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NIH-CAP 2005-06 Participating Companies - 11/2007


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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NIH-CAP 2005-06 Participating Companies - 11/2007

  1. 1. NIH-CAP 2005-06 Participating Companies 21st Century Medicine, Inc. Rancho Cucamonga, CA Dean Barry Tel: 909-466-8633 Email: 21st Century Medicine, Inc. has developed novel technologies for cryopreservation and long-term storage of biological tissue slices. Tissue slices are used pervasively during pharmaceutical drug discovery and development, however their use is problematic. Because these tissues can not currently be effectively stored, extensive on-site live animal preparations are required. 21st Century Medicine is currently validating cryopreserved neural, kidney, liver, and intestinal tissue for ADME/Tox testing applications. Ready-to-use tissue slices configured for specific testing requirements will significantly increase throughput, reduce on-site testing costs, reduce variation, and further the potential for analytical standardization. Preservation systems for clinical applications are also under development. ABIOMED, Inc. Danvers, MA Robert Stewart Tel: 847-491-3280 Email: ABIOMED, Inc. is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical products designed to assist or replace the pumping function of the failing heart. ABIOMED currently manufactures and sells the AB5000™ Circulatory Support System and the BVS® 5000 Biventricular Support System for the temporary support of all patients with failing but potentially recoverable hearts. In Europe, ABIOMED offers the Impella® Recover™ minimally invasive cardiovascular support systems under CE Mark approval. The Company’s AbioCor® Implantable Replacement Heart is the subject of an initial clinical trial being conducted under an Investigational Device Exemption from the United States Food and Drug Administration. Acme Express, Inc. Cleveland, OH Don Scipione Tel: 216-391-7400 Email: Acme Express, Inc. develops healthcare staff scheduling software that cuts schedule-making costs by 80%, optimizes the schedule, and eliminates paper work. Doctors On Call Schedule (DOCS) Request Module mitigates the “negotiations” between staff and the off-time administrator. Generator Module optimizes a fair and accurate schedule. Consolidation Module standardizes and consolidates the entire enterprise call schedule. DOCS eliminates schedule inequity and frees senior medical staff to focus on healthcare delivery rather than contentious scheduling issues. Our mission is to dramatically increase the productivity of healthcare schedulers. Our vision is to be recognized as the pioneer in web-enabled medical staff scheduling worldwide. Adherence Technologies Dulles, VA Alan Letzt Tel: 703-674-5408 Email: Adherence Technologies has developed AccuNurse™, a voice-activated and hands-free system that is revolutionizing long-term care staff documentation, education, and communication. AccuNurse integrates cutting-edge speech recognition, VoIP and Internet technologies with its own proprietary software that further improves speech recognition accuracy and promotes extreme ease of use. We also develop interfaces between AccuNurse, clinical software, other wireless systems, and the facility’s main phone system. We install a turnkey system, train the trainers, and provide outstanding client support for this
  2. 2. transformation technology. AccuNurse benefits include dramatically improving quality of care and risk management while reducing nursing home costs. Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc. Carlsbad, CA Chris Berka Tel: 760-720-0099 Email: Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc. develops and delivers innovative solutions for sleep apnea diagnosis, memory dysfunction measurement and alertness monitoring. Advanced Brain Monitoring helps clinicians provide better patient care at lower cost with products that combine laboratory level accuracy with the portability, ease of use and affordability of consumer electronics. The company has chosen to focus on the highly prevalent, underdiagnosed OSA, but Advanced Brain Monitoring systems are applicable to other sleep and neurological disorders. Advanced Brain Monitoring systems make possible the widespread use by physicians, dentists, industrial/transportation companies, and consumers. Aerophase, Inc. Longmont, CO Brian Hansen Tel: 847-491-3287 Email: Aerophase Inc. has developed a new Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) that uses a better propellant and aerosol valve. Most MDIs used to treat asthma still use CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) propellants and all CFC MDIs will be removed from the market to comply with international environmental laws to stop all CFC production. The new HFA (hydrofluoroalkane) propellant MDIs cost 3-5 times the CFC propellant MDIs. The Aerophase MDI is superior to CFC and HFA MDIs with better dose control, higher drug delivery efficiency, less than 1% of the current propellant cost and less than 0.1 % of the environmental impact. Agave BioSystems, Inc. Austin, TX Noe Salazar Tel: 512-671-1369 Email: Agave BioSystems has broad capabilities in molecular and microbiology as well as microfabricated and nanoscale systems. The company’s sophisticated laboratories are complemented with access to a broad range of research and development tools and facilities at Cornell University. Recently we have made important developments in flow cytometry that will lead to two product lines: A suite of novel assays are currently being developed that utilize microspheres and quantum dots. The advantages of these assays are both improved sensitivity and multiplexing capabilities. Additionally, a simple yet flexible microscope- mountable flow cytometry instrument has been developed. This instrument provides a low-cost alternative to conventional flow cytometers and enables new experimentation. Alan Penn & Associates, Inc. Rockville, MD Alan Penn Tel: 847-491-3281 Email: Alan Penn & Associates, Inc. develops and commercializes cutting-edge diagnostic image tools that enable clinicians to improve outcomes by detecting cancers earlier and more accurately. Our initial product, CADimas™, is the first FDA-cleared computer-aided-detection (CAD) system for breast MRI that helps radiologists screen for and diagnose breast cancer using both lesion shape (morphology) and timing of contrast uptake (kinetics). R&D has been conducted in collaboration with leading researchers and clinicians at eight major institutions and funded with $3.0M in SBIR grants from National Cancer Institute. CADimas™ is currently in beta testing. IP is protected by patents and trade secrets.
  3. 3. Ambergen Inc. Waltham, MA Richard DelMastro Tel: 847-491-3276 Email: AmberGen Inc is a molecular diagnostics company focusing on the development of innovative high-value diagnostics for complex diseases. Our research is based on the relationship of disease phenotype with changes in regional and global methylation that occur at the DNA level. We have exploited this phenomenon and developed assays for the early diagnosis of lung cancer and to improve the categorization and treatment of asthma. We have identified novel Asthma DNA methylation biomarkers (AsDMBs) and applied them within a non-invasive, cost effective and easy to use diagnostic format. The patented prototype diagnostic assay is being validated in a clinical study. AnaBus Jenkintown, PA Richard Waterman Tel: 215-576-8447 Email: AnaBus synthesizes technological and analytic advances to create efficient and original solutions in the areas of marketing technology, software development and business analytics. Driven by innovation, we apply technology to perform complicated analytics with greater clarity, disseminate information more widely, and solve problems more cost-effectively for our clients. Recent projects: -created online surveys for market research projects, performing the development, hosting, recruiting, and statistical analysis in-house. -developed an online analytics software platform implementing the propensity scores methodology -developed automated ATM survey respondent compensation system -ran a national sample, large scale data collection and business analytics project. APD Life Sciences State College, PA Roy Hammerstedt Tel: 814-234-4835 Email: ADP Life Sciences, Inc. developed a disposable detector for assessing conditions within a variety of sealed containers. We offer this patent-protected, non-invasive, low-cost detector under sublicense agreement for biomanufacturing applications. Based upon fluorescent bioindicators, this detector allows for immediate assessment of internal pH, oxygen tension and microbial contamination, and is useful for (a) conformance with developing regulatory requirements for PAT protocols; (b) adjustment of processes for optimum product production; and (c) early detection of undesired organisms. Given our exceptionally broad experience in many applications, we can work with the licensee to validate and optimize prototypes and protocols. ApoLife, Inc. Detroit, MI Nalini Motwani Tel: 313-446-2625 Email: ApoLife has developed platform expression technologies for the rapid and cost-effective screening and production of recombinant proteins and fully functional human antibodies. The market for therapeutic antibodies is expected to grow to $30 billion by 2010. ApoLife’s yeast system has applications in (I) acceleration of antibody screening and discovery from either hybridoma subclones or phage display libraries, (II) cost-effective production of recombinant proteins and antibodies. ApoLife’s process requires 1/3 the time for production, thus lowering the cost of capital investment, and has the potential of lowering the cost of final products by up to 50%. The company employs Bakers yeast, S.
