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Great Age Newsletter Spring 2012


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Quarterly Newsletter of the Commission on Aging.

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Great Age Newsletter Spring 2012

  1. 1. Spring2012 Laughter for the Health of It By Robin SchaefIn this issue of Policy Analyst, Division of Aging & Adult ServicesGreat Age:Laughter ......................1 Beverly Bender is a What do you do in a laugh-Chair’s Message..........2 certified laugh leader and ter workshop? First, I talk laughter yoga instructor in about how to find humorWalking in Marin .......2 the Bay Area. She also has every day. I say its not fairLegislative Update .....3 a Masters degree in Geron- for the kids to have all theDirector’s Report.......3 tology from San Francisco fun. Then we do laughing State University. Her exercises. What we do is weSpotlight on Marin ....4 speeches and classes start with a smile on your60’s Retrospective......4 encourage participants to face, then theres a laughingOlder Adult Needs ...5 see the hilarity in life, espe- mantra (you go "Ho ho, ha cially when surrounded by ha ha, ho ho, ha ha ha"). ItsLTC Ombudsman .....6 ongoing challenges and really playful. Then we doSave the Date .............6 chaos. Bev’s focus is on “laughing for the laughing exercises. And because it’s notComputer Tips...........6 health of it.” about a joke, it works with all ages and cul- Laughter has been scientifically proven tures. Ive had everyone from 5 to 80 yearsSeniors Are Talking...7 as an efficient way to release tension in a old in my workshops.Alzheimer’s Disease ..7 positive manner, strengthen the immune Is there any difference between this simulatedMeeting Calendar.......8 system, and much more. Bev expands her laughter and real laughter? Even if its not a real philosophy in the questions below. laugh, your body doesnt know the differ- How did you get into laughter therapy? ence. Youre telling the body youre happy. While working on a masters in gerontology, Test it yourself: If you sit up straight andEditor: I studied using humor to promote healthy smile, you can feel in your whole body thatRobin Schaef aging. I was doing research on all of the you feel so much better. You just fake yourEditorial Board: health benefits of laughing, and my thesis body out.Marge Belknap, M.D. was that it should be considered a serious How can we laugh more? "The more youAllan Bortel alternative health care like tai chi or acu- laugh, the more you laugh." The thing withMartha Copeland puncture. laughter is, its like diet and exercise. YouSandy Miller What are the health benefits of laughter? have to put it in your life every day. YouElizabeth Moody When were depressed or in pain, our whole can go to a movie, read a book, put quotesPublisher: body tightens - laughing relaxes the body. and cartoons around your house that makeDivision of Aging & In the 1970s, Norman Cousins (editor of you smile. Or just go into the bathroom;Adult Services the Saturday Review) had a debilitating illness look in the mirror and laugh at yourself! ItNick Trunzo, LCSW, -- a serious type of arthritis. But he believed doesnt mean youll never be negative orDirector the mind and body were one, and so he depressed, but youll be less so. The best took lots of vitamins and he watched come- benefit is FREE. To add some joy to your dies. Laughter helps the immune system, life and find out more about laughter ther- the heart, and the respiratory system. apy see
  2. 2. A Message from Walking in Marin the Commission By Elizabeth Moody Commissioner, Mill Valley Chair Trim your waistline and improve your health! By Sue Beittel Those people who walk after 60 live longer with both Chair, Commission on Aging mental health and spiritual benefits. Studies find that walkers have lower incidence of cancer, heart disease, Older adults have had a strong voice at elections. stroke, diabetes and other killer diseases. Studies showLets continue to be heard since we have a lifes worth better memory scores and lower clinical dementiaof experience and knowledge, we need to express our scores in older adults who physically exercise. Walk-opinions when we vote. ing benefits brain power and memory. It is shown to If you have moved since the last election, you need have good effects on mood for people with majorto re-register and can do this up to fifteen days before depressive disorders.the June 5, 2012 election day. Voter registration cards It is not too late for seniors to start exercising andare available throughout the county at post offices, eating nutritiously late in life. You can reduce yourcommunity centers and other public places. Just fill risk of death by almost a third if you do moderate orout the simple card and mail it in. You