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This PowerPoint deck includes Global green house diagrams are neat schematic representation of the green house phenomenon. This product includes editable slides. The width of the arrows can be modified to make them representative of the amount of heat or energy flow. Download our Global Greenhouse Diagrams - Editable PPT Illustrations at Also download other editable PowerPoint products at

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  • Global Greenhouse Diagrams - PowerPoint Presentation

    1. 1. Solar Energy Flows 107 Reflected Solar Incoming Solar 235 Outgoing Long wave Radiation Radiation Radiation (+4) 107 W/m-2 342 W/m-2 235 W/m-2 342 (-3) 77 (-1) 40 Reflected By Clouds and Atmosphere Emitted by Atmospheric 77 (-5) 165 Atmosphere 30 Window (-5) Absorbed by Atmosphere Greenhouse 67 Gases (+9) 24 Latent 78 Heat (-3) (-5) 350 Reflected By 324 Surface Back 30 Radiation (-1) (-13) 390 (+4) 168 324 24 78 Surface (+5) Thermals Evapo- Radiation Absorbed by Absorbed by transpiration Surface Surface Download from 24point0
    2. 2. Global Greenhouse Diagrams Outgoing Solar Radiation Reflected by Atmosphere Outgoing Infrared Radiation Reflected by Earth’s Surface Radiated by Earth’s Surface and atmosphere, Evaporation and Other Atmospheric processes Greenhouse EffectIncoming Solar RadiationAbsorbed by AtmosphereAbsorbed by Earth’s Surface Download from 24point0
    3. 3. Global Greenhouse Diagrams Atmosphere H2O CO2 CH4 Fossil Fuel CombustionPrimary Production and Industrialand Respiration Processes Changing Land-Use OceanBiotic &AbioticComponents Carbon Flux Indicated by Arrows Natural Flux Anthropogenic Flux Download from 24point0
    4. 4. Global Greenhouse Diagrams Insert text here Insert text here Insert text here 0.00 0.00 Insert text here Insert text here 0.00 0.00 Insert Text Here 0.00 Download from 24point0
    5. 5. Global Greenhouse DiagramsInsert text insert text Insert text insert textInsert text insert text Insert text insert text Download from 24point0
    6. 6. Tips on using our PPT Products and ToolsClick here to find out how to customize and edit our PowerPoint Products and Tools Download from 24point0
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