RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies


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RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies

  1. 1. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies Pamela Barnes Stockport Geoff Bell Wales. Having retired early from HSBC Bank plc I am currently Chair of a Charity providing a residential treatment programme for up to sixteen adults with an alcohol dependency. I am a member of Pontypridd Rhondda Community Health Council (CHC) and of the Research Reference and Consultation Group of the Board of CHCs in Wales. I am also a member of my local Patient Involvement Group and of an All Wales Patient Representatives Group. I am particularly interested in the redesign of healthcare and social care services to deliver the right service to the right people at the right time and in the right place. Stuart Blackwell, Cheshire. I suffered a heart attack on my 58th birthday back in 2002 and had a triple heart by-pass in November 2002. I was so impressed with the NHS both medically and with the follow up support, that I wanted to give something back to the medical profession. That's why I volunteered to help the RCP. I also help the British Heart Foundation and am a member of the Public and Patient Involvement Forum for the Mid Cheshire NHS Hospital Trust. I have to say that both the RCP and BHF are very worthwhile. I retired from 35 plus years in IT at the end of January when it became obvious that I couldn't continue to manage my departments due to the side effects of the by-pass operation. Retirement suits me just fine. I can still do everything I want to, but at my pace and without the constant pressure of "the boss" (although wife Margaret does have lists!). I've recently been diagnosed as diabetic, so trips to the gym are a must, but I struggle with my life long desire for cakes and sweets! Sheila Briggs, Leeds. I am now coming up to retirement and wanted to do something totally different and useful. I do not have a health related background but for many years supported my parents throughout their illnesses. My father suffered from strokes which is a most disabling, debilitating and depressing condition which affected not only my father but the whole family. My mother in her later years suffered from dementia, which in its early stages was extremely confusing and distressing for her. I feel in the years I spent supporting my parents through their illnesses, I gleaned an insight into many aspects of hospital, mental and social care their problems give gave rise to, and hope my experiences will enable me to make a useful contribution to the Network form both a patient and carer’s perspective. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 1
  2. 2. Pat Brignall, Merseyside. I began my career in social work over thirty years ago as a member of a multi-disciplinary team in a large psychiatric hospital. In the late 1990s I led the Inter-Agency training on the then new procedures for Elder Abuse. I now work as a senior lecturer in Social Work at Liverpool John Moores University and I have also been a carer. I have found that in both my personal and professional experience that it is more likely that the best possible outcome is achieved when there is good communication and respect between, the professionals involved, the service user and their carers. I hope that the work I do for the Patient and Carer Network will ensure that the knowledge, skills and expertise of the medical profession is used to greatest effect. Anne Broad Devon As a social worker, I was employed by Social Services as manager within several district general hospitals. I then spent eight years managing teams providing psycho- social support to patients and their families in hospices. I took early retirement and then was appointed as a non-executive director to my local Primary Care Trust and have spent five energetic years in that fast changing world. I am also a trustee of the Plymouth Hospice. I feel that this wide experience of working with people experiencing health care, then as a Board member will allow me to make a useful contribution to the Network. Marije Brom East Sussex I am a Dutch expat who has lived in the UK for so long now I almost feel English (but not quite!). I have travelled very widely throughout my life having lived in: Holland, Indonesia, South Africa, the Sultanate of Oman, Germany, France and of course the UK. To this day the travel bug lurks within me. Perhaps I am more multi-cultural than of any particular culture. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Sjögren’s (both autoimmune diseases), and damage to my central nervous system brought my career as an employment lawyer in the City to an entimely end in 2002. Unfortunately, it took some time for my illness tobe properly diagnosed, during which time my health deteriorated rapidly and I became somewhat disillusioned with some aspects of the health care system. Since my diagnoses I have had to adapt my life considerably. I became involved in the local Sussex Lupus Group and from 2005/2006 was the serving secretary of the group and help set up the local support group in Brighton. I have turned to art and paint large abstract pieces in mixed mediums and show my work in various galleries across East Sussex – a far cry from being a lawyer. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 2
