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thru 2002.doc

  1. 1. SOME FACILITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS with policy statements recognizing the negative impact of scented products on health or that have SCENT-FREE facilities or meetings Updated 4/22/2002 HEALTH RELATED US Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (soap, cosmetics, hairspray may trigger asthma statement) American Environmental Health Foundation (AEHF) (scent-free awareness program) Environmental Health Network (EHN) “There is more to ADA than obvious disabilities…” EHN Petition to FDA with analyses American Thoracic Society (statement from Interdisciplinary Meeting 1988) American Lung Association (recognizes perfume as asthma trigger.” Stamp out strong odors or fumes. Perfume, room deodorizer, cleaning agents..., statement from Interdisciplinary Meeting 1988) American Medical Association (recognizes perfumes as irritants, “…discuss ways to reduce exposures to the following: …. irritants (e.g., perfumes, cleaning agents, sprays”)) 4.htm The American Academy of Allergy and Immunology (routinely warns asthmatics to avoid exposures to perfumes) Environmental Working Group (phthalate in perfume) The Human Ecology Action League, Atlanta, GA (statement, scent-free awareness programs) Page: 1 of 28 1/30/15
  2. 2. ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (sets standards for industry and government) National Center for Environmental Health Strategies (NCEHS), Voorhees, NJ (MCS/access statement) Environmental Health Perspectives (journal articles about chemical sensitivity) Community Resources for Independence, Santa Rosa, CA (scent-free) Valerie Igl, MFT, El Cerrito, CA (scent-free psychotherapist’s office) Kaiser-Oakland’s Allergy/Dermatology Dept., Oakland, CA (scent-free patient policy) Environmental Health Network, CA (major scent-free awareness site, petitions) Contra Costa Medical Advisory Planning Commission, CA (scent-free meetings) Environmental Health Network General Meetings/Support Group, San Rafael, CA School of Nursing Faculty, U of CA in San Francisco, CA (scent-free) National Jewish Medical and Research Center, Denver, CO (hospital scent-free for patients and staff) Boulder Department of Health, Boulder, CO (statement) Medical office of Dr. Kendall Gerdes, Denver, CO (scent-free office) Medical office of Dr. Mark Haimes, Boulder, CO (scent-free office) Boulder Community Hospital, Boulder, CO (volunteers and employees asked not to use heavily scented fragrances) Medical office of Drs. Ling and Lipetz, Lafayette, CO (perfume problem awareness statement in waiting room) American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Denver, CO (statement) Rocky Mountain Environmental Health Association (awareness program, fragrance-free meetings) Synergy Fitness Center, Gunbarrel, Boulder, CO (perfume problem awareness statement in locker room) Center For the Healing Arts, Orange, CT (scent-free office) Jewish Hospital, Louisville, KY (scent-free rooms for MCS patients) Massachusetts Nurses Association, MA (scent-free meetings, advocates scent-free workplace and advises nurses to be scent-free ) Page: 2 of 28 1/30/15
  3. 3. Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America/New England Chapter, Chestnut Hill, MA (staff does not wear perfume or other scented personal products, developed checklist funded by EPA of asthma triggers, which includes scents) Dr. Barry Elson, MD, Northampton, MA (scent-free office) Massachusetts CFIDS Association (cystic fibrosis) (scent-free policy, offer information ) Michigan Council for Maternal and Child Health, the Lansing Area Safety Council, the American Lung Association of Michigan, Michigan Environmental Council, Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS), National Environmental Trust, PIRGIM (advocating exposure monitoring programs in every state for hazardous chemicals cited in CDC Report on Toxic Exposures - includes phthalates in perfumed products) Pathways Health Crisis Response Center, Minneapolis, MN (scent-free building) Missouri Department of Social Services, Division of Aging (employees fragrance-free) 003038.html Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Support Group, Greensboro, NC (fragrance-free meetings) Disabled in Action (DIA), NY, NY (scent-free meetings) "A System to Serve People," New Mexico, Department of Health, Community Health Systems Division, Emergency Medical Services Bureau, Vol. 15, No. 3, Oct. 1996, NM (statement advocating use of non- scented products) ILRU Program of The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (TIRR), Houston, TX American Lung Association of Virginia (fragrance-free) Northern Virginia CFS/FMS Support Group, VA Overeaters Anonymous, Seattle, WA (scent-free meetings at St. Paul's Church of Christ and Woodland Park Methodist Church) Ballard Fibromyalgia /Chronic Fatigue Support Group, Seattle, WA (fragrance-free meetings) The Eastside CFS/FMS Support Group, Kirkland, WA (scent-free meetings) Page: 3 of 28 1/30/15
  4. 4. The Seattle CFS/FMS Support Group, Seattle, WA (scent-free meetings) Enumclaw FMS Support Group, Enumclaw, WA (scent-free meetings) A Woman's Place Education Center at St. Mary’s Medical Center, Green Bay, WI (scent- free) INTERNATIONAL Ateliers Energies et Sante (toxicity article includes perfume) France National University Out-patient Clinic, Copenhagen, Denmark (scent-free) Environmental Illness Society of Canada (statement) IWK Health Centre , Halifax, NS, Canada (scent-free) Occupational Health and Safety, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (information series for Alberta Government Employees “ ...common sources of contaminants in the indoor environment are: Cleaning products, Furnishings, Scented products...”encourages staff to use scent free products) European Allergy and Asthma Federation (Finland) (requested less use of scents by population) European Association of the Pulmonary Disabled (Finland) (requested scent-free places and days) Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (promotes scent-free workplaces) Victoria General Hospital, Canada Ottawa Hospital, General Campus, Ottawa, Canada (suggests employees be scent-free) [PDF] Queensway-Carleton Hospital, Canada (visitors and employees scent-free, unscented or less scented products used) [PDF] Atlantic Health Sciences Corp., NB, Canada (scent-free hospitals) St. John Regional, Centracare, St. Joseph’s, Grand Manan Hospital, Sussex Health Centre, Ridgewood Veterans Wing, Ridgewood Addiction Treatment Centre, LoneWater Farm, Charlotte County Hospital, Fundy Health Centre - Black's Harbour, Deer Island Health Centre, Campobello Health Centre HealthCare Corporation of St. John’s, NF, Canada (scent-free policy) Page: 4 of 28 1/30/15
