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  1. 1. Blackwell Publishing Copyright 2003 Blackwell Publishing’s Developing World Initiatives Emily Gillingham
  2. 2. Blackwell Publishing Copyright 20032 Improving the quality of research time About Blackwell Publishing • Independent publisher with offices in 7 countries • Largest publisher on behalf of scholarly and professional societies • 700 peer-reviewed journals, majority available online • Subjects include: life and physical sciences, medicine, healthcare, agriculture and animal science, social science, business, and humanities
  3. 3. Blackwell Publishing Copyright 20033 Improving the quality of research time The publisher’s role for societies • Growing the impact of the journal, and thus the society, on its discipline – so that it can achieve its aims and advance the research – Increasing the readership of published research – as well as the quality of submissions, citations, etc. – Inclusion in the complete collection of online journals, available to library consortia – more access for a fee – Making content available for free in the poorest countries with little or no previous access to journal articles • Ensuring revenue streams – the journal is often the main source of income for scholarly associations – Through traditional library markets, eg. Library consortia
  4. 4. Blackwell Publishing Copyright 20034 Improving the quality of research time The publisher’s role in closing the digital divide – the Blackwell Publishing story… • Deep discounts on print journals for developing world libraries – Low take-up due to few funds, poor delivery, awareness • Development of online journals means we can ‘switch on’ access to any site easily – • Active and enthusiastic participants in a broad range of initiatives to delivery content in developing world, including: – INASP – HINARI – AGORA – RFBR – INTAS
  5. 5. Blackwell Publishing Copyright 20035 Improving the quality of research time WHO HINARI • 210 medical, health and nursing journals from Blackwell • 67,000+ article downloads in 2003 HINARI usage of Blackwell Publishing journals: 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000 Jan-03 Feb-03 M ar -03 Apr -03 M ay-03 Jun-03 Jul -03 Aug-03 mi d-Sept-03
  6. 6. Blackwell Publishing Copyright 20036 Improving the quality of research time HINARI 2003 Usage Top 10 Most Used Titles Article Accesses YTD Journal of Clinical Periodontology 2644 Kidney International 2081 Clinical Oral Implants Research 1936 British Journal of Dermatology 1913 Periodontology 2000 1757 International Endodontic Journal 1681 Dermatologic Therapy 1570 Tropical Medicine and International Health 1409 British Journal of Haematology 1401 International Journal of Dermatology 1281
  7. 7. Blackwell Publishing Copyright 20037 Improving the quality of research time FAO AGORA • Launched October 14th 2003 • 124 journals in agriculture, veterinary science, fisheries, forestry and related environmental, biological and social sciences • Access is available via • Journals are hosted on – IP recognition – COUNTER-compliant usage statistics – Reference linking to cited articles, eg. From Blackwell journals to those published by Wiley, Elsevier, Springer, Kluwer, OUP, Nature etc
  8. 8. Blackwell Publishing Copyright 20038 Improving the quality of research time INASP • Access to Blackwell’s complete collection of online journals, including science, medicine, social science and humanities – 250,000 full-text articles • Available through Blackwell Synergy • 19 countries have access so far: – Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Moldova, Mozambique, Nepal, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Zambia, Zimbabwe • 22,000 full-text accesses in 2003
  9. 9. Blackwell Publishing Copyright 20039 Improving the quality of research time INASP 2003 Usage Top 10 Most Used Titles Article Accesses 2003 Conservation Biology 730 Freshwater Biology 539 Acta Ophthalmologica Scandinavica 470 Aquaculture Research 459 Tropical Medicine and International Health 436 Molecular Ecology 427 Journal of Applied Microbiology 381 Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 358 Journal of Biogeography 320 Fisheries Science 308
  10. 10. Blackwell Publishing Copyright 200310 Improving the quality of research time Initiatives for Eastern Europe • Another region with a previously unsatisfied, high demand, for quality, timely, relevant research • Russian Federation for Basic Research (RFBR) – Access to our complete collection of journals for 2 years – 300 institutions in Russia – Accelerating demand • INTAS – Funded by EU – Access to science and medicine journals – Available in all libraries in 6 former Soviet republics
  11. 11. Blackwell Publishing Copyright 200311 Improving the quality of research time Issues to consider • Authentication – for only legitimate institutions/countries • Licensing – so that only permitted uses are allowed • Multitude of deals – with different titles, countries and access arrangements • Print subscription base – monitoring loss and society revenues • Managing change – sustainability of schemes and if bands change • Infrastructure • Promotion • TRAINING!