Public Guardian Brochure


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Public Guardian Brochure

  1. 1. MARINCOUNTY OFFICE OF THE PUBLIC GUARDIAN NOW IS THE TIME TO PLAN FOR YOUR FUTURE!CONSERVATORSHIP SHOULD BE A LAST RESORT You can use several legal planning tools to help you avoid conservatorship We don’t like to believe that we-or Marin County Office someone we care about-will become of the Public incapable of making health, personal or Guardian financial decisions of illness or disability.” (AARP) 10 N. San Pedro Rd, Ste, 1009 San Rafael, CA 94941 Phone: 415.473.6186 Fax: 415.473.4156 Division of Aging and Adult Services
  2. 2. AVOID COURT APPOINTED CONSERVATORSHIP AN OUNCE OF BE PROACTIVE NOW! PREVENTION IF…SOMETHING UNEXPECTED HAPPENS, (Your are suddenly ill or injured Do some ADVANCE PLANNING: and cannot manage your finances), • Identify someone in your life who AND…your haven’t done any ADVANCE you trust to help you manage your PLANNING to authorize someone you trust money and property, if you need to help you manage your money and help or are unable to handle property, things yourself, (if you don’t have friends or family who are willing to THEN…a judge may order a help, talk to an attorney or CONSERVATORSHIP, (which means California licensed professional someone else will be authorized to handle Court appointed conservatorship fiduciary). your affairs for you). should be a last resort. When a • Authorize your selected “trusted conservator is appointed, people lose PROTECT YOURSELF! person” to handle things for you rights to make basic decisions about by appointing them as your Agent __________________________________ their life and property. under a General Durable Power of Attorney for Finances or as Additional Resources: • CONSERVATORSHIPS ARE EXPENSIVE! You are required by law to pay fees to your successor trustee in a trust, California Private Fiduciaries Association attorneys, the courts and other professionals (until you need them, they don’t 415-866-886-7322886- to manage your finances for you. necessarily have any powers). Legal Aid of Marin 415-492-0230 • YOU LOSE SOME CONTROL. Even though • Find someone who can help you a conservator will try hard to understand and make medical and healthcare Social Security Representative Payee carry out your wishes, they are authorized to decisions, by appointing them as Program 1-800-772-1213 make all financial decisions for you, some your healthcare agent, by preparing an Advanced Jewish Family and Children’s Services: healthcare decisions and sometimes will Healthcare Directive. 415-449-3721 even decide where you will live. . Lawyer Referral Services: 415-499-1813 • YOU LOSE SOME PRIVACY. All of the private information about your money and property is supervised by the court when there is a court appointed conservator of the estate. Even though the court tries to keep your private financial matters private, there are many people who can see it.