  5. 5. Nova Scotia Environmental Health Clinic, Halifax, NS, Canada (scent-free) Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre, St. John’s, NF, Canada (scent free policy) Peninsula Health Care Corporation, NF, Canada includes the following three scent-free hospitals: Burin Peninsula Health Care Centre (Burin), Dr. G. B. Cross Memorial Hospital (Clarenville), Bonavista Peninsula Health Care Centre (Bonavista), NF, Canada North Bay General Hospital, Ontario, Canada (scent-free) Broadcast of Ontario Today 8/28/2000 Shearwater Medical Clinic (Canadian Air Force Wing), NS, Canada (scent-free) PDF] Newfoundland and Labrador Lung Association, Canada (statement) Environmental Illness Society of Canada (statement) Calgary Regional Health Authority, Calgary, Canada (scent-free awareness program in hospitals) Community Care Access Centre, Midland, Ontario, Canada (scent-free workplace) Victoria General Hospital, NS, Canada (scent-free) Kelowna General Hospital , Okanagnan, BC., Canada (scent-free for patients and visitors) The Nova Scotia Hospital, Dartmouth, NS, Canada (fragrance-free) Central West Health Corporation offices, Grand Falls-Windsor, NF, Canada (scent-free) NS Lung Association, NS, Canada (provides scent-free signs for use in schools and hospitals) PEI Lung Association, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada (promotes scent- free education) (request to churches) British Columbia Lung Association, BC, Canada (scent-free office) (statement) Peninsula Health Care Centre (Bonavista), NF, Canada (scent-free) North Bay General Hospital, North Bay, Ontario, Canada (scent-free) Valley Regional Hospital, Kentville, NS, Canada (scent-free) Page: 5 of 28 1/30/15
  6. 6. Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital, Inverness, NS, Canada (scent-free) Charlotte Eleanor Engleheart Hospital, St. Joseph's Health Centre, Sarnia General Hospital, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada (volunteers and employees to be fragrance-free) The Department of Health and Community Services, NF, Canada (scent-free workplace) Canadian Acupuncture Institute, Victoria, BC, Canada (scent-free) Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute, Scarborough, ON, Canada (scent-free courses held in Ontario, BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Canada) The NAET Clinic of Ottawa, Canada Patients arriving with perfume, scents or tobacco odours may be required to reschedule their appointments. AIDS Committee of Thunder Bay “Attention all clients, volunteers and visitors to the AIDS Committee of Thunder Bay (Ontario, Canada) Use no perfumes, aftershave, or scented makeup or hairspray when visiting our premises. They have been known to cause allergic reactions for staff, clients and volunteers.” Waterford Hospital, NF, Canada (scent-free) St. Mary’s University Health Service (scent-free), Halifax, NS, Canada Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital, NF, Canada (scent-free) Western Memorial Regional Hospital, NF, Canada (scent-free) Montreal Chest Institute, Canada (scent-free) Women’s College Hospital, Toronto, Canada (environmental health clinic) Ontario Nurses Association, Canada (scent-free meetings) The Nova Scotia Environmental Health Center Clinic, NS, Canada (scent-free) Nova Scotia Department of Health, Canada (scent-free policy statement) Queen Elizabeth II Health Science Center, NS, Canada (scent-free) Cobequid Multiservice Center (hospital), Sackville, NS, Canada (scent-free) Cowie Hill Family Medical Centre, Halifax, NS, Canada (scent-free) Page: 6 of 28 1/30/15
  7. 7. Nova Scotia Nurses Union, NS, Canada (scent-free meetings) MEETINGS / CONFERENCES / WORKSHOPS Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Conference, March 1998, Northwestern University Law Chicago, IL (scent-free) Washington Toxics Coalition “Chemical Exposure and Disease,” Seattle, WA (206) 632-1545 or e-mail Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Conference, October 2000, Sheraton Conference Center Eatontown, NJ (fragrance-free) Guelph Sexuality Conference, June 2001, Guelph, Ontario, Canada (scent-free) The Pearls of Medical Acupuncture Philosophical, Clinical and Preventive Aspects, April 2001, Calgary, AB, Canada Chemical-Free Lawn Care Seminar Sponsored by Alliance for Sustainability: The Saint Paul Neighborhood Energy Consortium, The Women's Cancer Resource Center, Minnesota Children's Health Environmental Coalition, St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN (scent-free) Toxic Action Center, "Protecting Our Communities: A Western Massachusetts Environmental Organization Conference," November 1999, Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA. (fragrance-free) Massachusetts Nurses Association Convention, November 2000, The Seaport Hotel, MA (scent-free) CT Coalition for Environmental Justice Conference, "Asthma in the African American and Latino Communities,” Hartford, CT (fragrance-free) American Lung Association of Southeast Florida Breathe Easy Program (fragrance-free) Palm Beach Post Staff Reports for Martin/St. Lucie, Saturday, May 5, 2001 Symposium on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, May 2000, San Francisco, CA (fragrance-free) “Safe School Seminar,” sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Environmental Health Association and the University of Colorado at Boulder, ( health consequences of chemicals) Vitamin Cottage Auditorium, February 1999, Lakewood, CO (fragrance-free) Toxic Alanion Center, “Building A Network” Conference, October 1998, West Hartford, CT (fragrance-free event) 12th Annual Conference of the Toxics Action Center, March 1998, Boston College, Newton, MA Page: 7 of 28 1/30/15