  3. 3. I attend numerous hospitals and doctors appointments and take a great interest in the more psychological aspects of how patients may be affected by illness. I hope that my personal experience as a patient together with my more level headed approach may be of benefit to the Patient and Carer Network. Barbara Byer London My name is Barbara Byer. I was a practice manager and smoking cessation specialist in Leicester. Whilst bringing up my four now adult, children my involvement in voluntary work broadened to include parent-teacher committees, English teaching and assisting Open University students with disabilities. I am a volunteer exhibition guide to primary school groups at the Royal Academy of Arts and have been approved to belong to the Independent Monitoring Board at Pentonville Prison. As a mature student I studied for degrees in psychology, health psychology and medical research and trained as a counselor. From my work, studies and experience as daughter, mother and grandmother I hope to bring to the Network my particular interest in how information should be provided to patients and carers. Derek Calam Wiltshire. I am a chartered chemist and spent most of my career investigating the quality of medicines. Although now retired from full-time work, I still undertake some professional activities, including advising the Department of Health and the World Health Organisation. I live in a rural area in Wiltshire and am especially interested in the provision and availability of health care in rural areas. I have two chronic conditions, leukaemia and glaucoma, requiring long-term monitoring and treatment. I hope that my experiences will be of value to the Network and allow me to contribute to its work. Joyce Calam Middlesex I am a teacher and have taught in secondary and primary schools over a period of 25 years. I have considerable experience in the development and education of children of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. After my husband passed away I sought a different career. I am a lecturer at a local college of education and train Classroom Assistants to Level 3 NVQ. I looked after my terminally ill husband at home and I felt as a carer, mother and wife of a member of the medical profession I had life experiences which enabled me to apply to become involved in the Patient and Carer Network. I have an interest in child health and I hope to make a valuable contribution to current medical programmes. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 3
  4. 4. Valerie Caless Kent I am a teacher and have worked both in secondary modern schools, a grammar school and in this country and abroad as a teacher of English as a foreign language. For most of the time I have worked only part time as I have brought up three children, and have been a single parent since the youngest was 2 years old. I now take care of my mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease and who came to live with me tow years ago. This has entailed my giving up work as such, but I am able to get out for short periods of time, and I continue to give private tuition at home. With cleft lip and palate, broken bones, cancer and stroke in my close family, I have some experience of being a patient as well as a carer. Apart form this, I hope that my ten years’ experience as a member of the East Kent Local Research Ethics committee will be of some use to the PIU. Una Carlow Wiltshire Since 1999 I have been attached to the National Access Booking and Choice Programme in Bristol and the Avon Health Community where I was responsible for leading and developing a programme of patient involvement. I have 10 years service in the NHS working on public involvement. I am now retired and working freelance. My early professional career was in town planning in central and local government where I was involved in the early days of public involvement in planning and my career moves reflected my commitment to this and to breaking down professional barriers. My planning background gave me a special interest in healthcare environments and I have been involved in two NHS design projects; a new mental health inpatient unit and a new PFI district hospital in Swindon. I am a member of the Hospital Arts Committee at Swindon & Marlborough NHS Trust. I am also a member of the recently formed Association for Medical Humanities which aims to enrich medical practice, in particular the doctor/patient relationship, through study and awareness of the arts and humanities. I am passionate about knowledge leading to understanding and all that that means for our personal and collective healthcare. I have experience of being a patient having had a five year journey to a successful knee replacement. I was the carer of an elderly relative until she died from heart failure. I am an interested member of the public who has been lucky enough to have been involved in the NHS. Anne Chatterley Hertfordshire I am working as a nurse on a spinal rehabilitation ward. My previous experiences include both community and acute nursing. Professionally and personally I have had a lot of experience with the services for people with disabling conditions, both congenital and acquired. This has given me an insight into the frustrations of patients, care givers and professionals. Miscommunications, lack of or incorrect information and a disjointed service are frequently the root cause of complaints. As a member of the Network I am hoping to use my experience in a positive way. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 4
  5. 5. Peter Coleman Hertfordshire Pat Conneely Canterbury I am a retired civil servant and local government officer with experience in the Ministry of Health and technical services. I am a panel member and Chair of education appeals for Kent and Medway. I have been a Consumer Association supporter for many years and a member of the Disabled Drivers Association, former Chair of school governors and parish council, with some knowledge of law. I have experienced the wide range of concerns that people have in their dealings with the NHS, particularly in the area of special needs assessment and provision. I hope to contribute to better education and understanding between doctor and patient. Lawrence Cooklin Hertfordshire Although qualified as a barrister, I did not practice law and my working life straddled marketing, advertising and business-to-business publishing. Having retired several years ago, I now spend most of my working week editing a personal website, Policy Pointers (www.policypointer.org). This was created to provide policymakers and academics with rapid access to research produced by think tanks, research institutes and governments worldwide. It currently covers over 30 subject categories, including health. I also act as a marketing specialist at the Prince’s Trust introducing their clients to the subject of marketing on training days and holding occasional clinics to assist clients with marketing problems. I would hope that my experience of communications and my frequent access to health related research from other countries may, together, enable me to make a useful contribution to the Network. Avril Cooper Wales I am a retired teacher and my most recent appointment was that of Head of Geography and Geology at a comprehensive school in Gwent. For many years since my retirement I have been a member of the Rail Passengers Committee, currently I sit on the Patients Panel of Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust, and I am involved in local organizations including the Gwent Wildlife Trust, and various Arts groups. My late husband suffered form leukemia and colon cancer and so I had close contact with hospitals and their staff which made me aware of difficulties and problems for patients and staff, within and outside hospital environments. This experience should help me make a worthwhile contribution to the Network. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 5