have a choice vigorous exercise each week and there is no better,of permanently voting absentee, voting absentee for more enjoyable way than walking. Women and menthis election alone or going to your polling place on who are more physically active have been shown inElection Day. studies to have significantly less decline in their think- This is a primary election especially important for ing ability as they age.selecting the Republican presidential candidate. You Marin County is so full of beautiful hikes of everyneed to be registered as a Republican. There are 172 length with and without physical challenge. Even hik-California delegates of the required 1,144 needed for ing the Golden Gate three mile bridge, with parking atthe Republican nomination. Changes due to redistrict- either end and just going out and back part way ising and new way of voting for top candidates make for delightful. Along the headlands west of Sausalito turn-an interesting election. There are two state ballot off from Highway 101 are many stops and view walks,measures to consider: 1) Proposition 28 will reduce the as well as more interior hikes to the bay and ocean.number of lifetime years a legislator can serve to 12 A smooth flat path at the back of The Redwoodsfrom 14 but allows legislators to serve all 14 years in Retirement Community, where I live, provides a 1 ¾one house or a combination of the two houses. 2) mile walk past a dog park and soccer field, with a BayProposition 29, the California Cancer Research Act view. I walk this almost daily with a neighbor, and itwould add a one-dollar-per-pack tax on cigarettes sold can be accessed by parking on Sycamore past the Mid-in California with proceeds to be used for cancer and dle School. Pt. Reyes, Mt. Tamalpais, the Novato hillsother smoking-related health issues. and every single area in Marin have marvelous hikes of There are also local elections in Belvedere, Ross, every length. Sierra Club has many hikes and you cantwo Sanitary Districts, the Marin Superior Court and check with county senior centers for local walkingfor three members of the Marin County Board of Su- groups.pervisors. Information about the elections and candi- Some neighbors of mine do pole walking to assistdates will be available at: their walking. With equal use of feet with two poles, The Marin Commission on Aging will be losing they say strength can be longer maintained while exer-experienced, efficient and effective members at the cising the upper body more. They term this holisticend of their terms or because of their changing family walking that gives security, resilience, steadiness, andcircumstances. This is an opportunity for the appoint- improved posture by keeping the back straight.ment of some new people with new ideas so I urge Federal transportation funds have providedyou to think about applying to your city or supervisor. $118,000 for bike and pedestrian pathways to make Democracy is not a Spectator Sport. improvements in Safe Walks for Schools and for Older Pedestrians. Don’t put it off. Come out and walk with us! 2
  3. 3. Legislative Update From the By Ellie Bloch Commissioner and California Senior Legislature Director’s Desk Assemblymember By Nick Trunzo, LCSW, MS Director, Division of Aging & Adult Services Recently Sandy Miller, our CSL Senior Senator,wrote an article for the Marin Independent Journalabout line 402 on the State income tax form to let the Since its inception in 2002, Project Independence,public know how to make contributions to the Cali- our hospital-to-home transition program, has providedfornia Senior Legislature. The CSL is the primary vital support to patients and their families after dis-advocate for senior issues at the State Legislature. charge from the hospital, with excellent outcomes. In On the second Friday of the most months the fact, in a study of 257 patients served from 2007MCCOA Legislative committee meets in the Division through 2010, only 4% were re-hospitalized within 30of Aging building, 10 N San Pedro Road at 9:30 am to days of discharge, well below the national average for11:00 am where we discuss pending legislation and Medicare recipients.decide which bills we will support, watch or Building on the success of Project Independence,oppose. After a decision is made at our committee the Division of Aging and Adult Services applied forlevel, it goes on to the Executive committee of the the Community Care Transitions Program (CCTP), aCommission on Aging (COA) and the decision of that new service mandated by section 3026 of the Afford-committee is than put on the agenda of the monthly able Care Act that provides funding to test models forCOA meeting. If there is support by the Commission improving care transitions for high risk Medicare bene-a letter is drafted and sent to legislators in Sacramento