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  1. 1. Marilee C. S. Cole, M.D., D.T.M.H. Office Address May -- February: Georgetown University Hospital (GUH) Division of General Internal Medicine 3800 Reservoir Road—PHC-6 Washington, D. C. 20007 202—444—8168 March/April: Banso Baptist Hospital (BBH) Northwest Province Kumbo, Cameroon, West Africa Title Professor, Department of Medicine Director, Tropical Medicine Elective in Cameroon for Georgetown University Hospital (GUH) Internal Medicine Residents Foreign Languages Spoken French, German, Greek Licensure Washington, D. C. Initial Date of Licensure 02/13/80 Specialty Certification American Board of Internal Medicine, 1983 Diploma in Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (DTMH), 2002 Education 1964—1968 B. S. Bucknell University Lewisburg, Pennsylvania Biology and Chemistry, Cum Laude 1968—1972 M. D. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Baltimore, Maryland 2002 D. T. M. H. (Diploma in Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine London, England, United Kingdom Training 1972—1974 Bayview Medical Center, Baltimore, Maryland Internal Medicine Resident Chairman, Charles Carpenter, MD
  2. 2. 1977 Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts Dermatology Elective 1978 Mount Auburn Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts Orthopedics Elective 1980—1982 Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC), Washington, D. C. Primary Care Internal Medicine Fellowship Chief of General Internal Medicine, Jerry Earll, MD Professional Experience Clinical 1974—1975 Boston College Student Health Clinic, Newton, Massachusetts 1975—1979 Boston University Student Health Clinic, Boston, Massachusetts Academic 1984—present Internal Medicine Associates, Georgetown University Hospital 1984—1993 Clinical Instructor on Clinical Track 1993—2001 Clinical Assistant Professor on Clinical Track 2001—2005 Associate Professor on Clinician Educator Track 2005—2006 Professor on Clinician Educator Track 2004—2007 Consultant, MTCT-Plus Grant in Cameroon, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, New York City, New York Honors, Recognition, and Awards 1964—1968 Phi Beta Kappa Mortar Board Biology Honorary Tri Delta Scholastic Award NSF Teaching Fellowship, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 1999 Featured in “Putting Your Stamp on History” for Women’s History Month at Dahlgren Medical Library, Georgetown University Medical Center 2000 Finalist, “Mentorship Excellence for Medical Women Faculty Award”, Georgetown University Medical Center
  3. 3. July/Aug., 2003 Featured in “Fulfilling a Mission” in Georgetown University’s Blue & Gray Oct. 29, 2003 Featured as “A Volunteer in Africa” during WAMU FM’s Georgetown Forum with interviewer Lillian Brown Nov. 10, 2003 National “Women’s Leadership Development Award”, which included accomplishments during my Presidency, the highlights of which were: 1. Establishment of the Career Development Website 2. Establishment of the yearly Mentorship Award 3. First time gender-equitable representation on the GUMC/Medstar Transition Committees to GUMC Society for Medical Women Faculty (SMWF) from American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) March, 2004 Vicennial Medalist, Georgetown University June 28, 2004 Alumni Hall of Fame Towson High School, Towson, Maryland July 10—13, 2004 Selected by the AAMC for Advanced Educational Training at the “Mid-Career Women Faculty Professional Development Seminar”, Washington, D. C. December 9, 2004 The John Eisenberg, MD, MBA, Memorial Career Development Award, SMWF, GUMC June 6, 2006 “Notes of Interest: Marilee Cole, MD, DTMH”, International Activities and Opportunities: A Yale Quarterly Newsletter Professional Societies 1995—2000 Society for General Internal Medicine 2003—Present American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Public Service 2000—Present Volunteer Physician at Banso Hospital, Cameroon, West Africa during March/April 2001 Created HIV/AIDS Treatment Protocol for the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board (CBCHB) 2001—Present Consultant in Tropical Medicine and HIV/AIDS for the CBCHB, a Cameroonian non-governmental organization (NGO)