  6. 6. Richard Dawson Surrey I have some experience of hospital treatment having had testicular cancer in 1979 and prostate cancer in 1997 together with a previous removal of a Meckel’s Diverticulum in 1968. My mother suffered a stroke in 1994 and as I live nearby and had retired, I became her carer. My experience of healthcare and care involvement has given me some sound insight into the problems of the above cancers and elderly care provision. I am a member of the Prostate Cancer Charity User Group Committee and a networker giving advice and support to recently diagnosed men. I am also a member of the local Sutton Carers Forum. Jennifer Dewhurst Surrey I have spent my working life as a Therapeutic Radiographer (the latter part as Manager of the Radiotherapy Service in South East London) until I took early retirement in 2005. I have had a great deal of involvement with the implementation and management of change and have experience of working with patients, carers and health service professionals to ensure that any proposed changes benefit both the patients and the service. I also have experience as a clinical governance lead and I firmly believe that both complaints and non-conformance should be used positively and acted upon to improve the service. I have a particular interest in developing and improving services and have a ‘can do” approach to problem solving. In my personal life, my husband has had Parkinson’s disease for over ten years, so I have also experienced the health service from a carer’s perspective. I still have great enthusiasm and passion for the National Health Service and I believe my previous experience will equip me to contribute usefully and be of value to the Network. Sheila Eccles Lancashire I live in the Morecambe Bay area. I have joined the Patient and Carer Network and I am delighted to have the opportunity to bring my experiences of healthcare to the Royal College of Physicians and to assist the College in its work. I have been carer and a patient too. My caring role was to my 84 year old father who suffered from Dementia (Alzheimers), and to my mother who was his main carer-and who is elderly herself. As a patient I have suffered from severe migraine for over 15 years. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 6
  7. 7. David Evans Cornwall David has over 20 years experience as a Safety Engineer and Occupational Hygienist. Freelance since 2001, he previously worked in the electricity supply industry in the same disciplines and earlier as an electrical engineer in the design, construction and operation of high voltage electricity distribution systems in England and Wales. He is a lay visitor with the Postgraduate Medical Education Training Board (PMETB), independent lay Chair, Continuing NHS Healthcare and Lay Member, Consultants Review Panel, South West Peninsula Strategic Health Authority; Member of the Health and Safety Commission Working Group ‘Safety of Work Equipment’; Professional Interview panel member, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health; Invigilator and amanuensis for students with disabilities, Open University and Neighbourhood Engineer to two primary schools. David was a Trustee, Chair and Director, Observatory for Cornwall. He is an experienced CHI Reviewer and works as an Associate with the Healthcare Commission. Norma Fenton Leeds I worked for the Department of Health in Whitehall until I took early retirement. I was halfway through a degree at Bradford University studying Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology and Literature when I had a stroke. Now I am asphasic and writing is hard. I do voluntary work – in my GP’s surgery where I ensure the leaflets are up to date and do a monthly display; at my local PCT on patient and public involvement on various groups; for two years as a member of the Patient’s Forum; and this year as a Patient Advice and Liaison (PALS) volunteer. I am passionately concerned with prevention and outcomes, and I want to contribute my knowledge and skills into making a difference. Helen Francomb Bristol For the past four years I have been a former carer, having cared for my late father, who had primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis for 38 years and was very disabled in his later years, and my late mother who had problems with Arthritis. I trained as a general nurse but have spent nearly all my professional life (the past 26 years) in midwifery, having a variety of experience, with posts in clinical, management, teaching and now currently back to clinical as a senior midwife on the delivery suite of a very busy consultant unit. In recent years I have had a lot of involvement with the preparation and development of patient information. I am also a volunteer and committee member with my local MS Society branch and also with a social group for adults with learning difficulties, so continue to have contact with people with disabilities and carers. I hope my experiences and insights will enable me to make a useful contribution to the Network. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 7
