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How to Host a Successful Heart Bomb Event


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What are heart bombs? They are love letters to historic places that appear at historic sites nationwide, on local landmarks, and around places both safe and threatened. And every time February rolls around, we invite you to join our movement of love and take part in a national heart bomb.

Unfamiliar with the concept? It's simple, really. Heart bombing is the act of showering an older or historic place with tangible expressions of affection and devotion—preferably with lots of other place-lovers in tow.

Follow this toolkit to learn how to plan a successful heart bomb event in your community for the places you love.

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How to Host a Successful Heart Bomb Event

  1. 1. Seven Tips for HOSTING A HEART BOMB EVENT
  2. 2. Rally Your People Put the word out through your social media and email channels. The more participants you have, the more fun the event will be.
  3. 3. Get Crafty You’ll need a large space like a church or community center to create your heart bombs. Construction paper, markers, buttons, scrap wood, and other miscellaneous objects are all great materials to use.
  4. 4. Find Cool Places Have participants decide which buildings are important to them. Look for important neighborhood structures or buildings on prominent streets and corners.
  5. 5. Make It Your Own Feel free to get creative with your theme and expand on the heart bomb concept. The possibilities are endless.
  6. 6. Do No Harm Don’t attach any heart bombs in ways that will damage a building’s structure or facade. Be respectful of each property and its surrounding neighborhood.
  7. 7. Think Safety First Vacant properties can be particularly dangerous. Make sure to take proper precautions to avoid injury or other risks.
  8. 8. Spread the Love Once you’ve finished your event, share the results on social media. Don’t forget the #IHeartSavingPlaces hashtag!
  9. 9. The National Trust for Historic Preservation works to save America’s historic places. Preservation Tips & Tools helps others do the same in their own communities. For more information, visit Photos 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10: courtesy National Trust for Historic Preservation. Photo 1: courtesy Blaisdell Center War Memorial Project. Photo 2: courtesy Awbury Arboretum. Photo 8 : courtesy Tanya March. Photo 9: courtesy Carlie Trosclair.