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Newsroom Strategies for Healthcare & Educational Institutions


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PressPage serves as the central hub for company media: press releases, blogs, articles and rich media such as videos, images presentations, sound files.
Our specialised news publishing technology can help your company regain control over its reputation.
Continuous evolution helps you stay atop advances in web technology and social media.
Intuitive interface, enabling you to publish text, images, video, polls and comments quickly and easily, or to enable chats at the click of a button.
User-friendly integration of advanced social media functions will cover everything from Facebook newsrooms to language-based Twitter searches and social distribution.

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Newsroom Strategies for Healthcare & Educational Institutions

  1. 1. Mark Ragan, CEO, Ragan Communications NEWSROOM STRATEGIES for healthcare & educational institutions Bart Verhulst, Co-founder & CEO, PressPage
  2. 2. Present newsroom technology that is uniquely designed to add workflow efficiency and distribution effectiveness; allowing brands to tell an engaging and optimized online story that is published straight into the search and social worlds. in partnership with
  3. 3. Business model of traditional publishers under pressure Brands spend less on advertising
  4. 4. Existing business model can’t finance earned media Reduced sources for coverage & content creation Less opportunity for free publicity What happens with your news?
  5. 5. Corporate story can fall prey to ‘content decay’ Reliability as main comms tool? PR pro’s using the power of social Where is your content for everybody to find?
  6. 6. So the new strategy is to become a publisher! “Stop begging the media, become the media!” Every Company = Media Company But what is blocking your start?
  7. 7. Understaffed newsrooms: Fewer reporters to feed the media beast Technology has removed many cost barriers Free distribution channels: YouTube,Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more… Reporters now tap into social media channels for stories What has changed?
  8. 8. Stop Begging the media Become the media instead
  9. 9. EC=MC Newsroom strategies for
 healthcare & educational institutions
  10. 10. Newsroom = uninspiring & under-performs If it is a hassle to post… You’re not going to! Technological obstacles lead to strategy failure
  11. 11. Most common newsroom mistakes: Besides relevant content for your audiences… ! 1. Press-release graveyard! • A listing of your press-releases; written as a press-releases; uninviting and uninspiring to other audiences… 2. Outdated content! • The newsroom really should be the most dynamic area of your website: “You are what you tell…” 3. Absence of multimedia content! • There are so many more ways to tell a story than just text! Imagery and video can do so much to empower your message. Studies show tremendous increase in views. 4. Not allowing for peer-to-peer or expert sharing! • No stronger brand ambassadors than experts and friends. • “Just because your organisation does not have XYZ social presence, does not mean your audiences should bot be able to share your content on it”
  12. 12. Most common newsroom mistakes: WHY?
  13. 13. Newsroom based on standard web CMS tool Built by general web designers; not specialists Design was one dimensional; by the client Project became expensive & incomplete
  14. 14. What makes a good newsroom..? Besides relevant content for your audiences… ! • It should be a central hub where all your content resides • Is within within your website -but with a reach far beyond- where your news content is presented in a compelling, rich and real-time manner • Allows your news to be pushed out to your (selected) social channels and guides visitors back to your website = traffic! • A place where different sets of audiences can become inspired and informed by what you have to tell on a 24/7 basis • Makes it easy for everybody to find, access and share your content… • Provides you the right metrics to analyse your comms ROI. ! • And last, but not least, it should use technology that is directly accessible to the comms team and specifically designed to do what it is supposed to do: empower your message!
  15. 15. Allow visitors to easily search content: text, videos, images, sound, files, SlideShares, infographics…
  16. 16. Offer easy access to all your rich content.
  17. 17. Allow for easy navigation to different type of content. Provide quality RSS feeds for your content.
  18. 18. Make your contacts accessible by giving them a ‘face’ and ‘social personality’ as well as contact details
  19. 19. What was the foremost reason for the Shepherd Center to launch their newsroom? “Our online newsroom is the hub for our content marketing efforts, which began in earnest in mid-2013. PressPage provides the technology platform that allows us to promote our various forms of content – articles, photos, videos, infographics, SlideShare presentations – via the channels where our audiences are spending time. It brings readers back to the newsroom and often to our hospital’s general website for even more information.”
  20. 20. A newsroom’s Hub & Spoke model Push out your news… Bring back visitors
  21. 21. Social distribution to Facebook company page and/or multiple personal profiles, Linked company page and/or multiple personal profiles, and multiple Twitter feeds (all optional per article).
  22. 22. But the media will find you as well!
  23. 23. Case studies: Education • Education plays a central role in society. • Knowledge institutions need to share their knowledge for credibility and attention: “In the past we could buy media attention… Now we have to earn it or publish it ourselves” • Attract new students (by means of peer-to-peer sharing on social channels) • Keep (future) students, staff and alumni informed and involved • Acclaim their thought leadership (patent registration and breakthrough research) !
  24. 24. • Adwords campaign discontinued in July = sharp drop in traffic • “Adwords visitors were not loyal enough to ensure steady returning visits” • Newsroom launched in May; soon built up traffic based on good content with a hub & spoke approach (not "paid bait" but “news”) • Performance increase; cost decrease Case study: Nyenrode New Business School Visitors Adwords Visitors Newsroom Visitors Total
  25. 25.