South Korea Editable PowerPoint Map


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Editable PPT Map of South Korea with its regions, provinces and metropolitan areas clearly demarcated and in editable format. Download this PowerPoint map at

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South Korea Editable PowerPoint Map

  1. 1.  All provinces can be pulled apart and customized, including resizing.  To re-color a province, select it and customize accordingly from the Format tab.  You can group the provinces by selecting more than one province, right click and select Group > Group.  To ungroup, go to Group > Ungroup.  To know the name of each province, open the Selection Pane  To open the Selection Pane, go to the Home tab. Under the editing group click on the little arrow under “Select” and click on Selection Pane. You will now see the names of each country.  To remove the 24point0 footer, go to the Master Slide (View > Slide Master)  To place the maps into your corporate/personalized template, simply select all the slides and copy & paste them into your own template. This will also ensure the slides use the color scheme from the new template.  To change color scheme, go to Design > Colors. You can use any of the preloaded themes or create your own.
  2. 2. South Korea National Capital NORTH KOREA SEOUL Yellow Sea SOUTH KOREA Sea of Japan (East Sea)
  3. 3. South Korea Regions Gwandong Yeongnam Sudogwon Hoseo Yeongnam Sudogwon Honam Jejudo
  4. 4. South Korea Administrative Divisions Special City Metropolitan City Special Self-governing Province Province
  5. 5. South Korea National, Provincial Capitals and Metropolitan Cities Chuncheon Incheon SEOUL Incheon Gangwon Suwon Gyeonggi Chungcheongbuk Cheongju 1 Daejeon Chungcheongnam Daegu Gyeongsangbuk Daejeon 2 3 Daegu Jeonju Jeollabuk 4 Capitals 1. Daejeon 2. Daegu 3. Ulsan 4. Gwangju Gyeongsangnam Gwanju Muan Jeollanam Jeju Ulsan Changwon Jeju City Busan Busan
  6. 6. South Korea Major Cities Inje Chuncheon SEOUL Incheon Suwon Cheonan Yanggu Cheongju Daejeon Pohang Jeonju Daegu Ulsan Gwangju Suncheon Jeju City Changwon Busan
  7. 7. South Korea Jeollanam Gwangyang Naju MUAN Mokpo Suncheon Yeosu
  8. 8. South Korea
  9. 9. Icons
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