  4. 4. cerevisiae, which has been used for manufacturing of several FDA approved therapeutic products thus providing regulatory competitive advantages over other alternate expression systems. By applying ApoLife’s proprietary “Twin Cassette” expression system, biopharma and biotechnology companies can accelerate the process of bringing the new therapies to market and help reduce the healthcare costs. Artann Laboratories Trenton, NJ Noune Sarvazyan Tel: 512-996-8565 Email: Artann Laboratories, Inc. (Artann) is an innovative research company developing a wide range of novel biomedical technologies and products. Patented inventions of Artann include a variety of imaging modalities: mechanical imaging, new approaches to ultrasonic and magnetic resonance elasticity imaging, and shear wave elasticity imaging. Artann also introduced several new medical diagnostic devices, including skin elasticity analyzer, muscle water content tester, colonoscopy force monitor, and a portfolio of scanning bone ultrasonometers. A new area of Artann research is biomedical and industrial applications of the time reversal acoustics. Atom Sciences, Inc. Oak Ridge, TN Tom Whitaker Tel: 865-483-1113 Email: Atom Sciences, Inc. (ASI) was founded in 1980. Its original charter was to commercialize a laser-based analytical technology called resonance ionization spectroscopy (RIS) that was developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The company operated for several years as an RIS analytical instrumentation and service company. From this highly specialized market, the company diversified into the designing and installing custom Time-of-Flight (TOF) mass spectrometers. Based on its work in TOF analysis of DNA microarrays, the Company has recently begun developing new technologies related to improving the way genetic information is acquired. Azevan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Bethlehem, PA Neal Simon Tel: 610-419-1057 Email: Azevan Pharmaceuticals is a drug discovery and development company producing novel therapeutics for disorders of stress, mood, and behavior. The first series of clinical candidates selectively block the effects of arginine vasopressin (AVP), a naturally occurring chemical signal in the body involved in the pathophysiology of conditions that include stress-related affective illness, impulsivity/inappropriate aggression, and menstrual-related disorders. The chemistry platform can be manipulated to target other G- protein coupled receptors, including high value targets such as the cannabinoid-1 receptor for addiction and obesity. The receptors targeted by Azevan are also implicated in certain cancers and cardiovascular disease. BCR Diagnostics Jamestown, RI Boris Rotman Tel: 401-849-9957 Email: BCR Diagnostics has developed a unique biosensor (termed "80K-biochip") based on using engineered spores as fluorogenic nanodetectors. The disposable 80K-biochip provides an optimal combination of speed, specificity, sensitivity, and cost effectiveness that is currently unmatched by any other device. An advanced application of the 80K-biochip is for detecting contaminating bacteria in platelets intended for transfusion. Other applications include sterility assurance, detection of weaponized biological particles, and
  5. 5. environmental monitoring. A prototypic biosensor has the following specifications: 1. Sensitivity to individual biological particles 2. Testing time of about 15 minutes 3. Cost-effective testing based on disposable biochips 4. Cost-effective instrumentation BioAssessments, LLC Elkton, MD Christopher Hyde Tel: 410-398-1993 Email: BioAssessments is developing a promising biological marker into a useful assessment technique. The initial clinical applications include assessing such diverse medical concerns as attention problems and hypertension. The value of our product lies in: a) reducing trial-and-error in selecting medications; b) more efficient titration of medications; and c) identifying individuals who might respond adversely to medications. Our technology could also be used as an alertness monitor for operators performing mission-critical tasks in military and industrial operations. BioAssessments currently builds custom monitoring systems and provides extensive analytical services for researchers at major universities and hospitals to measure this biological marker. BioDetection Instruments Fayetteville, AR Gregory Magness Tel: 847-491-3282 Email: 'BioDetection Instruments, LLC was formed in 2002 to commercialize technology for the rapid detection of food pathogens. Its intellectual property portfolio forms a set of instrumentation characteristics that greatly improve the speed of detection, lower detection limits, and provide quantitative results. The instrumentation under development is designed for tabletop use in a processing plant environment with minimal operator training requirements. The company's mission is to improve the safety and quality of world food supplies through high-performance biosensors, assay kits, and instruments for the rapid detection of food pathogens and chemical residues. Biomedical Acoustics Research Company Evanston, IL Richard Sandler Tel: 847-332-2217 Email: The Biomedical Acoustics Research Company develops innovative medical diagnostic modalities based on multi-sensor computer-assisted auscultation (“intelligent stethoscopes”). Our technologies simply and instantly provide useful, accurate and low cost information from painless, safe and portable units. We combine cutting edge digital signal processing, sensor and computer technology with compassionate and informed medical knowledge to help meet important medical market needs. We’re passionate about the tremendous opportunities for implementing these techniques to assist in the diagnosis of many gastrointestinal, pulmonary, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular conditions. Biomedical Development Corporation San Antonio, TX Phyllis Siegel Tel: 210-308-0636 Email: Frio Technologies is a specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to treating and preventing infections transmitted through the oral cavity. This is an important emerging market with no market leader. It is believed by many that the oral cavity is a route to infection leading to stroke, heart disease, diabetes,
  6. 6. rheumatoid arthritis, and causing infections in cancer patients, organ transplant recipients, and others. Our first product is an oral rinse to treat gingivitis, which is often the first clinical symptom of disease. We have successfully completed Phase I safety studies and are seeking investment for Phase 2 efficacy and toxicology studies. Bioscience Development Inc New York, NY Steven Schutzer Tel: 973-972-4872 Email: The Company is dedicated to developing diagnostic assays in immunologic and infectious diseases, including Lyme disease, that will be useful to guide therapeutic decisions for humans and animals. Biostat Englewood, NJ Michael Borenstein Tel: 201-541-5688 Email: Our company develops software for use in research. The software is used by pharmaceutical companies, universties, and other research organizations. BioTechPlex Corporation San Diego, CA Donovan Yeates Tel: 858-455-9031 Email: To address the need for new respiratory and cardiac drugs, BioTechPlex/Ceraltics provides cell based HTS screening services and target validation. Through the simultaneous measurements of multiple fluorophores, MAPR provides dynamic fingerprints of the interaction of the “drug” with the cellular target site. It is 1000 times faster than competitive systems, yet has a higher sensitivity and specificity. Drug discovery is further enhanced through screening of “pathogenic” engineered cell lines for asthma and COPD. Target sites are validated with cell culture-based systems for ciliary activity, water transport, cardiac myocyte beat rate and QT interval. We predict profitability in the 3rd year. Calibrant Biosystems Gaithersburg, MD Don DeVoe Tel: 301-977-7900 Email: Calibrant Biosystems, Inc. discovers, develops, and commercializes protein biomarkers for the diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Calibrant’s targeted approach to biomarker discovery provides competitive advantage through proprietary proteomics technologies which are uniquely compatible with limited clinical tissue samples. The company’s strategy is based on developing a robust biomarker patent portfolio through targeted collaborations with leading clinical researchers, and biomarker out-licensing to established pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies. Callida Genomics, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA Ana Drmanac Tel: 408-838-9539 Email: Callida Genomics, Inc. develops and sells advanced whole gene and genome resequencing products and services using proprietary ProbeUniverseTM and combinatorial SBH technologies. Universal Array based HyChip® and SingleMoleculeGenomeChip have broad applications in research, drug development, and
  7. 7. diagnostics for personalized medicine. Universal Array based HyChip® enables reads of 6kb long sequences in a simple two-hour bench assay at lower cost. The HyChip® system further enables high re- sequencing throughput with one inexpensive standard array scanner. CCC Diagnostics LLC Baltimore, MD Paul Tso Tel: 410-633-4885 Email: CCC Diagnostics LLC (CCCD) is developing a medical diagnostics technology to establish drug response guides for selection of effective chemotherapy. This information aids physicians in determining a personalized treatment regimen effective for individual cancer patients. The service provided by CCCD is to characterize drug response indicators of tumors by quantitatively measuring the appropriate biomarkers in tumor cells/tumor tissues or circulating cancer cells of the patients. The validated technology is ready for clinical trials. CCCD plans to enter a partnership with hospitals, institutions or companies in clinical trials followed by commercialization of this patented protected technology and service. ChanTest Inc. Cleveland, OH Arthur Brown Tel: 216-332-1665 Email: ChanTest has offered drug safety testing and discovery services to biopharma since 1998. The company has grown from 2 to 35 employees, has annual revenues of about $6MM and has always been profitable. ChanTest has a reputation for providing expertise, accuracy and urgency to its customers. The company is especially expert in the area of ion channels. ChanTest services include proprietary high throughput assays of ion channel function and trafficking and expression of surface membrane proteins in general. Other services include automated patch clamp, GLP in vitro assays and a growing library of cell lines expressing important ion channels. A proprietary antiarrhythmic drug was discovered serendipitously. The drug is safe in man and a Phase 2 proof of concept clinical trial received support in a pre-IND meeting at FDA. Chemica Technologies, LLC Bend, OR Takuji Tsukamoto Tel: 541-385-0355 Email: Chemica Technologies, LLC is a research-oriented, biotech company. Our mission is to develop medical and pharmaceutical products and therapies that significantly improve and enhance the health and quality of life for people world-wide. Chemica is engaged in both private and Federal fund-based research built on our expertise in biochemistry, chemistry, chemical engineering, and microbiology. The technologies developed through our research efforts are licensed to strategic partners and investors both nationally and internationally. Ciencia, Inc. East Hartford, CT Salvador Fernandez Tel: 860-528-9737 Email: Ciencia, Inc. has developed advanced plasmonics biodetection technology for real-time, label-free, highly multiplexed bioassays in microliter volumes. This technology comprises an instrument, and disposable microarray chips. Detection of pathogens and proteins in serum, and assessment of immune cell phenotype and function in bodily fluids have been demonstrated. Applications include biodefense and immune profiling for diagnosis and assessment of autoimmune, infectious and neoplastic diseases. Ciencia is a privately held corporation that develops optical sensors and analytical instruments for biodefense, clinical diagnostics, research, process analysis, environmental monitoring, food safety and forensic/security applications. The
  8. 8. Company is seeking partners to form R&D joint ventures with an option to license the technology. Clever Sys. Inc. Reston, VA Yiqing Liang Tel: 703-787-6946 Email: Clever Sys. Inc. (CSI) develops and delivers software and systems for automated behavior analysis in life science. CSI’s patent-protected, technology solutions of next generation use intelligent digital video techniques to monitor and analyze lab animal behaviors, provide more new critical and reliable data for scientific research in brain disease, drug discovery, genetic phenotyping, and save huge amount of labor. Our current and potential customers include pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and medical and biological research institutes. CSI’s current focus is on complex lab animal behaviors, though its technologies can be applied in patient diagnosis, monitoring and rehabilitation, homeland security, market survey, athletes performance analysis. CogniTech Corporation Salt Lake City, UT Jerome Soller Tel: 801-322-0101 Email: CogniTech Corporation develops, markets, and sells customized software solutions for data collection, content management, decision support, simulation, and training. These technologies are applied to a variety of domains, including emergency response, homeland security, risk assessment, healthcare information systems, clinical trials, and scientific research. CogniTech Corporation has internationally recognized expertise in many domains, including healthcare informatics, occupational and environmental health, computational chemistry, artificial intelligence, sensor simulation, and e-learning technologies. Communication Disorders Technology, Inc. Bloomington, IN Charles Watson Tel: 812-336-1766 Email: Communication Disorders Technology, Inc.(CDT), founded in 1989, has the goal of becoming the market leader in the development of computer-based technologies for speech and hearing professionals (speech pathologists, audiologists, and teachers of the deaf), teachers of foreign languages and of persons with developmental disabilities. Since its beginning CDT has developed speech production and perception testing and training systems that combine speech-recognition technology with state-of-the-art computer graphics. These systems significantly increase clinical effectiveness and efficiency. CDT’s internationally recognized team of investigators has expertise in speech and hearing sciences, psychology, mathematics, engineering, linguistics, graphical arts, and computer programming. Conversion Energy Enterprises Spring Valley, NY Barbara Soltz Tel: 845-425-9170 Email: Conversion Energy Enterprises (CEE) is developing laser assisted tissue welding systems which consist of miniature lasers, surgical handpieces and light activated bioadhesives for repairing wounds, closing surgical incisions, fixing implants and grafts. These systems will replace sutures and staples for many surgical applications especially where the surgery is complex or when minimally invasive techniques are required. The benefits of tissue welding include the reduction in tissue trauma and infection, increased closure speed, improved healing response and eliminates detrimental effects of wound leakage. CEE's systems will have widespread use in herniorrhapy, ophthalmic, orthopedic, urinary and gynecological applications.