  4. 4. Invited Lectures Banso Hospital “Tropical Diseases”, 03/16/00 Kumbo, Cameroon “Congestive Heart Failure”, 03/23/00 “HIV”, 03/28/00 “Setting Up an HIV/AIDS Treatment Program”, 03/22/01 “New Developments in Developing World Tropical Medicine”, 04/02 “Prescription of Antiretroviral Drugs”, 05/10/02 “Complications of Antiretroviral Therapy”, 05/12/02 “Treatment of Anemia and Malaria in Cameroon”, 03/03 “Worms, Wheezes and Weird Diseases”, 03/25/04 “Managing Coma”, 04/06/04, “Malaria Prophylaxis in Pregnancy: CBCHB Study Findings”, 04/07/05 “Should Amodiaquine Be Used as Malaria Prophylaxis in Pregnancy?” 04/07/05 “Opportunistic Infections: Answering Your Clinical Questions”,03/29/06 Georgetown University Hospital, “Practicing Tropical Medicine in Cameroon, West Washington, D. C. Africa”, Internal Medicine Grand Rounds, 09/11/00 “The Why, Where, How and What of Practicing Tropical Medicine in Cameroon”, Nurse Practitioner Grand Rounds, 06/18/03 “Mission Forum: The Cameroon Experience”, Nurse Grand Rounds, 10/26/04 Arlington Hospital, “Practicing Tropical Medicine in Cameroon, West Arlington, Virginia Africa, Internal Medicine Grand Rounds, 01/19/01 London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, “Volunteering in Cameroon”, London, England DTMH Lecture, 04/02 MTCT-Plus Foundation Training Course “The HAART of the Matter: CBCHB Bamenda, Cameroon HIV/AIDS Management”, lecture sponsored by Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, New York , 09/17/04 Mbingo Hospital “Re-evaluation of HAART Treatment Data: BBH, MBH-1 Mbingo, Cameroon and MBH-2”, 04/11/05 “Immune Reconstitution Syndrome”, 04/11/05 “Opportunistic Infections: Answering Your Clinical Questions”04/13/06 Georgetown University “How We Are Waging the War on Tropical Diseases”, Washington, D. C. Intercampus Workshop Series, 01/30/06 Mutengene Hospital “Opportunistic Infections: Answering Your Clinical Questions”, Mutengene, Cameroon 04/14/06
  5. 5. University Service 1992—1993 Task Force on the Status of Female Faculty in Internal Medicine 1993—1994 Committee on the Status of Female Faculty in Internal Medicine 1994—present Georgetown Women in Medicine (GWIM) [formerly GUMC Society for Medical women Faculty] 1994—1996 Secretary 1994—1995 Created Medical Interest Directory 1994—1997 Chair, Family Medical Leave and Part Time Committee Spearheaded Implementation of GU FML policy 1996—1997 Vice-President 1996—1997 Co-sponsored Skills Workshops Sponsored “Women’s Health: Closing the Gender Gap in Research, Education, and Practice” Seminar 1997—1999 President 1997—1999 Chair, Leadership Equity Task Force Expanded Leadership Opportunities in “Women on Committees” Effort with Academic Dean Lobbied Successfully for Gender Equitable Member- ship/Leadership on Transition GUMC/Medstar Committees 1997—1999, Sponsored Leadership Development Seminars for Junior and Senior Women Faculty; 1997—1999, Implemented Monthly Educational Skills Workshops and Spring Lecture Series 1997—1999, Worked Toward Administrative Action to Rectify Gender-Based Basic Science Salary Inequities Initiated development of SMWF Website focused on Junior Faculty Career Development Initiated SMWF Mentorship Excellence Award for GUMC/GUH Medical Women Faculty
