PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution
Dermatologist Dr. Marcy Street Discusses New Tech for Skin Care
By Doctors Appr...
PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution
If you are looking for a permanent makeup solution that will save time or keep ...
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PR Log - Dermatologist Dr. Marcy Street Discusses New Tech ...


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PR Log - Dermatologist Dr. Marcy Street Discusses New Tech ...

  1. 1. PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution Dermatologist Dr. Marcy Street Discusses New Tech for Skin Care By Doctors Approach Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center Dated: Jan 28, 2010 This is an exciting time in skin care and dermatology. Many new products and procedures are available to enhance your skin’s appearance and erase the visible signs of the environment, age, and stress. Here are a few office procedures to consider. Microdermabrasion Microdermabrasion is a procedure that removes the outer, dead layers of the skin. At Doctor’s Approach we are using a new, crystal-free procedure called Dermasweep. We can also apply optional infusion treatments to incorporate specific solutions that target pigmentation, hydration needs, vitamin C, and more. Chemical Peels Chemical peels improve the appearance of fine wrinkles, mild scarring, age, brown spots and some acne. In the procedure your doctor will apply a chemical solution, sometimes made of fruit acids, directly to the skin. You will notice visible improvement to the skin after just one treatment. For individuals with severe pigmentation issues, the process may involve three or more peels to obtain the results you seek. Botox and Fillers As we age, our skin can develop wrinkles or even deep depressions around the mouth and the forehead. While in the past we had to put up with the effects of aging on our skin, today’s dermatologists are able to take years off your appearance with injection products, administered right in the office. These treatments are effective for people of all skin types. Botox is used to temporarily block the muscle movements that create brow furrows, frown lines, and crow’s feet. The procedure only takes a matter of moments, but it may take up to seven days for the full effects to be visible. Botox injections are not permanent, usually lasting four to six months. Dermal fillers are injected in deep skin folds (and even in lips) to plump them and increase fullness. Collagen is a natural filler, but does not last as long as some other fillers like Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm that can last six months or longer. To maintain the benefits of a facial filler, it’s good to come in for a touch up before the benefits of the last treatment disappear. Hair Loss Many dermatologists are offering the latest in hair loss treatments in their offices. You can get an assessment of the reasons for your hair loss and breakage, along with treatment and hair transplants for balding areas. If your goal is to get rid of unwanted hair, laser treatments can be the way to go. Laser hair removal treatments produce a high energy light that affects the melanin in the hair shaft and prohibits further growth. A single treatment can reduce the visibility of hair, but obtaining optimal results usually requires several treatments. Permanent Cosmetics Page 1/2
  2. 2. PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution If you are looking for a permanent makeup solution that will save time or keep allergies at bay, consider the permanent approach. Dermatologists can now use natural pigments to give you permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, lips or lip lines. Complete healing after the procedure usually takes about two weeks, but you can resume activities immediately. New Skin Care Products In addition to office procedures, your doctor may be able to recommend products you can use at home to help diminish the appearance of uneven skin tone or age spots. If you are buying an over the counter product, look for one that has both alpha and beta hydroxyl acid, hyaluronic acid, sqalane, and 2% hydroquinone. At Home Tip If you are going to have some of the new skin treatments performed, make sure to ask what you should be doing to care for your skin immediately after treatment, and beyond. Some of the new treatments are initially irritating to the skin, so your dermatologist may recommend a special, milder cleansing and moisturizing routine for the next few days or weeks. To learn more visit Dermatologist Dr. Marcy Street on the web at ### About Dr. Marcy Street and Doctor’s Approach Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center: Doctor’s Approach is a full-service medical and surgical dermatology clinic with a cosmetic medical spa. Our dermatology practice has been well established and respected for over 15 years, with patients visiting from all over the Midwest region. Our mission is to provide the best in cutting edge, comprehensive care and services in a relaxing and nurturing environment. Find us on the web at Category Beauty, Health, Medical Tags skin care, dermatology, dermatologist, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, botox, facial fillers, permanent cosmetics Email Click to email author Phone 517-364-8170 Address 2900 Hannah Blvd, Suite 114 East Lansing, MI 48823 City/Town Lansing State/Province Michigan Zip 48823 Country United States Page 2/2