  9. 9. Core Tech Solutions, Inc.. East Windsor, NJ Kirti Valia Tel: 609-443-1400 Email: Core Tech Solutions, Inc. is a Research, Development and manufacturing company dedicated to the science of transdermal (TDS), topical and buccal delivery systems. The company is developing transdermal patches based on proprietary membrane-controlled technology and drug-in-adhesive technology. Core Tech has developed patches for pain management and hypertension. The company has applied patents for its transdermal products. The company is seeking partners for its Fentanyl-TDS and Clonidine-TDS products. The company’s facilities include R&D laboratory in Mount Laurel, NJ and cGMP manufacturing facility in East Windsor, NJ. The facility is built in compliance with the FDA and DEA requirements. Creative Action LLC Akron, OH Ronni Sterns Tel: 330-867-9978 Email: Creative Action LLC develops and delivers innovative solutions for the Age 55+ Market. Products targeted to the institutional market improve the quality of life for older adults in long term care facilities and adult day care centers, while improving staff effectiveness, efficiency and job satisfaction. Based on proven behavioral interventions, therapeutic solutions increase engagement and social interaction among people with cognitive impairments; other solutions enable older adults and staff who do not share a common language to communicate with each other. Products targeted to community dwelling older adults maintain independence by improving medication adherence and functioning for successful completion of daily activities. customKYnetics, Inc. Versailles, KY Eric Hartman Tel: 859-879-3718 Email: customKYnetics, Inc. is developing exercise and motor retraining devices for use by individuals with neuromotor disabilities secondary to spinal cord injury or stroke. Several of customKYnetics’ potential product offerings utilize neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) for the purposes of exercising paralyzed muscles and generating exercise movements that load bones and joints of the lower extremities. customKYnetics is additionally developing derivative devices which utilize biofeedback with or without NMES to assist clients in regaining voluntary control of paralyzed muscles. Cyber Access Systems Bryn Mawr, PA Don Forest Tel: 610-527-6391 Email: Cyber Access Systems® (Cyber) has developed a patented, user interface allowing individuals with severe cerebral palsy (CP) or traumatic brain injury (TBI), including those with quadriplegia, to access a computer. Cyber will produce two products: (a) a microcomputer-based voice output system, called CyberSpeech®, targeted to persons whose speech is impaired due to CP or TBI, and (b) add-on software to the CyberSpeech® system enabling persons with CP or TBI who are unable to access a computer via a keyboard or mouse to use Windows application programs. To meet the mobility needs of the same population, Cyber will license its user interface technology to manufacturers of power wheelchairs, enabling severely disabled users to move independently. Cytograft Tissue Engineering Todd McAllister
  10. 10. Novato, CA Tel: 415-506-0240 Email: CTE produces tissue engineered blood vessels comprised entirely of the patient’s own cells. The Company’s Lifeline™ vascular graft is targeted at four revascularization indications: hemodialysis patients, lower limb amputation candidates, pediatric patients with congenital defects (cardiac) and coronary bypass candidates. Unlike previous technologies, the Lifeline™ graft does not rely upon synthetic scaffolds or exogenous biomaterials to provide requisite strength. The vessel is fully endothelialized, and is a living tissue with an inherent capacity to grow/remodel. The Lifeline™ graft is currently in Phase I/II clinical trials and is the first completely biological tissue engineered vascular graft to be used in man. Detroit R&D, Inc. Detroit, MI Hyesook Kim Tel: 313-961-1606 Email: Detroit R&D develops ELISAs for new drug development and assay kits for toxicity screening of drug candidates. Cause of 90% of hypertension is not known. Thus NON-specific hypertension drugs such as beta blocker, calcium channel blocker and ACE inhibitors induces fatigue, dizziness, depression or birth defect. The Company’s patented Hypertension ELISA kit is based on new finding that increased activity of ONE enzyme is responsible for hypertension. Clinical data obtained with the Hypertension ELISA revealed that hypertensive urine specimens were significantly different (98% confidence) from normal specimens. New generation hypertension drugs can be developed using the Hypertension ELISA. DIApedia State College, PA Martin Bradley Tel: 814-234-0700 Email: DIApedia is a State College, Pennsylvania company developing new products for the treatment and prevention of diabetic foot ulcers. To date, we have received $4.2M of NIH SBIR funding to support development of three technologies: 1) CAD-CAM footwear for diabetic patients; 2) a 3-D Haptic Lens used to create a digital image of the plantar surface of the patient’s foot; and 3) a Load Relieving Dressing system for healing diabetic foot ulcers. Discovery Genomics, Inc. Minneapolis, MN John Haaland Tel: 847-491-3279 Email: Discovery Genomics, Inc. (DGI) utilizes a patented, non-viral gene therapy technology, called the Sleeping Beauty Transposon System, to safely and effectively transfer a gene into the chromosome of the cell, allowing for long-term, stable expression of the correct protein. To demonstrate this technology in humans, DGI will sponsor clinical trials at the University of Minnesota Hospital to treat Fanconi Anemia (FA), a rare and fatal blood disease. Validation of DGI’s proprietary technology is expected to lead to cures for other genetically based diseases including Hemophilia A & B, and long-lasting treatments for glioblastoma and breast cancer. Eagle Vision Pharmaceutical Corp Exton, PA Phillip Harnish Tel: 610-363-6928 Email: Eagle Vision Pharmaceutical Corp. is a private development stage company with programs building upon
  11. 11. special expertise in the field of injectable imaging agents. Covered by issued and pending patents, the Company’s product candidates enhance Magnetic Resonance Imaging's (MRI) powerful potential to revolutionize the diagnosis and management of heart disease, liver disease and cancer, replacing the more limited, costly and invasive procedures currently used. SeeMore™ (EVP 1001-1) represents a significant commercial opportunity as the only intracellular heart agent that is not radioactive. Phase II studies in heart patients are ongoing to demonstrate the superior diagnostic features of SeeMore™ enhanced MRI. Engineering Arts Mercer Island, WA Peter Wiktor Tel: 206-275-4221 Email: Engineering Arts is a technology development and manufacturing company currently specializing in piezoelectric `ink-jet' fluid dispensing technology. Current products include the ActivePipette piezoelectric microfluidic dispensers, the DE02 SignalGenerator to drive the dispensers and a robotic laboratory automation instrument capable of transferring (pipetting) sub-nanoliter fluid samples with micron positioning accuracy. Engineering Arts’ dispensers are used commercially to generate gene expression microarrays. In collaboration with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Engineering Arts is developing a cell- based RNAi microarray assay. Engineering Arts is seeking collaborators to develop other applications that could benefit from microfluidic dispensing and laboratory automation technology. FEO Medical, Inc. Collierville, TN Roy Williams Tel: 901-853-2244 Email: FEO Medical, Inc., located in West Tennessee, offers our clients a broad range of R&D services including: mechanical, electronic, optical, software, and systems design; prototype construction and manufacturing interface; and intellectual property assistance via our in-house Patent Agent. We specialize in LabView and are National Instruments’ Alliance Members. We have worked with a broad range of clients and technologies. Government-sponsored projects include multiaperture vision tracking systems and multi- spectral imaging systems. Products for commercialization include: deep-UV laser delivery and imaging systems; sleep apnea analysis software; visible lightguide illumination systems; and vacuum-based leak detection systems. University-based projects include carbon-dating analysis systems. Fermalogic, Inc. Chicago, IL Roy Wesley Tel: 312-738-0050 Email: Founded in 1991, Fermalogic is a research-driven biotechnology company that develops and implements strain improvement technology for fermentation-based products to lower the cost of drugs and improve the profitability of pharmaceutical manufacturing. The company's research focus is in industrial microbiology as it applies to strain and process improvement for the production of antibiotics and other natural products. Fermalogic's goal is to bring new technology to the pharmaceutical industry to solve real-world problems in drug production. In response to the never-ending challenge to increase fermentation yield, Fermalogic has developed a strain improvement process based on its patent-pending FermaChannelingSM metabolic engineering technology. FM Technologies, Inc. Chantilly, VA Vadim Jabotinski Tel: 703-818-9400 Email: FM Technologies (FMT) develops technology and instrumentation in the area of high-energy, plasma
  12. 12. physics and materials processing for industrial, medical, defense, and environmental applications. The company’s expertise covers particle accelerators, electron guns, ion beam sources, cathodes, particle beam optics, precision measurements and control and power electronics, vacuum systems, microwave heat and radiation treatment of polymers, metals, ceramics, and composite materials. Products for commercialization include: High-brightness penning source of continuous ion beams of O-, H-, Ar+ for biological applications, Microwave joining of ceramics to similar and dissimilar materials, and Electron beam process for prevention of vacuum breakdown in high voltage vacuum devices. Frontier Scientific, Inc. Logan, UT Bert Israelsen Tel: 435-753-1901 Email: Frontier Scientific, Inc. (FSI) has developed a drug for iron overload treatment. Hereditary hemochromatosis (HH), also known as iron overload disease or "genetic iron poisoning", is the most common genetic disease in the U.S.A. according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 1 in 8 are "silent carriers" of the single HH gene mutation and 1 in 100-200 have the double mutation, putting them at high risk for developing full blown HH. HH can affect men, women and children at any age. Currently, individuals with iron overload diseases have phlebotomy treatments, or the removal of a full unit of blood from the patient, conducted in a medical setting one to two times a week. Now, with the drug under development by FSI, an oral dosage prior to a meal will inhibit iron uptake, allowing people to lead a normal life style and save thousands of dollars in medical expenses each year. GeneGo Inc. St Joseph, MI Sean Ekins Tel: 269-930-0974 Email: GeneGo develops tools for the integration and systems level analysis of high-throughput experimental data in human biology and medicinal chemistry. Our flagship product, MetaCore™, assists scientists in drug target selection, validation, and identification of molecular biomarkers. MetaCore™ is an integrated analytical suite with data parsers, visualization tools and flexible network building algorithms. MetaCore works with the proprietary content of MetaBase™ our manually curated database of human biology which allows one to network over 90% of the known human proteins via direct interactions. Our second product, MetaDrug™, deals with prediction of human metabolism and toxicity of novel small molecules and compounds. General BioTechnology, LLC Indianapolis, IN Erik Woods Tel: 317-917-3450 Email: General BioTechnology (GBT) is a cell processing company based on novel technologies including methods and devices specifically related to giving biological cells and tissues shelf life. The company has made advancements to improve cryopreservation and banking methods for such diverse cell and tissue types as human pancreatic islets of Langerhans, blood platelets, umbilical cord blood, peripheral blood stem cells and spermatozoa. Presently, GBT also runs a commercial cord blood bank and anonymous donor and autologous sperm bank. GBT is registered with the FDA as an HCT/Ps facility and is licensed by the State of Indiana as a Clinical Blood Center Program. Genex Technologies, Inc. Kensington, MD Matthew Durbin Tel: 301-962-6565 Email:
