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Chile Map: PowerPoint Custom Slides


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Download 30 slide editable version of Chile Map at

The complete set includes maps with provinces, capital city Santiago, major cities and individual slides for each province such as Arica & Parinacota. All regions can be pulled apart and customized - recolor or re-size. To know the name of each region/ administrative division, open the Selection Pane. To open the Selection Pane, go to the Home tab. Under the editing group click on the little arrow under “Select” and click on Selection Pane. You will now see the names for each of the region.

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Chile Map: PowerPoint Custom Slides

  1. 1. Chile National and Regional Capitals Arica ARICA AND PARINACOTA Iquique TARAPACA Antofagasta ANTOFAGASTA Copiapo ATACAMA La Serena COQUIMBO Valparaiso Santiago VALPARAISO O’HIGGINS Rancagua SANTIAGO METROPOLITAN Talca Concepcion BIOBIO MAULE Temuco ARAUCANIA Valdivia LOS RIOS LOS LAGOS AISEN Puerto Montt Puerto Aisen MAGALLANES & ANTARTICA CHILENA Punta Arenas
  2. 2. Chile Major Cities Concepcion Putre Arica Amazac Tarapaca Iquique Chillan Lebu Angol Los Notros Temuco Pica Buena Ventura Valdivia Osorno Tocopilla Calama Llanquihue Puerto Montt Toconao Antofagasta Costro Cerro Negro Chaiten Compu Paradero Barazarte Altamira Chanaral Copiapo Carrizal Bajo Vallenar Palena Puerto Aysen Puerto Aisen Chile Chico Cochrane Vizcachitas La Serena Tongoy Ovalle Los Vilos Illapel La Ligua Los Andes Puerto Natales Valparaiso Talagante Pichilemu SANTIAGO Rancagua Talca Cauquenes Linares Punta Arenas Porvenir
  3. 3. Chile Antofagasta Tocopilla Meria Elena Mejillones Sierra Gorda ANTOFAGASTA Cerro Negro Paradero Barazarte Paposo Taltal Calama San Pedro de Ataccama Toconao
  4. 4. Chile Bar Graph-01 5 4 3 2 1 0 Category 1 Category 2 Series 1 Category 3 Series 2 Series 3 Category 4
  5. 5. Icons
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  9. 9. Change colors Change size Separate pieces
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