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Online Marketing Toolbox PPT Slide Template


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Visualize your online marketing strategies, activities and campaigns with our extensive slide toolbox! This template covers numerous online marketing topics, such as search engine optimization, remarketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, growth hacking and email automation.

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- online marketing essentials
- affiliate marketing
- performance marketing
- mobile marketing
- social media marketing
- remarketing
- growth hacking
- payment models
- templates for online banners, CTA buttons, newsletter mockups, online shop templates
- and much more

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Online Marketing Toolbox PPT Slide Template

  1. 1. PREMIUM POWERPOINT SLIDES Marketing Toolbox
  2. 2. Online Marketing Toolbox POWERPOINT TEMPLATE
  3. 3. ASPECTS OF ONLINE MARKETING Web Analytics Keywords Searchengine optimization Social Media Mobile Marketing E-Mail Marketing USABILITY A/B TESTING Conversion Tracking InfluencerMarketing Affiliate MArketing
  4. 4. MARKETING MIX Product policy online target groups online behavior online expectations online offers Pricing policy dynamic pricing power shopping deal websites Distributionpolicy online store electronic marketplaces online research by customers Communication policy search engine optimization search advertising Target Market
  5. 5. CONTROL LOOP IN ONLINE MARKETING PROCESS control web analytics, key performance indicators Situationanalysis target group analysis, define offer, competitive analysis Setgoal content with customer benefits, customer loyalty, online networking Planandimplement marketing mix, SEO, lead management, content management, targeting Controlloop
  6. 6. PERMISSION MARKETING Permission marketing provides potential customers with information and advertising upon their request. Through this consent, a relationship with the customer is built, and the advertising campaign escalates. Collect Collect data from suitable individuals Create Create marketing measures Target Select targeted individuals Send Send advertising to targeted individuals Track Track behavior of targeted individuals
  7. 7. WORD-OF-MOUTH MARKETING Referral marketing, word-of-mouth marketing or marketing buzz is a marketing method based on the exchange of personal recommendations. This is considered more credible than classic advertising. Referral marketing plays an important role online, especially in social networks, forums, and product reviews.
  8. 8. INFLUENCER MARKETING Approach An influencer’s enthusiasm for a product or service reaches a wide audience. Effect A community is more receptive to a brand or product due to their trust in the influencer’s opinion. Influence on Community Influencers enjoy high recognition in their community or with their followers. Function The goal is to promote products and services through those who can influence the larger market. Influencer
  9. 9. Key to an ad campaign’s success: Ad content and design must be adapted to the target group and attract the right attention to the feed. Instagram FollowCompany Name This sample text demonstrates how customized text can look when the placeholder text is replaced. # posts # followers # following 110x 110px Search Company Name SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING
  10. 10. APP DEVELOPMENT TRENDS Cloud-Driven APPs Mobile Gaming MobileBanking and Payments Mobile Marketing + Company Apps User Experience through App Analytics Download at
  11. 11. ONLINE MARKETING PAYMENT MODELS CostperMille How much does it cost to reach 1000 people? Application: Display marketing, affiliate marketing CostperClick How often is advertising clicked? Application: Search engine advertising, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing CostperLead How many potential customer addresses are generated? Application: Affiliate marketing, online PR CostperOrder How many sales can be attributed to marketing measures? Application: Affiliate marketing CPM CPL CPC CPO
  12. 12. LANDING PAGES Landing pages are advertising sites that are accessed by clicking a banner or other links. A good landing page presents an offer directly and clearly, is well- designed, and contains a call-to-action button (e.g., registration form, link to download). SIGNAL 50%12:00 PM Product a Description Product b Description Product c Description Product d Description Product e Description Product f Description SHOP Click on Landing page SIGNAL 50%12:00 PM OUR PHILOSOPHY Product a Product b Product c Detailed information Detailed information Detailed information
  13. 13. E-MAIL AUTOMATION No response Shopping cart cancelled Follow-up action Buy? Goal Number of reactivation measures (Make aware of discounts etc.) Buy? Exclude Link has been clicked Exclude Goal
  14. 14. RESPONSIVE DESIGN www. COMPANY WEBSITE Product A Detailed information Product B Detailed information Request Contact www. COMPANY WEBSITE Request Contact www. COMPANY WEBSITE Product A Product B Request Contact
  15. 15. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) Search engine optimization refers to all measures that help increase a website’s ranking in a search engine’s unpaid results. SEO Website analysis On- page/off- page optimization Keyword analysis Content analysis Conversion optimization Reporting analysis Link building Analysisof customer require- Ments
  16. 16. ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION On-page optimization is a part of search engine optimization (SEO). It refers to all actions taken to improve a website’s position in search engines. Include relevant keywords Page title Text Headings Meta-Description Image captions Domain URL set internal links Homepage Navigation Overview pages Hyperlinks Sites with similar content Anchor text Sitemap
  17. 17. CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION A conversion funnel describes the path a customer takes leading to a purchase or any other desired action. example: the ordering process in an online store Internet Search Engine Landing page Product details Shopping cart Purchase 100 % 60 % 30 % 15 % 8 % 1 %