  13. 13. Founded in 1995, Genex Technologies is a world leader in 3D Imaging, 3D facial recognition, and intelligent surveillance. Genex’s highly accomplished staff of engineers and project managers deliver practical solutions to some of today’s most challenging imaging needs. With internal expertise in fields ranging from optics to mechanical design to electronics, Genex’s innovative team solves complex problems every day. Genex offers solutions and design competencies in the following areas: High-Speed 3D Capture 3D Editing and Post-Processing 3D Data Manipulation 3D Display The Intelligent Optical Design High-Speed Image Processing Algorithm Development Remote, Unmanned Applications WatchList Access Control Composite Sketching GLSynthesis Inc. Worcester, MA George Wright Tel: 508-754-6700 Email: GLSynthesis is a 9-year old, private company that performs laboratory scale (custom) organic synthesis, drug discovery research, and chemical product manufacturing. Customers include major US and international pharmaceutical companies, startup drug discovery and "virtual" companies, biotechnology companies, suppliers of fine chemicals, nutriceutical companies, and academic and research institutions. Drug discovery, including in vitro and in vivo pharmacology and pharmacokinetics, is accomplished through corporate contracts and small business (NIH) grants. We have developed the Fluorosome Technique for drug absorption and disposition studies, and are actively marketing it. We develop, market, and sell several specialty chemicals worldwide, produced directly by our affiliate company Shanghai GLSynthesis, Shanghai, China. Goldfinch Diagnostics Inc. Iowa City, IA Louis Kirchhoff Tel: 319-335-6786 Email: Goldfinch Diagnostics Inc. was founded in 1997 with the goal of developing diagnostic assays for infectious diseases. To date its activities have been focused on the development of hybrid recombinant antigens useful for the diagnosis of Chagas disease. The primary support for these activities has been a SBIR grant from the NIH. Gwathmey, Inc. Cambridge, MA Judith Gwathmey Tel: 617-491-0022 Email: Gwathmey, Inc. the “The Thinking Pre-Clinical Contract Research Organization” TM provides both GLP and non-GLP studies for in vivo and in vitro drug screening for lead compounds, pharmacokinetic, toxicology, biodistribution studies and efficacy testing in animal models. We work in the Arthritis, Cancer, Cardiovascular, CNS, Infectious Disease, Diabetes and Obesity therapeutic areas. Our world-class scientists and state-of-the-art research facilities are used to conduct proof-of-concept and key experiments for FDA drug approval. We significantly change the risk-reward profile and effectively bridge the difficult gap between chemistry and biology. Our goal is to conduct efficient, physiologically sound studies in order to provide high quality data for quality drug development decision making.
  14. 14. HemoGenix, Inc Colorado Springs, CO Ivan N. Rich Tel: 719-264-6250 Email: HemoGenix specializes in developing and producing sensitive in vitro luminescence proliferation assays to meet the need in 3 market areas. These include detecting and predicting hemotoxicity during drug discovery and development, multifunctional research assays for basic research and quality control in stem cell transplantation and cord blood storage processing laboratories. The HALOTM Platform, fulfils all 3 arenas as both a contract service and a product line of over 400 assay kit variations. HemoGenix provides these services and kits worldwide. HALOTM and its applications is one of 4 luminescence assay products within the HemoGenix intellectual property portfolio. IA, Inc. / ThreeFold Sensors Ann Arbor, MI Judith Erb Tel: 734-995-9338 Email: ThreeFold Sensors, Inc. (TFS) develops and markets portable biosensor instruments and a variety of sensor cartridges having applications in medical diagnostics and environmental testing. Our sensors provide, in 3 minutes, results of comparable sensitivity to those obtained by immunoassays requiring 4-24 hours. The technology has been developed through $7.5 million in SBIR grants and is protected by seven pending patents. Our instrument's small size brings reference lab quality tests to field testing and point of care settings. Our panel of rapid reproductive hormone tests will be introduced to fertility clinics in 2006. Sensors for assessing which pharmaceuticals will best treat an individual's cancer are in development. IBET, Inc. Columbus, OH Eric Plum Tel: 614-487-1379 Email: IBET Inc.’s corporate focus is on research and development of instrumentation for the biochemical, biophysical, and biomedical sciences. The company’s expertise and experience in biothermodynamics has inspired development of proprietary technology for monitoring thermal and thermodynamic properties of macromolecules; specifically, temperature-dependent UV/Vis spectroscopy and ultrasonic velocimetry. IBET Inc. has developed analytical instruments designed to provide new and unique information about the thermodynamic properties of biologically important macromolecules and biomolecular interactions. These instruments address a deficiency in high-throughput thermodynamic methods resulting from the explosive growth in knowledge of DNA and protein sequence information. Ichor Medical Systems, Inc. San Diego, CA Robert Bernard Tel: 858-550-2022 Email: Ichor Medical Systems has developed a powerful, patented electroporation technology for delivery of DNA drugs. Although electroporation is a broadly utilized method for DNA drug delivery in various animal models, commercialization of this technology has been hindered by the lack of a reliable and clinically acceptable means for human administration. Ichor’s proprietary TriGrid™ Delivery System integrates several patented electroporation technologies into a simple handheld clinical device that enables safe, efficient and reproducible DNA administration with minimal clinical training. This powerful technology delivers on the promise of DNA drugs and vaccines, addressing the significant unmet medical needs of numerous debilitating and life threatening diseases.
  15. 15. INCELL Corporaton, LLC San Antonio, TX Mary Pat Moyer Tel: 210-877-0100 Email: INCELL has developed innovative and patented platform technologies for non-needle vaccine delivery and intends to make an impact on global health by changing the vaccine delivery paradigm. Its oral and nasal smallpox vaccines will complete Phase I/II clinical trials by Q3 2006 and provide supportive technology information to influenza, HIV and other vaccines in development. INCELL manufactures and sells products to biotechnology and pharmaceutical markets, and provides contract research services relevant to pre- clinical and clinical products for infectious disease, regenerative medicine, stem cells, chem-bio defense, and cancer. INCELL has a strong multi-product pipeline, including a cancer nutraceutical in clinical trials. INFOTECH Soft, Inc Miami, FL Mansur Kabuka Tel: 305-670-5111 Email: INFOTECH Soft, Inc. specializes in the application of XML and Web technologies to create next-generation software solutions for health and life sciences research. INFOTECHSoft’s ASPECT clinical trial management system combines intelligent electronic form and trial models designed around XML Schema, which contain instructions for sophisticated data verification, automated calculation, and conditional processing. The system can be deployed in single location studies or large, multi-center clinical trials communicating over Internet connections. It increases data accuracy and enables timely protocol compliance monitoring, reducing the overall costs of executing a clinical trial and the total time-to-market of promising drugs or therapies. Inframat Corporation Willington, CT Zongtao Zhang Tel: 847-491-3277 Email: Inframat® is a global leader in the development and commercial sale of powder and solution feedstocks for thermal sprayed industrial nanocoatings and currently holds over one dozen nanocoatings patents (U.S. and foreign). Inframat's ceramic nanocoating product, NanoxTM 2613 Thermal Spray Feedstock, which received an R&D100 Award in 2001, has been in use on shipboard (propeller shafts) for several years and is currently is "spec’d" and blueprinted with the U.S. Navy. Inframat® has applied similar nanocoatings to medical applications, and has licensed this patented technology to a major orthopedics company. Inframat® Advanced Materials, a commercial subsidiary, sells nanomaterials throughout the world. Integrative BioInformatics, Inc. Los Altos, CA Ann Chasson Tel: 650-906-4876 Integrative Bioinformatics is a scientific software and consulting services company with expertise in the modeling and analysis of biological systems. Our software product, ProcessDB, helps molecular cell biologists, physiologists and pharmacologists manage and test their increasingly complex mechanistic hypotheses. ProcessDB does this with a powerful but biologically intuitive graphical user interface that helps biomedical researchers formulate, visualize and test their theories of cellular and physiological function. ProcessDB allows investigators to know what their theories predict for any collection of experimental designs, and it speeds discovery of mechanisms that account for all of the available experimental data. By leveraging database, kinetic modeling, and visualization technologies, ProcessDB supports knowledge management for research organizations working on complex biological problems.
