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Personal skills audit alex preston

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Personal skills audit alex preston

  1. 1. Personal Skills Audit Name Alex Preston Skills acquired How did these skills How will you develop these contribute to the creation of skills during the A2 project? your product?Digital technology Ability to competently use My ability to use the camera To put it simply I will try harder - What cameras, and recording allow the group to create in all areas. This increase in equipment/software equipment to an appropriate scenes that look and feel a productivity will insure an packages did you use to level, and the ability to use a specific to the genre we had increase in the standard of produce your multitude of angles and shots to chosen. Once our group had work, across the board. Simple production? evoke an appropriate emotion become familiarized with this mistake last year such as miss response. I also became software, it allowed us to create naming file names will not accustomed to many different more intricate portraits of our happen. I will also try to use and unique software’s including story using affects such as “sin more advanced techniques to Final Cut (for the large city effect” and simple synching create a high level final product. proportion of the editing), audio with the video. Garage band (to create many different sound effects),Post production *Garage band – the use of Garage band allowed us to use In Final cut is our As project we - What software did you special effects. sound to emphasize particular only used the basic tools, and a use to create your *Final Cut- cut, crop, sounds in our final film. Final few intimidate in our final film. production? manipulation of the color and cut allowed us to cut and In A2 we would hope to use - Discuss specific features sound, ability to lip synch. rearrange the short clips into a higher level tools to create of the software. Photoshop- to create the title coherent order, using the more intricate and complex sequence. multiple tool on the software designs within our music video. and create the final product.
  2. 2. Research and Planning Our group looked at the With the research we had We will try to input more - What tasks did you convention of the film noire completed it enabled us to creative themes into the complete when genre, also the history focusing condense our product to fit the product, and try to challenge preparing to film your on the major actor/actresses, specifications of the genre more the conventions of our chosen sequence? directors. During this study easily; using costumes and genre more aggressively. I will - How did your planning loosely focusing on the target props relevant to the genre, ensure our research in more in- help the smooth audience of these movies and devising a script that reflects depth and less generalized than progression of your film? how they will affect our film. the genre in interesting ways. for As. This ensured that know major factors were overlooked and also that the production was on schedule.Using conventions of real *Double Indemnity We used costumes, props, Our product was too much ofmedia texts *Memento setting, character creation, an direct adaptation of the - Which texts did you * The Big Combo script and story around these movie, lacking in any creativity analyze? We took the commonalities three movies. Analyze of the thus less marks. I will try to - Did you take any between the three movies i.e. opening sequence ensured we challenge the conventions more inspiration from the the use of a femme fatale, the understood what camera in our music video, allowing conventions found from costume design, area of angles and mise en scene are more creative control I am your research? shooting. Also the story it’s self appropriate for a film noir. hopeful that our group will gain was a classic film noir, the high level marks. predominate in the 50s.
  3. 3. Creativity The setting was unique as it Using many things that conform The absence of the more- were our ideas for your was directly in contrast to the to the conventions it allows us unique ideas in our final productportfolio imaginative and unique conventions of the genre. We to ensure that the final product is quite disquieting andor did you adhere to did use the archetypical fitted with the specifications. disconcerting, but we shallconventions? characters commonly seen the There were a couple of unique learn from our mistakes and classic film noir as a basis of shots that were used. The more have and create a more unique our characters. prominent shot is defined as a product for A2. voyeuristic pan, implying the subject is being watched. This type of shot is not common in film noir.

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