  18. 18. MULTIVARIATE TESTING Multivariate Testing analyzes the effect of several variables in different arrangements. The goal is to identify the variable combination with the best conversion rate. Title A www. Content A Conversion Rate 15 % Combination 1 Title B www. Content A Conversion Rate 20 % Combination 2 Title A www. Content B Conversion Rate 10% Combination 3 Title B www. Content B Conversion Rate 6% Combination 4
  19. 19. TRUSTRANK TrustRank describes an algorithm for evaluating the quality of websites. Pages linked from other trustworthy pages are considered high quality. High-quality website (Trust = 8) Website with a trust ranking of 6 Website with a trust ranking of 4 Website with a trust ranking of 2 Spam (Trust = 0) 4 4 2 2 0 0
  20. 20. POSE MEDIA ContentControl Acceptance + + Reach + Social Content „Must take part“ Public discussion Posts, comments, forum contributions with other participants Earned Content "Must be earned“ Editorial PR Issues management, interviews, print placements, etc., with journalists and top bloggers Owned Content "Is owned“ Corporate Publishing Editorial texts, multimedia and marketing texts for all target groups and stakeholders Paid Content "Must be paid for“ Advertising Banners, display, affiliate marketing, etc., for target groups Native AdvertisingDialog AdvocacyPromotedContent Media Cooperation Editorial contributions, competitions for special interest groups Community Management Brand awareness and editorial contributions for fans, followers and prospective customers Journalists/top bloggers who participate in public discussions Post-Promotions / Rich-Media- Advertising
  21. 21. CONTENT MARKETING Gaining attention for your own content is becoming increasingly difficult as other marketers and brands have already claimed the benefits of all three content marketing channels:  They have built domain authority through a variety of links (search optimization).  They have built up a larger pool of subscribers.  They are actively represented in online networks (social media). Content marketing is most effective when the three channels, SEO, social media, and email are combined. Content Development Attention Consideration Activity Lead/Customer SEO SocialMedia Email Analytics Follow Subscribe
  22. 22. CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM A Content management system (CMS) is a software system for managing and publishing content . CMS Content Management System Designer & Developer BusinessUsers Authors Websites Smartphones E-Mail Tablets Social Networks
  23. 23. VIDEO MARKETING Uses Company website Video platforms (YouTube, etc.) Social Media Blog Goals Branding Relaying information Viral seeding, etc. Longer dwell time
  24. 24. PERSONAS Buyer personas are fictive, ideal images of customer types that are used as content marketing tools. They help businesses better understand customers and make it easier to tailor content to their specific needs and behaviors. The following questions can be answered by personas: Who are the typical website users? How can the users be visualized? What are the users’ intentions for visiting the website? What are the users´ objectives when visiting the website? What are the users’ requirements? How can the website better focus on the typical user? Download at
  25. 25. PERSONA C o m p L o g o COMPANY C O M P A N Y COMPANY If you don’t want to use the style and size of the fonts as used in this placeholder it’s possible to replace it by selecting different options. Career objective: Placeholder text Placeholder text Placeholder text Goals: PROBLEMs: The text demonstrates how your own text will look when you replace the placeholder with your own text. The text demonstrates how your own text will look when you replace the placeholder with your own text. Education: If you don’t want to use the style and size of the fonts as used in this placeholder it’s possible to replace it by selecting different options. Personality: Additional skills: Behavior 1 Behavior 2 Behavior 3 Behavior 4 Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4  Placeholder textJOB Title: Gender: Age: City:
  26. 26. LEAD GENERATION PROCESS Lead generation is the collection of customer data through various online marketing measures. Online-Banner Search Engines Call-to-Action Landing pages Newsletter Lead Scoring Offers Optimize Purchasing Process Generate traffic Attract visitors Buildleads Win Customers
  27. 27. COST PER LEAD Cost per Lead is an online marketing payment method. Lead refers to customer data. In this case, a vendor will not be liable to the website operator until a prospective buyer not only clicks on the banner, but also submits contact information. The website operator places a vendor’s Banner on the site Prospective buyers click on the advertisement Prospective buyers enter their contact information (E.g.: sign up for a newsletter) The operator receives a flat fee
  28. 28. TARGETING METHODS Targeting attempts to tailor advertising to the needs of each user. Online advertisers have numerous methods at their disposal: Geo targeting Only users of certain regions are contacted Users of different regions have different advertising requirements ContentTargeting Focus is on website content Advertising is adapted to the context of the website on which it is displayed Time Targeting Address the target group at different times Users, for example, have different needs in the morning than in the evening Demographic Targeting Differentiate target groups by sex, age, income, etc. Advertising is adapted to the user’s environment
  29. 29. DATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORM A Data Management Platform (DMP) collects, transforms, manages and activates data from offline, online and mobile sources. It can be used to address target audiences. DMP On-Site Advertising Offline Business Central idea Data acquired from interaction in stores Content relationship management Product catalogue Website management user behavior and interactions Web analytics Digital signal processor Ad server Attribution model
  30. 30. ONLINE MARKETING PROCESS Measure AnalysisOptimize Test 1 2 3 4 Online Marketing Process Continuous campaign testing and measurement is necessary for long-term success.
  31. 31. WEB CONTROLLING Web-Controlling (Web analytics, Web analysis) is the acquisition and evaluation of user behavior on a website. Collect data Transform data to information Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Create Online Strategy Analyze dataImplement online strategy
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