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Presentation Distraction: Pay Attention to Details


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Presentation Details: How the details can distract from and kill your presentation. When you speak you are responsible for the whole presentation. Your audience will blame you for the distractions and tune you out.
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Presentation Distraction: Pay Attention to Details

  1. 1. Presentation Sabotage:Beware of the Details Are you missing details that might be distracting your audience?Superior Presentations Training and Coaching from George
  2. 2. This is what you see whenyou look at the presenter Laptop
  3. 3. What’s wrong with thispresentation?
  4. 4. Your audience is often distracted.You can’t hold their attention.They look for distractions to occupy their mind.Imagine how these distractions might steal the minds of your audience.
  5. 5. Tissue boxWhy is it needed?Why is it leaning on the vase?
  6. 6. Flowers – how nice and how distracting
  7. 7. What might your audience be thinking when you present?Often, they are not thinking about your presentation, especially if you provide distractions.
  8. 8. Three crumpled pieces of paper?Curious and distracting from thepresentation
  9. 9. What is this? A remote? Why isit there?
  10. 10. Is that another tissue box?Why is it there?Who will use it?
  11. 11. A roll of masking tape and perhaps aknife?Who knows?
  12. 12. A very large and clunky watch onthe arm of the presenterI wonder, what kind of watch isthat?Is it water proof?Why does he need that?
  13. 13. If you want your audience to listen, think and act on your message – remove the distractions.
  14. 14. Superior Presentations …because inferior never wins• Presentation Coaching• Presentation Training George Torok