ficiaries. I am pleased to announce that our appli-to let them know of our support for those bills. cation was accepted, and we will be the first The Legislative Committee has reviewed ten agency in California to offer CCTP!pieces of legislation proposed or supported by the The goal of CCTP is to reduce hospital readmis-CSL. The committee has formally supported two bills: sions, maintain or improve quality of care, while docu- AB 1525 (Allen & Alejo) is an elder abuse pre- menting measurable savings to the Medicare program. vention bill. Sponsored by the CSL, the bill We have named our new program Advanced Care amends the Welfare and Institutions Code to add Transitions (ACT). Partnering with two local hospitals, “money transmitters” to the list of mandated Marin General and Novato Community Hospital, our reporters. The bill was amended on March 26th plan is to assist 700 Medicare patients each year, provid- and referred to the Committee on Aging and Long ing medication management, one-to-one education Term Care. regarding their illness and their discharge plan, and co- AB 2010 (Bonilla) another bill sponsored by the ordination of the complex web of relationships between CSL. The bill amends the Civil Code to require the hospital, the primary care physician, family mem- borrowers to receive reverse mortgage counseling bers, and social supports. in person. Existing law already requires the pro- The ACT team will be composed of public health spective lender giving the prospective borrow a list nurses (two new positions) and a support services of 10 or more housing counseling agencies worker (one new position). ACT services will be avail- approved by able 7 days per week, to fully encompass the need for HUD. A lender coordination when a patient is discharged on the week- may not accept a end. final application Building on the Project Independence track record unless there is for success with hospital-to-home transitions, I am con- certification that fident that ACT will be a excellent new resource to im- the prospective prove care transitions in Marin. borrower got that counseling in per- son. The bill is in committee. 3
  4. 4. Spotlight on Marin A 60’s Retrospective Senior Resource By Marge Belknap Commissioner, District 1; Chair, Public Information Committee; Chair, Citizen Advisory Committee, 1965 Vital Program Continues This year, the Marin County Commission on Aging adopted a four year plan for older adults. This in Marin was reminiscent of a previous effort to evaluate needs and services for older adults prior to the passage of the By Michele McCabe Older Americans Act and Medicare. Program Coordinator, Division of Aging & Adult Services Almost 50 years ago, the Marin Board of Supervi- sors appointed a committee of 20 Marin County citi- State funding for zens who represented a wide variety of interests and Adult Day HealthCare professions in the County. (ADHC) has been This Citizens Advisory Committee was charged through numerous with developing a Master Plan to address what was reductions, changes and called a situation of “social and economic disorder” shifts over the last dec- for older adults living in Marin County. The Commit- ade. Marin’s current tee used a report of 1962, known as the Kaplan Re- provider, Life Long port, which was an attitude survey of a sample of older Medical remains people in Marin concerning their needs and resources. “committed to serving It was estimated that 18,000 adults over the age of Marin” says Holly 60 resided then in the County out of a total population Rylance, Program Direc- of approximately 140,000. The problems cited were tor of Lifelong Adult amazingly similar to those in the recent report by the Day Health Center in Commission. Novato. Major problems included: access to medical care, The funding to ADHC has basically been cut in transportation, absence of affordable housing, avail-half and enrollment criteria have become stricter. This ability of legal services, inadequate income (thought tosmaller program is called Community Based Adult Ser- be due, in part, to forced early retirement due tovices (CBAS). Lifelong is proud of the fact that all “ageism” in the work place), and isolation due to lackMarin ADHC clients qualified for the new services. of available support systems, to name a few.Rylance also reported that any changes have been invisi- Recommendations included Meals on Wheels,ble to the clients and facilities. The program still pro- friendly visitors for the homebound, and a daily tele-vides the same array of services including skilled nur- phone contact for those living alone. An interestingsing, rehabilitation and case management services for suggestion was to have a central Senior Center whichadults with significant disabilities and complex medical would serve as a social and recreational