  8. 8. David Geldard Lancashire Peter Gilbert London I have been a Type 1 diabetic since 1974. I am a user representative on the Hammersmith & Fulham PCT/Hammersmith Hospitals diabetes network. I also act as the secretary of the Fulham Diabetes UK patient education and support group. I was a London based insurance broker for 35 years and now do part-time consulting work. I am also an accredited mediator. Elizabeth Goodier Hertfordshire I am a Project Manager for an IT software company, installing systems into acute hospitals and community locations within the NHS. I was previously a registered nurse. My involvement within the NHS, as a professional, and from personal experience, through the ill health of friends and relatives, has provided me with many examples of frustrations from both sides, many of which have been as a result of poor communication. I feel that my experience will enable me to make a useful contribution to improving this situation. Sandy Gourlay Hampshire Hilary Grandey West Midlands RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 8
  9. 9. Peter Grandey West Midlands I joined the Patient and Carer Network because I am now disabled, through having secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. I am now in a wheelchair and can do very little for myself, however I am still able to read and sometimes type, and I thought I could give useful input from my point of view as a wheelchair user, having to make quite a lot of use of the National Health Service. I do not work now but I used to be an accountant for the Department of Trade and Industry. John Haigh Gloucester I worked in the nuclear power industry until taking early retirement. I was an engineer specialising in risk assessments, writing, organising or teaching the methods at various times. Good risk assessments tend to focus on prevention of injury and ill health, so I am keen to emphasis encouragement of a healthier life-style. My friends and relations provide me with a fairly broad insight into the needs of patients and carers (including my wife's work in a local care home), whilst my daughter's recent qualification as a doctor has further stimulated my interest and should help in understanding the doctor's viewpoint. Fiona Harris Hampshire I have joined the Network as a patient. Before becoming ill, I had a varied career. For some years I worked at the House of Commons as an MP’s Personal Assistant. I learned a great deal about the mechanics of Government, the wide-ranging concerns of people from all walks of life, and the very real need to address these, health being a major concern. Since then I returned to my musical background and was a Head of Department teaching all levels and managing a large number of teachers. I have two sons. One is a cellist at the Yehudi Menuhin Scholl, and the other a chorister at Christ Church in Oxford so things are rarely quiet! I am very keen to contribute to the Network and to help to make worthwhile change. Susan Hills Northampton RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 9
  10. 10. Margaret Hughes Lancashire I retired on health grounds in 2003 and immediately recovered. I was an Area Manager for the Office for National Statistics in the North West. I have one adult daughter who lives in London. I live with a genetic health problem and have experienced many changes over time in the health service. I joined my Local Patient and Public Involvement Forum in 2003 and became dual member with the Acute Trust and the Primary Care Trust some little time later. I am a voluntary Tutor for the Expert Patients Programme. I lead on health at my local Area Forum with the Local Authority and I am in my last year of study for a Foundation Degree in Community Governance. I am actively involved both nationally and regionally with the National Association for Crohns and Colitis (NACC). Jenny Jefferson Dorset I worked as a nurse and health visitor for some years, and subsequently managed a Health Information Helpline based at the local Health Authority. The helpline team supported and provided advocacy for patients who were experiencing difficulties in accessing local NHS services, and also provided information to local health professionals. More recently I was the National Service Framework Coordinator for Diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease in a local Primary Care Trust. I am aware how complex the NHS has become and hope that my understanding of some of the problems faced by both doctors and patients will enable me to make a useful contribution to the Network. Alastair Kent Cambridge Andrew Langford London RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 10
  11. 11. Peter Lapsley London I am the former chief executive of the Skin Care Campaign (SCC), an alliance of all UK-national skin patient support groups, healt h professionals concerned with dermatology and others with a common interest in fighting skin disease - see http://www.skincarecampaign.org After careers as a regular army officer and then in government service, and having previously been Chief Executive of the National Back Pain Association (now BackCare), I joined the National Eczema Society (NES) as Chief Executive in January 1997. At that time, the SCC was a project of the NES but it grew rapidly. When it was incorporated and became independent of the NES early in 2001. I was appointed as its chief executive, standing down from my role with the NES. Dermatology has been ahead of many other specialties in involving patients, and I have been a co-opted member of the British Association of Dermatologists/Royal College of Physicians Joint Specialty Committee (JSC) for Dermatology for some time. An impulsive volunteer, I am also vice chairman of the Department of Health’s Dermatology Workforce Group; patient adviser to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Skin (APPGS) and a member of the APPGS Steering Committee; Patient Editor of the BMJ and a member of the its Patient Advisory Panel; and a Trustee of Developing Patient Partnerships. In order to maintain my ‘street cred’, I have stable, well-managed angina, Type 2 diabetes, moderate-to-severe psoriasis and hypothyroidism. I am married with two grown up children. My wife Liza and I live in Ealing, West London. In my free time, I enjoy fly fishing, writing and photography. I joined the Patient and Carer Network because I believe strongly that doctors and patients should work in partnership. To that end, it seems essential that there should be constructive patient and carer input into the RCP and I was (and am) keen to do what I can to help with that. Roy Latham Kent I am a retired Head Teacher and have a moderate hearing loss. Since retirement, I have followed Open University courses on Health and Disease and Working with Older People and passed the ENB Nursing Module (ENB 934) on Care Management of People with HIV/AIDS. I have used this knowledge to train workers in the care sector. I have experience as a lay member of local PCG and PCT Boards. I have also been a member of the regional Committee of Leonard Cheshire and act as a volunteer at a local Cheshire Care Home. I have recently undergone surgery for a total knee replacement. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 11
