEIN CLINICCLINIC How do you have a new address when you haven’t even moved??? Come visit us at: www.dr.weksberg.com Aesthetics Spring and Summer tune up….. BOYS CAN TOO - Get rid of all that dead winter skin - slough it off with a Yonka exfoliating facial. BRAND NEW DAY - Put some Spring into your skin– enjoy a nice healthy glow after a glycolic peel-improve the texture, clean the pores and start to diminish those dry dehydrated lines. PINKING OF YOU– Spring into Spring– Get your feet ready for sandals. Smooth your heels, moisturize and polish your toes with one of OPI’s new hot pinks. GET THE PICTURE– Do you suffer from rosacea? Tired of trying to cover up those brown spots? Finally there’s a treatment to help. Photo rejuvenation is your solution. Moisturizer is no longer all that you need. Unfortunately as we age, too much sun begins to take its toll on our skin. So along with photorejuvenation, a recommended practice is the use of bleaching and exfoliating. At Dr. Weksberg’s Centre for Cosmetic Dermatology we offer an extensive selection of products that successfully fade brown spots (sun spots). Next time you are in consult with Dr. Weksberg on the right product for you. Read about us in Fifty Plus– Oct/2002 issue. Dr. Weksberg talks about Botox. WANTED! Acne Study Patients. Needed for 10 visits within 2 months for laser treatment. (must be 21 years or older) (Call to enquire) 416-499-8242 Don’t Leave Home Without It! At the Centre for Cosmetic Dermatology, we respectfully remind all our patients to please remember to apply your sunscreen before your moisturizer in the name of everlasting BEAUTY! Also published in the Chronicle of Skin and Allergy- Nov/Dec- 2002 issue, Hyperhidrosis-Botox injection for sweating.