resource. Thisissues. Transportation and the noon meal are included. idea later contributed to the development of Whistles- All services are provided by a daily fee that could top by the Senior Coordinating covered by Medi-Cal, VA healthcare, or even some The summary of the Committee’s activitieslong term care insurances. Marin Division of Aging and stressed that older adults, especially the “old, old” (notAdult Services, through the Federal Older American’s further defined), have need for special services becauseAct, funds ten slots in the program. of their age. This Advisory Committee was noted to Life Long is serving 50 older adults in Marin. This be an unusual and far-sighted body in its efforts toprogram is allowing these seniors to remain living more develop a Master Plan for older people. Unfortunately,independently at home rather than in an institutional implementation of many of the recommendations wassetting. For more information call (415) 897-6884. not possible because of lack of funding. Others have become a reality, in part because of Federal and State The “Spotlight on Marin Senior Resource” is a regular column Great Age that aims to inform older persons and caregivers ofprograms funded by the Division of Aging and Adult Services as well as other resources available for seniors in the community. 4
  5. 5. Informative Look at the Needs of Older Adults in Marin By Robin Schaef Policy Analyst, Division of Aging & Adult Services The Area Agency on Aging the last 12 months. More than(AAA), a program of the Marin one in three of the respondentsCounty Division of Aging and (37%, n = 332) have experi-Adult Services, conducted an enced some kind of financialextensive needs assessment difficulty during this period.process this fiscal year in order Affording food and fuel/to plan and fund needed ser- transportation costs tops thevices to older adults and dis- list.abled persons for the years Almost one out of everyahead. The full results of the four survey respondent (22%)needs assessment, which util- is providing uncompensatedized a community survey, tar- care to a family member, ageted consumer focus groups friend, or both.and a large stakeholders meet- Regarding the use of tech-ing, are presented in the four nology by age group only 24%year Area Plan – Live Long, Live of all respondents indicatedWell 2012-2016. they “do not use computers.” The survey instrument included 38 questions to Engaging in activities and staying connected togather caregiving, demographic, economic security, one’s community and social network of support arehealth, housing, and quality of life information. The determinants of quality of life. This study foundsurvey was distributed widely in Marin County and tar- that close to 60 % of respondents see family andgeted many different population groups. friends on a regular basis. Volunteering was the The Area Agency of Aging received close to 900 sixth most frequently mentioned activity, whichsurveys. Of these, 891 were used in the needs assess- benefits both older persons and the agencies they’rement analysis while the rest were eliminated due to lack serving.of information or damage from postal processing. This Deteriorating health and increased need for assis-was an excellent response rate. Information furnished tance are expected as one matures in age. Ability tocame primarily from self reports (85%) with about 12% perform activities of daily living (ADL) is indicativeprovided on behalf of a client, family member, or of one’s capacity to stay independent. Forty-sixfriend. percent (n = 410) of survey respondents reported Of these respondents the youngest was 45, the old- having some kind of difficulty performing an activ-est 104. Ninety-three percent of respondents were older ity of daily living.adults age 60 and above and their median age was 75years. The majority of respondents generally felt healthy. Here are some highlights from the needs assessment One in four reported being in “excellent” health,community survey: while 45% feel they are in “good” health. On the other hand, more than one in four (27%) feel that More than one in four respondents has experienced their health is fair to poor. some kind of issue with abuse, employment, health, The needs assessment survey contains significant insurance, or legal concerns in the last 12 months. and extensive information about the older adult popula- Among the homeowners in our survey, 17% tion of Marin. This information combined with the reported experiencing difficulty with affording focus group information and the work of the commu- home repair this past year. Affording home repairs nity stakeholders is presented in the plan along with was most difficult for those who have been in their AAA initial strategies to meet the needs of older adults homes for more than 30 years. based on needs assessment findings. The full report can Economic security was a concern for older adults in be found on www.marincounty/ 5