  12. 12. Ann Laungani London The reasons I joined the Patient and Carer Network were that in my capacity as a manager in the NHS, I felt that understanding the patient’s perspective was vital in planning and delivering services as well as dealing with complaints – a major part of my work. This in turn needs to be balanced against the professional perspective and standards of care. In joining the Network there is an opportunity for a balance of both these factors. My background is in nursing, teaching and management in health services. I have also been able to experience health services from a personal perspective with illness and disability in my family members. I think that I have something to contribute from my professional and personal experiences of illness, disability and health services. Pat Lister Nottinghamshire The moment I saw that ad in a rather unexpected journal (The Big Issue) I became curious about the Network. Although I had been a medical secretary in the NHS for 21 years, I still thought of the RCP very much as a club for top doctors, far distant from my own special interest of health care for those at the edges of society - the disadvantaged, drug users, asylum seekers, the homeless. Over the years, as a direct result of appalling long-term illness in my own family, I had also become involved in the difficult area of effective communications and medical record keeping in the NHS, and am especially interested in whether ordinary people can share in their own care, engage in meaningful dialogue with health professionals, and make important decisions jointly. When I looked in more detail at the work of the College, I realised that here was a unique opportunity for service users and carers to contribute at a more substantial level than had previously been available to me, as a wife and mother, who had seen at close range the devastation of serious illness. I had tried to put a little back into the community by becoming involved in local health affairs, but discovered quickly that my hard-won and experienced family perspective always counted for less than that of the newest, most inexperienced rookie worker. I began to develop paranoid suspicions that the invitations to 'participate' came only because a tick in the organiser's Yes box was required to that awesomely Politically Correct question, 'Are patients and carers invited to your event?', Now at last in the Network, the last months have been a refreshing blast of fresh air - the welcome extended by College committees, a stimulating Academy seminar at the RSM, where we met people from other Colleges and began to get to know each other, and yes, one day soon I might even get to grips with those College papers which regularly land with a thud on the doormat! RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 12
  13. 13. Margaret Locke Hampshire Martin Lupton London Norman Mackey Stockton-on-Tees I am a retired engineer who used to work for the local authority. In recent years I have been involved as a patient with the College’s PACES examination which has enabled me to have informal discussions with both examiners and patients. I am also a member of our local Hospital’s Patient and Public Forum. This gives me insight into the running of hospitals within the NHS and the many frustrations that exist. I bring this experience to the Network and looks forward to being a contributor. Eira Makepeace Avon John Marriott Cornwall Ex-Royal Navy, I served as an Engineer Officer in nuclear and conventional submarines. On leaving the navy I moved to the USA and worked on civil nuclear power plants throughout the USA. On returning to the UK, I became senior business manager in the defence industry. Prior to retirement (age 56 years) due to MS, I was a Senior Civil Servant for the Canadian Government in Europe. I am lay representative with the NHSBT, the NPSA and the CMO’s NBTC and TB Action Committee. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 13
  14. 14. Anne Mawsdsley Cheshire Harry Mawdsley Cheshire Most of my University career was in teacher training and culminated in eleven years in university management at Manchester Metropolitan University. I took early retirement in 1999 following my election as Chairman of the Magistrates Association for a three-year term. I am a member of the MRCP Management Board, a member of PMETB Appeal Panels; an independent lay Chair of Continuing Healthcare Appeal Panels for Cheshire and Merseyside NHS and Chairman of Mid Cheshire Hospitals Trust PPI Forum. My wife is the Director of the Raynaud’s & Scleroderma Association; hence my interest in the health service. Gavin Maxwell Dorset Martin McLeish Hertfordshire Ruth Nathan West Sussex. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 14
  15. 15. William Nicklin Nuneaton Sarah Panizzo London My husband died in September 2002. He had been ill for a long time. He had a heart condition which became gradually worse and more restrictive, particularly over the last eight years of his life. In the last 12 months of his life he was admitted to hospital some ten times. We saw many different specialists, cardiologists and other disciplines, and my husband was an in-patient from time to time in some six hospitals in London as well as time in hospital in Italy (my husband was Italian and we spent time there). We attended at A&E many times, and a variety of out-patient clinics. We met many wonderful and dedicated health professionals, but it was hard to avoid criticism of aspects of treatment, hospital management and the health care system generally. My hobby for many years was despairing of the health service. I decided now was a time when I could stop being cross and try to be constructive. I have practised as a solicitor for over 30 years, for much of that time as a partner, i.e. self-employed and part owner of the business, and with