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PowerTip - Visual Magic; How to impress your audience


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PowerTip - Visual Magic; How to impress your audience

  1. 1. PowerPoint PowerTIP How to create stunning visuals – that sell, motivate and persuade Visual Magic Source: PowerGRAPHICS Category: General TEMPLATE Source: PowerTEMPLATES Category: Abstract
  2. 2. Visuals Persuade Visuals help you sell your ideas Source: Decker Presentations Successful meeting without visuals Successful meeting using visuals Source: PowerGRAPHICS Category: Circles & Spheres 33% 67%
  3. 3. Visuals Increase Retention We remember less than 10% of what we hear verbally Source: Wharton University Study Message Retention in Presentations Source: PowerGRAPHICS Category: Cylinders 10% 20% 30% 40% Verbal Presentation With Visuals Verbal Only Presentation
  4. 4. A Visual Is Worth a Thousand Words Visuals Trigger - Memories - Emotions - Times Source: PowerICONS Category: Business
  5. 5. Start With a Background Template Templates - Provide visual unity - Add pizzazz - Save time Source: PowerTEMPLATES Category: Business Concept Source: PowerTEMPLATES Category: Medical Source: PowerTEMPLATES Category: Business Source: PowerTEMPLATES Category: Global
  6. 6. Think KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) Impact Test - Is it simple? - Is it clear? - Is it visible? The Three Keys to Success Source: PowerGRAPHICS Category: Circles & Spheres Product Leadership Operational Excellence Customer Intimacy
  7. 7. Stick to One Idea Per Visual Clarity Test - Clear headline - One point per visual - Uncluttered The Three Es of Successful Presentations Source: PowerGRAPHICS Category: Arrows Educate Entertain Explain
  8. 8. Search For a Single Visual to Sell your Message Presentation Theme Our profits come from a few key clients Profit Pyramid 80% 15% 4% 1% Source: PowerGRAPHICS Category: Pyramids Unprofitable Marginally profitable Highly profitable Super profitable
  9. 9. Use Visual Metaphors Sales forecasts gradually improve over next 6 months Source: PowerGRAPHICS Category: General 2% Decrease JANUARY 3% Increase MARCH 10% Increase MAY
  10. 10. Use Animation to Create Movement The New Breed of Client Source: PowerGRAPHICS Category: Arrows But Less Loyal More Demanding