  16. 16. Intrinsic Bioprobes, Inc. Tempe, AZ Randall Nelson Tel: 480-804-1778 Email: IBI’s mission is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease through the application of novel proteomics technologies and findings”. IBI’s proprietary technologies are used in the study of diseases for biomarkers discovery/validation and subsequent diagnostic application. Presently, IBI operates in the proteomics instrumentation, services and intellectual property markets, with respective offerings of MASSAY® analytical systems, contract research programs and licensing arrangements. Ionwerks, Inc Houston, TX Ketti Eipers-Smith Tel: 713-522-9880 Email: Ionwerks, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of instrumentation and electronics for Time-of- Flight (TOF) mass spectrometry. Our patented instrument couples ion-mobility (IM) of MALDI desorbed ions with orthogonal time of flight (oTOF) mass spectrometry to provide analysis of small molecules unidentifiable by MALDI alone, such as drugs of abuse, lipids, and neuropeptides. Ionwerks’ revolutionary technology can simultaneously separate and identify low mass ions while analyzing larger mass ions from intact molecules and biomolecules. In addition to important biological and clinical applications, the generalized techniques and instrumentation are applicable to numerous other fields, including materials analysis and environmental sampling. Kinetic Muscles, Inc. Tempe, AZ Ed Koeneman Tel: 480-557-0448 Email: Kinetic Muscles, Inc. products help people with neurological disease such as stroke to improve the use of their hands, arms and legs. We make the first and only multi-modal active-motion device for home and clinic based therapy of neuromuscular disability. Says one user, "Regaining my grip has changed my outlook on getting my life back." KMI is poised to accelerate from the current convergence of neuroscience advances, a home healthcare trend and its early foothold in the neurotherapy market. Its products are an important, cost-effective solution that improves the quality of life for millions of people. The accomplishments and experience of its team have demonstrated a path toward success. Kumetrix, Inc Union City, CA Wilson Smart Tel: 510-476-0950 Email: Kumetrix has developed a unique medical diagnostics technology based on bioMEMS (Micro-Electro- Mechanical Systems). A single-use disposable silicon microchip, with integrated hollow microneedle comparable in size to a human hair, punctures the skin, draws a sub-microliter blood sample into the body of the chip, and performs a specific assay without subsequent blood transfer. The chip mates with the actuator of a handheld meter, which automatically performs the puncture under microprocessor control, reads the assay, displays the result, and stores it in memory. This single-step method renders blood testing painless, rapid, clean, and inexpensive, while requiring no skill from the operator. Leo Lens Technology San Diego, CA Praful Doshi Tel: 858-335-2873
  17. 17. Email: Leo Lens Technology, Inc. has developed the next generation product for the lucrative $4 Billion contact lens industry. With the Leo Lens technology, exact coloring and iris imaging can now be achieved creating a superior product for the cosmetic and prosthetic segment. This globally patented and FDA approved technology is ready for manufacturing scale-up. Leo Lens is looking for both strategic and financial partners to fully commercialize this innovative product. LIFETECHniques, Inc. Santa Barbara, CA Karen West Tel: 561-317-8106 Email: MedSignals™ is a product line of communicating medication devices to aid adherence. The smart pillboxes alert at pill times, time-stamp usage with each lid opening, upload data to servers daily, and post usage times on charts for authorized caregivers. As a data collection tool, MedSignals imports easily to spreadsheets. A handheld MedSignals pillbox showed significantly improved compliance in one NIAID- funded study. Other models in development include a wireless model for chronically ill children with a GPS locator. MedSignals will introduce its first commercial model in August, 2006. It will sell through insurance plans, trade shows, medical supply companies and pharmacies. Lohocla Research Corporation Denver, CO Boris Tabakoff Tel: 303-724-3668 Email: Lohocla is a preclinical-stage company focused on the therapy and diagnosis of pain, psychiatric and addictive disorders. The lead product, DCUK, is a patent protected, novel compound that has demonstrated biological activity in animals for pain, anxiety, and alcohol dependence. The lead indication is severe chronic pain. The pain management market is over $32 billion in the USA, and current medications are suboptimal. To date DCUK has been shown to be safe, and to have significant activity for severe pain. Lohocla is currently conducting preclinical FDA studies to pursue potential indications for phantom limb pain, cancer pain, and dental pain. Lucid Inc. Rochester, NY Jay Eastman Tel: 585-239-9800 Email: Business Description: Lucid, Inc. is a medical device and information company that has developed, patented, and produced confocal microscopes (trademarked as VivaScopes®) that produce images of living cells for real-time medical imaging and diagnosis in a doctor’s office. VivaScopes®, when coupled with Lucid’s patented digital pathology PACS system, allows real-time diagnosis of many malignant diseases - without the need for invasive biopsy. Lucid intends to launch its products for dermatologic surgery followed by screening of skin cancers. Ultimately the technology can be applied in many other areas of diagnostic and surgical pathology. Lucid’s business model derives revenues from device sales and from transaction fees for its digital pathology PACS services. As the installed base of VivaScopes® grows, Lucid will derive the majority of its revenues from transaction fees. Lynntech, Inc. College Station, TX Scott McKenzie Tel: 979-693-0017 Email: Lynntech is an "innovation engine", applying in-depth experience in research, technology development,
  18. 18. prototyping, and product commercialization. We perform research and development for a variety of clients (leading corporations, Federal R&D and venture capital) helping them meet their strategic goals under the ever-increasing pressures of faster technology cycles and heightened competition. Our advanced life sciences chemistries and devices business strategy focuses on creation of value for early and prototype stage inventions and intellectual property derived internally and/or in partnership with leading university faculty inventors. Lynntech growth is achieved through partnerships offering cutting-edge technologies for licensing, and through the creation of investment opportunities in new ventures. Maine Molecular Quality Controls, Inc. Scarborough, ME Joan Gordon Tel: 207-885-1072 Email: Maine Molecular Quality Controls, Inc. (MMQCI) provides the biomedical industry with innovative, high- quality control products for molecular diagnostics. MMQCI products fulfill Federal regulations by monitoring the entire molecular laboratory test, including extraction. Products are composed of synthetic nucleic acid constructs stabilized by a unique proprietary matrix. All are uniquely designed to be analyzed as natural biological samples. Unlike biologicals, MMQCI controls contain multiple mutations in single samples. This key feature renders the controls comprehensive and cost efficient, allowing more complete quality assurance. Products are non-infectious, facilitate documentation requirements and provide consistent results to aid the identification of potential system problems. Maxwell Sensors Inc Santa Fe Springs, CA Winston Ho Tel: 562-801-2088 Email: Maxwell Sensors Inc has developed a proprietary microfluidic bio-disc technology. The microfluidic chemiluminescence (MCL)-bio-disc products offer multiplexed assays, rapid test results, and significantly more sensitivity (100 - 1,000 times) and accuracy than the current Point of Care Testing systems. The technology provides “low cost”, "miniaturization", "integration", and "total automation" for a wide variety of immunoassay and molecular diagnostic applications. Cardiac markers and infectious diseases panel tests are our initial market applications. Microwave Imaging System Technologies Norwich, VT David DeLucia Tel: 802-649-8109 Email: MIST Inc. is an early stage medical device company which has demonstrated an improved system for breast cancer screening and diagnosis. The addressable market is 40 million women in the US ($4B/yr in screening service from >$1B of capital equipment). The worldwide market is four times larger. In human clinical testing of >150 patients at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center we have demonstrated performance equivalent to an MRI at one tenth the cost. This success reflects over $6M invested by the National Institute of Health in developing our technology. Intellectual property is issued and wholly owned. Molecular LogiX, Inc The Woodlands, TX Daniel Monticello Tel: 847-491-3284 Email: 'Molecular LogiX is a drug discovery company. The Company is developing a new class of protein-based therapeutics to treat cancer. Our initial focus is on developing Anti-Cancer Ligands (ACL) directed against Receptor Tyrosine Kinases (RTK) implicated in cancer. We have developed a potent new “Pan-HER” ACL
  19. 19. that has the potential to be a valuable new weapon in the fight against cancer. This “First in Class” compound reflects an entirely new approach to interfering with the RTK-dependent progression of disease. The Company’s business strategy is to develop the drug leads it creates through Phase II clinical trials and then partner them with larger biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Molecular NeuroImaging New Haven, CT Kenneth Marek Tel: 203-401-4300 Email: Molecular NeuroImaging, LLC (MNI) is a neuroimaging services company specializing in the efficient application of scintigraphic biomarkers in drug development and clinical research for neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders. MNI provides services across the pre-clinical and clinical spectrum including radioligand development, design and implementation of Phase 1 to Phase 4 clinical imaging trials, and customized clinical imaging site coordination and management in multi-site imaging studies. Our strong emphasis is on using investigational radiotracers with quantitative imaging outcome measures as diagnostic tools and/or for assessing disease mechanism or progression. Our focus is on developing radioligands as tools for human research. MRPath Incorporated Durham, NC Robert Lontz Tel: 919-806-0081*308 Email: MRPath, Inc. specializes in the conduct of high performance magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) protocols for accelerating the discovery of new biopharmaceutical targets and evaluation of their safety, and rodent models of disease and toxicity. Our technology enables the study of effects in the same animal over extended times, and three-dimensional imagery of in-context bio-structure with exceptional resolution and field of view. Unlike previous technologies, the company’s technology enables quantitative morphological measurement. MRPath integrates its MRI with complementary imaging technologies into image-centric study report formats, which are available to customers in a web-enabled document and image management system. Nanoprobes, Incorporated Yaphank, NY Richard Powell Tel: 919-845-6324 Email: Nanoprobes, Incorporated researches and develops novel technology for the detection and visualization of biological targets using targeted metal nanoparticles and metallographic reactions. The company is developing improved X-ray contrast agents for angiography and vascular imaging which provide enhanced sensitivity, combined with low toxicity and very low viscosity, thus minimizing vascular damage and enabling imaging in organs such as the brain, or in obese patients where current contrast agents are not well tolerated. These reagents are also applicable to the specific imaging of cancer, and high-resolution imaging of smaller blood vessels and features (Micro-CT). Neuronautics, Inc. Evanston, IL Sam Khatami Tel: 847-491-3271 Email: Neuronautics, Inc. (“NNI” or the “Company”) was founded in 1997 with the mission to develop diagnostic and therapeutic treatments for the early detection and eventual prevention of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other related neurodegenerative disorders. These disorders are characterized by the formation of structures called neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs) from molecules of tau protein that associate into insoluble polymers. The