  6. 6. 1999—2002 Salary Equity Task Force Worked towards Administrative Action to Rectify Clinical Faculty Gender-Based Salary Inequities 1999—present Executive Board 2006 “Why Academics? Conference” Initiated and Co-Implemented 1995—present Female Medical Student Mentorship Program 1996 Women’s Health Curriculum Task Force Aspiration Pneumonia Task Force Patient/Information Flow Task Force 1997 Academic Dean Search Committee 1998 Clinical Affairs Committee 2000—present Physician Shadowing Program 2000—present Tropical Medicine/International Health Professional Advisory Educated, Advised, and/or Assisted Medical Students, Residents, Physicians 2005—2006 GUMC Committee on Students 2006 GUMC Career Flexibility Committee Teaching Activities 1984—1987 Physical Diagnosis, Spring Semester, Medical Students, 10 sessions, 4 Hours/Session 1984—1994 Clinical Preceptor, General Internal Medicine Clinic, Medical Students, 7 Hours/Week 1995—2006 Preceptor and Teaching Attending, Internal Medicine Residents, 14 Hours/Week 2001 Established Tropical Medicine Elective, Approved by GUH Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) 09/03/02—11/22/02 Implemented Georgetown University Hospital HIV/AIDS “Fellowship”, a Tutorial Focused on the Study of African, Evidence-Based HIV/AIDS Data for visiting Cameroon-Based Physician 09/03, 01/04 Observership Preceptor for Foreign Medical Graduate
  7. 7. 03/04—present Implemented Tropical Medicine Academic Program in Cameroon; Developed Teaching Materials, including Curriculum of Lectures, Self-Study Aids (such as Medical Crossword Puzzles, etc.) GUMC/GUH Lectures GUH Internal Medicine Residents Lectures Academic Topics “Biologic Basis of Homosexuality”, 1994 “Smoke Cessation”, 01/17/95 “Hematuria”, 08/15/95 “Urinary Incontinence”, 09/21/95, 1999 “Deep Vein Thrombosis, I, 09/25/97; II, 10/02/97 “Alzheimer’s Dementia”, 02/19/98 “Death and Dying”, 01/24/99 “Sleep Disorders” (on-line), 03/99 “Hemoptysis”, 09/99 “Health and Emotional Concerns in Eldercare”, 10/24/02 “HIV/AIDS”, 2003 “Eosinophilia”, 10/27/03, 01/13/04, 10/08/04, 03/21/05, 06/29/05, 03/17/06, 04/06/06 Tropical Medicine/International Health Topics “Introduction to Volunteer Medical Service”, 07/25/00 “Working in Tropical West Africa”, 06/08/01, 03/05/05, 03/07/06, 03/28/06; an Update, 09/18/06 “East Meets West: A Comparative Analysis of HIV in Developed and Developing Countries”, 09/27/01 “Personal Anecdotes: Living and Practicing Medicine in Cameroon”, 10/21/02, 10/17/05 “Medical Management of Commonly Lethal Illnesses in Cameroon: How Different Is It?”, 01/17/03, 03/09/05, 03/10/06, 03/29/06 “Initiating a Tropical Medicine Elective in West Africa: 2000—2003 Progress Report”, 10/21/2003 “HAART Treatment in Cameroon: State of the Art”, 03/14/05, 03/13/06, 03/30/06 “Malaria Prophylaxis in Pregnancy”, 03/14/06 “Waging the War on Tropical Diseases”, 03/20/06, 04/03/06 “Risks and Benefits of Current Tropical Diseases Management Strategies”, 08/31/06 GUMC Medical Student Lectures Women in Medicine Topics “How to Succeed as a Woman Medical Student, Intern, and Resident”, 04/14/98 “Female Physicians’ Perspective on Primary Care”, Panel Discussion for First Year Medical Students, 10/21/03
  8. 8. International Health Topics “Health Care Policy in Africa” in First Year Medical Students’ Introduction to Health Care Course, 10/26/01 “Worms, Wheezes and Weird Diseases”, 09/19/06 GUMC Society for Medical Women Faculty Development Lectures/Seminars “Combining Family and Career in Academic Medicine”, 1996 “Increasing Women’s Leadership in Academic Medicine”, 01/07/97 “Part Time and Family Medical Leave Policies”, 03/05/97 Scholarship and Research 1968—1969 Assistant Investigator, “Dopamine Metabolism in the Caudate Nucleus of the Rat”; Wrote Research Paper with D. Gfeller, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, and A. Barbeau, Institute de Recherche Clinique, Montreal, Canada 1970—1971 Author, “Comparative Study of Institutionalized and Home-Reared Greek Children”, as Medical Student, Evaluated Data and Submitted Internal Report to S. Doxiadis, University of Athens Medical