  8. 8. Conference for African American and Latino Communities cosponsored by Connecticut Departments of Environmental Protection and Public Health, Cities of Bridgeport, Hartford and New Haven Health Departments, Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice, American Lung Association of Connecticut, and Yale School of Medicine, November 1998, North Haven, CT Americans with Disabilities Act Coalition of Connecticut, Inc.,” The ADA, Employment, and People with Hidden Disabilities” Conference, October 1998, Hartford, CT (fragrance- free) 12th Annual Conference on Women’s Health & Well-Being, March 2001, New Brunswick, Canada Email: Office of Protection and Advocacy for People With Disabilities Fall Disability Non-Profit Training Series Hartford, CT (fragrance-free) Saskatoon Union of Nurses Annual Meeting, 3/1998, Canada (business and banquet rooms scent-free) FEDERAL / CITIES / STATES US Center for Disease Control (CDC) (phthalate in perfume) Environmental Health Perspect 2000 Oct;108:972-82 US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) (have recognized MCS as a disabling condition) Chemical and Biological Contamination Avoidance Headquarters, Dept. of the Army, Washington, DC, 16 November 1992, Chapter 3 - Chemical Agents, Chemical Agent Monitor US Post Office (restricts mailing of fragrances) DMM C024.15.0., 15.0 Fragrance Advertising Sample US Post Office, 39 USC 3001(g) Consumer Product Safety Commission National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) (lists 864 fragrance chemicals as toxic substances, guide to toxic chemicals) ( Page: 8 of 28 1/30/15
  9. 9. “Indoor Air Pollution, An Introduction for Health Professionals” report co-sponsored by: The American Lung Association (ALA), The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and The American Medical Association (AMA) U.S. Government Printing Office Publication No. 1994-523- 217/81322, 1994 (statement-disease causing volatile organics are emitted by…personal items such as scents and hair sprays) US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (toluene toxicity statement) US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ” Polar Organic Compounds in Fragrances of Consumer Products “Final Report” (includes toxics in fragrances) and (asthma triggers) US EPA (Volatile Organic Compounds from fragranced products can add significantly to the level of indoor air pollution, found that air in department stores contained more chemicals than the air in auto body shops., most abundant chemical in perfume departments and auto body shops was toluene, a known toxic chemical) National Academy of Sciences (statement) National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC) (policy statement for US) US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) (fragrance-free meetings) US EPA, Environmental Sciences Division, “ISSUES IN THE ANALYSIS OF ENVIRONMENTAL ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS,” March 2000American Chemical Society National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, “Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in the Environment -- An Emerging Concern” US Department of Labor (Memorandum for all Employment Standards Administration employees, May 2001, (perfumed products “ ... should not be used in the office environment.”) hard copy sent by: Job Accommodation Network, A service of the U.S. DOL Office of Disability Employment Policy, US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission adopts new Reasonable Accomodation Policy implementing requirement that all federal agencies develop written procedures explaing how reasonable accomadation request will be processed. February 2001 US Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board, Washington DC (scent- free policy and meetings) Page: 9 of 28 1/30/15
  10. 10. State of California (Senate Publication #876-S) DHS Child Welfare Court, San Francisco, CA (fragrance-free) San Francisco City Council Meetings, San Francisco, CA (fragrance-free) San Francisco Disability Council Meetings, San Francisco, CA (fragrance-free meetings) City of Oakland, CA (fragrance-free meetings) San Francisco Board of Supervisors, CA (scent-free meetings) City of Berkeley, CA (policy statement, scent-free public meetings) City of Berkeley Department of Public Works Commission on Disability, CA City of Santa Clara, CA (policy statement, scent-free public meetings) City of Santa Clara, CA Historical and Landmarks Commission meeting City of Santa Cruz, CA (all city properties, city sponsored events, municipal courts, Transportation commission meetings, zoning board, etc. scent-free) November/003038.html City and County of San Francisco, CA | City Hall Scoop Newsletter “...will make every effort to use scent-free chemicals when available.” Marin County Open Space & Cultural Commission Committee meetings, Marin County, CA (fragrance-free) INTERNATIONAL City of Halifax, NS, Canada (all Halifax hospitals restrict fragrance use. A similar policy is found in other buildings (e.g., universities, churches, public libraries, mass transit buses, Municipal offices and law courts). Within the school system, however, the restrictions on fragrance use have been left to individual schools.) (courts) Cape Breton Regional Municipality, Canada (has been asked to make municipal buildings and employees free of scents) The Scientific Committee on Cosmetic and Non-Food-Products intended for Consumers Page: 10 of 28 1/30/15