  20. 20. Company believes that drugs that can inhibit or prevent NFT formation will prevent the progression of AD or, given early diagnosis, potentially reverse the course of the disease. In collaboration with leading experts and renowned academic institutions, NNI has discovered several potent anti-tangle drug candidates. Eventually, NNI anticipates partnering with major pharmaceutical companies to take these compounds through the clinical testing necessary to support FDA approval. NOCwatch International, Inc. Crystal Bay, NV Kathryn Kelly Tel: 775-833-4142 Email: Our nation’s elderly fall about 10 million times per year, frequently incurring major disability and significant social and economic costs. NOCwatch has completed two clinical trials resulting in the first device ever shown to reduce falls and injuries in this high-risk population. It does so with a small, inobtrusive patch attached like a band-aid to the patient's thigh that reliably alerts staff or family that a patient is trying to get up unassisted, without sending false alarms. The alarm in the room reminds the patient that they are not to get up unassisted (which works particularly well with dementia patients), and can also be connected to a nurse call system to call a nurse or page a relative. The low-cost, Class I-exempt device is worn for up to three weeks before being disposed of with regular waste, and can be worn while bathing and during x-rays, MRIs, etc. More information can be found at Novarx Corporation San Diego, CA Habib Fakhrai Tel: 847-491-3285 Email: NovaRx has developed and utilized a technology that has significantly prolonged survival and improved the quality of life in cancer patients. NovaRx is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. It's lead product, Lucanix™, is at the end of a Phase II clinical trial for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. Results demonstrate median survivals more than twice that of approved drugs with only minor toxicities. NovaRx is meeting with the FDA in the fourth quarter of 2005 in order to initiate a Phase III clinical trial for Lucanix™ in early 2006. NovaRx hopes its additional technologies under development will transform cancer into a controllable disease such as diabetes. Optimer Pharmaceuticals, Inc San Diego, CA Alex Romero Tel: 858-909-0736 Email: Optimer Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a privately held San Diego-based company, has two late-stage drugs to treat life-threatening bacterial infections under development and a range of preclinical antibiotics discovered through our powerful carbohydrate drug discovery engine. Optimer's core competence includes the development of innovative drugs for treating diseases that currently have no satisfactory therapy. These include antibiotics for drug-resistant bacterial infections, a cancer vaccine, and "disease-modifying" drugs for osteoarthritis. In the near term Optimer plans to bring in significant revenues through sponsored research, joint ventures, government grants, and license royalties. Panomics, Inc. Redwood City, CA Jason Li Tel: 650-216-9736 Email: Panomics, Inc., incorporated in California in September 2000, is a biotechnology-based company dedicating to the development of innovative tools for the functional studies of proteins. Panomics began its official
  21. 21. operations on November 2000 and launched its products on July 2001. Since then, the company has been launching more than one thousand products to the market. Panomics has established an international distribution network covering all major countries and is establishing its sales network in North America. Panomics was ranked #4 among 100 fastest-growing companies in San Francisco Bay area by San Francisco Business Times and #6 among 50 fastest-growing private companies in Silicon Valley by San Jose Business Journal in 2004. Panomics has been awarded 7 SBIR/STTR grants of total $2.5M by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Panomics has become a profit organization since 2003, Panomics acquired in 2003 FreshGene, a small biotech company engaged in the development of SNP detection technologies. Panomics has filed more than 15 patents, 7 of which are issued. Panomics has now 12 full- time employees; 4 of them are PhD/MD scientists, and it occupies a facility with 6,500 square feet of lab and office space in Redwood City, California. Panomics also has a strong scientific consultant team including Michael Rosenfeld, who is the members of National Academy of Sciences. Paradigm Pharmaceuticals, LLC St. Paul, MN Fatih Uckun Tel: 612-965-4894 Email: Paradigm Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a start-up, for-profit Minnesota limited liability pharmaceuticals company. The goal of Paradigm Pharmaceuticals is to develop new and active pharmaceuticals for the prevention and treatment of viral infections and malignancies. Paradigm Pharmaceuticals is currently developing bench-to- bedside patent-applied technologies towards final product and approval stages in order to produce the highest quality pharmaceutical and consumer health care products in the world. Complete in house laboratory set-up with state-of-the-art equipment is established. Extensive research studies have been conducted and the most beneficial and extraordinary drug candidates have been tested in animal models to confirm efficacy, potency, and toxicity. Perinatronics Medical Systems Millersville, MD Thomas Frank Tel: 410-987-1305 Email: Perinatronics develops and clinically tests innovative diagnostic medical instrumentation. In obstetrics, we developed a unique, patented non-invasive fetal heart rate monitor used for advanced antepartum testing and monitoring during labor and delivery. It is the only device available to non-invasively monitor clinically significant fetal heart rate beat-to-beat variability. Recently, our priority has been the development of our innovative patent-pending ECG triggering system to improve cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. This ECG gating system provides for reliable and robust triggering of the moving heart and coronary arteries. We work closely with leading physicians at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Barnes Hospital, and the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center. Persyst Development Corporation Del Mar, CA Scott Wilson Tel: 858-755-4565 Email: Persyst is the world’s largest developer of software for EEG (electroencephalograph) review and analysis. Current markets include clinical review, epilepsy monitoring and diagnosis, and ICU monitoring. Our recently developed AutoLearn™ technology allows patient dependent algorithms to be developed on the fly from EEG and critical care parameters. The EEG technician marks a single example of the pattern of interest and the neural networks are trained instantaneously (< 1 s) without user intervention. New examples can be identified to refine the algorithm without retraining. The same technology allows patient independent algorithms to learn over time.
  22. 22. Phantoms by Design Inc. Bothell, Wa Thomas Burke Tel: 425-481-3515 Email: PBD produces anthropomorphic phantoms of human hearts for use in developing and testing percutaneous interventional devices and procedures such as AF ablation, septal defect closure and valve replacement. The physical models are based on clinical image data and provide a stable, well characterized, clinically relevant environment which reproduces the form and key functionality of native heart tissues. Properly employed, PBD’s models will streamline development cycles, speeding the delivery of interventions in less time with enhanced performance. Though phantoms will never replace animal and human testing, they can reduce the time and expense of animal testing and improve clinical trial outcomes. Pharmacon International, Inc. New York, NY Renee Arnold Tel: 212-480-4500 Email: Pharmacon International, Inc. has created a proprietary software program, EB-Health ALERTS©, that manages information to improve health outcomes. EBH ALERTS™ (Evidence-Based Health Automated Live E-Health Response Tracking System) is a fully automated, remote, prospective health and disease monitoring tool, accessible via Internet and interactive voice response, which will (1) facilitate identification of people at greatest risk of developing specific diseases, (2) take steps to intervene early to prevent disease onset and (3) improve management of patients with chronic diseases. The program aims to enhance patient-provider communication through automation and decrease healthcare costs by providing cost- effective deployment of disease management programs. PharmaSeq, Inc. Monmouth Jct., NJ Wlodek Mandecki Tel: 732-355-0100 Email: PharmaSeq's provides ultra high-throughput, low-cost, multiplex bioassays and instruments for research and clinical use. The Company has pioneered a unique technology based on an ultra-small silicon integrated circuit, a microtransponder, which, when activated by laser light emits a radio frequency signal carrying a unique identification code. In biological applications, microtransponders are read in a flow-based instrument developed by the Company. The first applications are in detecting genetic abnormalities (mutations, SNPs), such as the cystic fibrosis assay. The Company plans to move forward with applications in other aspects of genomics, proteomics, pharmaceutical drug discovery, and combinatorial chemistry. Physical Sciences Inc. Andover, MA Mark Druy Tel: 847-491-3272 Email: Physical Sciences Inc., a 33 year old company, develops and commercializes advanced technologies for the aerospace, energy, environmental, manufacturing, and medical markets. PSI is currently developing an ultra-sensitive system for direct measurement of singlet oxygen during Photodynamic therapy (PDT). Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a rapidly developing and extremely promising branch of oncology. FDA approval has been granted for treatment of esophageal and certain lung cancers using PDT. To date, there is no commercially available instrument that can directly measure the real time profiles of singlet oxygen during PDT treatment. Singlet oxygen formation is a key factor in understanding the response of the cancer to PDT. An instrument that can measure real-time profiles will greatly accelerate the ability of PDT to treat various cancers.