School, Athens, Greece 1992—1993 First Author of “Promotion and Tenure Report” and “Fellowship Report”, Co-author of Report on “Status of Part Time Female Faculty”, Collated Data, Wrote and Submitted Reports to Department of Medicine Chair, John Eisenberg, MD, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, D. C. 2001 Author of “Protocol for HIV/AIDS Treatment”, Researched, Wrote and Submitted Protocol To Cameroonian NGO, thus, Initiated the Cameroon NGO’s HIV/AIDS Treatment Program 2004 Author of “Correlation between CD4 Count and Total Lymphocyte Count in HIV-Infected Cameroonian Patients Presenting for Antiretroviral Therapy”, Data Presented during 09/17/04 MTCT-Plus Lecture, Bamenda, Cameroon 2005 Author of “Comparison Between the Antiretroviral Treatment Program at BBH and MBH, 2002—2004”, Gathered and Analyzed Data, Submitted Report to the CBC Health Board (CBCHB), Bamenda, Cameroon Author of “Re-evaluation of HAART Data at BBH and MBH: A Comparison of BBH to MBH before (MBH-1) and after (MBH-2) July 1, 2003 Initiation of the Formal MBH HAART Program”, Gathered and Analyzed Data, Submitted Report to the CBC Health Board, Bamenda, Cameroon Author of “Should Amodiaquine Be Used As Malaria Prophylaxis in Pregnancy?” Researched and Analyzed Evidence-Based Data, Submitted Report to Cameroon Ministry of Health and CBC Health Board, Cameroon
  9. 9. 2006 Editor of “Opportunistic Infections: Answering Your Clinical Questions”, a Compilation of 13 Multi-Part Clinical Management Guidelines for Physicians of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board; Authored 10 of the 13 Multi-Part Clinical Questions Tagore, Sujoy; Rosen, Jessica; Kumar, Princy; Cole, Marilee, “Avian Flu Advisory” Researched, Edited, and Submitted Position Paper to the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board and the Cameroon Ministry of Health Rosen, Jessica; Cole, Marilee; Stone, Julie, “Proposed HAART Regimen for ‘Triomune’ (nevirapine, stavudine, lamivudine) Failure” Researched, Lobbied, and Submitted Position Paper to Pius Tih, MPH, PhD, Chairman of CENAME, the Cameroon National Pharmaceutical Committee Research Grants 2002 “MTCT-Plus Initiative” Consultant and Educator for $25, 000 Planning Grant from Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, for HIV/AIDS Training of 1 of 3 Cameroon Physicians, 10 % effort 2004—2007 “MTCT-Plus Initiative” Paid Consultant for $650,000 HIV/AIDS Antiretroviral Therapy Implementation and Patient Care Project for CBCHB from Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, 10% effort; Wrote Opportunistic Infections Management Guidelines Invited Poster at National Meeting Co-authored “The Society for Medical Women Faculty at Georgetown University Medical Center: 10 Years of Achievements and Challenges”, with Kathryn Taylor, PhD, Miriam Toporowicz, MD, MPH, and Rhonda Friedman, PhD, Poster #28, 2004 AAMC Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, 11/07/04, Selected from over 20 other posters to be displayed at a national conference, Seen by over 200 women leaders and medical school deans. Publications “Improved Adequacy of Cervical Cytology Specimens by Introduction of Cytobrush in General Internal Medicine Practice” Jerry Earll, MD, first author, Clinical Research. Vol. 37, No. 1, Jan. 1989, p. 15A “Acute Diarrhea”, “Chronic Diarrhea”, Saunder’s 1996 Medical Manual of Medical Practice, Saunder’s 1999 Medical Manual of Medical Practice Current Responsibilities 2 Urgent Care Clinics per Week 2 Residents’ Clinics per Week 1 MTCT-Plus Initiative Consultant Session per Week 2 General Internal Medicine (GIM) Elective Preceptorship Months per Year
  10. 10. 1 Teaching Attending Month per Year 1 Hospitalist Week per Year Director, Tropical Medicine Elective 1 International Preceptorship Month per Year 1 International Research Month per Year October 15, 2006