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Business Plan PPT Slide Template


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Create an individual business plan with pre-designed PPT templates. Present business ideas and projects professionally and deliver a sophisticated performance.
With a Business Plan PowerPoint Template you will present business ideas well-structured and vividly. The Business Plan PowerPoint Template contains diagrams, evaluations, figures and calculation tables. Besides these helpful tools, each section includes many tips and further information.

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Business Plan PPT Slide Template

  1. 1. Product/ Service Example Template: Customer benefit (the business idea) Give a brief and concise overview of your project. Elaborate on the problem previously described in “current situation” by presenting your business idea as a "problem solver". Describe here the main points and advantages and describe here the main features and advantages and keep in mind that these are already the first few lines that will decide whether a potential investor will keep reading. Try to raise interest and curiosity in the first sentences already. Fundamental questions: What product / service that you want to sell or manufacture? What is unique about your offer? How does your solution stand out from the competitors? (If a similar product or a similar service is already established in the market)
  2. 2. Market Overview Example Template: Location The choice of location must be specified in the business plan. For this purpose it is not enough to give an address. You must describe under what criteria you make your decision for the site. The main criteria for your location can be for example the following:  Number / location and size of the premises  Reachability and visibility  Connectivity  Proximity to other locations or to the target customer group  Technical Infrastructure  Presence of spatial conditions (e.g. sanitary facilities, storage facilities)  Ability to carry out "loud" activities  Comply with regulatory requirements  Etc.
  3. 3. Marketing & Sales Example Template: Marketing strategy A marketing strategy is a behavior plan to achieve corporate and marketing objectives. In the context of marketing planning it is important to create next to the market segmentation, the correct marketing mix. This means the implement- ation of an overall marketing strategy, explaining the ways in which you want to penetrate the previously selected markets. Explain here when you are using which promotional activities in order to communicate your product or service to the target group. Marketing channels SEM SEO SMM PrintRadio TV Mailings Affiliate News- letter
  4. 4. Corporate Organization / Personnel Example Template: Operating plant / site This section analyses the infrastructure of the business location more detailed. Describe the location of the site, its geographic and infrastructural position. Describe the general infrastructure requirements at the site and point out the advantages. Mention also planned improvements. Focus mainly on the location factors with the highest priority for your projects. Finally, you should evaluate the selected location. Here you have to justify your choice of location clearly understandable to the reader. WE ARE HERE ReedAve Download at
  5. 5. Financial Planning Example Template: Revenue Preview Product or Service Revenue p.a. Price / Unit Number Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total 25.00% 25.00% 25.00% 25.00% Product / Service A $xx.xx xxxx $10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $40.00 Product / Service B $xx.xx xxxx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $0.00 Product / Service C $xx.xx xxxx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $0.00 Product / Service D $xx.xx xxxx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $0.00 … $xx.xx xxxx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $0.00 … $xx.xx xxxx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $0.00 … $xx.xx xxxx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $0.00 … $xx.xx xxxx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $0.00 … $xx.xx xxxx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $0.00 … $xx.xx xxxx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $xx.xx $0.00 Total $0.00 0 $10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $40.00 Revenue share per quarter Download at
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