unlimited responsibility for the risk. Comparing my professional experience and the medical profession and healthcare management, the two seem miles apart. I had stepped down as a partner to become a consultant and work part time some while back. After my husband died my firm asked if I would like to go back to working full time. I decided not to do so. As a result I now find that for the first time that I can remember I have free time to develop other interests outside work and family. When I saw the advertisement for the Patient and Carer Network it seemed a good thing to try to do. Ian Pardew Middlesex I work full time as a mechanical engineer. In 1989 I was diagnosed as having both Ulcerative Colitis and Insulin Dependant Diabetes, unfortunately developing various complications with the latter, despite good control. Over the past five years I have participated in the MRCP (UK) Part 2 clinical examinations (PACES) and have recently joined the Local Diabetes Service Advisory Group at my local hospital (LDSAG). I joined the Patient and Carer Network as I feel patients and carers have a great deal of experience and knowledge to offer the college. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 15
  16. 16. Gerald Parker East Sussex I retired from the Headship of a large comprehensive school in Surrey in 1997, having been in post for 17 years. During my 40 years in the teaching profession I also worked as Chief Examiner and Chief Moderator for English at GCSE level. From 1998 - 2005 I acted as Lay Chair for the NHS Complaints Procedure and then for the Healthcare Commission in Manchester. Since 2005, I have also worked as a Lay Visitor for PMETB. My work in the NHS has allowed me to deal with the many problems that are experienced by both patients and medical staff. My experience with PMETB has given me an insight into the training of junior doctors. I hope that I will be in a position to make a positive contribution to the work of the Network. Barry Picken Wolverhampton I am a self-employed consultant specialising in assessment, appraisal and disciplinary work. Working as a non-executive director of the Wolverhampton City NHS Primary Care Trust I chair the Manager’s hearings under the Mental Health Act and am heavily involved with the Learning Disability Partnership Board. Becoming involved with the NHS in 1996 and appointed to the RCP General Professional Training Sub-Committee in 2003, I have developed an interest in medical training and how the views of the patient can be incorporated. In bringing my knowledge and experience to the Network I hope I can make a valid contribution. John Priestley Cornwall I am an art historian and information scientist and have worked at the universities of Brighton and Plymouth until taking early retirement in December 2005. As well as being Head of Library and Information Services I was heavily involved in many aspects of quality assurance work including implementing the code of practice for HE and handling student complaints. I undertake some consultancy work in the education sector and am currently involved in a project for the Youth Sports Trust looking at special schools. I work in a voluntary capacity for the CSA in Cornwall hearing school admission appeals and for the General Dental Council as a lay member of their appeals panel. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 16
  17. 17. Hannah Rapport London Until recently, I worked in health policy and health improvement in South London, where I have lived for over 25 years. Inequalities in health mean that poorer people die younger than more affluent people . Many areas of public policy influence health, and we all live in different contexts and communities. In my view, dialogue between patients, carers and health professionals should aim to improve people’s ability to lead healthier lives-even for people like me who live with long term conditions. I look forward to contributing to the Network and having my horizons broadened. Sheilah Rengert Essex I am a nurse and health visitor who worked in the NHS for many years. My specialty is working with elderly people. Since 1997, I have been working as an independent nurse adviser, including litigation support (on both sides) in cases of clinical negligence. I was an active member of a Community Health Council and represented my CHC on a PCT board. My background includes a close relationship with the Royal College of Nursing both as a steward and as Chair of an RCN specialist forum. I was a member of a Department of Health Clinical Standards Advisory Group looking into the care of elderly people. I have personal experience as a carer for my father who had lung cancer and was paralysed from the waist down at age 65. I also cared for my father-in-law who had myeloma and became an amputee aged 80. I have recent personal experience as a cancer patient, of chronic arthritis and various food intolerances and allergies. I am a voluntary tutor for a local PCT expert patient programme which helps people live with long-term health conditions. I am interested in all health issues and see my membership of the Patient and Carer Network as a way of contributing and helping others less fortunate to achieve better standards of care. Candida Richards Oxfordshire RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 17
  18. 18. Meredith Robson London I have worked in the National Health Service for 30 years as a clinical psychologist doing clinical work, research and teaching. I currently work part time in a school dealing with pupil’s problems. I am aware of the changes in the health care system with increased guidelines, targets and management and the effect these changes have on doctor’s working practice and patient’s perception of treatment. I should like to contribute to the workings of the Patient and Carer Network in looking at these and other health care issues. Janet Rutherford Berkshire My husband has been seriously ill for the last three years, including eight months in hospital and three stays in intensive care. I have therefore experienced many aspects of health care through the eyes of a carer. This made me keen to apply to join the Network. I am also vice- Chair of one of our local carers’ groups and a Non-Executive Director of a Strategic Health Authority. Before all this happened I had