  11. 11. of the European Commission (SCCNFP) (opinion on labeling of cosmetics causing fragrance allergy) Federal Environmental Agency Committee on Indoor Air Hygiene), Berlin, Germany (statement) e/p1400e.htm University Hospital Dermatology Department in collaboration with the Danish EPA and the National Environmental Research Institute (report - perfume causes allergy) Odense University Hospital Dermatology Department, Denmark (report - perfume causes allergy) EU Cosmetic Products Directive (advocates listing of or limiting use of allergy causing fragrances in cosmetics to enable public to avoid allergy) Danish Ecological Council and Danish Consumer Council advocates listing of ingredients in products (perfumes, cosmetics) to enable public to avoid hazardous chemicals) Danish EPA, Ministry of Environment and Energy (labelling regulations for perfumes, cosmetics) Danish National Environmental Research Institute's Environmental Chemistry Department (babies skin vulnerable fragrances and preservatives) European Environmental Bureau (EEB), The European Consumers' Organisation (BEUC), The Danish Consumer Council, The Danish Society for the Conservation of Nature and The Danish Ecological Council supported by the European Environment Agency (demand that EU chemicals policy include: a full right to know including what chemicals are present in products, a deadline by which all chemicals on the market must have had their safety independently assessed. All uses of a chemical should be approved and should be demonstrated to be safe beyond reasonable doubt, a phase out of persistent or bioaccumulative chemicals, a requirement to substitute less safe chemicals with safer alternatives - applicable to fragrance/cosmetic industry) French Two major umbrella organisations EEB (European Environment Bureau) and BEUC (European Consumers’ Organisation) as well as a number of other European organisations have agreed on 5 key demands for the future European chemicals policy - labelling, non toxic alternatives, end to use of toxic substances by 2020, and recognize fragrances as contributing to health problems Including dozens of organizations plus: Page: 11 of 28 1/30/15
  12. 12. The Danish Ecological Council, The Danish Consumer Council, The Danish Society for the Conservation of Nature, (BEUC) The European Consumers' Organisation, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, European Environmental Bureau (EEB) The European Consumers Organization (modifications to directive 76/768/CEE relative to cosmetic products) ORGANIZATIONS / OFFICES US American Friends Service Committee (scent-free policy for events) Bridge to Independent Living, Tucson, AZ (fragrance-free offices) Access Exchange International (international policy planning statement) AL-Anon and Alateen North California World Service, CA (scent-free meetings in Berkeley (2) Albany (1), Oakland (1) Adult Children of Alcoholics Anonymous, Elim Lutheran Church, Petaluma, CA (scent- free meetings) Adult Children of Alcoholics Anonymous, United Methodist Church, Santa Rosa, CA (scent-free meetings) National Organization for Women (NOW), Santa Rosa, CA (scent-free meetings) National Clearinghouse on Marital and Date Rape/Women's History Library, Berkeley, CA San Francisco Vocational Services, San Francisco, CA (offices fragrance-free) Pacific Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center, Berkeley, CA (scent-free office) ADA Pacific Center Update Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, & the Pacific Basin Wall (scent free) The Sierra Club - San Francisco and Loma Prieta Chapters, CA (scent-free policy statement) Dept. of Labor Central Office, Wethersfield, CT (6 handicapped restrooms fragrance-free) Ecological Health Organization, Inc., Hebron, CT (meetings, policy statement) Page: 12 of 28 1/30/15
  13. 13. Massachusetts Institute for the Chemically Injured, (monthly fragrance-free support group meetings in the greater Boston area, at sites north and south of Boston, on Cape Cod and in Central MA) Institute for Community Inclusion, Children's Hospital, Boston, MA (scent-free meetings) Community Access Monitor Training Program, Massachusetts Office of Disability, Winchester, MA (scent -free classes in Bourne, Andover, Dedham, Worcester, Abington, Cambridge) Alcoholics Anonymous, St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church, Bloomington, MN (scent-free meetings) Alcoholics Anonymous U. of St. Thomas, Summit Hill, St. Paul, MN (scent-free meetings) [PDF] Minneapolis Community Development Agency (MCDA), Minneapolis, MN (scent-free offices) Hennepin County Bar Association, Minneapolis, MN (scent-free meetings) Paraquad (Metropolitan Planning Commission for St. Louis), St. Louis, MO (scent-free offices) Independent Living Resource Center, Jefferson City, MO (all programs scent-free) Dept. of Labor, MO (scent-free meetings) Missouri Department of Social Services, Division of Aging (fragrance-free) l/1996- November/003038.html Oregon Ecobuilding Network (scent-free awareness efforts) Al-Anon, St. Paul’s United Church, Seattle, WA (scent-free meetings) Al-Anon, University District, Seattle, WA (scent-free meetings) Madison Benefit Center, Madison, WI (scent-free offices) INTERNATIONAL Invisible Disabilities Association of Canada, Kentville, NS, Canada (encourages scent- free policy everywhere) DisAbled Women's Network (D.A.W.N.), Ontario, Canada (guidelines for fragrance-free policies) http:// Page: 13 of 28 1/30/15
