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Dramatic changes to media consumption along with technological advances have encouraged brands to become media organisations themselves.
The last fifteen years has seen a fundamental shift in the media landscape. Deregulation of the newspaper, magazine and broadcast industries together with technological advances have resulted in the barriers to becoming a media organisation eroding almost completely. The result is an increasingly fragmented media market with the reach (and therefore the importance) of individual traditional media organisations generally decreasing. This has resulted in a vicious circle. As audiences have decreased so have revenues from advertising and sales, resulting in staff cuts that have reduced the quality of the journalism and its value to its audience, further reducing audience size.
As audience sizes have shrunk and technology has made it easier and cheaper to publish content, companies have focused on their own publishing capabilities and “brand journalism” has become increasingly common. High quality cameras and video technology have become both cheaper and easier to use. Social media channels, which continue to evolve rapidly, are providing brands with the opportunity to develop their own audiences cost effectively and to communicate directly with them. In short, every company now has the opportunity to be a media company.
Developments in website technology, and the importance of search engine rankings, have made it easier and more important for organisations of all sizes to put their websites at the heart of their communications strategies. The cost and effectiveness of websites as publishing platforms varies dramatically however and often dates quickly. The challenge many brands are struggling with is how to make these various technologies work together.

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Every company is media company; PressPage product vision agency (English)

  1. 1. EC=MCCorporate media;publishing revolution
  2. 2. What is blocking companies to become publishers?
  3. 3. Strategy?Content?Organization?Technology?
  4. 4. Comms responsible had no influence & controlOn-time & real-time PR was impossibleObstacles lead to less contentBrand missing outSocial channels as escape
  5. 5. Technology was usually standard web CMS toolBuilt by general web designers; not specialistsDesign was one dimensional; by the clientProject became expensive & incomplete
  6. 6. Newsroom underperformanceTechnology was quickly outdatedWorkflow enhancement was absentObstacles lead to less content
  7. 7. Most content was not search engine optimizedContent could not be sharedNo content engagement options
  8. 8. The WhyCorporate media;a market vision
  9. 9. Newdefinitionof‘news’Abilitytodecideamount&‘depth’Flexibilitytoplan‘time’fornewsFreedomofchoice:channel&formAbilitytosharenews
  10. 10. Traditional media business models under pressureBrands spend less on advertising
  11. 11. Existing business model can’t finance earned mediaReduced sources for coverage & content creationLess opportunity for free publicity
  12. 12. Free channel... but no controlIn search of viable business modelsReliability as main comms tool?Social channels are free... require large investment
  13. 13. Brands are media outletsStakeholders, specialized blogs & industry portalsBrands expected to be opinion leadersDigital PR effort to address business conversion
  14. 14. The HowCorporate media;a product vision
  15. 15. CLOUD HOSTEDPower, speed, scalability and reliability
  16. 16. CROWD INNOVATEDFeature & functionality development & improvement.Utilizing the wisdom of the crowd:global PR professionals
  17. 17. FUTURE PROOFFast web & social developments
  18. 18. OPENOpen API, connectivity with ‘best of breed’ solutions
  19. 19. EFFICIENTWorkflow, development, and costs
  20. 20. EFFECTIVESearch, share, engage, and contribute
  21. 21. OPEN TO PARTNERStrategy, content, and organization
  22. 22. HEROIS THEAGENCYTHE StrategyContentOrganization
  23. 23. ContactBart VerhulstCo-founder & CEOwww.presspage.com