a successful career starting out as a mathematical economist, picking up an MBA, becoming a Director of Social Services and finishing as Director of Policy and Research at the Local Government Association. Richard Sage Warwickshire I took early retirement after a 33 year career working for the Post Office/Royal Mail. My background was in the field of Personnel, Finance, Customer Relations and Internal Audit. My final position was in the area of Internal Control and Corporate Governance at a national level. In 2000, after some years of investigation, I was diagnosed with Obstructive Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy . This is a disease of the heart where the muscle is enlarged. I have also suffered hearing problems since the age of five. I am a member of the UK Cardiomyopathy Association and the RNID. My wife suffers from systemic Lupus Eryematosus (an auto immune disease), and Fybromyalgia, a related secondary condition. She also suffers from Osteoarthritis. Until September 2006, I was Chair of Rugby (PCT) Patient and Public Involvement in Health Forum. I have attended Clinical Cardiac Network meetings and have been a member of the DOH team developing a revised strategy for “Urgent Care”. I am particularly interested in the doctor/patient interface and the encouragement of “patient first” principles. I have concerns about, communication at all levels within the NHS, and in relation to clinical safety standards. I hope my lifetime experiences will help to “make a difference” and I feel confident that I can make a useful input into the Patient and Carer Network. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 18
  19. 19. Jane Scarfe Norwich I am a print and radio journalist by profession, now working as a producer in the family video and multi-media production company just outside Norwich in partnership with my cameraman/editor husband Robert. My activities, professional and otherwise, have been somewhat curtailed for the past few years since I developed rheumatoid arthritis. The rheumatology department at my own local Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is excellent, but not everyone is so fortunate. I hope to make some contribution to raising the profile of less glamorous long-term chronic conditions like arthritis through the Patient and Carer Network. Barbara Sheppard Cambridge In 1990 I moved from educational research into healthcare. After carrying out an evaluation of an Older People’s Rehabilitation Unit I had a Trust wide post evaluating different specialties through the views of patients and carers. A study of older patients’ involvement in their GP surgeries for Age Concern London followed, based on the perspectives of professionals and users. These experiences have given me a sympathetic understanding of the difficulties faced by both patients and professionals in a rapidly changing system. I hope that this may prove useful within a variety of activities. Peter Shillabeer Hampshire I trained and qualified as an analytical chemist. Before taking early retirement, I was responsible for analytical research, methodology and testing within a multinational company. For the last twenty odd years I have suffered from Addisons Disease that has kept me in regular contact with the NHS. I also have aging parents who have increasing need of medical assistance. I have seen both extremely good and somewhat disappointing service from our Health Service where the views and spirit of the patient are sometimes the last things of interest to health professionals. I, therefore, see involvement in the Patient and Carer Network as a way of helping to bring the patient’s input into the decision making process. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 19
  20. 20. Gerard Sullivan Gloucestershire During my working career I taught economics at what is now Oxford Brookes University before joining the Commonwealth Development Corporation as Principal of their international management centre in Swaziland. I continued to work overseas, mostly in Africa, undertaking assignments as an Economic and Management Development consultant until retirement. As a beneficiary of specialist, high technology medicine I have more than an academic interest in the organisational reforms taking place in the NHS. I am a member of the charity Arrhythmia Alliance and serve on various hospital committees. Against this background I shall seek to bring a patient and professional perspective to the Network’s activities after facing a steep learning curve in the early sessions. Rosie Steer Wessex After an initial career in teaching Physical and Health Education, I became involved in medical research as an interviewer and subsequently in Research Project Administration for the Leukemia Research Fund. Two years in USA gave me voluntary work experience in both Community Hospital and Hospice in California. Returning to the Uk I have been a Mental Health Act Manager for ten years and have undertaken reception work in the local Sexual Health Clinic. I also sit as magistrate in Southampton. With my varied experiences associated with healthcare I would hope to make a worthwhile contribution to the Network. Audrey Taylor Tyne and Wear Ken Timmis Wolverhampton Everyone knows me as Ken Timmis. I am retired Banker, having worked for over 35 years in the West Midlands with Barclays Bank Plc. I suffered a heart attack in January 1990 and joined the local Heart Support Group soon after, becoming its chairman in 1991. I have since become a patient representative on Wolverhampton Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Local Implementation Team (LIT), the Black Country Network Board and the West Midland Cardiac Steering Committee as well as various sub committees both locally, regionally and nationally. I am also Treasurer and Trustee of Heart Care Partnership (HCP), the patient and carer arm of the British Cardiovascular Society. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 20