  14. 14. Friends of the Earth (Europe-wide effort to pressure companies to end use of artificial musks, phthalates, etc. - campaign supported by WWF, the European Environmental Bureau (which represents environment groups in the EU and the European Consumers Organisation (BEUC). Independent Living Resource Center, St. John’s, NF, Canada (scent-free) Al-Anon at Presbyterian Church, Vashon Island, Belfrey, Canada (scent-free meetings) Halifax Chronicle-Herald Newspaper, Halifax, NS, Canada (scent-free offices) BC Government and Service Employees’ Union, BC, Canada (scent-free policy statement) Canada Mortgage and Housing Authority (helped fund report by Pollution Probe and CullbridgeTM Marketing and Communications on indoor air pollution that included scented product emissions) Canada Mortgage and Housing (recognise Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) Canadian Human Rights Act Review Panel Roundtable, October 1999,Edmonton, AB, Canada (scent-free meeting) Canadian Human Rights Act Review Panel Roundtable, October 1999,Ottawa, Canada (scent-free meetings) Public Service Alliance of Canada National Board of Directors (awareness kit on scent- free environments) Public Archives Site, Halifax, NS, Canada (scent-free office) Nova Scotia Department of Labour, (found that the air in department stores contained more chemicals than the air in auto body shops., most abundant chemical inperfume departments and auto body shops was toluene, a known toxic chemical) Nova Scotia Metro Transit, Halifax, NS, Canada (scent-free buses) Workers Compensation Board, PEI, Canada (scent-free facility) Future Growth Investment Group, Halifax, NS, Canada (scent-free meetings) Pollution Probe Report on Improving the Indoor Environment in Ontario Schools Citizens for A Safe Learning Environment (CASLE) Page: 14 of 28 1/30/15
  15. 15. SCHOOLS with scent-free policy US The Challenge Charter School, Phoenix, AZ Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Jefferson City, MO Crest Middle School, Maryville, WA INTERNATIONAL Waterview Early Learning Center, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada (scent-free) Aurora High School, Toronto, Canada Tantallon Junior High, NS, Canada King Lear School, Ontario, Canada (scent-free) South Shore District School Board, Bridgewater, NS, Canada Nova Scotia Teachers Union, Halifax County, Halifax, NS, Canada (scent-free meetings) Nova Scotia Department of Education (advocates scent-free policy for schools, NS, Canada) Halifax Regional School Board Waterloo Board of Education, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (established some scent-free classrooms, advocates use of scent-free products in schools) Annapolis Valley Regional School Board, NS, Canada Maple Grove Education Centre, Hebron, NS, Canada (scent-free) Halton Board of Education, Ontario, Canada [PDF] South Sahali Elementary School, Kamloops, BC, Canada Nashwaaksis Middle School, NB, Canada (students refrain from using scented perfumes, colognes, hair sprays, deodorant, students and teachers are to refrain from using Liquid Paper, White-Out or any product that emits a strong odour) Chester Area Middle School, Chester, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, Canada. (one of sixty-eight schools under the Southwest Regional School Board of Nova Scotia. (scent- free) Page: 15 of 28 1/30/15
  16. 16. Centre Consolidated School, South Shore District School Board, Lunenburg, NS, Canada (scent-free) Beechville Lakeside Timberlea School, Canada Pacific Christian School, Victoria, BC, Canada [PDF] Bridgetown Regional Elementary School, Bridgetown, NS, Canada Bluefield School, PEI, Canada Central Kings, NS, Canada West Kings District High School, NS, Canada Somerset and District Elementary School, Somerset, NS, Canada Sir Robert Borden High School, Cole Harbour area, NS, Canada The Growing Place School, St. John, NB, Canada James M. Hill High School, Miramichi, NB, Canada Centennial School, St. John, NB, Canada St. Michael’s Catholic School, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada Grosvenor-Wentworth Park's School H. M. Mac Donald School, Maryvale, NS, Canada Westmount School, NS, Canada Bridgewater Elementary School, NS, Canada Park View Education Centre, NS, Canada Water-View Early Learning Centre, PEI, Canada Barkers Point School, Fredericton, NB, Canada Duncan MacMillan High School, Sheet Harbour, NS, Canada Chester High School, Chester, NS, Canada personal communication from Freewheeling, NS personnel New Minas Elemenatery School, New Minas, NS, Canada Approximately 80% of Halifax, NS schools including: Page: 16 of 28 1/30/15
  17. 17. West High School, Highland Park Jr. High, Clayton Jr. High School, St. Stephen’s School, A.J. Smeltzer School, Cornwallis Junior High School, UNIVERSITIES US UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA, WRIT001-17: Earth Dwelling: Exploring the Human Place in Nature, Prof. J. Todd (scent-free class) University of Minnesota School of Social Work, Minneapolis, MN (scent-free) Disability Services at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN (fragrance-free area) Norcroft writing residency program, Lutsen, MN (scent-free classes) Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, Prof. J. Jones (scent-free classes) Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA (encourages employees and students to be scent- free) North Seattle Community College, Seattle, WA (encourages fragrance-free environment) Tacoma Food System & Washington State University Coop. Extension, Tacoma, WA (scent-free) West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV (cites perfume, etc. as cause of health problems) INTERNATIONAL University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada (scent-free policy) Atlantic School of Theology NS, Canada (scent-free facility) Pearson College, Victoria, BC, Canada (scent-free policy) St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS, Canada (scent-free) Saint Mary’s Intensive English Program, Halifax, NS, Canada (scent-free homestays) University of Toronto Libraries, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (scent-free reading room) Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada (All Recreational Services & Athletics Facilities, East and West Gymnasiums, Aquatic Center, weight room , gym lockers, Squash, Racquetball, Tennis and Outdoor Courts, Track and Fields - scent-free facilities) Page: 17 of 28 1/30/15
