Social Media and Free Range Learning: Empowered Communications


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  • Social Media and Free Range Learning: Empowered Communications

    1. 1. Social Media and FreeRange LearningEmpowered Communications
    2. 2. Raye Shilen, MS PreventionGeek ConsultingLaDonna Coy, MHR, CPS, CDLA Learning Chi, Inc.
    3. 3. Find us on Twitter! LaDonna @coyenator Raye @PreventionGeek #FindtheYES #Forum2013
    4. 4. Learning Objectives• Create and develop your online free range learning network• Build mutually beneficial connections through social media• Discuss opportunities and challenges to implementing social media for learning
    5. 5. What is Free RangeLearning?
    6. 6. The Robot vs. The Farmer
    7. 7. The Robot• Waits for the “upload” • Ignores gifts & wisdom• Based on “knowing” of people• Values top down • Sets up obstacles i.e., “competency” firewalls, filters and big red hands• Assumes everyone needs the same • “If we want you to trainings & org provides know it we’ll teach you” them attitude
    8. 8. The Farmer• Goes and gets • Assumes everyone can make a what’s needed contribution to learning both inside/outside the organization• Based on “learning” • Values and supports each• Values self- persons contribution determined mastery • At the very least: the organization gets out of the way
    9. 9. 4 Roles for Social Media in Free Range LearningListen Curate Create/Collaborate Share
    10. 10. What does being onlinemean to you?
    11. 11. “Facebook is all about the youngsters and their drama, thepartiers talking about partying, themoms non-stop posting about theirkids, and the men rambling about either sports or politics.“
    12. 12. What does your worldlook like?
    13. 13. Who are you online?
    14. 14. Distinctions between self & coalitionSelf Coalition/Organization• Preventionist • DFC grantee• Coalition Member • SPF-SIG community• Spouse/Parent • Multi-organization representatives• Advocate • Policy changers• Sports Fan • What else?• What else?
    15. 15. What is your plan? Yes, you need a plan!Social Media Road Map: A Social Media Optimization GuideWebsite: Twitter: @SMObooks
    16. 16. • Facebook• Twitter• Blog What’s in your• Instagram (our addition) backpack?• YouTube Social Media Road Map: A Social Media Optimization Guide, page 10• Pinterest Website: Twitter: @SMObooks
    17. 17. Managing your social mediaactions, reactions, andinteractions
    18. 18. Who manages your social media presence?
    19. 19. Create a mutually beneficial space Coalition Individual
    20. 20. Infosnaps/Infographicsshould be…• Interesting• Shareable• Creative• Informative• Eye-catching• Relevant
    21. 21. Create smart content!Know your audience Update Link it to consistently your Include a coalition call to Make it helpful, action informative, Ensure it can be Make it and spread quickly measurable entertaining and easily Tips adapted from
    22. 22. Empowering yourcommunicationcapabilities
    23. 23. Are you a window or a revolving door?
    24. 24. What’s a good balance? Interaction/ Information Promotion/ Marketing Conversation Sharing/Gathering
    25. 25. Challenges andOpportunities
    26. 26. Hammering Screws
    27. 27. Fears
    28. 28. The Fundamental Do’s andDon’ts of #SoMe & FreeRange LearningGet off on the right food and stay there!
    29. 29. How to be a Social Media SuperheroDO DON’T• Make time in your day for social • Stalk media and learning • Feed the trolls• Integrate social media into your • Isolate yourself everyday work • Link all of your• Make traditional media and SM accounts . social media work together • Be afraid!• Take chances!
    30. 30. Tools & Resources
    31. 31. Listen CurateShare Create
    32. 32. Apps every coalition member/ provider needsWhat do you use?
    33. 33. If you are not willing to learn, noone can help you.If you are determined to learn,no one can stop you.~Unknown
    34. 34. LaDonna Coy, MHR, CPS, CDLA Raye Shilen, MSLearning Chi, Inc PreventionGeek rayeshilen@gmail.comTwitter: @coyenator Twitter: @PreventionGeek
    35. 35. Images used with permission from• Icons from• Meghan Nash:• Travis S:• Christian Gonzalez:• Iconshock:• Cesar Poyatos: 80282600@N03/
    36. 36. This presentation is licensed under CREATIVE COMMONS.This means you can use it, or parts thereof, as long as appropriate attribution isgiven and your resulting product is made available under this same license. The license prohibits using this presentation for commercial purposes. A list ofcitations and links is included for your reference and use. Please cite all creative commons photos to the original source. Suggested Attribution:Source: LaDonna Coy, Learning Chi, Inc. and Raye Shilen, PreventionGeekConsulting for the CADCA Leadership Forum; February 2013; Washington, D .C.