  6. 6. Long-Term Care Computer Tips for Older Ombudsman Program Adults Expands By Allan Bortel Commissioner, Tiburon; Chair, Housing & Transportation By Robin Schaef Committee Policy Analyst, Division of Aging & Adult Services The Division of Aging & Adult Services’ needs The Marin County Long-Term Care Ombudsman assessment recently found that over three-fourths ofProgram, a service of the Division of Aging and Adult older adults use computers. Nevertheless, the use ofServices (DAAS), is pleased to announce the addition technology can be a challenge to us all. Here are a fewof eight new volunteers to the program. tips and ideas that I find helpful. Currently these volunteers are in a 36 hour train- Apple’s IPad tablet computer is proving to be aning class in order to become certified as Ombudsman ideal, compact and economical solution for seniorsvolunteers. With the addition of these new volunteers wanting to use e-mail and visit their favorite web-the program will have 12 active volunteers, as well as sites. Starting at $400 (you dont need the latest versionfour part-time staff members. for $500 although it’s “touch” screen is improved), the The mission of the LTC Ombudsman Program is IPad at 1.4 pounds is about as light as a book–and youto improve the quality of care in nursing homes and can use it wherever there is an open WiFi network or arespond to resident complaints, as well as complaints home WiFi router.from family, friends, and others. Storing your favorite photos is another benefit In FY 2010-11, the program responded to 765 which allows you exhibit them on the 9.7 inch vividcomplaints, handled 423 complex cases and volunteers color screen. In fact, you can easily carry around hun-and staff made 795 facility visits. With each volunteer dreds of your grandchildrens’ pictures in your IPad.added the program is able to have a stronger presence And if you wait and wait for your computer to boot up,in facilities and provide assistance to an increased the IPad is a wonderful surprise with its “instant on”number of residents. and its superior battery life. In addition to the regular activities of the LTC For those wedded to a desktop or laptop computer,Ombudsman Program, staff members are knowledge- here are a few keyboard shortcuts. I try to teach seniors,able about care facilities and work with family, friends particularly because so much coordination is neededand clients to give placement information. The pro- between the mouse and monitor:gram publishes “Choices”, a guide to Low-income 1. Scrolling does not require lining up the mouse’shousing options and care facilities in Marin County. pointer on the edge of the screen or dialogueCopies may be obtained by calling 457-INFO (4636) box. Just click once, anywhere in the box, and thenor by going on-line www.marincounty/ use the arrows on the bottom right of the key- board. Most importantly, you will have much bet- ter control over scrolling, either up and down or Save The Date - ‘Flights sideways. Some mice have a “scroll bar,” which aids up and down movement. of Fancy! 2. When filling out a form, use the tab key (on left) to move between the lines or empty spaces. Shift/Tab, will move your cursor backwards without position-It’s time for the 27th Annual Marin Senior Informa- ing the mouse’s arrow or cursor.tion Fair. Exhibitors and guests mark your calendars. 3. There are many ways of enhancing the screen forJoin in a day of information, health screening, enter- those with low vision problems. This can be fixedtainment, activities, music and whimsey at Flights of or temporary for the online page. Seniors probablyFancy! to be held: need help from their local library or Whistlestop October 24th, 2012, 9AM to 3PM classes to tweak the screen for brightness and mag- Marin Exhibit Hall, San Rafael nification or color schemes which will customizeBooth space sells out early for this popular event. Act and make viewing more Exhibitors can order a booth application packetvia email at: 6