  18. 18. University of Saskatchewan, Canada (five library locations have been declared scent-free. At this time, the policies apply only to library staff.) St. Mary’s University, Halifax, NS, Canada (scent-free student health clinic) Douglas College, BC, Canada Dalhousie University, NS, Canada (scent-free) Mount St. Vincent University, Halifax, NS, Canada (scent-free policy) Waterloo University, Ontario, Canada (policy manual-will correct scent caused problems when asked, library, adaptive technology center scent-free) University of New Brunswick, NB, Canada (Faculty of Nursing Professors, students, Dean of Nursing request scent-free buildings) Acadia University, Wolfville, NS, Canada (scent-free policy) Personal communication - Prof. Di MacPhee Sunnybrook and Womens's College Campuses of Sunnybrook and Women's HSC (scent- free policy and measures to reduce outdoor pesticide use) Memorial School of Music, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada (scent-free bldg. and concerts) BUSINESSES US Good Scents Company's Safety Page (perfume industry says don’t use perfume, etc.) Baker Book House (scent-free work environment) Alacrity Ventures, Berkeley, CA (uses only unscented janitorial products, encourages employees to be scent-free) Consensus Development Corporation, ( fragrance-free, uses nontoxic and fragrance-free janitorial products) Anderson Laboratories, W. Hartford, VT (statement) Page: 18 of 28 1/30/15
  19. 19. Greener Alternatives, Santa Cruz, CA (fragrance-free working environment) Southwest Airlines Conference2001 (scent-free event) Aubrey Organics (statement on phthalates in perfume) INTERNATIONAL Halifax Chronicle-Herald newspaper (prohibits its 350 employees from using scented products) Scented Products Education and Information Association of Canada (perfume industry admits association between perfume and asthma) Bus Transpotation, Ottawa, Canada (scent-free) Swiss Chalet, Halifax, NS, Canada (scent-free) McKelvies Restaurant, Halifax, Dartmouth, NS, Canada (scent-free) Health Homes Consulting, Beaverbank, NS, Canada (scent-free) Heartwood Bakery and Café, Halifax, NS, Canada (scent-free) Hang Gliding School, Langley, BC, Canada (scent-free instructor) Great Ocean Foods Markets, NS, Canada (scent-free food market) Convergys Corp., NS, Canada (scent-free offices) Baker Book House (scent-free) LODGING US Be sure to request non-scented, no Bounce or scented fabric softener in linens and towels if you can make arrangements early, removal of potpourris, candles, etc. Remember that it is impossible to remove ALL scent from linens if it has been used previously. Nita Ischerwood’s Lucky Farm B&B, South Kona, Big Island, Hawaii. French spoken at this organic macadamia, avocado, Kona coffee, fruit farm, possibility to breakfast on small deck or in house, cook outside (primitive), refrigerator, rooms a little primitive but no scent in linens, road noise, picnic and recreation equipment. BOOK EARLY View: Email: Page: 19 of 28 1/30/15
  20. 20. Call: (US/Canada) 1-800-3ALOHAS (325-6427) or (local, other countries)1-808-328-2112, Fax: 1-808-328-2255 Write: 83-5465 Mamalahoa Hwy, Captain Cook HI 96704 Kurt Weigelt’s At the Edge of the World B&B, South Kona, Big Island, Hawaii. organic macadamia, avocado,Kona coffee, fruit farm. If Kurt is there might try to provide special diet breakfast if possible (ask him). Beautiful open house, refrigerator use, large deck, use his computer to check email, kayak, picnic and recreation equipment BOOK EARLY "Kurt F. Weigelt" <> P.O. Box 888; Capt. Cook, HI 96704 U.S.A. tel. (808) 328-7424, Roger Dilt’s Place of Refuge B&B , South Kona, Big Island, Hawaii. BOOK EARLY specify only upstairs rooms, wild roosters are noisy on this avocado, macadamia, Kona coffee, fruit farm, barbecue on large deck, cook in kitchen at night, picnic and recreation equipment. 1-866-328-0604 (toll free), 1-808-937-9533 (cell) Roger Dilts <> Beware of the moldiness of the Volcano area. Better to stay in Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii at Maureen’s B&B, an historic mansion, large open sitting areas (3), garden, cross ventilation in BR, refrigerator use Topeka Independent Living Resource Center, Topeka, KS (scent-free) Ben Lomond Quaker Center, Santa Cruz, CA (scent-free) Ecology House, San Rafael, CA (scent-free) Caravan Inn Motel, Glenwood Springs, CO (scent-free bed linens and towels) The Natural Place, Deerfield Beach, FL (scent-free) Pride and Joy Environmental Resort, Melbourne Beach, FL (scent-free) The Galligan House, Laneboro, MN (scent-free) Phuntsok Dechen Ling, Clifton, OH (“Green ”hotel, perfume-free laundry, Tibetan Buddhist retreat) Escalante House, Escalante, UT (scent-free) Green Hotels Association members use only scent-free or naturally scented products: Adam's Mark, Amhsa Hotels, Aston, Best Western, Canadian Pacific, Choice Hotels, Clarion Inn, Comfort Inn, Courtyard by Marriott, Days Inn, DoubleTree, Dunphy Hotels, Econo Lodge, Embassy Suites, Family Inns, Forte Hotels, Four Points by Sheraton, Guest Quarters, Hampton Inn, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Hospitality Inns, Howard Johnson, Hyatt, Inter-Continental, Kimpton Group, Lexington Suites, Loews, Manor Care, Marriott, Hoteles Marta, Park Inn Intl., Presidente, Page: 20 of 28 1/30/15
