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Editable Cartoon Strip for PowerPoint


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Download editable Cartoon strip for use in PowerPoint presentations at

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Editable Cartoon Strip for PowerPoint

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  2. 2. • Cartoon figures are an entertaining, yet comprehensive tool to represent interactions and to illustrate situations. • They can be used for either business or noncorporate presentations. • Cartoon figures with relevant content can help involve the audience to a higher extent and make the PPT more memorable. • In addition to that, they also help to set the mood of a presentation and move beyond typical text-heavy slides.
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  4. 4. High I really don’t know what you’re talking about, Peter. C O O P E R A T I O N Low But, you’re the one who filled up my performance appraisal form, Sir! No wait, don’t resign. Let me speak to Mr. Smith about a 45% raise for you, eh? I’ll wait ‘til noon. ABC Inc. has a neat offer for me too! Peter, you can’t change my feedback now, so quit trying, alright? Let’s run you through some training modules & reevaluate, shall we? ASSERTIVENESS Thanks, Boss! I’m sure it’ll help improve my performance. High
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