  7. 7. Seniors are Talking Alzheimer’s Disease By Sandy Miller Affects Us All Commissioner and California Senior Legislature Senator By Marge Belknap, M.D.Question: What do you do to stay healthy? Commissioner, District 1; Chair, Public Information Committee Leo and his We have a challenge! In this newsletter on Page 5 wife Joy, both an article which summarizes the recent findings of a 82, have been countywide survey on the needs of older adults in walking every Marin has, by omission, identified the challenges of morning to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. church, which is For those of us who advocate on behalf of this almost a two population, it was noteworthy to see a response by mile round trip, nearly 900 individuals about their quality of life, health, for about 20 financial, and social concerns without mention ofyears. In addition, they work out at the YMCA in dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other related disor-Novato three days a week, lifting weights and cardio. ders. This is reflective of a largely hidden populationJoy also has been doing stretching and yoga exercises reluctant to identify the existence of Alzheimer’s dis-for about 40 years, but Leo has managed to resist. ease or other dementias as an underlying health prob- Lloyd, age 84, is the leader of a Mind Exercise lem requiring assistance with Activities of Daily Livingclass for the last 20 years, helping others to keep their (ADL’s), financial matters, and other services.minds active and functional. The class does number Alzheimer’s disease is now estimated to be theand word puzzles, learns new vocabulary, some geog- sixth leading cause of death nationally. The Alz-raphy and new facts about famous people. He believes heimer’s Association estimates that approximatelyour mind is the most advanced development in the 6,000 Marin residents will be diagnosed with someuniverse so we should try to improve it to the best of form of dementias by 2015. Although some have earlyour ability. The class is free at the YMCA in San signs of Alzheimer’s without a formal diagnosis, a sig-Rafael and you don’t have to be a member to partici- nificant number feel there is a certain stigma attachedpate. to this condition. The disease is now most commonly Jim and Carolyn, both in their 70s, frequently go understood to be a risk factor in advancing the comedy club in Mill Valley. “It definitely helps We all know family, neighbors or friends whoto laugh.” They also like to dance and are always will- struggle with this disease but lack the panoramic viewing to get up and go because “it keeps us youthful.” of the magnitude of the problem. Our challenge is to Betty, age 78, stays active with the Goldenaires, increase awareness that our personal experience is onlydoes not eat fast food or sweets and gets a check-up a small snapshot of this disease. Our next challenge isevery year. to fund the services which help both caregivers and Olivia, 87, plays bridge and bingo, likes to exer- their loved ones maintain whatever quality of life iscise and line dance. attainable, in spite of facing the inevitable conclusion Florise, 83, does meditation. of an incurable disease. Yolanda, 93, does her own cooking, takes care of Because of the generosity of the Marin Commu-her house and walks everywhere since she no longer nity Foundation, the Belvedere Foundation, and otherdrives. community funders, as well as State, Federal and local Peggy, 80, is trying to eat more fruit and vegeta- dollars through the Division of Aging and Adult Ser-bles, but makes sure she takes vitamins, fish oil, cal- vices, this population is better served in Marin Countycium, and cinnamon capsules. than in many other communities. Ruth, 90, has done water aerobics daily for the As the population grows, so does the need forlast 24 years. enhanced and expanded services and the funding to Jillian, 73, volunteers, exercises, does her own gar- support them. Now that’s a challenge!dening, and loves to be with other people. “Socializingis important.” 7
  8. 8. Find the service Find the Find the Find the Find the that’s right service service service service that’s right that’s you! that’s right for right that’s right Summer Calendar of Meetings Call theyou! for you! for you! for you! for Information The public is invited toCalendar Meetings Summer Calendar of Meetings Summer participate in all meetings held by the Commission of Meetings Summer Calendar second Meetings and its Committees. Commission meetings are held on the and Referral Line at Summer Calendar of of Thursday of the month. Presentations at the CallCall the Information Call the Information Call the Information the Information 457-INFO The The publicinvited to participate ininstart at 10:00 a.m., the Commission and andCommittees. at The public isis invited to participate in allinmeetings held heldfollowed by the and its Committees. The public is invited to participate all meetings held by the the Commission its Committees. Commission meetings typically all meetings held by the Commission business meeting public is invited to participate all meetings by by Commission and its its Committees. Referral Line at Commission meetings held on the second are as of andand Referral Line atCommission meetings are held heldthe second Thursday follows:month. Presentations at the the and Referral Line at Commission meetings are areand presentationsThursdayofofthe month. Presentations at the and Referral Line at Commission meetings dates on the the second Thursdaythe the month. Presentations the (457-4636). 