  21. 21. I would hope that all the experience and expertise acquired will be useful and valuable as a contribution to the work of the Network. Mostyn Toghill Gwynedd Barbara Tower Surrey Since qualifying in social work in 1971 my career has focused on working with adults and families in statutory and multidisciplinary settings, and between 1998-2205 in specialist palliative care services. I am committed to improving services for patients through research, involving service users, training and networking. My work has drawn attention to the particular difficulties patients with long term health problems face, arising through communication problems and the lack of consistency in health care. I would like to make a contribution to the RCP’s Patient and Carer Network, informed by these professional and personal experiences. Claire Walmsley London As a patient I have experienced of both excellent and bad medical treatment and I have close friends and family members who have had similar experiences. What I have learned is that good communication between patient/ carer/ doctor/ health professional is vital and can often resolve problems. For twenty years I worked as a broadcaster and producer for the BBC. Now, in my professional life, I work as a Communication Consultant helping a wide range of professionals to communicate clearly, often in difficult and complex situations. I am a mother of three grown up children and have five grandchildren. I live in London and am a patient in a very busy but efficient Inner City medical practice. I hope to work with other members of the Network by offering the knowledge gleaned from my personal experience with some of my professional skills. Stephen Ward Kent Donald Watson East Sussex Throat cancer brought my work as a university lecturer to an end in 2003. I resisted RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 21
  22. 22. suggestions that I should have a laryngectomy, and having preserved my voice I have been intent on putting it to good use by joining committees at the Royal Marsden, Macmillan, and the Cancer Network Partnership. As a teacher and writer, communication was the prime focus of my career, and communication has inevitably been a focus for much of my hospital work: dealing with patient information and consent issues; improving channels of communication; encouraging a more sensitive and constructive attitude towards complimentary therapies. Jenny West London Richard Whitehead East Sussex Following early retirement almost two years ago I have been fortunate to be able to pursue a variety of activities in the voluntary sector, ranging from Citizens Advice to gardening at a local hospice. In addition, family members have required support following operations which has brought me into contact with a number of health services. I was intrigued to see the advertisement for the Patient and Carer Network. I felt that I could make a small contribution to the large number of significant issues facing the nation's health and related areas in the coming years, utilising knowledge and experience acquired over a number of years. Sheila Wonnacott Hampshire I have spent most of my working life in clinical research ensuring that patients rights in clinical trials were not violated, and that international guidelines were adhered to. Having taken early retirement, I served a term on the Local Research Ethics Committee and I was a volunteer on a telephone help-line fro people who were despairing. I am currently a volunteer with the Patient Advice and Liaison Service at my local hospital and I combine this with being a carer for a family member. Robert Wykes Kent. After I had read the advert in the “Big Issue” I felt that my recent experience, at that time, as a patient in my local NHS hospital for a full knee replacement might well make me useful to the Network. To add to this I had made normal and infrequent visits to my GP for minor problems. I discussed this with my daughter, who is a haematologist in the NHS, and she felt that I could be a good candidate. I applied and was asked to join the Network. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 22
  23. 23. Patient Involvement Unit Professor David Scott, Patient Involvement Officer Norwich I graduated from Bristol in 1973. I am currently a Consultant Rheumatologist and Divisional Director for Medicine at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. I have previously held the roles of President of the British Society for Rheumatology and Chair of the Joint Specialty Committee for Rheumatology and I am currently a member of Council. I am delighted to have joined Nicole Barlow, Margaret Goose and Nikki Kyle in the Patient Involvement Unit of the College. The Unit has made a successful impact on all aspects of College activity over the past three and a half years. My role will be to support the work of the Unit and the College, and to develop the influence of the Unit and raise its profile both internally and in the wider health community. Margaret Goose, Chair of Patient Involvement Steering Group Bedfordshire My background is NHS senior management and Chief Executive of The Stroke Association. I have worked with the RCP for a number of years on doctor/patient partnerships in connection with national standards and audit for stroke care and in 2004 was invited by the College Council to be a lay member of the Council and chair the new Patient and Carer Involvement Steering Group. Nicole Barlow, Patient Involvement Unit Manager London I joined the College’s General Professional Training Department in 1996, to cover maternity leave, on a six month contract, and I am still here! I applied and was successful in becoming the first Patient Involvement Manager for the College in 2003. With the help of colleagues, we set up the patient Involvement Unit, Patient and Carer Network and the Patient and Carer Involvement Steering Group following the decision by College Council to improve the way patients were involved in College activities. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 23
  24. 24. Nikki Kyle, Patient Involvement Unit Administrator London I joined the College in July 2006 as a full time temporary member of staff. In those early months, I learnt so much and hoped that the position would become permanent. It did, and here I am. This is my first ‘proper’ job since leaving University in May 2006. I graduated with an honors degree in English Literature and Theatre Studies, from the University of Leeds. I hope to I bring enthusiasm, willingness and team player attitudes to the Unit and to do my best to promote Patient Involvement. RCP Patient and Carer Network Biographies 24