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Indu - Zero

  1. Upscaling the housing renovation market through far-reaching industrialization INDU-ZERO Ulla-Britt Krämer 15-12-2020
  2. Green Deal Europe Clean, Reliable and Affordable energy Achieving Climate Neutrality Take everyone along (Just Transition Mechanism) Sustainable transport Farm to Fork Preserving Europe’s natural capital A Zero pollution Europe Transition to a Circular Economy Financing the transition Towards a Green CAP
  3. Green Deal Europe Achieving Climate Neutrality • 2030 – 55% CO2 reduction • 2050 – CO2 neutral Buildings responsible:  40% energy consumption 36% greenhouse gas emissions
  4. Green Deal Europe Achieving Climate Neutrality – Renovation wave • 2030 – 35 million buildings renovated • 2050 – 152 million buildings renovated Need for an industrial approach at lower costs!
  5. The project
  6. Background • Interreg NSR • 4,4 Mln • July 2018 - December 2021 • 14 project organisations • 6 countries (NL, D, BE, S, N, UK) • 6 members advisory board
  7. Partners and advisoryboard members
  8. INDU-ZERO in a nutshell • Blueprint for a high-tech building factory • 50% of the current price for a Net Zero renovation • 15.000 renovation packages/year per factory • Employment for about 260 people/factory and 300 people on building sites
  9. Clients & Housing stock
  10. Housing associations and real estate owners
  11. AppartmentSemi-detachedTerraced 3 archetypes
  12. Renovation packages
  13. Note: U-value is equal (0,24W/m²K)  No differences due the environmental impact of the energy use Life cycle analysis Selection of renovation system Glass fibre polyester Glue Oriented strand board (OSB) Glue Expended polystyrene (EPS) Glue Glass fibre polyester Base plaster Glass fibre reinforcement Cover plaster Glue Stone wool Oriented strand board (OSB) Timber frame + stone wool Fibre board Cavity structure Fibre board Base plaster Glass fibre reinforcement Cover plaster Sandwich panel Timber frame panel
  14. LCA -Selection of renovation system Comparison between the environmental impact: – Slight preference for sandwich panel
  15. • Sandwich panel is favoured over timber frame panels – The difference in environmental impact between both is small and strongly depends on the materials that are used • OSB, glass fibre polyester and EPS are the main contributors in the environmental impact of the sandwich panel LCA study - Conclusions
  16. Development of the renovation packages Facade (sandwich panel with EPS) Roof (sandwich panel) Including: • Ventilation & • Heating systems
  17. Development of the renovation packages
  18. Impression of the Smart renovation factory
  19. Net Zero Factory Design • Factory: 8 ha • Surface: 20 ha • Incoming & outgoing logistics ≈ 90 trucks per day
  20. 22 INDU-ZERO – a logistical challenge How do we handle 96 truck arrivals per day? Smart Factory Supplier A Supplier B Supplier C Supplier … Building Site A Building Site B Building Site C Building Site … 46 incoming trucks 55 produced dwellings 50 outgoing trucks per day
  21. On-site mounting
  22. On-site mounting • Goeal: renovation ready within 3 day • Tenants can stay at home • Preferably no scaffolding
  23. Examples of renovations
  24. Before and after renovation
  25. Before and after renovation
  26. Boundary conditions & after INDU-ZERO
  27. Boundary conditions • Asset management from housing associations and home owners • Legislation
  28. After INDU-ZERO • Development of some new: Products for net Zero renovations Machines for the renovation factories • Automation of the on-site mounting process
  29. Future perspective
  30. Future perspective
  31. Take home message and questions
  32. Take home message Industrial Net Zero renovations for half the current price!  INDU-ZERO newsletter Webinars Reports Ulla-Britt Krämer

Editor's Notes

  1. David Attenborough – Life on our planet Climate agreement from Paris Green Deal from EU – Renovation wave
  2. Future - Private owners the factory (like a car company) Now big home owners and housing associations are the target as they can place an order for some years
  3. Needs Wishes Expectations
  4. We made an analysis of the housing stock of the NSR countries and discovered that we shoud focus on 3 types of buildings. Especially between 1965 and 1975 there are a lot of similarities between the countries.
  5. Different possible packages – where to focus? Timberframe o sandwichpanel - LCA
  6. Firesafety class B
  7. 15.000 renovation packages a year
  8. Large amount of current costs lie here
  9. Workforce of 5 persons per house
  10. Strategy for their housing stock until 2050 Changes of national, regional and local legislation to enable mass renovations of the building stock
  11. Changes of national, regional and local legislation to enable mass renovations of the building stock
  12. Trias energetica concept: 1) Reduce the demand for energy 2) use sustainable sorces 3) use fossil energy as efficiently as possible