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Editable Map of Mexico PowerPoint Presentation


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Editable PPT Map of Mexico with major cities, country outline map and regions. Also included are slides with the country map superimposed with the flag colors, reusable icons and sample data and graphics slides.

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Editable Map of Mexico PowerPoint Presentation

  1. 1. Mexico National Capital UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Gulf of Mexico North Pacific Ocean MEXICO CITY BELIZE GUATEMALA
  2. 2. Mexico National and State Capitals Mexicali Sonora Hermosillo Chihuahua Chihuahua Coahuila Sinaloa Durango Nuevo Leon Culiacan La Paz Monterrey Saltillo Durango San Luis Potosi Zacatecas Nayarit Tepic Tamaulipas Zacatecas AguasCalientes Ciudad Victoria Querétaro San Luis Potosi Pachula Guanajuato Guadalajara Hidalgo Distrito Federal (D.F) Tlaxcala Campeche Jalisco Morelia Colima Morelos Merida Yucatan Michoacan Toluca México Japala Puebla Veracruz Cuemavaca Villahermosa Tabasco Campeche Chilpancingo Guerrero Oaxaca Oaxaca Gutierrez Chiapas Chetumal
  3. 3. Mexico Major Cities Mexicali Tijuana Ciudad Jaurez Noales Hermosillo Guaymas Santa Rosalia Ciudad Obregon Chihuahua Piedras Negras Nuevo Lareda Hidalgo del Parral Monterrey Torreon Matamoros Saltillo Culiacan La Paz Durango Mazatian San Luis Ciudad Potosi Victoria Zacatecas AguasTampico Calientes Leon Tepic Merida Guanajuato Pachuca Guadalajara Queretaro Morelia Campeche Tlaxcala Japala Colima Manzanillo Cuemavaca Villahermosa Puebla Chilpancingo Coatzacoalcos Oaxaca Gutierrez Acapulco Tehauantepec Tapachula Chetumal
  4. 4. Mexico Zacatecas Carambulia Juan Aldama San Tiburcio Col.Hidalgo Rio Grande La Colorada El Rucio Jemenez de Teul ZACATECAS Jarez Pinos Monte Escobedo Tlaltenango Nochistlan
  5. 5. Mexico Bar Graphs
  6. 6. Mexico Icons
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