  23. 23. PhysioGenix, Inc. Wauwatosa, WI John Seman Tel: 414-431-6600 Email: PhysioGenix was formed by leading researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) to commercialize the Founders’ vision of reducing drug failures in clinical trials by improving pre-clinical animal models for predictive toxicology, drug screening, and target validation. To fulfill this vision the Company has brought physiology to the genome by engineering multigenic rat models using genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics to match human disease. PhysioGenix uses these animals to provide contract research services related to predictive toxicology and therapeutic proof-of-concept to pharmaceutical companies to help them accelerate their product development processes. Pinnacle Technology Inc. Lawrence, KS Donna Johnson Tel: 785-832-8866 Email: Pinnacle develops and commercializes innovative medical devices for animal research. The company targets the pharmaceutical industry, research laboratories and universities that use over 20 million mice and rats each year in the United States. Turnkey Pinnacle systems include biosensors, wireless or tethered data acquisition systems, and software. Pinnacle’s sensors and systems are well suited for high throughput drug screening, and they enable research that will elevate our understanding of the chemical origins of behavior and many disorders including: sleep disorders, heart disease, Parkinsons, and Alzheimers. Platypus Technologies Madison, WI Barbara Israel Tel: 608-237-1274 Email: Platypus Technologies is a Bio/Nanotechnology company. We are developing a new generation of diagnostics, monitors and sensors based on the use of nanostructured surfaces and liquid crystals. Platypus technology enables label free detection of proteins, cells, viruses and volatiles. Our products will allow scientists to monitor large scale outbreaks of diseases such as avian influenza using sensitive, rapid assays that permit digital acquisition, analysis and sharing of data and that can be conducted in low technology environments. Platypus technology will also permit the quantitative, individual monitoring of exposure to environmental toxins, such as pesticides. Our products will be useful in basic research, clinical medicine, environmental studies and military applications. Platypus has received over $10 million in competitive SBIR funds to advance the development of this powerful platform technology. PortaScience Inc. Moorestown, NJ Wai Law Tel: 847-491-3273 Email: PortaScience Inc. focuses on new product development for point-of-care diagnostic tests which address clinical and consumer markets. The team has experience in commercializing over 50 FDA approved diagnostic products, and has licensed out or commercialized five products in the last five years. Praevium Research, Inc. Santa Barbara, CA Vijaysekhar Jayaraman Tel: 805-448-4008 Email: Praevium Research, Inc. is a developer of compact semiconductor-based sources of broadband optical radiation for biomedical imaging and other sensor applications. Current development efforts include
  24. 24. broadband sources for Optical Coherence Tomography, multi-wavelength laser arrays for diffuse optical spectroscopy, and dense laser clusters for near infrared agricultural spectroscopy. Praevium core technologies include semiconductor wafer bonding, processing, and epitaxial growth, and micropackaging of semiconductor sources. These technologies are being employed to create sources with maximum wavelength coverage in conjunction with minimum size and power dissipation. Premitec Inc. Raleigh, NC Helmut Eckhardt Tel: 919-424-4456 Email: Premitec, Inc. was founded as a spin-off from the Biomedical Microsensor Laboratory and the Center for Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Materials at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. The company uses its expertise in microfabrication technology to provide research, product development and manufacturing expertise to medical device, diagnostics, genomics and drug screening companies. In addition the company is developing proprietary biomedical sensors and implant devices. Premitec’s platform technology combines its microfabriation technology for flex substrates with the proprietary A-coatTM encapsulation technology enabling the development of flexible, biocompatible implantable microelectrode arrays and devices used for neurostimulation, in-vivo diagnostics as well as the development of low-cost, disposable microfluidics components and sensors for in-vitro diagnostics. Products under development in collaboration with corporate and academic partners and partially funded by SBIR grants form the NIH are microelectrode array devices for neural stimulation, in-vivo glucose sensors and novel electrochemical immunosensors. ProteomTech, Inc. Emeryville, CA David Hagebush Tel: 510-597-9131 Email: Therapeutics Research and Development: Proteomtech, Inc. is a product-driven pharmaceutical research and development company. PTI is based upon IP for protein refolding (US patent 6,583,268), Pt-Fold TM. Our focus and core technology is built around developing therapeutic proteins optimally refolded from E. coli inclusion bodies that are difficult to recover via competing technologies. Using Pt-Fold, ProteomTech has developed a pipeline of protein drug candidates. Proteomtech holds worldwide composition of matter, method of manufacturing and methods of treating cancer patents for a protein therapeutic candidate for oncology, and has submitted method of manufacturing patents for protein therapeutic candidates for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and thrombolytic indications. ProThera Biologics East Providence, RI Yow-Pin Lim Tel: 401-301-2046 Email: ProThera Biologics develops "theranostic" and therapeutic products for serious human diseases such as sepsis and cancer. Theranostics represent a new market area with enormous potential for growth which utilize predictive tests to make critical, personalized treatment decisions. The company is currently focusing on novel uses of natural plasma protease inhibitors (Inter-alpha inhibitors) which are involved in the pathological processes of systemic inflammation and cancer metastasis. Utilizing inter-alpha inhibitors as integrated theranostic and therapeutic biomolecules, ProThera Biologics will target sepsis and cancer, a clinical arena representing wide-spread patient populations with a significant unmet medical need.
  25. 25. QED Labs San Jose, CA Pam Thuman-Commike Tel: 408-295-8347 Email: QED Labs provides software for solving complex computational biology problems. We develop computational research tools for three-dimensional structural determination from electron microscopy data that enable biologists, at all levels of structure determination, to easily process their data. QED Labs accomplishes this with innovative software that guides user on how, when, and why to perform data processing operation. Sci-Tec, Inc. Knoxville, TN Val Golovlev Tel: 865-671-2166 Email: Sci-Tec, Inc. is a microarray technology company offering equipment, software, consumables and reagents for life science research and biomedical applications. Sci-Tec's core product is AuroGen microarray system, which has a unique capability to detect and quantify DNA, RNA and proteins on high-density microarrays without chemical modification of target molecules. The unique, yet affordable microarray platform can be used in various applications offering advantage of personal microarray system to researchers and medical practitioners working in the fast expending fields of genetic analysis, medical diagnosis, environmental analysis, drug discovery, forensic analysis, and biodefense. SibTech, Inc. Newington, CT Joseph Backer Tel: 860-953-1164 Email: SibTech, Inc. is developing VEGF-based imaging constructs for targeting and imaging angiogenesis. The constructs for fluorescent and nuclear medicine imaging, based on proprietary single-chain VEGF, are successful in animal models and strategies for clinical development are being explored. In developing these constructs, SibTech utilized its proprietary technology for conversion of biopharmaceutical proteins into the carriers of therapeutic and diagnostic agents. SibTech is offering this technology for licensing and/or co- development to the companies that wish to expand applications and patent life of their proprietary biopharmaceutical proteins. SoloHill Engineering, Inc. Ann Arbor, MI Timothy Solomon Tel: 734-973-2956 Email: SoloHill develops and delivers microcarrier technology for use in the human and animal pharmaceutical industries. SoloHill has responded to industry needs over the past decade by developing animal protein free microcarriers, protocols for a variety of cell culture based vaccines, and whole infected-cell harvest technology. The Company’s protocols are for producing human influenza vaccine via cell culture technology in bioreactors using SoloHill’s Hillex ® microcarriers, Vero or MDCK cell lines and, animal protein free media. SoloHill continues to seek partnerships and/or licensing arrangements with pharmaceutical manufacturers that have an interest in utilizing microcarrier based cell culture technologies. Source Signal Imaging, Inc. San Diego, CA Richard Greenblatt Tel: 619-234-9935 Email:
  26. 26. Source Signal Imaging (SSI) provides innovative, powerful, and useable software to measure and visualize human brain dynamics, used by researchers and clinicians worldwide. SSI specializes in advanced signal and image processing, enabling investigators to combine electroencephalography (EEG), magnetoencephalography (MEG) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to determine where events happen in the brain, how events change over time, and how brain regions interact. SSI’s EMSE® Suite software is used to study cognition, perception, and memory. Diseases such as autism, schizophrenia, and epilepsy are characterized by disordered brain dynamics, and EMSE® allows clinicians to better diagnose and understand these diseases. SpectraGenetics LLC Pittsburgh, PA Cheryl Telmer Tel: 412-488-9350 Email: SpectraGenetics supplies the biomedical research market with innovative products for analyzing genes and gene function. The company’s reporter-tagged full-length mammalian genes are sold to cell and molecular biologists in academic, government and industrial laboratories. These products overcome many of the drawbacks of currently available reporter systems, leading to more meaningful experimental data. The company’s Peptide Mass Signature Genotyping (PMSG) products provide sensitive, comprehensive and accurate sequence information particularly suited to clinical cancer research where existing sequencing methods fail. RT-PMSG products for studies of gene expression, including alternative splicing, provide complete characterization of variation using a single kit. SpectRx Inc. Norcross, GA Shabbir Bambot Tel: 847-491-3274 Email: SpectRx, Inc. (OTCBB: SPRX) uses innovative and minimally invasive technologies in products and product development activities for the diagnosis and therapy of cancer and diabetes. The company is currently in FDA pivotal studies with its non-invasive cervical cancer detection product and is commercializing this through its subsidiary, Guided Therapeutics, Inc. In the diabetes arena, the company has innovative solutions for insulin delivery and glucose monitoring. SpectRx markets the SimpleChoice® line of diabetes management products, which include insulin pump disposable supplies. SpectRx is also developing a consumer device for continuous glucose monitoring. Synthasome San Diego, CA Anthony Ratcliffe Tel: 858-490-9401 Email: Synthasome is a biotechnology company developing regenerative medicine products primarily for musculoskeletal applications (tendon, ligament and cartilage repair), using tissue engineering technologies supported by new intellectual property. The Company uses federal research grants to drive early product development, and so far has received over $3 million in grants. The first product in our pipeline is a device for assisting surgical repair of injured rotator cuff tendons (approx. $100 million market), the product is anticipated to enter the market place in 2007, and will then be followed by products for knee articular cartilage repair. SynVax, Inc. North Logan, UT Amrit Judd Tel: 435- 713-4917 Email:
  27. 27. SynVax, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company with a mission to successfully discover, develop, and commercialize pharmaceutical products for use in infection, pain, and cardiology. At least five significant discoveries are currently ready for development, and more are in the pipeline. Animal studies have been done on three products. The products are based on advanced peptide structure-function analyses and expertise in peptide synthesis. Patent has been issued on one product and pending on another. The pharmaceutical markets the company will address are currently in excess of $10 billion in annual sales. SynZyme Technologies, LLC Irvine, CA Carleton Hsia Tel: 949-453-1072 Email: SynZyme Technologies, LLC, is a privately-held, California-based, Delaware biopharmaceutical company. Utilizing its proprietary platform technology of polynitroxylation, SynZyme is engaged in the development of a drug pipeline based on targeted delivery of caged nitric oxide free radical therapeutics. These products belong to a new class of stable, metal-free radicals with targeted antioxidant and enzyme-mimetic activities, which are intended for the treatment of ischemia/reperfusion and inflammatory-related diseases associated with inadequate blood flow. Talaria Inc Seattle, WA Peter Dunbar Tel: 206-748-0443 Email: Talaria Inc has a proprietary “builder” that enables development of healthcare eLearning programs over the internet. This enables our content developers to originate, modify and publish sophisticated eLearning programs from home or internet café anywhere in the world yet have the functionality of a desktop or server application. This technology drastically reduces our cost of development by reducing travel costs and improving workflow while also improving quality of content, by enabling content experts from anywhere in the world to contribute without ever leaving home. Customers delighted by Talaria products include the US Army, VA, major Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. Talisman Limited Vienna, VA Paul Cumming Tel: 703-938-0300 Email: The Quality Donor System (tm)(QDS), an FDA 510(k) cleared Medical Device, is Talisman's principal achievement. It may be the world's only scientifically and medical production line proven automated multimedia blood donor health history interviewing system. Since 2001 QDS has completed more than 450,000 interviews at five different blood and medical organizations and is currently operating at the rate of 350,000 interviews/year. It runs on tablet computers in standalone or network/Web modes. It has been shown repeatedly to vastly increase donor and staff satisfaction, reduce FDA errors by over 60% and staff time by over 80% and to increase donor honesty. Talking Lights LLC Boston, MA Elmer Lupton Tel: 847-491-3275 Email: Talking Lights LLC uses existing lighting in a facility to create inexpensive unique communication networks and precise locator capability. Lights become locator beacons while still providing non-flickering, strong illumination. Applications include assistance for persons with cognitive disorders like Alzheimer's patients and traumatic brain injury patients, wayfinding and guidance in retail facilities, office buildings, schools,
  28. 28. hospitals and care facilities, and specialized assistive areas like guidance for the blind. A capability like GPS indoors is created. Targeted Gene Delivery, Inc. Portland, OR Steven Hefeneider Tel: 503-525-4878 Email: Targeted Gene Delivery, Inc., develops immune regulatory therapeutics derived from bacterial and viral proteins. Bacteria and viruses have the ability to encode proteins designed to regulate the host immune system. These proteins can be identified and modified to form unique therapeutics able to either enhance or diminish the immune system. Therapeutics derived from these proteins have the potential to alter the course of disease. Specific applications include anti-inflammatories for use in chronic diseases such as septic shock and meningitis, and immune stimulatory products for use in immune compromised individuals. Targeted Gene Delivery has developed a proprietary anti-inflammatory peptide with potential application in the treatment of several chronic inflammatory diseases. The company is focused on the commercialization of this novel therapeutic, and development of additional immune regulatory peptides. TechEn, Inc. Milford, MA Arthur DiMartino Tel: 508-478-0042 Email: TechEn designs, develops and markets non-invasive optical brain imaging solutions. The innovative, portable devices are sold world-wide and provide fast quantitative assessment, reducing the cost for treatment and improving rehabilitation. Working in conjunction with Harvard’s teaching hospital, MGH, TechEn has developed propriety real-time algorithms, hardware, software and disposables. Current applications include: stroke rehabilitation, traumatic brain injury, autism, epilepsy and early child development. With twenty-two years experience in all stages of innovation, TechEn offers clients a full array of electronic product design solutions and production services. Recent programs include Bone Densitometry, ICU Glucose Monitor, GPS Signal Simulator and Wireless Biotech Sensing. The Virtual Reality Medical Center San Diego, CA Mark Wiederhold Tel: 858-642-0267 Email: The Virtual Reality Medical Center (VRMC) delivers innovative pain distraction products using virtual reality technology integrated with medical science. The patient wears a small, comfortable device with earphones and a 3-D visual display that immerses them in an interactive world. Such immersion relieves pain by reducing attention to it. VRMC-developed worlds include Enchanted Forest, Dream Castle, and others. These pain distraction products are important adjuncts to other pain management methods, such as pharmaceuticals, because the patient is more in control of managing his or her pain relief, thus reducing medication and visits to health professionals. Therapyx, Inc. Buffalo, NY Thomas Conway Tel: 716-829-2528 Email: Therapyx, Inc. is a privately held biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the development and commercialization of nanoadjuvants for innovative therapeutic and vaccination strategies. The company’s nanoadjuvant platform represents a general strategy for the immunotherapy of disease through the application of slow-release
  29. 29. adjuvants. While the company’s first product is targeted for major cancers, including lung cancer (first indication), breast cancer, melanoma and other solid tumors, Therapyx, Inc. has a broad pipeline of products at the pre-clinical stage for applications in autoimmune and infectious disease. Therataxis, LLC Baltimore, MD Raghu Raghavan Tel: 410-464-1418 Email: Therataxis models brain transport processes and designs delivery methods for therapies. The simulation and prediction of transport mechanisms, and our proprietary direct delivery devices, provide the necessary link in developing successful therapies of the brain by ensuring proper delivery. Our currently marketed products are surgical simulation software and simulation-based device designs. We offer services in medical image analysis, biomedical simulations, therapy planning, and management of appropriate research. In addition to our industrial customers, the company has academic partnerships with major universities through grants and contracts. Our focus is to improve delivery of therapeutics directly into brain and other solid tissue (prostate, tumor, etc.) by predicting the distribution of the therapy - either particulate or energy - for a specific individual and disease state. Thromgen, Inc. Cleveland, OH Alvin Schmaier Tel: 216-368-1172 Email: Thromgen Inc., founded in 1995, is a privately owned early-stage biotechnology company that is discovering and developing novel treatments for diseases related to a new class of thrombin receptor inhibitors (also called antagonists or blockers). The novel mechanisms of the technology allows Thromgen’s therapeutic scope to include cardiovascular-, oncologic-, and inflammatory-related diseases. Initially, the Company is focusing on acute coronary syndromes and prostate cancer with its lead candidate, ThrombostatinTM. The Company is a spin-out from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Tissue Technologies LLC Richmond, VA Irwin Cohen Tel: 804-301-7839 Email: Tissue Technologies LLC is a "start up" dedicated to healing and prevention of wounds. Our first product, a protease sequestering dressing for chronic wounds is inexpensive and effective. We are developing other materials for the same purpose which will be more potent and user friendly. Simiar products to treat gingivitis and ostony wound sites are planned. Also under development is a bed-side color indicator for wound protease activity which will help the caregiver decide on therapy. In addition, we have submitted a patent on a device to prevent pressure ulcers. The protease sequestration technology will apply also to products to prevent skin aging. Finally, TT wound prodcuts will be for animals as well as man. TissueTech, Inc. & Bio-Tissue, Inc. Miami, FL Amy Tseng Tel: 305-412-4430 Email: TissueTech uses its proprietary cyro-preservation technologies to produce amniotic membrane tissue products with miraculous properties in promoting anti-inflammatory, anti-scarring and anti-angiogenic actions. The Company’s two commercialized products (AmniGraft® and ProKera™) are targeted to restore eye surface damages caused by corneal or conjunctival ulcers, chemical burns, and pterygium, etc. With
  30. 30. increasing number of publications since 1995, the concept of ocular surface reconstruction using these products has gained popularity among ophthalmic community. This is proven by the exceptional growth the Company experienced last year. The Company also has a pipeline includes several stem-cell therapies and novel medical devices at different stages of development. The Company’s goal is to expand the therapeutic actions of its tissue-engineered products to other body sites in the future. TRS Technologies, Inc. State College, PA Paul Rehrig Tel: 814-238-7485 Email: TRS is a producer of specialty piezoelectric products for navy sonar, medical ultrasound, precision sensor, and precision positioning markets. TRS has been an innovator in the area of piezoelectric materials technologies with developments such as new materials for high power sonar projectors; machinable ceramics for the production of ultrasound arrays; high strength ceramics for high force actuators; and single crystal piezoelectrics for broad band ultrasound transducers, high sensitivity vibration sensors, and high displacement actuators. TRS currently has $4 million in annual sales and has received over $1 million in investment capital for commercialization of new materials technologies. VeriFax Corporation Boulder, CO Ruth Shrairman Tel: 303-581-9770 Email: VeriFax is a Chapter S Colorado Corporation. It is a small R&D enterprise with the main mission to develop high quality, cost effective security and biomedical devices based on IP developed by the company founders. The biomedical device “NeuroskillTM” is intended to assess fine motor control fluctuations in people with neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease and stroke, while “ImpairscopeTM” is a device to assess impairment due to environmental intoxication and result of substance abuse. The measures of impairment provided by Neuroskill and Impairscope can be considered as potential clinical markers for prospective applications. The biometric device “AutographTM” offers an easy, cost-effective and universally accepted solution for signature verification with unprecedented accuracy. It can be used in both cyber security and physical security systems. Vesticon, Inc. Portland, OR Cathryn Epley Tel: 503-230-0539 Email: Vesticon is focused on the development of a suite of interelated solutions to make it easier and more lucrative for physicians to deal with one of the most frustrating areas in medicine: the diagnosis and management of the dizzy patient. Building on the assets of medical expertise that is among the most extensive for this field, Vesticon has funded operations through NIH SBIR grants, which now provide a baseline to launch commercial activities to dominate the vestibular device market. Direct costs related to injuries from elderly fallers with preventable vestibular problems exceed $10 billion; and Vesticon’s products will penetrate a significant portion of this sector. Vical Incorporated San Diego, CA Marilyn Ferrari Tel: 858-646-1135 Email: Vical's goal is to be an integrated biopharmaceutical company committed to the development and commercialization of vaccines and immunotherapies based on its unique non-viral DNA technology.
  31. 31. Together with its licensees and collaborators, Vical is currently developing a number of vaccine and therapeutic protein product candidates for the prevention or treatment of infectious diseases, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. Independent development programs include vaccines for CMV and anthrax, as well as novel immunotherapeutics for treatment of melanoma. Through collaborations with others, Vical leverages its technologies for applications that may not be appropriate for independent product development efforts. Collaborators include Merck, Sanofi, Merial (Merck/Sanofi animal health joint venture), Aqua Health (Novartis), AnGes MG, Corautus Genetics, and the NIH. In addition, Vical pursues contract manufacturing opportunities to leverage its infrastructure and expertise in plasmid manufacturing, and to provide revenues that contribute to its independent research and development efforts. VivaScan Corporation West Boylston, MA Robert A. Peura Tel: 847-491-3278 Email: VivaScan Corporation has developed a painless testing device for blood glucose monitoring by means of unique noninvasive infrared technology. Currently diabetic individuals stab themselves up to ten times per day to determine their blood glucose, or inject insulin blindly at considerable risk of complications. VivaScan’s monitor, designed by a team of technical and clinical experts, responds to the noninvasive test needs of diabetic persons. A proprietary platform technology has evolved resulting in a personal hand held monitor. With the patented VivaScan glucose tester, a simple and gentle squeeze of the ear or finger is all it takes to get an accurate reading of blood glucose. X-Ray Imaging Innovations Birmingham, AL Gary Barnes Tel: 205-492-7555 Email: X-Ray Imaging Innovations is a company with expertise in medical x-ray imaging technology. The company's current efforts are focused on the development of a novel bedside (portable) radiographic unit and in improving general radiography and digital tomosynthesis. It is anticipated that the new portable x-ray unit will be easy to use and will result in markedly improved images, images comparable in quality to those currently obtained with fixed general radiographic units. It is also anticipated that the improvements we are working on in general radiography and digital tomosynthesis will improve image quality in a dose efficient manner.