  21. 21. Quality Hotels, Radisson, Ramada, Red Lion, Regal Hotels, Renaissance, Ritz- Carlton, Rodeway Inn, Sheraton, Shoney's Inn, Sleep Inn, Hotel Sofitel, Stouffer Hotels, SuperClubs, Super 8 Lodge, Susse Chalet, Thrift Lodge, TraveLodge, Vagabond Inns, West Coast Hotels, Wyndham INTERNATIONAL Hotel Villa Quieta, 86, Bd. Mohamed V, Essaouira, Morocco, Tel.:212-44-78-50-04 Environmentally clean and fragrance-free room and linens on request Millie’s Place B&B, Waverly, NS, Canada (scent-free) Garden of W’Eden B&B, Lower Sackville, NS, Canada (scent-free) Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada email: Unscented products used to clean residences, bed linens, towels fragrance-free Antigonish Conference Center (Claymore Inn), Antigonish, NS, Canada 1-888-863-1050 Member of Green Way Inns, Environmentally clean rooms The Lamplighter B&B, Lunenberg, NS, Canada Environmentally clean and fragrance-free room and linens on request Tel.: 902-634-8401, FAX: 902-634-8732 Shebby’s Antigonish Highland Court B&B, Antigonish, NS, Canada 1-800-863-1858, email: Environmentally clean and fragrance-free room and linens on request Queensport B&B, Guysborough, NS, Canada Tel.: 902-358-2402 Environmentally clean and fragrance-free room and linens on request Brook Haven Court B&B, Fall River, NS, Canada 1-877-644-0947, email: (advertises scent-free) linens, towels are low scent, provides scented shampoo MacLaggan Hall, University of New Brunswick’s Faculty of Nursing, NB, Canada (scent-free building) Independent Living Resource Centre, St. John’s, NF, Canada (scent-free policy) Queens County, Nova Scotia, Canada (scent-free home) (902) 354-2711 Toll Free: 1- 800-565-5068 An Seanne Mhanse B&B, Big Harbour, NS, Canada (scent-free) hotelCode=VIC028&featureCode=SPFti Lakefront Hideaway B&B, Enfield, NS, Canada (scent-free) hotelCode=YHZ097&featureCode=SPFti Lady Catherine B&B (scent-free) 1(800)661-3426, Montague, PE, Canada Email : Page: 21 of 28 1/30/15
  22. 22. Susi Madron’s Cycling for Softies will request that hotels ON YOUR BIKE ROUTE (France) not use scented detergent/fabric softeners in linens or clean rooms with scented products (Hotels also understand the cigarette smoke problem in their restaurants and try to be helpful. They get a lot of business every year from this cycling organization.) CHURCHES US Shadow Rock Congregational Church United Church of Christ, Phoenix, AZ (scent-free policy) New Spirit Community Church, Berkeley, CA (scent-free policy) Unitarian Universalist Church, Berkeley, CA (scent-free policy) First Unitarian Church, Oakland, CA First Congregational Church of San Francisco, CA (requests fragrance-free attendance) Religious Society of Friends, Chesapeake Quarterly Meeting, Baltimore, MD (scent-free policy) First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN (some scent-free pews) [PDF] St. Stephen’s Church, Minneapolis, MN (scent-free services) [PDF] First Unitarian Society, Minneapolis, MN (scent-free policy) United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, NY, NY (scent-free policy) Pacific Northwest District Unitarian Universalist Church, Bellevue, WA (scent-free office) United Methodist Church (fragrance-free statement in accessibility audit for churches) Society of Friends (Quaker) (scent-free policy statement) Baltimore, Stony Run (Chesapeake Quarterly Meeting) (scent-free meetings) INTERNATIONAL The Catholic Women's League of Canada (requests scent-free meetings for parishes, school boards, local govt.) %201996/smoke_free_scent_free.htm) Calvin Christian reformed Church, Nepean, Ontario, Canada Page: 22 of 28 1/30/15
  23. 23.'14.htm St. John’s United, Middletown, NS, Canada (scent-free policy) St. John’s and Wellington United Churches, Waverly, NS, Canada (support and encourage a scent-free environment.) St. Mark's Church, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada (scent-free) St. James United, Dartmouth, NS, Canada (scent-free policy) Grace United Church, Barrie, Ontario, Canada (scent-free policy) First Unitarian Church of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada (office scent-free) Emmanuel Congregational Christian Church, Middleton, NS, Canada (scent-free policy) The Spiritual Science Fellowship, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada (scent-free policy) “Scent-free Parishes in Vogue”, Anglican Journal, October 2001, Anglican Church of Canada Interfaith Ministry Center (scent-free) Woodlawn United Church, Dartmouth, NS, Canada RECREATION US The WHIMSYUM Salon Center (movement and vocalization), West Berkeley, CA (scent-free) Rose Street House of Music, Berkeley, CA (scent-free) Stanford University Symphonic Chorus, Campbell Recital Hall in the Braun Music Building, Stanford University, (scent-free on all rehearsal days, and especially on dress rehearsal and performance days) Pilar's Singing Workshops, Muir Woods Community Park Association Clubhouse, Mill Valley, CA (scent-free) Santa Cruz libraries and parks and recreation programs, CA (scent-free) Santa Cruz Arts Commission, Santa Cruz, CA (scent-free) Page: 23 of 28 1/30/15
  24. 24. Bay Area Country Dance Society Spring Dance Weekend, March 2001, Aptos, California (fragrance-free) Pacific Center for Human Growth, Berkeley, CA (scent-free) Women's Country Western Dancing., Oakland, CA (scent-free) "Hot to Trot" Women's Dance Night Masonic Hall, Oakland, CA (scent-free) Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven, CT (requests low scent attendance) Boulder Chorale, Boulder, CO (scent-free practice sessions) personal communication, B. Roach, Boulder, CO) Starlight Ballroom Dancers, Bella Vista, CO PDF] CU Chorus, Boulder, CO (scent-free practice sessions) personal communication, B. Roach, Boulder, CO) Cakenjam Music Group, Boulder, CO (scent-free practice sessions) personal communication, B. Roach, Boulder, CO) Boulder Philharmonic and Sinfonia), Boulder, CO (scent-free practice sessions) personal communication, B. Roach, Boulder, CO) City of Rosedale/Grandmont Baseball League of Detroit, MI (scent-free baseball) Intermedia Arts, St. Paul, MN (scent-free) Calliope Center, Minneapolis, MN (scent-free facility and rehearsals) Public Art Forum and Workshop for Bay Area Artists, Berkeley, CA, May 27, 1999 (fragrance-free) Rochester Swing Dance Network, Rochester, NY (fragrance-free dances) Heather and Rose Country Dancers (annual dance camp weekend), Sisters, OR (scent- free) The Third Occasional Cascadia English Country Dance Weekend, April 2001, Seattle, WA The Fourth Occasional Cascadia English Country DanceWeekend, May 2001, Seattle, WA Spring Dance Romance, March 1999, Seattle, WA Seattle English Country Dance Soc., Seattle, WA (scent-free dances) Suttle Lake Dance Camp, June 2001, OR Page: 24 of 28 1/30/15
