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Editable PPT Map of Brunei


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Download editable version of Vietnam Map with provinces, capitals, major cities and individual slides for each province at

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Editable PPT Map of Brunei

  1. 1. Map of Brunei
  2. 2.  All districts can be pulled apart and customized, including resizing. To re-color a district, double-click on it and select your own color from the Colors and Lines tab. You can group the districts by selecting more that one district, right slick and select Group> Group. To ungroup, go to Group> Ungroup. To know the name of each district/ administrative division, open the Selection Pane To open the Selection Pane, go to the Home tab. Under the editing group click on the little arrow under “Select” and click on Selection Pane. You will now see the names for each of the district.
  4. 4. Districts of Brunei Brunei Muara District Tutong District Temburong District Belait District
  5. 5. Mukims and Capital of Brunei Muara Jerudong Bandar Seri Begawan Pulau Ranggu Brunei Muara Panai Seri Kenangan Tutong District Bangar Layong Kuala Belait Seria Tutong District Kampung Batang Duri Badas Temburong District Labi Belait District
  6. 6. Muara Jerudong Bandar Seri Begawan Penanjong Pulau Ranggu Panai Seri Kenangan Tutong Lumapas Layong Bangar Sungai Liang Ukong Lamunin SeriaKuala Belait Kampung Batang Duri Badas Paganan Merimbun Labi Kerangan Nyatari Telingan Sukang Teraja
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