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  • Preview Networks Intro

    1. 1. Preview Networks content > syndication > commerce Introduction Confidential xxxxxxxxxxxx Andy Chen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CEO 1 What is Preview Networks 2 Current and Future Expansion content > syndication > commercecontent > syndication > commerce
    2. 2. 1 We are a Content Broker and an Audience Maker... Preview Networks 2.0 Content Media Owner Owner content > syndication > commerce For brands and content owners: Preview Networks is a content marketing platform for brands. We provide the tools for brands to centrally distribute and manage marketing and PR content across media destinations, devices, and commerce platforms to acquire and manage audience to their content. For media and publishing partners: Preview Networks is a content syndication and monetization platform for publishers. We provide the tools for media partners to automate content acquisition to increase audience and advertising revenue growth.content > syndication > commerce
    3. 3. 1 We remove the complexity in distribution in the video eco-system Our eco-system Marketing Content Tracking/ Reporting/ AnalyticsCentralized Real-timemanagement management && archiving optimizationof assets Automatic Encoding Network Distribution Aggregate Simplify & ensure PN audience distribution across readiness across fragmented growing diversity media sites of formats & & platforms platforms content > syndication > commerce
    4. 4. 1 We believe in the commercial value of video content Preview Networks 2.0 Content Media Owner Owner content > syndication > commerce Need audience Pre-Roll Need ad revenue Advertising Editorial Content Editorial Publishing Networkcontent > syndication > commerce
    5. 5. 1 We syndicate video content across thousands of publishers Currently delivering over +350M videos, +2.1B images and associated metadata.... Fashion Movies Games ...across over 2,600 media destination in our editorial syndication Tourism Auto network (sites, mobile devices, etailers, and connected TVs)content > syndication > commerce
    6. 6. 1 We believe in the ubiquity of video contentcontent > syndication > commerce
    7. 7. 1 Founded in Copenhagen with GLOCAL business • Sunstone Capital (largest N. European VC) backed in 2007 • HQ in Copenhagen & London with global operation • 7 European offices in Europe European Offices: Berlin Copenhagen London Madrid Milan Paris Stockholm Global client operationscontent > syndication > commerce
    8. 8. 1 Competitive landscape CMS Editorial/PR Media Buying eCommerce / (owned media) (earned media) (paid media) Affiliate Ads Ads Editorial Editorial Ads Ads Ads content content Preview Networks is the ONLY video platform that offers complete audience development and management across earned, owned and paid mediacontent > syndication > commerce
    9. 9. 1 How are we unique?  Award winning highly scalable video platform with diverse revenue streams  End-to-end audience aggregation and monetization guarantee  Editorial syndication with large publisher network (+2500 in Europe)  Premium video content focused  VC funded 2007, restructured in 2010, and became profitable in 2011  88% Gross profit margin (highly scalable cross markets)  Avg +65% in topline revenue YOY in last 3 yrs (50% in 2012) Winnercontent > syndication > commerce
    10. 10. 2 Our vision: consolidate the fragmented video content business domains 1. 2. 3. 4. Content Distribution Audience Commerce Acquisition Network Expansion Enablement eCommerce / CMS Editorial/PR Media Buying Affiliatecontent > syndication > commerce
    11. 11. 2 A global-leading exchange for video content, advertiser & audience Content Capacity side Creation of ad inventory Preview Networks Media Audience Xchange (MAX) Advertiser Publisher Buy side Sell side DSP SSP Demand side Supply side platform platformcontent > syndication > commerce
    12. 12. 2 Connecting & delivering values to all parties in the video exchange eco-system ADVERTISERS CONTENT OWNERS PUBLISHERS • Audience aggregation • Monetisation • Audience monetization • Scalable & programmatic • Content rights management • Premium content sourcing media buying • Syndication solution • Yield optimization • Campaign insight MAX (the exchange facilitator)content > syndication > commerce
    13. 13. Preview Networks 2.0 THANK YOU Andy Chen / CEO ac@previewnetworks.comcontent > syndication > commerce
    14. 14. Appendix Product 1: Brandcast Centralized distribution management of brand owned video content to a targeted audience across editorially integrated media and PR placements. Brandcast delivers brand owned content via XML feeds into media partners to create an “owned” network of editorially focused audience.content > syndication > commerce
    15. 15. Appendix Product 2: Addience Addience enables brands to simply “add audience via advertising placements to the editorially syndicated content. By leveraging the mass reach of conventional media buying, we supplement the editorially-reached audience with media buys across ad networks and ad exchanges to augment the desired audience across thousands of media sites. This allows the content to be distributed above and beyond the brandcast editorial syndication and into pre-rolls, MPUs, and expandable ad units. Ad Networks Ad Exchanges Sites directcontent > syndication > commerce
    16. 16. Appendix Product 3: Windoshopp Windoshopp enables brands to display products associated with their video content in our player, effectively creating a preview-to-buy online shopping experience that seamlessly connects brands’ video content with their affiliate networks to increase sales. Our technology empowers brands to use video content as an effective ecommerce conversion driver beyond their own ecommerce domains to expand affiliate reach.content > syndication > commerce