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Editable Egypt Maps for PowerPoint


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Download these high quality Royalty-Free vector clipart maps of Egypt instantly at

The 42 slide set includes demographic maps, maps for presenting data and individual maps for all the governorate divisions. All regions can be pulled apart and customized - recolor or re-size. To know the name of each region/ administrative division, open the Selection Pane. To open the Selection Pane, go to the Home tab. Under the editing group click on the little arrow under “Select” and click on Selection Pane. You will now see the names for each of the region.

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Editable Egypt Maps for PowerPoint

  1. 1. Essential Planning Tools for Media, NGOs & Policy Makers
  2. 2. Editable Egypt Maps for PPT PresentationsIf you have a strategic, political, research, educational or business interest in Egypt, and want topresent your future business operations, research findings or lessons on Egyptian civilization, then24point0’s easily customizable Egypt Maps deck is sure to be an indispensable visual aid. Egypt: National and Governorate Capitals 7 15 36 20 1 13 6 19 4 35 CAPITALS 34 9 37 17 12 1. Alexandria 21 24 33 2. Aswan Alexandria 32 10 39 North Beheria 31 38 27 3. Asyut 28 CAIRO Sinai 29 11 4. Damanhur 8 30 Suez 5. Beni Suef Matruh 5 6. Mansura Faiyum Helwan 7. Damietta South Beni Suef Sinai 8. Faiyum 6th of 16 26 9. Tanta October 10. Giza Minya 11. Helwan 3 23 12. Ismailia 13. Kafr el-Sheikh Asyut 25 14. Luxor 15. Mersa Matruh 22 16. Minya Sohaq 14 17. Shibin el- Kom GOVERNORATES 18. Kharga Luxor 18 29. Giza 19. Arish 30. Cairo Qena 20. Port Said 31. Qalyubia 21. Banha Red Sea 32. Monufia New Valley 22. Qena 2 33. Gharbia 23. Hurghada 34. Kafr el-Sheikh 24. Zagazig 35. Dakahlia 25. Sohag Aswan 36. Damietta 26. el-Tor 37. Port Said 27. Suez 38. Sharqia 28. 6th of October 39. Ismailia Download editable PowerPoint Products at
  3. 3. Detailed Egypt Maps for Business PPTThe map below shows all the major towns and cities in Egypt and is a useful tool for not justresearchers or media organizations, but also businesses with an operational interest in the country: Egypt: Major Cities Port Said Alexandria Al Arish CAIRO Giza Siwah At Tur Al Minya Aswan Bur Safajah Luxor Al Kharijah Baranis Baris Download editable PowerPoint Products at
  4. 4. Detailed Maps of Egyptian GovernoratesThe deck contains detailed maps of the different governorates in the country: Alexandria, Aswan, Asyut, Beheria, Beni Suef,Cairo, Dakhalia, Damietta, Faiyum, Gharbia, Giza, Helwan, Ismailia, Kafr el-Sheikh, Luxor, Matruh, Minya, Monufia,New Valley, North Sinai, Port Said, Qalyubia, Qena, Red Sea, Sharqia, Sohaq, South Sinai, Suez, and 6th of October. Egypt: Suez – A Major Trade Route SUEZ Ras Misalla Adabiya Bir Umm Rayqah Download editable PowerPoint Products at
  5. 5. Editable Egypt Maps with IconsThere are maps with readymade icons that can be used to show where the protests havebeen taking place: Egypt: Anti-Government Protests Major Protests Download editable PowerPoint Products at
  6. 6. Graphics in Egyptian National ColorsThe Egypt Maps Deck also contains icons wrapped in the Egyptian national flag colors - perfectgraphics for any PowerPoint presentation focusing on the country: Egypt Icons Download editable PowerPoint Products at
  7. 7. How to Use Our Editable PPT ProductsSix Quick Tips
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