11:15 a.m. Meeting are held on on second Thursday of the month. Presentations at at 457-INFO 457-INFO Commission meetings typically start at 10:00 a.m., followed by the business meeting at Commission meetings typically start at 10:00 Commission meetings typically at at 10:00 meetings Julya.m., followed by the the business meeting 12 followed by by business meeting at 457-INFO the Commission June 14 typically startstart10:00 a.m.,a.m., followedthe business meeting at at check out Also, 457-INFO 11:15 a.m.a.m. Meeting dates and presentations as follows: 11:15 a.m. Meeting dates and presentations are arefollows: 11:15 a.m. Meeting dates and presentations are as follows: 11:15 Meeting dates and presentations are as as follows: (457-4636). (457-4636). (457-4636). (457-4636). August Network of Care, June 14Marin June 14 June June Topic: To be12 12 JulyJuly July 12 July announced 12 Also, check out out the Topic: What is14 14 Vil- Also, check out the Also, check out the Also, check the Marin’s comprehensive lage? August August August August Network of Care, Network Care, Network of Care, Topic: What isMarin Vil- Topic: What Marin Vil- Topic: What is Marin Topic: To be announced Topic: To To announced Topic: be be announced Network ofof Care, at Topic: What isisMarinVil- Vil- Topic: To be announced online search tool Commission on AgingMarin’s comprehensive lage?Marin’s comprehensive lage? Marin’s comprehensive lage? lage? Marin’s comprehensive Speakers: Melanie Sum- Speaker: To be announced recess. No meeting. www.marin.networkof mers, Executive Director, Commission on Aging Commission on Aging Commission on on Aging Commission Aging online search tool at online search tooltool atSpeakers: Melanie Sum- online search tool at Speakers: Melanie Sum- online search at Speakers: Melanie Sum- Speakers: Marin VillageMelanie Sum- Speaker: To be announced Speaker: To be announced Speaker: To To announced Speaker: be be announced recess. No meeting. recess. No meeting. recess. No No meeting. recess. meeting.www.marin.networkofwww.marin.networkof www.marin.networkof www.marin.networkof mers, Executive Director, mers, Executive Director, mers, Executive Director, mers, Executive Director, Place: San Marin Village Marin Village Marin Village Marin Village Rafael Commu- Place: Marguerita Johnson nity Center (Club Room), Senior Center, 640 Drake 618 Street, SanCommu- Place:BSanRafaelCommu- Place:SanRafael Commu- Place: Rafael Rafael Avenue, Marguerita Johnson Place: San San Rafael Commu- Place: Marguerita Johnson Place: Marguerita Johnson Place: Marguerita Johnson Place: Sausalito nity Center (Club Room), nityCenter (Club Room), Center (Club Room), nity nity Center (Club Room), Senior Center, 640 Drake Senior Center, 640640 Drake Senior Center, 640Drake Senior Center, Drake 618618Street,SanRafael 618BStreet, SanRafael B Street, Rafael 618 BBStreet,San San Rafael Avenue, Sausalito Avenue, Sausalito Avenue, Sausalito Avenue, Sausalito Committee Meetings are held at the Division of Aging and Adult Service’s facilities at 10 North San Pedro Road, San Rafael. For details call 473-7118. 4381 (voice)/473-3232 (TTY) or by e-mail at Request for an alternative format of this publication may be requested by calling 473- 4381 (voice)/473-3232 (TTY) or by e-mail 4381 (voice)/473-3232 (TTY) or e-mail at 4381 (voice)/473-3232 (TTY) or by e-mail 4381 (voice)/473-3232 (TTY) or by by Request an an alternative format of this publication mayrequested by calling 473-473- Request for an alternative format of publication may maybe requested by calling 473- Request forfor alternative format of thisthispublication may be requested by calling 473- Request for an alternative format of this publication be be requested by calling Health of It Laughter for the Health It It Health of It Health of of It Health of Laughter for the Laughter for the LaughterIssuethe This for the Laughter for Featured in This Issue This Issue This Issue This Issue Featured in Featured in Featured inin Featured Website: 473-7118 Website: Website: Website: Website: San Rafael, CA 94903 473-7118 473-7118 473-7118 473-7118 Suite 1023 SanSan Rafael, CA 94903 Rafael, San 94903 Rd., North CA CA 94903 10San Rafael, CA 94903 San Rafael, Pedro SuiteSuite1023 Suite 1023 Suite Aging on10231023 County of Marin 10 North Pedro Rd., Rd., 10 North San Pedro Rd., 10 North SanSan Pedro Rd., 10 North San Pedro PAID Commission U.S. Postage on Aging on Aging ononAging Aging County of of Marin CountyCounty of Marin of MarinMarin County First Class Marin County PAID PAID PAID PAID Commission Commission Commission Commission U.S. Postage U.S. PostagePostage U.S. Postage U.S. First Class First Class First Class Class First Marin County Marin County Marin County Marin County