  25. 25. Susi Madron’s Cycling for Softies will request that hotels ON YOUR BIKE ROUTE (France) not use scented detergent/fabric softeners in linens or clean rooms with scented products. (Hotels also understand the cigarette smoke problem in their restaurants and try to be helpful. They get a lot of business every year from this cycling organization.) Concert, Saturday, January 19, 2002- 8 PM; Rose Street House of Music, Berkeley, CA Mount Allison University 2001-02 Concert program including the Symphony Nova Scotia, The Montreal Lyric Opera at Convocation Hall (scent-free facility) Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, WWTMC, Walhalla, MI (campground in the northwestern section of the land designated as smoke and scent-free space) CAMPING/ HIKING WARNINGS You will be in BEAR COUNTRY. Both brown and black bears are present. Keep a clean, scent-free campsite to help avoid conflicts with bears and wildlife. Please read the publication "Bear Facts" available from the U.S. Forest Service or Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Monthly Publication of Kandiyohi Minnesota Safety Department (stay scent-free., avoid using scented soaps, lotions and shampoos. They attract all sorts of bugs.) INTERNATIONAL Rebecca Cohn Auditorium home of Symphony Nova Scotia, Dalhousie University Arts Centre, Halifax, NS, Canada (scent-free) Expressive Movement Classes, Kelowna, BC, Canada (scent-free classes) Healthstyles II, a women's only fitness facility, Fredericton, NS, Canada (fragrance-free) Second English Country Dance Weekend, September 2001, Victoria, BC, Canada (fragrance-free) Weekly English Country Dancing, Victoria, BC, Canada (fragrance-free) Dartmouth Players Community Theatre, NS, Canada (scent-free) Montreal Symphony (jperforming musicians are scent-free) Susi Madron’s Cycling for Softies will request that hotels ON YOUR BIKE ROUTE (France) not use scented detergent/fabric softeners in linens or clean rooms with scented products (Hotels also understand the cigarette smoke problem in their restaurants and try to be helpful. They get a lot of business every year from this cycling organization.) Page: 25 of 28 1/30/15
  26. 26. EVENTS US Photovoltaic Workshop, Aug 1996,Tucson, AZ (fragrance-free) University of California Berkeley Disability Studies Program, English Dept. Reading, UC, Berkeley, CA November 2000 Different Light Bookstore, November 2000, San Francisco, CA (fragrance-free literary reading) Parents with Disabilities and their Families International Conference, May 2-4, 2002, Oakland Mariott Hotel, Oakland, CA (scent-free) 2002 Special Education Regional Field Meetings, Sacramento, Fresno, Emeryville, Los Angeles, San Diego, CA ... (January - April 2002 meetings/sessions are intended to be scent free. Participants are requested to refrain from wearing anything containing a fragrance.) - Boadecia's Books, December 2000, Kensington, CA. (fragrance-free literary reading) Cody's Books, February 2001, Berkeley, CA (fragrance-free reading) SCCRTC Bicycle Committee, Regional Transportation Commission Conference Room, Santa Cruz, CA Association for Women in Psychology Conference, March 2001, Los Angeles, CA (scent- free) Mills College Women's Leadership Institute 3rd Annual Conference, April 1998 Oakland, CA Mills College Women's Leadership Institute 4th Annual Conference, 1999 Oakland, CA ConnectiCOSH Conference "Preventing Violence/Assault Stress on the Job," October 1998, Hartford, CT (fragrance-free) Community Works of Connecticut Board Meeting, Hartford, CT Spirit of Learning - Soul in Education Conference (In Hawaii) 5-12 October 2001 at Kahili Mountain (scent-free and smoke-free) American Chemical Society Meeting, August 1998, Boston, MA (scent-free) Debtors Anonymous, Albuquerque, NM Page: 26 of 28 1/30/15
  27. 27. NOW Conference (accessible to those with sensitivities to chemicals, scent-free) INTERNATIONAL Ontario Association of the Deaf, “Women Against Violence” Conference 2000, Toronto, Canada perfume-free) New Life Retreat Center for Renewal and Healing, Lanark Highlands, Ontario, Canada (scent free facility) http:// Natural Life Festival - July 2001, Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada Natural Life Expo, May 2001, St. George, Ontario, Canada (scent-free) Canadian Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates 2001 Convention, Edmonton, Canada (scent-free) “Nurturing Ourselves 200”, 12th Annual Conference on Women’s Health and Well Being, Presented by the University of New Brunswick's Faculty of Nursing, March 2001, Fredericton, NB, Canada “Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide (From Pollution) Conference,” November 2000, (Environmental Illness Society of Canada), Ottawa, Canada (scent-free) The First International Environmental Illness Conference, May 2001, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (scent-free) Holistic Living Expo, April 6,7, 2002, Fredricton Inn, Fredericton NB, Canada (scent free) Healthy Homes Realtor Course, Education Department of the Nova Scotia, Canada Association of Realtors (counts as 6 credits toward Nova Scotia Real Estate Commission's continuing education requirement (scent-free) 2002 Public Service Alliance of Canada National Health and Safety Conference, March 14th - 17th, 2002, Château Frontenac, Québec City, Que., Canada (scent-free) Natural Life Events, throughout Canadian provinces, incl. PEI, NB, ON, NS) COMPILED BY: Ruth Shannon ( from policy postings, statements on the Internet and personal communications Page: 27 of 28 1/30/15
  28. 28. Page: 28 of 28 1/30/15